How To Become A Dropshipper: A Guide For Total Beginners

Interestingly, the term ‘dropshipper’ can refer to two different types of entrepreneurial activity. Sometimes, a supplier involved in product stocking and shipment is called a dropshipper, and sometimes, the same word is used to describe a person who simply runs a dropshipping store and never deals with product issues. In this article, we stick to the second meaning of this term and talk about the newcomers who would love to sell someone else’s products through a self-owned online dropshipping store.

How to become a dropshipper: why should you start a dropshipping business?

Before talking about how to start a dropshipping business, let’s find out more about this business model.

To make money online, one can launch a traditional eCommerce store instead of starting dropshipping. So, what’s so good about it? And how does dropshipping work?

A traditional brick-and-mortar or eCommerce store has to buy products in bulk before offering them to customers. However, if you dropship goods, you purchase them only after a customer places an order with you. After that, your supplier sends the goods to the buyer directly.

This simple difference determines a few important benefits of the dropshipping business model.

  • No need to manage product stock

First of all, you don’t need to manage the inventory, take care of packing and shipping. Instead, dropshippers can focus on promoting the goods and providing excellent customer service.

  • Dropshipping requires less investment

Since you don’t need to buy products in advance nor rent a warehouse, your expenses are much lower compared to traditional business. As a result, the entry threshold for dropshipping is lower too! So, even if you don’t have a large start-up budget, this kind of business is still accessible.

  • Dropshipping is less risky

It’s difficult to predict the level of demand and how many products one will be able to sell. So, whenever you order a consignment of goods from a wholesaler, you risk losing some of the money you invested.

But in dropshipping, one buys a product only after somebody orders it. Although dropshipping carries certain risks (just like any business), in this matter, one can feel secure.

If you have analyzed different eCommerce options and found out that dropshipping is the perfect choice for you, you are probably wondering how to become a dropshipper. We have prepared this detailed manual for those who have no idea where to start.

Going into dropshipping business is not as difficult as it may seem, but eCommerce newcomers often make mistakes of choosing a risky niche, conducting no market research, focusing on the wrong things and whatnot. Want to have a smooth start? Here’s what you should do step by step.

How to make money with dropshipping? First of all, you need to pick a product niche and find dropshipping suppliers. With the AliDropship plugin, you can sell goods from AliExpress – a huge eCommerce platform with millions of products at affordable prices. In our experience, this is an excellent option for dropshipping goods worldwide.

How to become a dropshipper: find your niche

The first step to take before launching your store is to find a suitable niche.

Your perfect niche should be:

  • Promising
  • Interesting to you
  • Neither too broad nor too narrow
  • Popular enough, but not too competitive

Where can you find the ideas for an online store? Brainstorming, web and social media surfing, visiting popular online retail platforms will help you greatly. Your hobbies and interests can inspire you as well. Use such online tools as Google Trends and various tools for keyword selection – you can get lots of valuable ideas there.

Want to sell the hottest and most demanded items only? Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market – and get every week’s bestsellers imported to your store AUTOMATICALLY!

To evaluate the chosen niche, check the following parameters:

  • Enough products on AliExpress

If you decided to follow our advice and dropship goods from AliExpress, first you must make sure there are enough products belonging to the niche you want to try. For certain niches, it’ll be enough to have about 50 items in your catalog. But if you want to sell clothes, for example, you’ll need much more.

  • The suppliers offer low shipping costs

If the products within your niche feature too costly shipping, your end prices may turn out non-competitive. Fortunately, many AliExpress sellers offer free shipping.

  • These products are unavailable locally

An ideal eCommerce product is the one people can’t buy offline. And that’s why they have to order it online. So, when picking a niche, make sure there are product types or models that can’t be easily bought in a brick-and-mortar store.

  • The products are non-seasonal

It’s Ok to sell seasonal products in your dropshipping store. But building a business based solely on seasonal goods is a big mistake! In this case, you will make no sales most of the time.

  • Google Trends shows high demand

Another way to check if a niche is worth your attention is to use Google Trends. This free tool will show you how the demand for a particular product or product type behaves, if it goes up or down.

