What Youtube Influencer Marketing Can Do To Your Business In 2022

What’s YouTube influencer marketing and how can you use it for your store benefit? Let’s find it out!

Can you imagine the world without YouTube?

Without these funny cat videos that perfectly brighten up the boring evenings?

If you can, you’re my personal hero. Because I can’t.

YouTube has become a huge part of our everyday life and an internal part of digital marketing as well.

Actually, this is not surprising. Just look at these mind-blowing facts:

  • 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • People watch over one billion hours of video every day
  • Over 1.9 billion logged-in users visit YouTube each month
  • Users can navigate YouTube in a total of 80 different languages

Impressive numbers, right?

Besides that, they are consistently increasing!

That’s why all the marketing experts in the world utilize YouTube as a really effective and highly promising promotion channel and regularly look for new marketing tips and tricks.

In this article, we’ll tell you about YouTube influencer marketing – a great way to promote your business on YouTube and boost your sales.

But first, let’s look at some more reasons why you cannot go without YouTube marketing.

Why use YouTube for marketing?

  • People like watching videos

To be more precise, our brain likes videos.

According to some researches, we mostly perceive the world through our eyes and remember 80% of what we see. This is because our brain processes visual information 60,000 (!) times faster than any other types of content.

We like pictures and videos because it’s easier and quicker for us to understand them. The best proof of this is traffic signs. It’s enough to cast a glance at a sign to clearly understand its meaning.

So, the love for pictures and videos is in our blood (or brain?), and there’s nothing we can do with it.

  • People trust their eyes above all

Have you ever heard about the Loch Ness Monster? A big creature that lived in lake Loch Ness and often scared local residents?

You know, lots of people believed in a large and ugly monster just because they saw SOMETHING with their own two eyes. Nobody could say what exactly they saw but they were sure that it was a monster. And no research or studies could convince them otherwise.

As you can see, people trust their eyes above all, so include videos into your marketing arsenal and make the most of it.

  • Your content never dies

Very often, I watch videos that were created long ago. This is not because I’m a nostalgic type. This is because I just don’t have enough time to track all trends on the Internet. So I can stumble upon a great video even in a year after its publishing.

The bottom line is simple: if you upload something on YouTube, it will be watched sooner or later. Just be patient and promote your video.

  • YouTube videos often get on high positions

When you start searching for something on Google, you will get YouTube videos among the first search results. Google thinks that videos are valuable content, so they are always shown up on the first page.

However, just making great videos is not enough to get to the top.

To get better chances, you definitely need to use different promotional tools. One of the best ones of them is YouTube influencer marketing.

What is YouTube influencer marketing?

In simple terms, YouTube influencer marketing means asking YouTube bloggers for collaboration and inviting them to promote your store or products on their channels.

As a rule, bloggers create engaging promo videos which will help you:

  • Share your story in a very creative way
  • Highlight your strengths and advantages
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Reach customers effectively
  • Convert leads into customers

YouTube influencers usually do advertising for money, but there is always a possibility to do it for free. Especially, if you start dealing with an upcoming YouTube star.

Such promo videos work really well and can generate amazing results for your business.

How to use YouTube for influencer marketing?

Now, you understand why YouTube is a really great promotional tool which you cannot ignore.

It’s a high time to move from theory to practice and follow our step-by-step guide.

1. Find YouTube influencers related to your niche

niche YouTube influencer

Nowadays, it seems that only a lazy person doesn’t have a YouTube channel. Housewives make videos on how to bake tasty cakes, and schoolchildren record their live streaming.

However, among the rich variety of bloggers, you need to find those who are related to your niche.

Here is what you need to focus on:

  • Number of subscribers

The number of subscribers is a way of measuring the success of YouTube channels.

The logic is simple.

The more followers a channel has, the more interesting the content is for people. The more interesting the content is for people, the more views the channel will get. And this is exactly what we need!

So, we recommend you to look for YouTube influencers having at least 50,000+ subscribers and to get in touch with them. Advertising on such channels will be really worth it!

  • Number of views per video

Besides the number of subscribers, focus on the number of views per video.

Sometimes, YouTube account owners get involved in the so called “sub4sub rings”. They subscribe to other channels in exchange for subscribing to their channels. As a result, they get tons of ‘dead’ subscribers who will never watch a video.

In order to avoid such cheaters, look through the list of videos and make sure that people really watch them.

Number of views per video

  • Audience reaction to promo videos

Some people like advertising videos, others don’t.

That’s why before choosing YouTube influencers, you need to evaluate how their audience reacts to any type of ads. Go through the comments and look what people usually write about promotional videos. If the comment section is full of negative feedback, it’s better to search for another channel.

Audience reaction

2. Get in touch with the YouTube influencers you want to work with

Once you have found several YouTubers related to your niche, connect with them and ask if they do advertising.

In order not to waste your time, we recommend you to create a sample message and send it to all the bloggers.

Here is what we usually write.

Hello! My name is [NAME]. I am the manager of the [STORE NAME] online store.

We sell kawaii and cute clothes and accessories. We are looking for advertising partners on YouTube. Our team likes your [BLOGGER’S CHANNEL NAME] YouTube channel so much!

Do you create promo reviews of kawaii merch? Are you interested in free promo on your channel?  

For example, I will send you a Totoro pencil case, you’ll make a promo video with it, and post it on your channel.

Maybe you can suggest another type of advertising on your channel for us?

Looking forward to your reply!

Feel free to use our email as a sample or compose your own one.

Let’s move to the next step.

3. Structure and analyze the information received

After getting the answers from your chosen YouTube bloggers, you need to analyze all the information received. We recommend you to create an Excel table and write all the details there.

Of course, you can structure information any way you want, but there are some points that you should definitely focus on:

  • Price (high, average or low)
  • Way of interacting (friendly or arrogant)
  • Quality of videos (high, medium or low)
  • Recommendations (if there are any)

These aspects are very important for comparing all the bloggers and picking the one who offers the best price/quality ratio.

4. Choose the YouTube influencer offering the best terms and discuss the details

After finding the most suitable YouTube blogger for collaboration, you need to discuss how you will interact with each other.

Here are some points that you definitely need to focus on:

  • The length of your promo video

Nowadays, most people don’t have enough time (or patience?) to watch lengthy videos. That’s why we recommend recording 2-5 minute promo videos that contain as much useful information about your products as possible.

Remember, the shorter is a video, the more chances it has to be watched.

  • Possibility to look at the video script

Some YouTube influencers like to be the ones in control. They make all the decisions in regards to the video on their own and refuse to negotiate on any point.

That’s why it’s better to discuss it in advance if you can look at the video script and change something according to your own vision.

  • Ways of resolving any issues

It’s a sad fact, but many people do not fulfill their promises. So, you need to discuss it in advance what both of you will do if anything goes wrong.

The best way is to make a contract with the blogger and clearly define all the terms and conditions. However, if this is not possible, just write a detailed list of your needs and wishes. Discuss it with the blogger until you come to an agreement.

5. Choose a great product from your store and send it to the influencer


This step is the easiest one. Just go through your dropshipping store and choose a product you like and want to advertise.

If you have any problems at this stage, feel free to read our article on how to find the best products on AliExpress and follow our tips.

6. Ask the blogger to show you the video before publishing it

As it has been said, you need to check the promo video before it will be published.

Here are some reasons for this:

  • The final video may have a low quality or contain factual errors
  • The blogger might not fulfill the terms of the contract
  • The YouTube influencer can change something in the script without notifying

It’s not easy to change something in a ready video. However, if you notice some obvious mistakes or unnecessary details that you don’t like, don’t be shy to tell the blogger about it.

7. Answer all the comments in the comment section after the video is published

Once your video has been published, it’s time to monitor people’s reactions, read comments and answer them. Be ready to accept criticism because it’s impossible to look nice for everyone, but don’t take it personally.

Remember, even if people criticize you, your store or your products, you don’t have to lower yourself to their level! Be extremely polite and respectful because reputation is made in a moment.

Answer all comments

8. Track and analyze your results

The last step is analyzing results and defining problems.

The best way to determine that people came to your store thanks to your YouTube influencer marketing campaign is to offer promotional codes. These codes are great to motivate people to go to your store and buy something from you.

What’s more, we recommend you to regularly use Google Analytics and monitor how uploading promo videos influences your traffic and sales.

Without a doubt, YouTube influencer marketing is worth it. People like video content, which makes this marketing tool perfect to build your brand, collect leads and promote products you want to sell. Use it regularly and you’ll find yourself among the lucky ones who hit a jackpot and built a highly successful dropshipping business!

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12 Facebook Statistics Entrepreneurs Need To Know To Grow Their Business In 2022

What do you need to make your online business take off?

Right, it’s a proper marketing channel to promote your products. Social media is one of them. And your social media strategy can’t get along without Facebook.

Here are some Facebook statistics business owners and marketers need to know to get the most of this platform.

Love it or loathe it, but the world is changing.

We need to recognize that it’s a totally different place than we lived in several decades ago. And all this is connected with the progress which is moving forward at lightning speeds.

And what should you do in this situation? Actually, you only have two options.

You may try and make good use of all these novelties the digital revolution has brought about.


You could brush it off and let others reap the harvest of the changes.

The choice is up to you.

Now let’s talk about Facebook, and how entrepreneurs can benefit from this social media.

The impact this company has on the way people live is huge.

You should remember that the number of Facebook users runs to more than 2.3 billion people. What is more, a billion monthly active users signs in and uses this social media platform for a number of reasons.

They check their newsfeed, browse photos, chat, and these actions represent inseparable parts of their everyday life.

Believe it or not, but some average Facebook users have no idea what the Internet is. They just confine themselves to using the platform.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

If you’ve already grabbed the chance the digital revolution provides and launched your online business, then, you’re in for a treat. Facebook gives entrepreneurs a unique opportunity for growth.

Big companies such as Nike continue spending a fortune on their advertisement. And in the past, it was the only way to make hundreds of millions of people around the world aware of your company.

The appearance of Facebook and Google along with other similar tools was game-changing.

Need some clients for your online store? Here they are, waiting for you!

By using Facebook, you can not only save your money but also show your commercial to the exact audience you need instead of wasting your breath.

Put simply, it is cheap and efficient.

Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

So, we suggest you go through some Facebook statistics entrepreneurs need to know to get a clear picture about this social network.

Facebook statistics for business in the USA: 80% of the US citizens use Facebook

7 Facebook Statistics Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know To Grow Their Business

According to Pew Research center Facebook is the second most popular social network in the USA after YouTube.

Despite the fact that 85% of Facebook users come from other countries, this Facebook statistic looks really important for business owners in the US.

And it’s logical. The US market is the most tempting piece of the pie for online entrepreneurs.

The fact that Facebook allows you to reach about 80% of the US population makes this platform especially attractive for promotion.

Facebook users statistics: Most Facebook users are from India

Although two of three Americans use Facebook, another country bears the palm at the highest number of people using this social platform.

According to Statista, India is far ahead of other countries at using Facebook, while The United States holds the second position.

About 71% of US Facebook users visit the site every day

Do you think social media addiction exists?

Meanwhile, scientists are arguing whether or not to include it in the list of psychiatric disorders.


It could be due to the fact that in the USA 74% of Facebook users can’t go without looking into their accounts at least once a day.

Is it an addiction?

I don’t know… They may not want to miss something. Your ad, for instance.

Facebook statistics on the time spent: 100 million hours of daily video watch time

It’s not a secret for anybody that video advertising is a significant promotion tool. This fact is verified by the video ad Facebook stats which tell us that at the moment 100 million hours of daily Facebook video views are registered. Impressive, isn’t it?

Now think about the fact that there are over 60 million active business pages on Facebook. Is it necessary to explain that this social media platform has great potential in terms of promotion?

Facebook statistics on the user age: 51% of the US teens use Facebook

Every online entrepreneur should have a clue on how their target audience looks like.

What kind of people are they? What bothers them? How old are they?

Well, if your audience includes teens, Facebook could be a helpful tool to reach them. According to a conducted research, over half of the US teenagers constantly use this social network, though, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube hold the leadership positions.

More women than men use Facebook in the USA

One more interesting fact about Facebook users in the USA is that women tend to use this social network more than men do.

A study by Pew Research Center shows that three-quarters of women in the US use Facebook, while only 63% of men in the USA make their choice in favor of this platform.

96% of Facebook users access it with smartphones

Going mobile is vital.

People are always on the go nowadays. So, they get information and handle everyday problems by using phones and tablets.

Besides, for many people around the globe, the only way to get access to the Internet is through their smartphones.

In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg claimed that Facebook had become a mobile company. And now, 96% of its users access the website through mobile devices.

It’s good news for entrepreneurs, isn’t it?

They can reach more customers by promoting their products on Facebook to mobile device users.

In most cases, they use smartphones and tablets in order to get online at any time and any place. And if the users are online most of the day, they are more likely to see your ads.

Facebook keeps growing

Of course, the scandals around Facebook could sow a seed of doubt about its prospects.

There were a lot of threats made by Facebook users to quit the network due to privacy misuse.

However, after Zuckerberg made his apology and promised to work on the flaws, the scandal seems to blow over.

All the worries that Facebook could lose its popularity turned out to be unsound.

The company said that the number of users keeps growing together with Facebook’s annual revenue, including Facebook advertising revenue.

78% of US consumers discovered retail products to buy on Facebook

Facebook not only connects people together but also people to brands and products.

In fact, more than half of Facebook users have used the platform to search for products, with the wide majority of them successfully coming across the new product on Facebook’s News Feed, Pages, and Groups.

As a whole, Facebook users don’t just spend their time chatting with each other or sharing news about their lives, but to discover and research for inspiration. This kind of information can be very valuable for marketing specialists in order to make the customer journey that much better. As a result, his will lead up to businesses driving more sales.

More than 200 million small businesses use Facebook

Around the world, many businesses use Facebook’s tools for various marketing purposes.

One of the most popular tools is the Facebook Page. Here, business owners can share their information about their business. For example, they can display their contact information, address, description of the products or services they offer. This information allows to greatly increases the online presence of the business.

Facebook pages open many opportunities for businesses. First of all, you can reach one of the world’s largest communities.

Furthermore, any business can connect with an audience and find people who are interested in their offering.

Want awesome ready-to-go marketing campaigns of trending products optimized for Facebook? Meet Sellvia! It’s your chance to become a business owner without lifting a finger. You get access to a catalog of best-sellers with professionally made promo materials that you can sell from anywhere!

In essence, Facebook is your chance to increase brand awareness and advertise to the people.

Facebook users spend 58 minutes per day and 19.5 hours per month

When it comes to time, the average Facebook user spends approximately 58 minutes per day and 19.5 hours per month on the platform.

Scrolling the newsfeed can be popular during any time of the day, and during any past time, whether it’s in the middle of a workout, or during morning hours when you’ve just woken up, or on your way to work – Facebook plays a crucial role in the daily lives of the consumer.

Facebook’s users spend more time on this platform than users of other major social media platforms. In comparision:

  • Instagram average user spends 53 minutes on the platform
  • WhatsApp average user spends 28minutes on the platform
  • Twitter average user spends 1 minute on the platform
  • Snapchat average user spends 49.5 minutes on the platform

It’s important to know these statistics because it helps increase the chances of consumers being exposed to potential advertisements.

86% of US marketers use Facebook for advertising

Being the largest social media platform out there, a vast majority of marketers see it as the perfect place to market their products or services. For example, in the US, 86% of marketers use it for marketing purposes.

Even if you’re just starting your business, or you’re a seasoned business owner, Facebook is the perfect place for you to market your business. Not only because it has a large audience, but also because all kinds of content works well when it comes to sharing it on social media.

Moreover, marketers can also directly interact with their customers and improve their relationship with them.

There is something in our life you may love or hate but can’t ignore. Such things shape the way we live. You just need to know about the opportunities they open up. Now, you have the necessary Facebook statistics business owners need to know, and what this platform can give your online business. So, put it to use!

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How We Created A Product Page That Made $3,813 In 7 Days [Case Study]

In online business, it is important not only to create eye-catching ads and promote products to proper audience. What also matters is how an ecommerce product page looks.

Facebook advertising has proved to be a very efficient way to drive potential customers to your ecommerce website. When seeing an interesting product or a tempting offer in social media, people often go to the site and make impulse purchases.

However, before pressing the Add to Cart button, they see your ecommerce product page. And this is where you can easily lose clients if the page doesn’t look good!

Why is ecommerce product page design important?

A “good” product page doesn’t only mean a “visually attractive” one. It goes without saying that a product page must look neat and tidy. But there are other small nuances that can either push a visitor to purchase the product or lose interest and leave the site. These might include:

A properly designed ecommerce product page helps visitors make their purchasing decisions in an instant. It provides them with smooth and pleasant shopping experience and encourages them to come back late for more purchases. So, winning ecommerce page design can increase conversion rate – as well as your overall profit numbers.

How do we work on ecommerce product page design at AliDropship?

Let’s discuss profitable product pages in more detail!

We are going to analyze the product page of one of our own dropshipping stores which we advertised on Facebook. Look at the screenshot below: as you can see, in just 7 days, this product made $3,813 in sales!

Ecommerce product page peformance

Certainly, it wouldn’t happen without a proper Facebook ad, but if it wasn’t for a good product page, the results wouldn’t be so great.

Step #1: Put the product in the Best-Sellers section

All products in an online store are distributed among categories. The product we advertised is located in the Phone Accessories category, but we also placed it in our Best-Sellers section. Why?

First of all, this move has a certain psychological meaning: if you advertise the item as one of your most popular deals, prove it by placing it in the corresponding category.

In addition, if a user clicks on your Facebook ad, lands on the product page but then goes to other categories, it may help bring them back to the item when they see it again in this category.

Now let’s see how the product page looks.

Step #2: Find good-looking product images

People perceive 80% of information through their eyes. That’s why visual content serves as a powerful tool to grab attention.

Remember, after clicking our Facebook ad, users get to the page. They’re interested, but it doesn’t mean they’re definitely going to make the purchase. We still have to convince them the item is worth it.

That’s why, when creating this ecommerce product page, we used high-quality pictures. This is the first thing customers are going to see, so a blurry or pale image can disappoint and scare them away.

Furthermore, make sure the photos show the product in details, from different angles or in use. A video or a gif would do even better. When shopping online, people can’t touch goods, which is why images must compensate for this disadvantage.

Therefore, when deciding what products to dropship from AliExpress, always pay due attention both to the quality of pictures and their informational value for a potential client.

By the way, one and the same item on AliExpress can be sold by different stores, so you can copy images from other sellers.

Step #3: Edit the product title

As you know, AliExpress goods have lengthy and sometimes confusing titles, which is why it is a must to change them to more eye-catching ones.

In this case, the team changed it to a simple phrase consisting of four words – “Magnetic Adsorption iPhone Case”. Short and clear titles work best because people understand what they’re looking at right away.

We usually avoid using evaluative adjectives such as “amazing”, “cool”, “great”, etc. as they often feel as self-applause and don’t really describe anything. On the other hand, some of them can work really well if a product is meant to evoke emotions. Take a look at this item.

The word “huggable” has a definite descriptive meaning, but there’s also some degree of evaluation, which is Ok because… just look at this cutie! 😀

Step #4: Work on the Add to Cart button

The Add to Cart button is one of the most important elements of any ecommerce product page because it works as a call to action. That’s why it should be large and clearly visible.

How We Created A Product Page That Made $3,813 In 7 Days [Case Study]

As you can see, we made it big enough. Besides, the button’s color is different from the site’s general palette, which makes it more distinctive.

It’s not uncommon for online shoppers to leave websites empty-handed simply because they can’t find the Add to Cart button at first glance. They quickly get irritated, lose interest and leave the product page in just a few seconds.

Step #5: Duplicate discounts on your ecommerce product page

During the advertising campaign, our team offered this product with a 50% discount. Quite often, it is the opportunity to save money that makes people click on an ad. Although most of them know there’s a discount, it’ll never hurt to remind them about it.

Moreover, on our product page, customers can see the previous price and how much they can save.

Step #6: List product specifications

Some people may want to learn more about a product before making a decision, so they’ll scroll down to see the detailed information. What kind of information you place here depends on the type of product.

For example, clothes require a sizing chart. Certain electronic goods require such details as voltage, memory capacity, etc. In our case, we decided not to show the product’s specifications as there’s not really a lot to show. Instead, we made a list of benefits customers get when they purchase it.

Step #7: Write product descriptions

When describing a product, you want to mention all the benefits clients can get. On our page, we did it by telling people how this particular product can solve a particular problem:

It’s also a good idea to anticipate potential questions and doubts:

When composing the description, the team combined large photos with short text fragments.

As you remember, most site visitors that come from our Facebook ads just got interested and don’t want to read long paragraphs. Instead, they want to see product photos and short explanations on what it is.

As I already mentioned, certain product types can benefit a lot from videos or gif files since this way visitors can better see how the item works. So, if possible, place them at the top of the description.

Finally, we made sure the description looks good on mobile devices as most purchases come from them.

Step #8: Look through customer reviews

After the description, customers can see reviews left by previous buyers and the product’s overall score.

Note that not all of the imported reviews have 5 starts since nobody would believe this. So, a number of 4 or even 3 star reviews will persuade potential clients that these are more or less reliable. Just make sure such reviews don’t criticize the product itself but rather touch upon minor, unimportant inconveniences.

Also, import as many reviews with customer made photos as possible since it will show site visitors the real quality of the goods.

If you dropship worldwide, try importing reviews left by people from the U.S. and European countries because customers tend to trust their opinion more.

If you can’t find proper reviews on AliExpress, visit Amazon. Its sellers often resell the same goods and buyers are pretty active there when it comes to commenting. Also, don’t mind misspellings and mistakes: they make reviews look more natural.

Step #9: Check your ecommerce product page speed

When someone clicks on an ad, he or she expects to quickly look the page through. But if loading takes too long, they’ll leave. Therefore, page speed plays a very important role in converting visitors into buyers.