  • Search results between 5,000 and 50,000

Entrepreneurs often promote businesses with search engine optimization. But even if you’re not going to do it, you should still use a keyword planner to check the corresponding search volume. The optimal results range from 5,000 to 50,000 searches.

  • The niche is popular in social media

Also, try looking for social media groups and communities related to the niche of your choice. If there are at least 10 groups with 30,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, it means the niche has nice potential in terms of marketing.

You can use our specialized tool that checks the potential of any dropshipping niche in 11 steps.

Besides, you can take advantage of the DropshipMe plugin which allows importing nice products from an awesome dropshipping database. The DropshipMe product database includes thousands of best-selling products in dozens of trending categories. Our experienced dropshipping team has made thorough niche research and picked out best-selling items in promising niches. So, you can greatly save your time and start importing products to your store without preliminary niche and product research.

How to become a dropshipper: finding suppliers

If you picked a niche, there’s another thing you should take care of before importing dropshipping products to your store. I’m talking about choosing reliable suppliers.

Since AliExpress is a huge eCommerce platform, there are thousands of sellers offering the same or similar products. So, how do you know which one is worth your attention?

  • Search for suppliers by picking popular products

By searching for products to sell, you will also be able to find reliable suppliers. Whenever you type something in the AliExpress search bar, also tick ‘Free shipping’ and ‘4* & up’. Then sort the results by the number of orders.

A method of finding profitable dropshipping products on AliExpress.

The system will show you products with the highest number of orders. The idea here is that a seller wouldn’t be able to attract so many customers unless he or she is reliable.

How to become a dropshipper: examples of popular dropshipping goods found on AliExpress.

Nevertheless, it’s worth double-checking the seller. And here’s how you can do it.

  • Check the seller’s stats

Click on a popular product you have found and look at the top left corner. There you will find valuable information about the seller such as the percentage of positive feedback, how long he operates, how many followers he has, etc.

Seller’s statistics on AliExpress – useful information for a dropshipping entrepreneur.

  • Check customer reviews

You should also look through the comments left by buyers. Read carefully trying to figure out what kind of problems this particular seller might have – the quality of the goods, communication level, shipping delays, etc.

Also, pay attention to the photos of the product taken by customers. This is how you can tell if the quality matches what the seller claims.

A customer review on AliExpress with a photo of a product.

If everything looks good, you can be more or less sure that the supplier is reliable.

How to become a dropshipper: define your target audience

A crowd of music concert lovers – an example of a narrow target audience.

Now when you know what you are going to sell, your task is to understand who will buy it. To become a dropshipper, it’s not enough to simply sell stuff! Advertising and promotion are a very important part of this business.

Why do you need to picture your average customer?

Now it’s time to find out who are all these people that are most likely to buy your products. In other words, it’s time to define your target audience. When you focus your marketing efforts on those who are interested in your offer, you have much better chances to convert them into actual buyers. So, answer the following questions:

  • Who are your customers?

Use Google Trends to make a customer avatar – an average client profile. Here you can find lots of helpful information about your potential customers: region, language, age, gender, marital status and other social and cultural indicators. Try to understand what matters to them, where you can meet them (what social networks and online platforms they prefer, etc.). You can use this information to address this “average customer” in your future promotional campaigns.

  • What do they need?

Any product should solve some customer’s problems. So, your task is to determine the customer’s demand – and meet it. What do your customers need, what are they looking for? And how can your offer help them?

  • How much money can they spend?

Your profit is the money that your customers spend in your store. Think about the financial reliability of your customers. Will they be able to make impulse purchases in your store? And try not to target too young an audience – they are not always able to pay much.

When you know the answers to these questions, you can attract the attention of your audience more efficiently, and choose the right tone of communication. Talking to your clients in their language is the cornerstone of effective promotion that lets you increase customers’ loyalty in the future.

How to become a dropshipper: get a store

You can try selling products on various online platforms such as a social network account, or a blog, or an online auction, etc. But if you want to dropship like a pro, you need your own dropshipping online store. Why?

To begin with, it gives you great independence. You will not have to obey someone’s rules and policies. You will not lose your store if your account is banned. No one can suspend you (unless your store sells something illegal, of course).

In the next place, a specialized site looks more trustworthy and inspires greater confidence.