To provide sufficient speed, make sure to compress all images on the page. The size of the page should not exceed 2-2.5 MB. Our result was 1.72 MB.

You can check the result by using services such as GTmetrix. Other services such as Page Weight can help you optimize pages. Images are usually the heaviest type of data. Page Weight analyzes your page and tells you which images require optimization. These services are what our team used.

Each of these steps improved our product page in order to engage potential customers into learning more about the item and quickly convincing them it’s worth buying. Of course, a product page cannot make a lot of money by itself. But optimizing it is absolutely necessary if you want to make your ads more efficient.

Want to use our team’s experience and benefit from excellent ecommerce product pages? Import any of the stellar-looking pages straight from our Sellvia Catalog of California-based items to sell — and get 1-3 days US shipping as a lovely bonus! 

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How To Reduce Ecommerce Website Cost And Launch An Online Business For $0

Have you ever googled how much does it cost to start an online business? You’ve probably read that an ecommerce website cost can vary from $5,000 to $55,000. But is there a way to reduce these startup expenses somehow?

I have to admit: to me, these numbers are pretty scary.

That’s why I’d love to share a couple of tips on reducing the development costs with no damage to the store functionality and appearance!

Shall we begin?

What are the 100% must-haves that an ecommerce website cost needs to cover?

What are the 100% must-haves that an ecommerce website cost needs to cover?

For a start, let’s first of all make a list of the essential website elements. Here, we will talk about the absolute basics. Without this stuff, your dropshipping store won’t operate at all, or will work in a really bad and inefficient way.

  • Hosting cost

Without hosting, you can’t make your website data visible to Internet users. Simply speaking, no one will be able to see and access your store, which obviously means that your business won’t exist.

So, an inevitable expense that you will have as a website owner is a hosting fee. It is paid every year, and it depends on the hosting provider and the volume of data you need to process. The hosting plans provided by AliDropship, for example, vary from $48 per year to $220 per year.

  • Domain name

Domain is the main part of your store’s URL address: similarly to a real-life building, a website doesn’t exist in a void. The address identifies the exact location of a site, and gives Internet users the opportunity to find and access it.

The amount of payment for a domain can also vary greatly: it depends on the overall domain appeal and its probable demand. Plus, the registrars (the services selling domain names) set their own prices for the available domains even though they all have the same database.

  • CMS

CMS, or a content management system, is a platform that forms the basis of your website. Simply speaking, it defines the appearance, layout, and functionality of your store.

Sometimes, inexperienced dropshipping newcomers register within specialized website building platforms. They use their capacity to create a store within this particular exommerce system. In this case, they play by the rules of this service and never become 100% owners of their stores. Technically, these sites belong to this platform which has the right to put specific limits on the entrepreneurs’ activity.

As an alternative, if you want to run a totally independent business, you can either install an already existing CMS on your site (there even exist awesome free options like WordPress), or develop a completely new one. Obviously, the development will require a solid technical background or a considerable sum of money to pay to skilled developers.

  • Website planning and development

So, you have a domain, a hosting, and a CMS. In other words, you have already built the ultimately necessary foundation for your future dropshipping business.

Still, at this moment, it is not a store yet: it is just an empty shell of a website that you need to fill with the necessary content.

There are lots of things to do at this stage as you need to:

  • Install a theme that defines the visual side of your store
  • Create a product base
  • Structure the items into convenient categories
  • Make information-rich pages like Terms and Conditions
  • Integrate payment gateways
  • Make sure that the site is responsive enough to be correctly displayed on any type of device
  • Optimize the site for search engines, etc.

If you’re going to outsource these tasks, don’t forget to include them in your list of future expenses, or take your time to learn how to do it all yourself.

What should preferably be included in an ecommerce website cost as well?

What should preferably be included in an ecommerce website cost as an addition?

Now, let’s talk about the online store elements that are desirable, but not obligatory. Without them, your store will work anyway, but with their help, you can achieve much greater results.

  • Good-looking product pages

Captivating product photos and descriptions don’t simply give your store an attractive appearance. They inspire visitors’ trust, stimulate more active shopping, and improve your store rankings in Google search results.

  • Branding elements

Various design elements, such as logos and promotional banners placed within your online store, play a crucial role in your brand image creation. They make it easier for your current and prospective buyers to associate themselves with the brand message, remember your store, and differentiate it from competitors’ sites.

  • Marketing tools

By integrating social networks’ widgets on your website, you provide your store visitors with highly valuable social proof. Therefore, you make it easier for your potential buyers to make up their minds and place their orders more quickly.

By setting up email notifications, you get the opportunity to reach your buyers via emails and notify them about the latest changes in their orders’ status.

These and other marketing-related additions to your site can radically change the principles of the buyer-to-seller communication, and heavily improve your conversion rate. So, if you want to enjoy a higher volume of profit, you should definitely give them a try.

  • Support

High-quality maintenance is a really important aspect of your store functioning. In order to make your store secure and protect it from the actions of hackers and malware, you should at least update all the tech pieces (CMS, themes, plugins, extensions, etc.) as soon as their newest versions get announced, and create backup copies of your website to get back to them if something happens to your store.

How to cut down an ecommerce website cost?

How to cut down an ecommerce website cost?

Even with such a long list of necessary and desired elements, a dropshipping store can still be quite inexpensive to launch. Here are some tips for you to consider!

  • Don’t overpay for the domain

As I have already mentioned it, domain names can be bought from several different providers, and each of these services has their own pricing strategy. Read this article to learn more about the most reliable registrars, and to find out how to scan them in a smart way when you’re looking for a specific name.

  • Don’t overpay for the CMS

Certainly, you want your store to be awesome, super functional, and unique in its appearance. Still, it doesn’t mean that you need to pay extreme sums of money for custom development. Instead, use WordPress as your core platform (read here why this free CMS is your #1 choice), and complement it with any additional plugins and extensions at your choice.

  • Read what you’re buying

If you ever decide to launch your store on a platform provided by a website building service (it’s your choice, after all), read it super carefully what exactly you’re agreeing on. Does it require a one-time payment or a recurring monthly/yearly fee? Can the amount of these payments change depending on the number of orders you process or the volume of profit you get? Will you need this platform owner’s approval for any of your business actions? Can the platform’s owner coordinate your product choice and promotional activities?

  • Check what’s included in the package deals’ cost

Again, when ordering a service from an external specialist, read it twice what you will get for your money, and try to evaluate how beneficial this purchase will be for you. For example, the already mentioned hosting solution from AliDropship doesn’t include a domain price (which is fairly logical because no one can predict how much will YOUR domain cost), but, at the same time, it goes with a free SSL certificate. Simply speaking, this certificate is visually displayed on your website, and proves that this store guarantees the security of the buyers’ payments processed on this site. Do you think it is a valuable addition to your store?

Zero ecommerce website cost: how to get an online store for $0?

Zero ecommerce website cost: how to get an online store for $0?

Did you know that’s possible?

For $0, you can get your ready-to-run online business that includes:

  • The perfect website

Made for you exclusively in up to 1 business day, it has everything: payment gateways, catchy product pages, domain, hosting,… The site is tailored to your specific business goals and is professionally set up by a team that has already built thousands dropshipping stores for entrepreneurs worldwide.

  • Products ready to sell

Already stocked in a Fulfillment Center in California, these products will reach any US address in 1-3 business days! Their info is on your website already — no need to create product catalog from scratch! — so you can just go straight to selling.

  • Profitable ads

Launch your winning campaigns in a click! No more guesswork and costly ad experiments: use the ad materials already proven to sell! These are made for you by a digital marketers’ team, and are free to use.

  • User manuals and marketing roadmaps

There’s no need to spend months and years trying to learn how this business works and how to make the most of it. With the ready tutorials and webinars that go together with your store, you’ll be running a successful online business in no time.

  • Lifelong support

Your personal manager’s assistance is part of the deal, too! You can count on professional guidance at any step of your business journey.

A full-scale, well-operating online business that doesn’t cost you a penny! Isn’t that a generous offering to explore?

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make your online business up and running. It’s possible to cut your ecommerce website cost down to zero — and start your online business for $0! Wouldn’t you love to give it a try?

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10 Psychological Triggers To Make Your Sales Grow

Every purchase comes down to decision-making process. The good news is that you, as a dropshipping entrepreneur, can steer this process to making your clients buy from your store. And we’re going to list the necessary psychological triggers to pull this off.

Purchase triggers in action: Airbnb case study

Have you heard about Airbnb?

Most likely, you have: this company is well-known worldwide. But, do you know that its path to success wasn’t plain sailing?

The founders of Airbnb had tried to launch it several times before the company picked up steam.

One of their attempts was in 2008, during the US presidential election.

Obama vs McCain. Their debate took place in San Francisco, where the entrepreneurs lived. Plenty of people were expected to arrive. A great event to get the ball rolling for such company as Airbnb, isn’t it?

Right, but…

The main pain in the neck was funding the project. The sum of money they had wasn’t enough. The businessmen had to think something up. And they did!

They bought tons of breakfast cereal. Then they designed boxes in “Obama/MacCain” style, filled them with the cereal and sold them out.

Although the price was $40 for a box, which was about 10 times higher than the same cereal in the original package, people saw fit to buy it.

The profit was abundant to cover all the expenses. Moreover, their experience encouraged a famous investor to fund their Airbnb venture.

Psychological triggers to make customers buy

That is a great story, right?

Besides, it’s a case in point of how psychological triggers work.

Against their better judgement, people preferred to lighten their wallets for the cereal they could easily buy ten times cheaper.

How come?

It’s simple. Just 5% of the decision-making process take place in our conscious mind. The subconscious (emotional) mind takes care of the rest of it.

Airbnb founders touched a chord with American customers – got the emotional response.

This is what every dropshipping entrepreneur should work towards to boost their sales.

Do you want to boost sales with an online store with top-selling products from a supplier with direct access to one of the world’s most lucrative market? Meet Sellvia – the #1 US dropshipping supplier with all the solutions, tools, and instruments you need to build a successful online business and sell to US consumers from anywhere in the world. Find out more information here!Yet, what could you do if you don’t have a degree in psychology? What are the triggers to make customers buy?

Actually, you need no smoke and mirrors to help people make up their mind in your favor. There are some tried-and-tested ways and we’re going to list them.

1. “Free” word triggers people to buy

Thanks to psychological triggers two main things are deeply rooted inside human mind: avoiding pain and gaining pleasure.

The “free” word means the both of these things for customers. It means they can get what they want, which is pleasant. And they don’t have to give something for this – which is painless, to put it simply.

So, do your best to include the “free”word in your offers. For instance, “free shipping” is a phrase that works brilliantly! And it doesn’t actually have to cost $0: just include the shipping cost in the total item price to make it look affordable. By the way, you can read more about finding the cheapest shipping option here.

2. Create limited offers

Do you regret missing a chance of a lifetime?

Not buying bitcoins in 2008, for example?

Not the best feeling, is it?

Right, people don’t like something slipping through their fingers.

Limited offers in terms of products price and availability create the state of urgency. Customers are afraid of missing out some benefits. For example, let’s suppose you offer 30% off some of your goods for only 2 days. Many people who are on the verge of making the purchase will eagerly seize the opportunity.

It becomes much easier to implement this if you have the necessary marketing tools under your belt.

AliDropship team has developed a range of helpful tools while running its own online stores. Now, you can easily get them for your business as well. What psychological triggers cause impulse buying? For this purpose, you can install Countdown Timer that pushes customers to make a purchase by showing they’re running out of time.

Another useful piece of software to make your clients pull the trigger is Promo Banner add-on. It will grab your store visitors’ attention and make them aware of the special offers.

3. Tell customers what to buy

Do you always know what you want?

People like to think they do. In fact, making a choice is a difficult and quite stressful process. Our subconscious mind is looking for some help to make a decision. Speaking frankly, we’re being confused when deciding.

Thus, you can drop customers some hints while they’re visiting your site. In other words, you can literally point out what to buy.

This practice is widespread. When sitting at restaurant, you may see some dishes in the menu put in boxes to stand out from the others. This makes visitors more likely to order them. By the way, usually these dishes are the highest margin ones.

So, what could you do?

A great way is to show customers which products were recently sold in your online store.

Fortunately, you have a tool to bring it off – Recent Sales Pop-Up. Take and use it. You are welcome.

4. Use upsells

upsells are great psychological triggers

The first step is always the hardest.

The hardest part of making a purchase is to make a decision. If customers have already decided to buy an item, their doubts and resistance wear away.

If they’re ready to give some money for a product, what holds them back from spending a bit more?

Good sellers know that this moment opens up the best opportunity to make some extra money.

So, when your clients are going through the checkout process, it’s the upselling time. You can offer them some improved versions of the initial product that cost more or some cheap additional items which go well with it.

Anyway, it’s not a big problem with Upsell add-on developed by AliDropship.

5. Use “9” in your prices

psychological triggers using the number "9" in your prices

Which number is larger – 7 or 8?

Of course, 8!

Obviously, 8 is also larger than 7.99. But, the difference is miserable.

Whether your product price is $7.99 or $8, it doesn’t make a big difference in your business. But, here’s some psychological trick. Customers unwittingly pay the most of their attention to the first figures.

So, if a price is $6.99 instead of $7, the customers only see “6”. This pulls the trigger in their minds and they’re more likely to make a purchase.

It’s not a brand new thing, but it still works like a clockwork.

6. Build credibility

psychological triggers build credability

Trust is a must!

It’s one of the most important and efficient psychological triggers in the dropshipping business.

Before making a purchase from an online store, customers need to make sure it’s trustworthy. Thus, your goal is to demonstrate how credible you are.

First, you should get acquainted with your clients. People will rather buy from a store with some background than one they know nothing about. Therefore, you need some story.

For instance, your website needs an “About us” page. There, you can tell customers when and why you started your venture and so on.

Besides, you can increase awareness about your online store through social media. Social Rabbit plugin could give you a hand in pulling this off.

Another thing which is necessary to build your online reputation is customer reviews. People tend to believe the same people as they are: regular consumers who share their honest feedback.

Luckily, you can easily get the necessary feedback on AliExpress while importing products to your store. For this, you just need to install AliDropship Chrome Extension. Apart from the opportunity to add customer reviews, it has many other useful features, which you can learn about from this article.

Having the story and positive comments will definitely win customer trust.

7. Give to get

psychological triggers give and you will recieve

We don’t like being obliged, do we?

This feeling weighs us down and we want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

If you give customers something for free, the responsibility to return the favor will lie with them.

For example, you can send free coupons with some discount on the future purchases to your clients. This is highly likely to make them feel compelled to buy something.

8. Add a “recommended” pricing option


Sometimes, if an online consumer can’t decide what to purchase, they just leave the online store.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, or at least lower the chance of this happening, you can suggest “the best pricing” option for them.

But don’t offer them the cheapest option, opt-in for a medium or large package. However, make sure there’s value in it for them, otherwise, you risk losing potential customers.

9. Implement a curiosity technique

People are curious by the nature and if you provide them with something that catches their interest, they won’t be able to resist the temptation.

So provide them with an itch they just have to scratch, for example, start an intriguing story but don’t finish it.

Let their curiosity and imagination take over, so they start moving in the direction you’re most interested in – a sale.

10. Increase your credibility with numbers

Showcasing specific claims, will make your venture seem more believable.

Natural numbers have a knack for getting rid of natural skepticism. However, some numbers are more convincing than others.

Don’t mislead your consumers by trying to show fake numbers, be real with them, and demonstrate the real thing. This way, your customer base will have more belief in you and what you do.

A good salesperson has the combination of knowledge and the necessary tools. Now, when you know the psychological triggers, you have the knowledge. And you could choose one of the listed add-ons to put it into practice. Or you can outfit your online store with the whole range of marketing tools conveniently combined in a single Add-on Bundle. Good luck!

Read about psychological triggers.

3 Ways For An Online Business Owner To Go On A Careless Vacation

At some point, a vacation for an online business owner is a must. Let’s figure out how to easily leave your store behind, and how to minimize the negative effect of your temporary absence!

Everybody loves taking some time off.

Rest and relaxation are vital for our mental and physical health, which is why we would like to ask you to remember when you had your last vacation 🙂

Of course, we understand that dropshipping store owners, as much as any online business owners, are commonly unsure (and even nervous) about going on a vacation. Naturally, they are worried about the development of their cherished ventures, and they are afraid something can go wrong while they are away.

This is why we want to help you plan your online business activities for the period of your next vacation! We know how important it is to organize everything in the smoothest way possible in order not to harm the profits and the reputation of your enterprise. So, how does a vacation for an online business owner should look like?

How to plan your vacation if you’re an online business owner

online business owner on vacation

First of all, answer the following 4 questions:

  • What is the aim of my vacation? Is it to get rest, or to spend time with my friends and family, or to seek inspiration for new business ideas, or something else?
  • Will I be able to go online, or the place where I’m going has no Internet coverage?
  • Will I take my laptop with me, or I will only be equipped with a smartphone?
  • Do I really want to keep working on my online business during this vacation?

Generally, the following 3 scenarios are possible:

  1. Really need to get some rest, so I just want to forget about the store for some time
  2. I don’t mind working a bit, but the Internet coverage will be really limited / I won’t have the opportunity to take my laptop with me
  3. I simply want to try running my online business from a new location, so I’m taking the laptop and hoping for a bunch of new ideas to come!

Now, let’s discuss what you should do in every case!

I am a super tired online business owner and I just want to relax with no responsibilities

online business owner on vacation

Sometimes, a vacation is not just a whim, but a life-saving necessity.

We are all going through different life situations, so if you feel like you can’t take it anymore, just ignore the business temporarily. Don’t blame yourself for it; remember that you’ve totally deserved this vacation!

To make your full absence harmless for the business, you need to notify your potential buyers about the pause in your store’s activity. This is how it’s done:

  • Think of a short yet clear and informative message

Don’t include too many details: your clients don’t really need to know much about your personal life and the reasons to put the business on hold. Something like this will be more than enough:

“Dear visitor,

The store is currently under maintenance, so it won’t accept and process any orders, calls, and messages from May, 14th till May, 27th.

Please come back on May, 28th for happy and enjoyable shopping!”

That’s it, basically: you let the person know it will be temporarily impossible to get in touch with you, plus you specify the period of your absence and explain when you will return.

  • Make a post in every social network account linked to your store

The message you just created serves a really important purpose: you will use it to make a text post or a colorful banner, and place it on every social network page that is associated with your store.

On Facebook, it is possible to pin this post to the top of your page’s timeline. This way, it will be the first thing that a person sees while checking your page. On other social networks, just don’t post anything after this notification: this post should be clearly visible even to an inattentive reader.

  • Set up an auto reply email

In case someone tries to send you an email while you’re on vacation, they will automatically receive your pre-written letter explaining you’re currently unavailable. This makes a much better impression than no answer at all!

  • Change the mood message in Skype

If you have listed Skype as one of the possible ways to get in touch with you, use the mood message field to write about your temporary absence. Again, simply state that the store will undergo some maintenance, and provide details of its unavailability period.

  • Put your website in the ‘Coming Soon’ mode

Okay, so, as a smart and proactive online business owner on vacation,  you’ve warned everyone the store will be under maintenance. Now, let’s make it look like it.

This free WordPress plugin makes your website content invisible to the visitors. They will only see a ‘Coming Soon’ page that basically says that the site is currently unavailable. This way, no one will be able to browse the website contents and place an order, and it’s great because no one will have any troubles because of a pending order that is not getting processed.

  • Finish all the ad campaigns

While you’re absent and the website is unavailable, the promotional campaigns are meaningless and even harmful for your reputation, while paid ads on Facebook and Instagram shoutouts are also a waste of money.

If you keep them running, you will basically attract visitors to a non-working store that doesn’t make it possible to buy anything, and it makes no sense at all.

  • Leave your SIM card at home

Make sure that the phone number specified on your website/social network account won’t be available during your absence. You don’t really want to receive business phone calls while being on vacation, right?

TIP: give yourself 2-5 days to recover before getting back to business

If, for example, you are returning from a holiday trip on May, 24th, don’t put this exact day into your notifications! Make May, 28th your first official working day after the ‘maintenance’ works: these extra days will come in handy to sort out the store-related works and to set yourself in the right working mood.

My gadget/Internet resources will be limited, but I’d like to work a bit during the vacation

online business owner on vacation

So, you don’t mind keeping an eye on your dropshipping store while you’re away, but you can’t do as much as you’d like because of tech limitations.

For example, if you only have a tablet or a smartphone with you, you can definitely view your store stats or edit single product pages, but it might be technically impossible to process newly placed orders or to add new products.

Or, if you’re staying in a place with a limited Internet access, you can’t possibly be online round the clock, so even if you take a laptop, it won’t help you much.

In other words, this scenario means that you can only perform some part of the necessary business tasks, while the rest of the issues are nearly impossible for you to manage.

In this case, the best option for you is to temporarily delegate the store management to a different person: it can be either your acquaintance, or a virtual assistant hired through a services marketplace like Fiverr.

It might seem scary for an online business owner on vacation to make a complete stranger responsible for the whole venture, but with due preparations, you can totally handle it in a smooth and efficient way. This is how you should do it:

  • Automate as much as you can

The more processes are automated, the more difficult it is for your assistant to make things go wrong 🙂

It’s not a secret that automated dropshipping solutions make it possible to deal with the most challenging aspects of this business. A correctly chosen platform helps you easily perform the majority of managerial tasks, from product import to orders processing.

If you use such type of solutions to organize your daily dropshipping routine, it gets really easy for you to hand over the most important parts of it to someone else: all the procedures are streamlined, and basically, it takes only a couple of clicks to complete every task.

  • Find an assistant

It doesn’t really matter who exactly will be helping you while you’re on vacation.

It can either be a person you already know (a friend, a relative, a colleague, etc.), or a so-called virtual assistant whose job is to pick up someone else’s duties.