For another thing, it is easier to promote a standalone website and optimize it for search engines.

And the last, but not the least – your own website is a good asset which can be sold any time you want and bring you a pretty penny.

4 ways to get a store if you want to become a dropshipper

So, how can you get a website that is tailored to your business and meets eCommerce standards?

  • Create a store yourself

To assemble a dropshipping store on your own, you don’t necessarily have to be an IT specialist or have some background in website development. Thanks to smart automated solutions, it is possible to turn any basic WordPress site – even a simple blog! – into a fully functional dropshipping website. To learn how you can create a store that accepts orders, processes payments, and redirects order details to the original supplier, please, read this article.

  • Order a custom-made store

If you don’t want to bother yourself with technical aspects, remember that you don’t have to! It’s perfectly possible to order the creation of a well-optimized store that meets your personal requirements. In this case, you’ll still be a 100% owner of this store, not limited by any restrictions and free to take your business in any direction you fancy. Kindly read the details here!

  • Get a copy of a highly profitable store

How would you like the opportunity to benefit from a business experience that is already proven to be successful? In this case, you won’t have to experiment with store designs, or niche, or product offer – you can simply copy the elements of a money-making business. Premium dropshipping stores let you gain an exact copy of a dropshipping store with stable trackable performance and enjoy a truly hassle-free business start.

Eager to become a business owner and start earning profit right away? You can purchase a copy of this awesome store that makes more than $500,000 a month! Furthermore, check out this success story to see how this was accomplished.

  • Buy an already operating business

That’s right: you can become an owner of an established business that is created, maintained, and promoted by a skilled team of digital marketing experts. These businesses are only put on sale after they achieve a steady and successful performance, and go with detailed stats, letting you make a well-informed decision. If you’d love to invest in a dropshipping business that makes profits already, go here for more details.

How to become a dropshipper: set up the management processes

How to become a dropshipper? Management issues.

You cannot imagine how much time you can save if you automate your routine work. Product import, reviews, email marketing, SEO, customer support – all these and many other aspects can be managed in a few clicks instead of long hours.

This is another reason to choose WordPress for your eCommerce business: it easily integrates with different services and applications. There are numerous useful plugins and add-ons that can extend the functionality of your dropshipping site and boost its performance.

Marketing add-ons are your best helpers to provide stable traffic from social networks, stimulate impulse buying, simplify email marketing and solve a pile of other tasks.

And if you use WooCommerce, you can upgrade your store with this selection of smart extensions for any purpose.

Of course, there are more things you will have to deal with – search engine optimization, promotion, customer support… But these are the next steps of your dropshipping journey. And well begun – half done!

So, if you wonder how to become a dropshipper, simply choose one of these options. And pay special attention to the ready-made solutions as these stores are perfect for dropshipping newcomers.

Learn how to become a dropshipper.

Facing Any Dropshipping Issues? Let Sellvia Solve Them!

Despite the fact that dropshipping is quite a simple business model almost anyone in the world can start easily without large investments, some entrepreneurs face a number of challenges that complicate dropshipping business management. This is the key aspect of why the Sellvia solution was introduced. So how does Sellvia solve your typical problems with dropshipping? Let’s find it out right now!

How was Sellvia started?

Have you already heard about Sellvia, a brand new 5-in-1 solution for dropshipping? If not, this is a high time for you to read more about Sellvia that can be a brilliant alternative to AliExpress if you’re dropshipping to the United States.

And don’t keep it back: it’s Sellvia that is highly likely to let you bring your dropshipping business to a whole new level, make your online store many times more popular, and finally build your own financial empire. In fact, Sellvia is supposed to provide entrepreneurs with almost unlimited business opportunities.

Don’t you believe this? In this case, we recommend you move to Sellvia’s website and see it yourselves. BTW, Sellvia has its own blog that is permanently updated. You will be able to find a lot of industry tips that can turn out to be useful for you as a business owner.

Well, one of the key factors why Sellvia was started is the idea of making a dropshipping business model perfect without any rough edges so all the business owners could be sure they make the most of their businesses at every stage.

Originally, Sellvia was supposed to become your #1 US dropshipping supplier. But now it becomes clear that Sellvia is an entire network of trending products, marketing materials, and options of problem solving.

So what are the problems with dropshipping Sellvia helps you avoid? Well, first things first.

How does Sellvia solve the problems with dropshipping you may face?

Now you know that Sellvia’s aim is to become your most reliable dropshipping solution with fast shipping, high-quality trending products only, and marketing materials available. So how can you benefit from teaming up with Sellvia?

When you’ve already launched your business, created a store, started to drive traffic, you are likely to face the following difficulties:

  • Payment gateway bans
  • Social media account bans
  • Low customer loyalty and low amount of repeat purchases

Let’s find out if Sellvia is able to eliminate the possibility of arising of such problems.

1. Payment gateway bans

a picture showing how payment gateways are important for ecommerce business

If you’re an experienced dropshippier, you are well aware of what payment gateways are. But if you’re an ecommerce newcomer or if you’re only about to start a dropshipping business, read an article about payment gateways for dropshipping.

In a nutshell, what challenges are you likely to face with already registered payment gateways? The point is that payment providers like Visa or MasterCard, for example, tend to closely monitor businesses’ chargeback rate. In case it’s a lot higher than 1%, they can restrict your operations or access to money or even ban you!

It means the more refunds you have, the more attention from payment systems’ managers you draw. Actually, you risk getting your accounts banned. But this is not the outcome you seek, right?

If you want to stay away from the close attention of payment gateways’ managers, all you need is to achieve the minimum level of returns in your online store. Returns and refunds, in their turn, are asked due to the following reasons:

  • Customers received products of poor-quality
  • Extremely long delivery times
  • Customers received products that don’t match the descriptions

And these are the very issues Sellvia can help you fight against. Please note that in Sellvia’s catalog, there are only high-quality, pretested, hype products with accurate, high-converting descriptions, high-res photos to let the potential customers get a good look at the items and make an informed decision whether to buy them or not.

Conclusion: you are a lot more likely to avoid raising the above-mentioned problems with dropshipping if you team up with Sellvia, but not with AliExpress. It’s due to top-quality products, most of which are of US origin, fast shipping, precise descriptions, etc.

2. Social media account bans

a picture showing why smm is crucial for online business and solves problems with dropshipping

There’s no secret that a social network page is a must have for all the online stores.

However, the administrations of the most popular social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) tend to interfere with the process of business account management and sometimes even impose sanctions if they believe you post unacceptable content.

In most cases, they ban you because of the following:

  • You sell products of poor quality
  • The products provided don’t match the descriptions, or you don’t provide any descriptions at all
  • Your social media activity is considered as spam (too many posts a day, and so on).
  • You post offensive or useless content

So how can Sellvia help you with this?

The point is that one of the key features of Sellvia is to provide high-converting descriptions and marketing materials for each product in Sellvia’s catalogue.

What does it mean for you if you collaborate with Sellvia?

  • Each product has a detailed description based on the specifications provided by its manufacturer that eliminates the possibility of mismatch.
  • All the items are provided with high-res photos made by the team of Sellvia specifically for product and landing pages.

If you team up with Sellvia, managers of social media platforms will consider your online store as a trustworthy supplier with top-quality products and satisfied customers.

What’s more, it’s time to remember that Sellvia ensures a lightning-fast shipping, so the number of unhappy clients is supposed to be kept to a minimum. And these are the very aspects that influence the decision whether your accounts will be banned or not.

Conclusion: are you eager to avoid bans from social media platforms? Team up with Sellvia!

3. Low customer loyalty & few repeat purchases

a picture demonstrating why you need to increase customer loyalty

Here is a common business misconception: if you want to succeed with your business, you should always seek new clients and only. In fact, there is a much easier road to success: try to increase customer loyalty and do your utmost to create a positive customer’s atmosphere to make them come back for repeat purchases.

Why is it a good idea to increase customer loyalty?

  • Loyal customers buy more
  • They cost less
  • Loyal customers = free promotion

So how to increase customer loyalty?

In practice, there are lots of measures to increase customer loyalty: it’s email marketing, social media marketing, different loyalty programs, etc. However they make no sense if you sell products nobody will be eager to come back for.

And this is one more issue Sellvia will easily help with: in Sellvia’s catalogue, you can find only top-quality products with detailed information, high-grade photos, etc.