This person doesn’t have to be experienced in dropshipping: it’s only a temporary task, so it won’t be necessary for your assistant to make any important decisions and determine the vector of the business development. You simply need to make sure that the person has some computer literacy, and speaks the language of your potential buyers (in case you’re targeting some other region than your home country).

  • Hand over the online business owner responsibilities

It’s a good idea to explain the basic of dropshipping to your assistant and demonstrate how this model works. That would be more than enough to give this person a general idea of what he/she will be doing in your absence.

After this, you need to write down the sequence of actions you need to take when something happens in your store. You need to explain what to do when there’s a new order, or when a buyer asks for tracking details, or when a refund request appears, etc.

It would be great to do some preliminary training: before going on vacation, try giving your assistant the access details, and watch him/her doing your ordinary job. This way, you will closely monitor this person’s performance, and instantly notice if he is doing something the wrong way.

  • Work out the communication plan

Since you have the opportunity to dedicate some of your vacation time to your online business management, you can use this time to get in touch with your assistant.

Discuss how often you will contact him/her. What way of communication you will use (Skype, email, WhatsApp, etc.). What exact figures/actions you will be looking at, and what events should be an immediate report to an emergency.

  • Sort out the marketing strategy

Even though you have someone to keep an eye on your store while you’re away, it is a questionable idea to launch a new Facebook Ads campaign, or to negotiate with a new Instagram shoutouts partner during this period of time.

For a person unfamiliar with the specific features of your business and with the nature of your target audience, it will be quite challenging to plan and launch an appropriate marketing campaign, which is why the best decision is to put these activities on hold until you return.

If you don’t want to ‘abandon’ your social networks accounts, you can keep them active with the help of relevant plugins like Social Rabbit. After you apply the desired settings, this tool will automatically share the content of your webstore in social networks of your choice, boost your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, and repost related content from the sources you specify.

  • Decide on the product strategy

As you know, it takes some time and dedication to find the best product for dropshipping.

Plus, a considerable experience is required to edit single product pages of the newly imported items (for example, to write consistent product descriptions, import reliable reviews, create a good-looking picture gallery, etc.).

If you’re not ready to trust your assistant with this type of responsibilities, it’s completely fine (and understandable). Don’t worry – you will update your product later, after you return.

Before you leave, make sure your product info gets automatically updated: this way, neither you nor your assistant will have to worry about any unexpected changes to your supplier’s product details.

  • Plan the technical updates schedule

In order to guarantee smooth and secure functioning of your dropshipping store, it is commonly recommended to make regular updates of all the plugins, themes, and other software elements used for the store management.

If you decide to delegate this task to your assistant as well, create a backup copy of your website in advance, and write detailed instructions on restoring the site with the help of this backup. In case something goes wrong, it will give you the opportunity to get back to the properly working store version, and make the updates yourself when you’re back.

TIP: don’t make any major changes to your store when you’re about to leave

It’s not exactly wise to start working with a totally new supplier just before you go on vacation. Or to add an item that you’ve never tested before. Or to design and upload brand new banners. You get the idea.

First of all, it’s very likely that you’ll have a limited amount of time, and won’t be able to finish what you’ve planned in a proper way.

Besides, if something goes wrong with the new seller or the new item or something, you’ll need to take an immediate action to fix it, and you certainly don’t need such a stressful situation to happen during your vacation.

I will simply relocate and keep working on my dropshipping store from the new place

It is quite a common situation: an online business owner doesn’t want to take a vacation at all. Instead, he/she chooses to move to a different country or region, and to continue working with the same intensity as usual.

Why not?

In this case, the following actions are necessary:

  • Think how long you will be offline

When you’re on the road, it’s not always possible to be online all the time.

Imagine that you’re going to have a 14-hour flight, and then drive to your new place of residence, and then unpack, and then have a rest, and then figure out the local Wi-Fi network…

If the trip itself is going to take several hours, it’s fine: most likely, you won’t need to change anything in your daily management routine.

But if you know you’ll be on the road for a whole day or two, and if you guess it will be challenging to be online while you’re travelling, it’s a good idea to put your website in the maintenance mode for this period of time (we have covered this process in the ‘super tired’ part of this article).

  • Create a online store backup

Before you take your business to a different destination, make a backup copy of the site.

The reason is simple: you can’t be sure that the Wi-Fi network in this location is fully safe. It is especially important if you’ll be working from a cafe or any other place that provides public Internet access. Even if someone hacks your store, you won’t have trouble restoring it to a previously saved version.

  • Check the access details required for online business owner

Logins, passwords, ID numbers, links, bookmarks – all these and many other tiny details are essential for your online business management. This is why it is vital to check twice if you saved all the access details in a single file on every device you’re taking with you (if one gets broken, another one will help you out).

  • Change phone number if necessary

If you’re going to a different country, consider getting a local SIM-card to handle phone calls more conveniently. In this case, it’s necessary to update the contact details on your website and social networks’ accounts.

  • Automate the business

It’s quite likely that it will take you some time to adapt to the new working and living environment.

In order not to worry about inefficient use of your time, choose and get an automated solution with the widest range of features related to the store automatization.

It will help you organize your daily management routine with the same intensity and efficiency as usual. This way, your holiday will be productive and relaxing at the same time.

TIP: want to rest easy on a vacation and have your business still function to its fullest without your participation? Meet Sellvia, a unique ecommerce solution that will help you achieve new heights. You can enjoy your vacation, while your online store continues to take the incoming orders and process them. 

For an online business owner, an unfamiliar mentality, lifestyle, and cultural background can play a major role in business development.

If you don’t want to abandon your dropshipping store while being on vacation, explore the place you’ve relocated to. Relax and enjoy the most from new working and living conditions. Chances are, it will help you figure out an unexpected yet successful approach to fuelling your business growth. It’s definitely worth trying!

Now, you know how a vacation of an online business owner can go on with little to no harm to the performance and reputation of his/hers dropshipping store. Which strategy will you choose for your next holiday? 🙂

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9 Reasons To Buy A Custom Dropshipping Store


Does the idea of becoming a rightful owner of a turnkey online store sound good to you? Let’s see what that actually means – and what are the most valid reasons for you to buy a custom dropshipping store!

Where there’s a will, there is a way!

If you have a will to start your online business, we have a way for you to pull it off at short notice.

What can you get from us to make your dream come true?

The exclusive solution you can benefit from is a custom dropshipping store built from scratch by the AliDropship team.

You may be wondering: what’s the reason to order one if it’s possible to buy the AliDropship plugin for a lower cost instead? Well, here’s the trick: you can safely do this, of course, but you’ll have a whole lot of setup tasks to perform by your own efforts!

And whether you’re an eCommerce expert or not, you wouldn’t say no to the opportunity to delegate some of these issues to a knowledgeable specialist, right?

In a nutshell, that’s exactly what buying a custom dropshipping store is about. You avoid all the preparations and get your online business ready to bring you money. It’s perfectly optimised to start transferring orders and accepting payments from the first day of its operation. All that’s left for you to be done is to promote it and drive traffic to your website to make the first sales happen.

Do you want to own an online store with top-selling products from a supplier with direct access to one of the world’s most lucrative markets? Meet Sellvia – the #1 US dropshipping supplier with all the solutions, tools, and instruments you need to build a successful online business and sell to US consumers from anywhere in the world. Find out more information here!

To better understand what you get when you make this deal, let’s take a closer look at what a custom dropshipping store can bring you.

#1. Buying a custom dropshipping store saves your time and effort


Time is money.

Let’s be honest, the money-making process is the most pleasing part of dropshipping. But, there is a bunch of tasks to complete before you get to this stage.

And if you don’t want the results to let you down, everything should be done properly.

However, learning the ropes and carrying out all the tasks requires your time and effort.

How long does it take?

A month. Maybe two… Who knows?

The point is, you don’t need to put your business launch on hold. To proceed with it, you just need to place your custom store order on AliDropship website. That’s all.

You’ll get your custom dropshipping store within 10-23 business days (depending on its package and complexity) and start making money right off the bat.

#2. Buying a custom dropshipping store helps you avoid mistakes

You make the bed you lie in.

That’s the thing you should keep in mind if you’ve decided to create your dropshipping store on your own.

If you haven’t built eСommerce websites before, you’re likely to make some mistakes in the process. There’s nothing really bad about it: everybody makes mistakes, and they let us learn and improve. However, you’ll need to invest some time and effort into fixing these mistakes – and that might delay your business success a bit.

If you buy a custom dropshipping store, you overcome this potential challenge easily. AliDropship team takes care of making your store look and work just as you want it to.

#3. You don’t need to do a niche research


It’s evident that the dropshipping business has great prospects.

It’s affordable to get started, easy to manage, and, of course, profitable.

But, all of this is the case if you’ve chosen the right products for selling. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time.

Looking for a niche for your dropshipping store is the task that makes many online entrepreneurs confused. Even though the process has straightforward guidelines, it’s easier said than done.

So, many wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to pass the torch to professionals.

And that’s one more reason to buy a custom dropshipping store. This way, you won’t need to do niche research on your own. Our team will make market research and select a profitable and demanded niche that meets your personal interests.

#4. You get your store with enough products in place

Knowing which niche to choose really takes the weight off your shoulders.

Now, you just need to go to AliExpress and find some suitable products to add to your store.

Of course, it’s not a big problem if you know all the ins and outs. Yet, this takes a considerable amount of time. Let alone that you should work on your product pages after adding the goods to your store.

Together, these tasks could put a strain on you and delay the money-making process.

If you buy a custom dropshipping store, you get from 50 to 200 products carefully chosen and added for you from the best AliExpress sellers and ready to be offered to your target audience.

You can start your business process right away and gradually add more products. The point is that you don’t have to put the most interesting part of dropshipping on ice.

#5. Your custom dropshipping store has an appealing design

It’s a rule of thumb in dropshipping.

If you want to get the better of your competitors, you should stand out from them.

A professional design of your website is the exact thing you need to pull this off.

Can you build your dropshipping store in a way that catches the customer’s eye?

Well, if you have a gift for designing things, then you may give it a try.

If not, you’d better delegate this task to the professionals.

When you order a custom dropshipping store from AliDropship, you bring in a team of experienced and talented designers to work on your site’s appearance.

You can no longer worry about people overlooking your store. We’re going to create your shop’s logo, header images, banners, etc. Your website will definitely grab customer attention.

#6. Your custom dropshipping store is mobile-friendly

You can see them everywhere!

The people who are solely focused on their phones.

Nowadays, customers are turning to desktops and laptops for handling everyday needs less and less. Mobile phones and tablets are edging them out.

This means that you need to make sure that your website is adaptive to various screen sizes and works perfectly on different devices.

In other words, your online store should be mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you’re missing dozens of clients.

Fortunately, when you buy a custom dropshipping shop on AliDropship, you may sleep tight. You get a fully optimized website that suits different mobile platforms.

#7. You get an SEO-friendly dropshipping store


There are only three letters, but much more to learn about.

If you want customers to notice your dropshipping store on the Internet, you should draw Google’s attention to it in the first place. For this, making your website SEO-friendly is a must.