Conclusion: Sellvia can help you increase the customer loyalty of your online store and let you pay less to attract customers. Those who already placed an order on your website will come back for more purchases!

Summing it up: Sellvia solves your problems with dropshipping in no time

In the beginning of the article we have mentioned that Sellvia is not only a regular dropshipping supplier. This is not all about dropshipping or ecommerce. Sellvia is something new. It’s something more than dropshipping, ecommerce, or trade.

Sellvia was started to let all the dropshippers and ecommerce business owners avoid most of the dropshipping problems they are likely to face. So if you want your business to grow fast, please check what Sellvia offers. You’re likely to miss your  #1 dropshipping supplier for your online store.

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Best Banner Ads: 50 Inspirational Examples From Most Famous Brands

What do the best banner ads have in common? And what does it take to create a catchy, memorable, high converting banner? Let’s take a look!

Banner ads: a brief introduction

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your store advertisements placed all over the web?

Just think about it: thousands of people will have the opportunity to see your amazing offers, get interested in your products, and eventually visit your website – even if they have never heard of it before.

Sounds tempting, right?

That’s what banner ads are for!

Banner ads are clickable images you can place on different websites all across the Internet. Whenever users click on such a banner, they get redirected to your store page that you’ve linked to this image.

All over the world, business owners increase their banner ad spending due to the efficiency of these promotional tactics.

It’s not surprising, banner ads can help you achieve numerous growth goals, for example:

  • Create and raise brand awareness
  • Drive more traffic to your store
  • Demonstrate (and hopefully even sell) your products to a wider audience
  • Announce new product arrivals, discounts, and special shopping events
  • Retarget the users who have already interacted with your store

To launch your banner ads campaign, you can safely use Google Ads, Facebook Audience Network Ads, or any other banner ads network – there’s plenty of them! Planning your campaign, you’ll be able to place the banners on almost any website you want:

  • Your own store
  • External sites popular with your target audience
  • Social media

Best banner ads: the most common types of banner ads

If you want to grow your online business and show it to a wider audience of people, you have to diversify your banner ad campaigns. More specifically, you need to implement the most effective banner ads.

So, to make your banner advertising campaigns successful, you need to know the common types of digital banners and their specifications. The right banner size can be the difference between a successful promotional campaign and one that brings no results.

Furthermore, to not fall flat, you have to get acquainted with the various requirements for banner ads across the major networks, such as: Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

So, for you to achieve maximum results, let’s look at the most popular and effective banner ads and their specifics!

  • Leaderboard (728 x 90)

This type of marketing banner ad quickly catches the attention of the viewer as it is visible due to its size. Usually, this ad format is found above the navigation bar, especially in a blog or forum.

  • Square (250 х 250)

This type of ad is the perfect solution for smaller spaces. However, these types of banner ads are not among the most preferred for many brands because they don’t exactly offer a lot of room to “play with”.

  • Skyscraper (120 x 600)

This banner ad is typically placed on the sidebars. It is the best way to showcase downward descending visual information. Moreover, thanks to its narrow-width design, this banner can fit where broader ads can’t.

These are just a few types of the most popular banner ads. The best part? You can easily order original banners for any advertising campaign you need on AliDropship! Your banner ads will meet all the standard size and file formats.

But what exactly will you put on your banners?

What will motivate viewers to click on them and go to your store?

To answer these questions, we’ve looked through countless banner ads promoting clothes, footwear, gadgets, jewelry, and accessories. We selected 50 exciting, inspiring examples from the world’s most famous brands, and took note of 5 common strategies they use!

Best banner ads type #1: close up product photos

It seems to be the most obvious way to advertise your offers, right? Let’s see some banner examples! Click on the image to enlarge it.

Best banner ads: close up product photos

As you can see from the banners above, large-high-quality photos work really well if you want to make people familiar with your store offer in general, advertise new arrivals, and even show the items in action.

It’s not uncommon for advertisers to go even further and zoom their product images greatly.

For business owners, it’s a great way to explain and visualize their products’ competitive advantages. So, even if your offers are different from others in the tiniest details, you can showcase them proudly!