However, this task seems to be quite burdening for many entrepreneurs. And if you don’t know enough about SEO, you can’t be sure you’ve done everything properly, can you?

The good news is that you can get around this.

AliDropship offers you a fully optimized custom dropshipping store that is perfectly visible to the Google search engine.

Just place your order on the AliDropship site and get a SEO-friendly website that is likely to get shown to the people who look for products in your niche.

#8. Your dropshipping store is presented on social media

Where should the lion’s share of digital marketing campaigns take place?

Of course, it should be on social media.

The time people spend on social networks is growing from day to day. To ignore this tendency means to shoot yourself in the foot.

So, besides a perfectly designed website, you need to have appealing and interesting accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

That’s why if you order a custom dropshipping store on AliDropship, along with it, you get your branded pages on the most popular social networks.

Professional designers create these pages. So, you don’t need to worry about their appearance. You’re in for a treat.

#9. Your custom dropshipping store is completely equipped

All these benefits are awesome, aren’t they?

But, what is the most valuable thing for online entrepreneurs?

Right, it’s the business process. It should work like clockwork and cause you no headache.

And that’s the greatest thing about buying a custom dropshipping store on AliDropship. You get a fully functional eCommerce website.

You don’t need to do any additional settings. Everything is there already!

  • AliDropship plugin is already installed
  • You have an all-in-all dashboard to run your store
  • Automated management system is working
  • Google Analytics integration is completed
  • Your website is ready to accept payments
  • We set up the necessary marketing tools for you
  • Your online store has an attractive and SEO-friendly domain name
  • Etc.

Just turn the key and you’re good to go!

As you can see, buying a custom dropshipping store is the fastest way to start your journey to financial independence. Moreover, it’s a unique opportunity to get your own business with minimum effort and for reasonable money. If you have some questions before giving it a shot, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

Read about custom dropshipping.

35 Free Affiliate Marketing Tools & Platforms For Newcomers

Becoming an affiliate marketer is one of the easiest ways to start your own online business with low startup costs. In this article, we’ll go over 30 affiliate marketing tools and platforms that require no payment and let you proceed with your enterprise as soon as possible.

Shall we begin with a little recap (just in case)?

Simply speaking, an affiliate marketer is a person who promotes someone else’s products or services online and receives a commission for every sale that happens through these efforts.

Surely, this business seems tempting to people interested in launching a low-cost business. To become an affiliate, you don’t need to create, or buy, or manage any products or services. All you need to do is spread the word about them in an irresistible way 😉

It’s not unlikely that you will still have to bear some expenses. For example, you might need to buy a domain and hosting for your blogging website, or pay a subscription fee for using a mass mailing service, or something like that. However, there is a range of free instruments and resources that can help you greatly – and save you a good deal of money. That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today!

The basics: free link management tools

Okay, first things first.

Your affiliate link is the basis, the foundation, and the most essential part of your business activity. Tracking the unique ID included in your affiliate link, your sponsoring company will be able to estimate your input in their sales volume, and therefore, calculate your commission.

This is why it’s so important to keep your links in the perfect working order! The services and platforms listed below can help you sort this out without extra expenses.

#1 Bitly

30 Free Affiliate Marketing Tools & Platforms For Newcomers

You are probably familiar with this service – or at least with the type of links it creates.

Bitly is a URL shortener, designed to transform long and scary-looking links into short, neat, and neutral ones.

Registering as an affiliate, you receive your unique link that has a very distinctive feature: a specific customized part. This fragment of your link clearly indicates that you’re an affiliate, and lets the company tell you apart from other affiliates. Distributing this link through various advertising channels and materials, you need to motivate your readers/viewers to click on it and proceed with their orders shortly after.

However, your affiliate link itself might seem a bit suspicious to your audience. Due to this uniquely generated ID part, most likely, your link will be long and slightly weird – probably, even spammy-looking. Unfortunately, it can prevent cautious internet users from clicking it, which is genuinely disappointing.

Bitly service lets you shorten these links safely, without losing readers’ trust – or your affiliate data. The company will still be able to track purchases originating from these shortened links, which means your affiliate commissions won’t be affected in any way. At the same time, you’ll be able to conveniently put nice and good-looking links in any types of your promotional materials, from blog entries to Twitter posts, without taking too much space and bothering your readers.

#2 Cuttly

30 Free Affiliate Marketing Tools & Platforms For Newcomers

Cuttly is another URL shortener tool you can use for free.

It allows more than just cutting down the length of your affiliate links. As a noteworthy addition, it also provides you with detailed real-time analytics on your links performance. Besides, it lets you customize and optimize the URLs you’re creating, and even generates a QR code you can also successfully use in your promotional activities.

#3 Pretty Links

30 Free Affiliate Marketing Tools & Platforms For Newcomers

An important thing about Cuttly and Bitly is that they use their own domains as the central part of the shortened link. Therefore, whatever your original link is, after the transformation it will look something like http://bit.ly/sometning or http://cutt.ly/something.

Pretty Links, on the contrary, leaves your own domain name as the central part of the newly generated link. Surely, that’s a solid competitive advantage! Moreover, this plugin tracks your link clicks, shows their number and reports where they originate from.

#4 Google Analytics

If you want to go for an in-depth tracking of your affiliate site performance, Google Analytics is a killer solution. It lets you get accurate data on the way people interact with your affiliate links, figure out the links that bring you the highest revenue, and discover the pages generating the biggest amount of affiliate sales. This way, you are able to see the areas of improvement for your promotional strategy and content creation efforts.

And it brings us to the next part!

Free platforms you can use to create your blogging space

Now, when you’ve figured your links out, it’s time to consider the following. How can you, as an affiliate, reach out to internet users?

Obviously, you need some kind of channel to distribute your promotional materials through. Let’s begin with this part!

#5 WordPress

WordPress is a globally known, used, and trusted content management system. Millions of users choose it as the foundation for their blogs, websites, and even apps.

Earlier, we’ve already explained why choose WordPress for ecommerce websites (and any other sites, actually). The thing is, this platform is free, user-oriented, and really easy to operate and manage. Basically, even a newcomer with no previous experience in website development can start working with it quite conveniently.

So, if you want to create a blog to put your affiliate articles there, WordPress is a great choice! Even though you’ll need to pay for your blog’s domain and hosting, the site ‘foundation’ itself will be completely free for you – and that’s a nice advantage.

#6 Facebook

Let’s suppose you don’t want to pay anything for your promotional affiliate resource at all.

In this case, it’s quite logical and reasonable to create a dedicated page, group, or channel on social media, and perform your affiliate activities there.

Facebook gives you the perfect opportunity to post informational, educational, entertaining and promotional materials in multiple forms. Whether it’s a piece of text, a video, or an infographic, you can post it in your community conveniently and accompany it with your affiliate link.

#7 Instagram

Well, why not?

This social media is perfect if you’re promoting a product or service that can be vividly illustrated with catchy visuals. Much like Facebook, Instagram lets you interact with a wide audience freely, build a loyal community of followers, and even partner with more established and influential accounts in a combined effort to mutually promote your products or services.

#8 Twitter

Not a very obvious choice for an affiliate resource, but definitely an interesting one.

Twitter is characterized by a highly specific users’ community and style of interaction. It makes this social media a winning choice for the affiliates who’d love to connect to their audience in an informal, witty, and engaging way.

So, if you’re promoting a product or service designed for a younger audience, and are up for a challenge of expressing your idea in 280 characters or less, Twitter can be a great place to create and expand your fanbase.

#9 YouTube

Do you need to promote some service or product that is not easy to illustrate through Instagram posts or short Twitter entries? In this case, YouTube videos might be an excellent way out for you!

Judging by the first-hand experience of affiliates who promote AliDropship solutions, an informative and well-maintained YouTube channel is a blessing for anyone who needs to cover complex technical products. Plus, much like any other social network, YouTube will let you interact with your audience freely, gather and utilise genuine feedback, and even explore the opportunities of paid promotions if necessary.

Speaking of social media, let’s move on to the next point!

Moving on: free affiliate marketing tools for social media management

Whether you use your social media pages as the primary affiliate channels or supplementary ones, you certainly want to manage them in the most time-saving and efficient way. There are a couple of great free tools to help you with it.

#10 Buffer

If you need to conveniently manage up to 3 social accounts at a time, take a look at Buffer. Through it, you can create a posting schedule of tailored posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

After your free day trial expires, you can either upgrade to a paid version, or downgrade to a free basic plan. It’s a real catch for affiliates who’d like to plan and execute their multi-channel marketing campaigns with no worries or extra spendings.

#11 Hootsuite

This social media management platform is quite similar to Buffer in its functionality, but has an extended range of appealing features.

Hootsuite lets you automatically schedule posts, track the results of your social media activity, and even find social conversations by keyword, hashtags, or location. In other words, it gives you quite detailed insights into your niche market, clients, and even competitors.

What is especially nice, this solution comes with a free plan allowing you to work with up to 3 social profiles and plan up to 30 scheduled posts. It should be quite enough for a newcomer to affiliate marketing!

#12 Followerwonk

If you’d like to up your Twitter game, Followerwonk is an amazing solution to try. With its help, you get a deeper understanding of your readers’ audience through analyzing, tracking, and sorting your followers. Therefore, you can enjoy the opportunity to improve and tailor the content you share on Twitter, making it more relevant and engaging, and even build long-lasting relationships with influencers!

Free affiliate marketing tools for effective content creation

Okay, so, you’ve figured out your affiliate links, decided on the platform/channel you’ll use as your affiliate playground, and picked some software to sort out your social media posts.

And here’s the thing…

Do you already know what exactly you’re going to make your affiliate posts about?

Don’t worry if you have no idea yet – here are the solutions to help you out!

#13 Buzzsumo

Whenever you need to get an idea or two on your upcoming posts, Buzzsumo is the right destination to check out. This platform lets you find out and investigate most shared and discussed social media content.

Therefore, typing in your affiliate niche or product name, you can clearly see what kinds of content are the most popular with the audience, stumble upon interesting topics to share in your own posts, and even find influencers for your potential future collaborations.

#14 Feedly

If you’re an affiliate in a some hi-tech niche that requires you to stay informed of the latest industry news, think about using Feedly. With this news aggregator, you can create your customized news feed with publications coming from different sources, ranging from blogs and newspapers to tweets and YouTube channels.

It’s more than just a comfortable and time-saving tool letting you stay aware of everything important going on within the market. This is also a winning solution helping you generate more ideas on relevant and valuable posts you can share with your audience.

#15 Google Alerts

With Google Alerts, you can track some specific search terms. It’s a highly user-friendly solution to discover as many details about your area of interest as possible. All you need to do to start using it is specify the discussion topics you’d like to monitor.

Whenever Google finds web pages that contain the keywords you’ve specified, it sends you an email about it. Therefore, you don’t need to do the searching by your own effort!

#16 ShareASale

Affiliates use ShareASale to find products to promote, and earn commission for referrals on those products.

As an affiliate, you select any of the ShareASale merchants and attempt to direct sales to the merchants’ websites. The merchants will then pay a commission for sales resulting from the affiliates’ referrals. As an affiliate, you decide the specific merchants you would like to promote and how you want to promote these merchants. Affiliates can also log into the ShareASale website and check their stats and earnings in real time.

Free affiliate marketing tools for keywords search

Since we’ve started talking about keywords (which are absolutely essential if you want your affiliate resource to rank higher on Google), let’s move on to this exciting topic.

#17 Keywordtool

This solution is commonly known as a free alternative to Google Ads Keyword Planner, and is widely used for the purposes of SEO and PPC keyword research.

Keywordtool gives its users multiple suggestions for every search term they test. What’s notable, it generates plenty of so-called long-tail keywords that are exceptionally valuable when you want to improve your site position on search engines.

#18 Semrush

SEMrush is trusted by internet marketers all over the world.

It is also used by a number of businesses, big and small. Major companies such as Philips, Forbes, PayPal, Hyatt, etc. use this tool. SEMrush has a massive database of over 46 million domains and 120 million keywords. It tracks so many things, such as the organic position of a domain or landing URL on Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages), copies of AdWords ads and their positions, CPC ads, competitor analysis and so much more.SEMrush helps with your content marketing, and that is the most important thing it does. But before I tell you more about how the SEO tool does it, let us talk a bit about content marketing and why it is so important

#19 Ubersuggest

30 Free Affiliate Marketing Tools & Platforms For Newcomers

This is another awesome keyword generation tool you can freely use for your affiliate purposes. Ubersuggest also lets you get insightful and inspiring insights into promising keyword ideas for your SEO-friendly texts and posts that meet the audience’s demand.

Plus, you can conveniently filter the generated results by location and the types of content you’re specifically focused on, getting an even clearer picture of the audience’s expectations and preferences in terms of content.

#20 SpyFu

Do you want to get a peek at your competitors’ activity? SpyFu is an interesting keyword research solution letting you see the keywords that other companies buy on Google AdWords in order to rank higher on search results page. On top of that, you can also see their ad variations!

#21 Soovle

30 Free Affiliate Marketing Tools & Platforms For Newcomers

This free online tool works like a miracle if you want to analyse search stats on Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, and several other platforms. Soovle looks through the keywords that are most commonly typed into the search fields on these platforms, and gives you invaluable ideas of valid, high-priority topics to cover in your affiliate materials.

#22 Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an SEO software suite that contains tools for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking and site audits. Most of the features inside of Ahrefs are designed for marketing professionals.

Shortly: Ahrefs is a popular SEO tool that people use to get higher Google rankings.

Free affiliate marketing tools for content management

Now, you have a relevant idea for your engaging affiliate message, and know how to optimize it for search engines. Don’t forget to make it appealing to readers, too!

#23 Grammarly

This tool lets you find and correct grammar and vocabulary mistakes, as well as perform plagiarism checks. Whether you’re working on a brief Twitter entry or a lengthy blog post, with Grammarly, you can be sure your text is authentic and well-written. If you’re targeting an English-speaking audience while being a non-native speaker yourself, surely, that’s an incredibly helpful solution!

#24 Copyscape

30 Free Affiliate Marketing Tools & Platforms For Newcomers

In fact, using copy-pasted content, you don’t only annoy your readers who expect unique content from you. You also weaken your website position on Google, making search engines believe there’s nothing special on your site.

This is why Copyscape will be of great help to you. This tool lets you see whether your content is simply copied from some other resource, shows whether you have duplicated information on your site, and even reveals if another blog or site has copied your text materials. Thanks to these insights, you’ll easily make prompt edits if necessary!

#25 Yoast SEO plugin

30 Free Affiliate Marketing Tools & Platforms For Newcomers

If you’re publishing your affiliate articles in a WordPress blog, Yoast SEO plugin is a must have. This tool doesn’t simply show whether your page content is SEO-friendly. It also evaluates how easy it is for a visitor to read and understand your text, and gives you clear recommendations on making your materials more interesting to the audience.

#26 Hemingway

The Hemingway app is designed to help you polish your writing. More specifically, to simplify your text.

The editor  highlights and corrects grammar, fluency, and sentence structure in order to help your writing read and look better. So, by using the Hemingway App you get as close as possible to bringing your true vision to life.

#27 Portent SERP Preview Tool

30 Free Affiliate Marketing Tools & Platforms For Newcomers

After users type something in Google search box, they see a list of web pages that might make them interested. In this list, they only see the pages’ previews containing URLs, titles, descriptions, and phrases matching their search query.

So, if you’re running an affiliate blog or other kind of website, your goal is to make your materials look good even in this shortened preview form. Portent SERP Preview Tool lets you check how these previews look at 8 types of devices, and see whether they are enticing enough to be clicked on right away.

Free affiliate marketing tools to create appealing visuals

It’s not always about the texts, right? Imagery is a crucial part of a catchy Facebook entry, viral Instagram post, entertaining blog article – and basically, anything else. Let’s go through some free tools you can use to work with images like a pro!

#28 Photopea

Basically, this online photo editor is a solid alternative to Photoshop. Photopea supports a wide range of file formats and lets you edit pictures on a professional level – just like you’d do it with Photoshop. And yes, it’s available free of charge 😉

#29 Canva

Need a beginner-friendly design tool? Take a look at Canva! It goes with an informative Quick Start guide and lets you work with photos, vector images, and fonts effortlessly. A part of its numerous built-it templates is provided for free, letting you craft lovely visuals with no extra spendings or headache.

#30 Infogram

Sometimes, you need to interest, surprise, and captivate your audience with boring stats and numbers. In this case, the best you can do is turn the data into an infographic. Infogram lets you do just that in a matter of minutes and enjoy bright, engaging results you’ll be proud to share with your followers.

#31 Unsplash

If you’d like to go beyond the ‘usual’ stock photos looking like they were taken in the 2000s, check out Unsplash. It grants you free access to its impressive database of over 1,5 million photos. Without any doubt, you’ll find the perfect image to illustrate your affiliate messages there!

Free tools to use for email marketing purposes

Wouldn’t you like to deliver your valuable, informative, helpful affiliate content to a larger circle of people? If you want to go beyond your affiliate website or social media account, consider the opportunities of mass mailing. Thankfully, there is a range of solutions letting you deal with it at zero cost.

#32 Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an all-in-one too, designed and developed for businesses using emails to reach their audiences.

You can manage your mailing lists, create custom email templates, and nurture and automate your entire marketing campaigns. Enterprises looking to leverage email marketing need a tool, such as Mailchimp, to run their campaigns like a well-oiled machine.

#33 Sumo

Are you looking for a handy and free solution to grow your email list? Sumo is an impressive tool letting you put catchy email capturing pop-ups on your site. No coding skills or IT background is necessary! What is more, this tool even lets you schedule emails to stay in touch with your customers and improve your conversions.

#34 Constant Contact

A great thing about Constant Contact is that it goes with mobile-optimized templates and a user-friendly editor letting you achieve clean and professional look of your emails. In addition, this tool helps you build an ample email list, and makes it possible to automatically send welcome emails and whole email sequences to your subscribers.

#35 Mailerlite

Speaking of email automation, we certainly need to mention Mailerlite, too! It covers multiple areas of your email marketing efforts, from newsletters creation and subscribers management to smart email delivery and campaign results tracking. It’s surely worth having such a multifunctional tool at your disposal!

That was quite an extensive list of free affiliate marketing tools to explore! We hope you’ll give these solutions a try. To be honest, we can’t wait to see them making a great difference to your affiliate efforts!

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My First Dropshipping Order: 9 Practical Tips To Manage It Properly

Oh, you’ve got your first dropshipping order! Somebody visited your store and bought one or many of your great products. All your efforts really paid off and you have every right to be proud of yourself!

The question is: what’s next?

What do you have to do after making your first sale?

Here are our 9 tips that will help you process your first dropshipping order and build a positive image of your ecommerce store.


#1 Check all the shipping details

First of all, we strongly advise you to check the information your customers write before you start filling in the contact form.

Sometimes they make mistakes when writing the names of their countries or cities, add unnecessary information or forget to mention some important things.

In this case, you will have to edit their personal details on your own or get in touch with this customer to receive more information. Although it takes you some time, you’ll have less problems in the future.

#2 Make sure that you don’t deal with frauds

We often face buyers who place lots of orders at once and pay for their purchases by different credit cards or PayPal accounts. These buyers are most likely frauds who got access to other people’s credit cards.

We recommend you not to process such orders because they may easily become your bad headache in a while. To make sure that your customers are not frauds, ask them to send you the photo of the last four digits of their card numbers.

As a rule, fair customers send photos without any trouble, whereas frauds stop answering emails or block your messages. In this case, it’s better to give these people a full refund and to forget about them, even if it’s been your first dropshipping order.

#3 Don’t procrastinate to process the dropshipping order!

After getting your first order you’re most likely over the moon and want to share your excitement with everyone in the world.

I can totally understand your feelings and how happy you are, but you actually don’t have a minute to lose!

AliExpress suppliers need some time to process your dropshipping order and send the product. Usually, it takes them up to 7 days in the off-season and more than 7 days during the holiday season.

So if you dawdle over your order, you’ll have a great chance that it won’t be shipped in time. As a result, you may get lots of negative emails or reviews from your customers and a bad reputation 🙁

Thus, get your skates on and start processing your first dropshipping order right after you make sure everything is fine with it!

#4 Check your order fulfillment settings

AliDropship Plugin allows you to make the process of order fulfillment automated. However, you need to make sure that these options are activated.

Go to your WordPress admin panel, choose the AliExpress button and click on Settings. You will see the following window.

If you want your products to be processed automatically, you need to activate the following options:

  • Mark orders as “Processed”
  • Mark orders as “Shipped”

They will automatically change the status of your dropshipping orders, so you’ll have more time to focus on developing your marketing strategy or any other important things for your dropshipping business.

For example, once you placed an order on AliExpress, the plugin changes the status of your order from “Paid” to “Processed”. After getting the Tracking ID, it will automatically change the status from “Processed” to “Shipped”.

#5 Check if you registered with a mailing service

To send your customers email notifications when they place orders on your store or when you change the order status, you need to be registered with a mailing service.

AliDropship plugin supports the most popular mailing services, the list of which you can find in our knowledge base.

Choose the service you like the most, create an account and follow our instructions on how to connect this account with your plugin. We have detailed articles on it in our knowledge base, so feel free to read them.

#6 Think up a message for your suppliers

The AliDropship plugin has a great feature that allows you to leave a message for your supplier. It will be sent automatically when placing an order on AliExpress.

In this message, you can write your suppliers that you’re doing dropshipping and ask them not to add any promotional materials to your orders or not to mention their return address on the package.

Thus, you will have fewer chances to be associated with AliExpress.

#7 Think up message templates for your clients

Make sure that you have created message templates that your clients will get after changing the status of their orders.

For your customers, it’s very important to know what happens to their orders – whether they are on their way or stuck in somewhere.

If you don’t notify people, you will have a great chance to get tons of emails, which include questions and hateful comments.

That’s why we recommend you to create message templates in advance to automatically notify your buyers of the order progress. It’s a guaranteed way to make your dropshipping journey more pleasant both for you and for your customers!

#8 Don’t forget to regularly track your traffic

It may happen that your first dropshipping order is placed by a person who doesn’t actually represent your target audience.

For example, an old woman from Brazil bought an expensive high tech gadget from your store.

Of course, this woman can be interested in science and tech devices but it doesn’t mean that all old women in Brazil are keen on buying these things. If you start advertising on this audience, you’ll have a great chance to go out of business.

That’s why you need to regularly monitor your website’s visitors and buyers to get a sense of them.

#9 Constantly improve your website and refresh your marketing strategy

As you know, having a strong marketing campaign is a key to success in dropshipping business. If you can’t get your first dropshipping order, it most likely means that you do something wrong.

Make sure that your niche is popular and you offer your clients the best products. Check if your website is unique or looks professional enough to attract visitors and make them buy from you. Use new marketing tricks and do SEO to improve your website’s performance and refresh your marketing strategy.

Don’t worry: your efforts will be paid off and you will definitely get results!

Has your store already got its first dropshipping order? How were you feeling at that moment? Leave your answers in the comments section below!

Learn how to get your first dropshipping order.

100% Business Independence In Ecommerce: Why Is It Vital And How To Achieve It?

Have you always dreamed of becoming an independent entrepreneur? What’s the key to choosing the right solutions that would help you make it happen? We’re discussing these life-changing questions today!

Here’s the thing. We’re living in a dynamic, ever-changing, fast-paced world where everyone wants the best for themselves and their families.

People all over the world are looking for safe and proven ways to secure a higher quality of life for their loved ones. Of course, they have lots of questions in front of them.

What can they really do to achieve the desired financial independence? Which business (and life) lessons can they learn from other beginner entrepreneurs? Where should they search for the options, answers, and guidance?

Comparing the alternatives and assessing their own resources, these explorers commonly choose to start some kind of an ecommerce business – and here is why.

Why are ecommerce models suitable for an independent entrepreneur?

Indeed, there are numerous reasons for internet users all over the globe to view ecommerce enterprises as their way to financial independence – and, in fact, business freedom. Here’s just a handful of benefits and opportunities that online businesses offer to newcomers:

  • Easy start

Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses require huge time and money investments, as you can imagine. But when you’re starting an ecommerce venture, you don’t need to buy and stock products, rent facilities, hire staff, etc. In other words, your startup costs are much lower.

Besides, it’s not always even necessary to have background knowledge or first-hand experience in the area. Thanks to free video tutorials and detailed step-by-step instructions, any newcomer to ecommerce can make first guided steps to launching a potentially successful business.

  • Semi-automatic maintenance

What if a person with a regular 9 to 5 job wants to try out some business model? In fact, it won’t be challenging to dedicate a couple of hours per day to deal with routine ecommerce tasks. With the right software at hand, even work-at-home moms and full-time business owners manage their online stores successfully. What’s more, it’s not uncommon for wage workers to become self-employed as independent entrepreneurs and make their living thanks to the newly launched online businesses.

  • Unlimited growth perspectives

That’s exactly the thing that attracts so many people to the exciting world of ecommerce. Realizing that ecommerce lets them basically be their own bosses, they freely launch and run multiple online stores, target various customer segments, and even sell their enterprises to new owners at their own will.

But do all online business models allow 100% business ownership to an independent entrepreneur?

We can’t speak for everyone – but there’s at least one specific online business type we fully trust 😉

Tips for independent entrepreneurs

So, by now you have an understanding of what it means to be an independent entrepreneur. But, where do you go from here?

To make sure you won’t get lost on your entrepreneurial path we’ve prepared a list of tips for independent entrepreneurs.

  • Set goals (daily, weekly, annual)

Since you’re an independent entrepreneur, most likely you won’t have anyone to answer to, besides yourself. So, in order to grow your business, you must set short, medium, and long-term goals.

This is a highly productive practical activity that’s incorporated by many modern workplaces to ensure their workers grow and develop as professionals.

So, to set effective goals, look over your previous achievements and failures in the past (for example in the previous year) and set some realistic goals within a specific time frame i.e. within 12 months. For example, increase your revenue by 10%, or grow your number of customers by a certain percentage. Shorter-term goals can be defined by something smaller, for example, sending out a set number of emails, launching a specific set of ad campaigns, etc. Daily goals can be a set of objectives written down as a schedule: “9 am to 11 am: Come up with 10 post ideas for the next 5 days”, or “1 pm to 4 pm: write a sequence of emails”.

  • Promote your business

Make sure to let everyone know about you by creating a social media profile. Be sure to separate your personal account from the one you’re going to promote. Let your personal account be the place for your personal posts, and keep the updates about your business on your business profile.

For many independent entrepreneurs, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will be the perfect place for their promotional activities.

However, depending on your specialty, other social media platforms will work as well. For instance, if your business specifies on some kind of visual features, platforms like Instagram and Pinterest will also work well.

If you really want to showcase your business to the fullest and possess a promotional budget – you can try paid search advertising. These ads are typically sold through a bidding process and the cost varies depending on the competition of your niche market.

  • Invest in a high-quality website

If you’re an independent entrepreneur, you want to separate yourself from the competition, and having a high-quality website should be one of your top priorities.

Your website should be user-friendly easy to navigate. After all, you don’t want your customers getting lost in your store and simply closing the tab. They should understand what they need to do to go to a certain page in a blink of an eye.

If you don’t have a website or the necessary skills to build one, you can always turn to the services of third-party developers or freelancers.

However, there is also another option. You can simply click here and get your own online store created by professionals according to your preferences.

But, what if you want to take a step even further. What if there was a way for you to have all the ecommerce and marketing features you need to seamlessly start and grow your business in one spot? Achieve your financial independence with Sellvia! Access to a lucrative market, top-selling products, lightning-fast delivery, and a dream online store. Sounds like a recipe for success. 

7 reasons for an independent entrepreneur to choose dropshipping with AliDropship

Around the globe, AliDropship is chosen by thousands of people regardless of their level of technical knowledge and previous experience in digital marketing. To them, it’s beginner-friendly software that can turn even a basic blog into a fully functional dropshipping store. Let’s take a closer look at the details!

Making entrepreneurs’ life so much easier, AliDropship solutions are famous for their outstanding features.

AliDropship solutions guarantee 100% business ownership and the owners’ full ecommerce independence.

Here’s where it shows!

#1 Transactional/regular fees

Whether you’re buying the plugin to create your store by yourself or are ordering a ready-made store from the team, you only need to pay once. That’s right: all AliDropship offers, including services and themes, require a one-time payment only.

There are no monthly or yearly fees to pay for the right to use your AliDropship solution. Plus, no matter how many orders you processed in your store, how much money you made with it, or how many new products you imported, you won’t be charged anything. Isn’t that a nice contrast to the ecommerce solutions requiring transactional and operational fees?

#2 Niche choice

If you need any help while choosing the right niche for your dropshipping store, the AliDropship team is there for you. You can use our free Dropshipping Niche Guide and Niche Research Tool, check out the most profitable niches’ selection, and even get free access to our database of handpicked niches with the highest potential.

When you order a custom store, your personal manager advises you on the most promising niches for you to take. Nevertheless, the ultimate choice is always up to you. Our goal is to give you a range of options and never limit you in your business decisions.

#3 Products choice

The same principle is true for the way you choose products to add to your store. Running a business powered by AliDropship, you are free to import any amount of any items at any moment. Again, the decision is all yours!

Of course, we’re providing guidance to anyone who needs it. There is a database of professionally pre-edited products we created for you, guidelines on choosing the most dropshipping-friendly items, and numerous trending products selections to check out. Still, we’re not commanding you what to sell: you’re your own boss!

#4 Sales volume

We are always encouraged and excited to receive great news from our customers who keep opening new dropshipping stores and enjoy overwhelming profit levels.

However, we don’t track our clients’ business performance on purpose. There is simply no reason for us to do this! Indeed, we don’t charge sales fees and don’t oblige our users to meet any ‘sales targets’. Whether you just made your first sale ever or have been in this business for years, it’s fine with us: every entrepreneur develops their venture at their comfortable speed.

#5 Business logistics and partners’ choice

Different types of online businesses require different ways of organizing the working process. For example, in some types of ecommerce, entrepreneurs need to buy products in advance, stock them in a secure and organized location, and ship them to customers by their own effort.

To deal with these tasks, business owners commonly partner with different service providers. One of the programs making these entrepreneurs’ life easier is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). It lets entrepreneurs store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and delegate packing and shipping tasks to Amazon employees.

However, since recently, FBA has been partially suspended. As a measure to help battle the global coronavirus outbreak, Amazon announced it is now prioritizing shipment of household items, medical supplies, and essential goods highly demanded by quarantined online shoppers worldwide. Unfortunately, this socially responsible measure means that FBA members and retail vendors can’t create new inbound shipments until further notice. Obviously, it takes a toll on their businesses.

When you’re running a dropshipping store, you have a much higher level of independence while organizing your business procedures. Still, you rely on multiple partners who help your website function. Hosting providers help your website stay connected to the internet, payment providers accept and process money transfers made by your clients, and suppliers manufacture products and arrange their delivery.

However, with a dropshipping store based on AliDropship solutions, you don’t have any restrictions or obligations when it comes to your choice of partners. We offer you a business-friendly hosting solution, a range of globally accepted payment gateways to connect to your website, and a free database of trusted AliExpress suppliers to import products from. Still, the choice is all yours and no one is forcing you to take one specific, ‘dictated’ option only.

#6 Advertising strategies

Promoting your store is absolutely necessary if you want it to be visible on Google, to attract visitors, and to generate sales.

We have detailed recommendations on planning your advertising expenses depending on your budget, and can share numerous free marketing tips and case studies we’re experienced ourselves. Besides, you can request our expert assistance if necessary and order any of the marketing services tailored to your business individually.

And whether you’re promoting your store by yourself or with someone else’s help, it’s fine! We don’t monitor our clients’ independent marketing campaigns and don’t ban or restrict them in any way. You’re the one to decide what to write and show in your ad, where to place it, and which audience to target. It’s your business, and we put no limits on its presentation.

#7 Business growth strategies

What will you do to your AliDropship store after you launch and try it? Will you start promoting it on social media and elsewhere, encouraging more and more people to visit? Or, will you redesign and rebrand the store, filling it with a completely new product range? Maybe, you’ll even resell it for profit in some time and start a new store in another niche?

We don’t know, honestly. 😉 But whatever decision you make, we’ll support you – and help you with it if you want us to.

As a 100% owner of your AliDropship business, you are free to keep, grow, and use it in any way you fancy. Acting as an independent entrepreneur, you can even close your store down or resell if you feel like it. Unlike some other ecommerce solutions providers, we don’t force our customers to make business decisions they don’t approve of themselves.

Summing it up, AliDropship provides and guarantees full business independence to its clients, without limiting or controlling them in any way. We respect our customers’ desire to run their businesses on their own and are truly happy to assist them upon request – but they always are and will be their own bosses!

Learn how to be an independent entrepreneur.