Best banner ads type #2: minimalistic visuals

Placing your product images on a white background, you make sure that nothing distracts the viewers from the items themselves.

Best banner ads type: minimalistic visuals

Of course, it’s not the only way to focus your clients’ attention on your outstanding offers! Another trick is to simply use a limited range of colors – and, again, as much ‘air’ and white spaces as possible.

It’s enough to take a single look at these banners to immediately understand what’s offered and where it can be bought.

Best banner ads type #3: audience-relevant imagery

There is no doubt: you can demonstrate your products in hundreds of ways. But the thing is, you need to concentrate on the subjects that are important, meaningful, and valuable to your potential customers.

Are your clients following the latest trends closely? The visuals featuring smart clothing, statement makeup, vintage stylistics, shiny neon, and glitter are highly likely to attract their attention.

Or maybe, your potential buyers adore fantasy worlds and fictional universes, art and artwork, and all sorts of creative/fan motifs. Why not incorporate them in banner ads, too?

Each of these examples focuses on a specific hobby or interest. Even if these topics are not directly connected to the advertised products, they still resonate with the relevant audience strongly. And interestingly enough, the last example in this banner selection makes us think of one more strategy for creating a winning banner advertisement!

Best banner ads type #4: influencers involvement

It’s quite common for large-scale brands to collaborate with actors, artists, sportsmen, social media influencers, and other celebrities to promote their products.

Of course, for an owner of a small business, it will be super challenging to persuade Olympic champions or Oscar winners to take part in your advertising campaigns.

Good news: it’s not a must!

Did you have a shoutout or giveaway promotion recently? Were you teaming up with some small-scale blogger or influencer for this purpose? Well, let everyone know about it, and use the banners above as an example!

Best banner ads type #5: focus on texts

Do you have an important message to share with your audience? Would you like to highlight some specific product benefits or make ‘image’ statements? Use the power of text! You can either combine it with some imagery or just dedicate the whole banner space to your words of wisdom.

And of course, it’s a winning strategy if you’re announcing a discount or a special shopping event.

No unnecessary information to process, no extra time to understand your idea. It’s all plain and simple!

Want to get awesome banners for your own campaign?

Nothing can be easier!

Our team of digital marketing experts will be more than happy to assist you. With a solid background in dropshipping stores promotion, these specialists are ready to work miracles.

Simply request our banner ads design service and get your very special, unique, one-of-a-kind banners for any occasion and placement type!

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Best Dropshipping Products To Sell NOW: This Week’s Best Seller

Wondering what to sell to start making profits ASAP? Looking for best dropshipping products that are trending right now? Here’s what we can recommend this week!

Jun 14-20, 2021: Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer

One of the best dropshipping products to sell this week: multifunctional car organizer

Our best dropshipping products recommendation for this week is this simple yet impressive car seat organizer.

For everyone spending hours in their vehicle, a convenient organizer is no less than a blessing.

Thanks to this little helper, its user – your potential customer! – can:

  • Keep all travelling essentials, from smartphones to snacks, stored neatly in a single place
  • Remove all distractions and drive safely with their attention focused on the road only
  • Enjoy their clean, non-messy car interior, and keep chaos under control

With so many benefits and real value for the user, no wonder the demand for car seat organizers is skyrocketing! Just take a look at the graph below:

Internet users' interest in car organizers as seen from Google Trends

People look car organizers up on Google more and more, and you can expect the interest for this kind of product to keep growing this year.

The reason for this is fairly simple. With the pandemic restrictions, personal vehicles are becoming the main means of transportation for people worldwide. Naturally, as the owners start spending more time in their cars, they grow more interested in keeping their cabins neat and tidy – and look for easy and accessible solutions. That’s when all sorts of car space organizers come into play!

To put it simply, the timing is perfect to start selling this product in your store today!

Start selling this multifunctional car organizer with Sellvia

Let’s look into details, shall we?

Where to begin?

So, where can you get this awesome car organizer to import it to your dropshipping store?

Of course, you can look for it on AliExpress… and deal with the usual lengthy routine:

  • Look through all the matching offerings to find all the sellers listing this or similar item
  • Check the stores’ ratings to filter out the most reputable sellers
  • Review the shipping methods offered by the sellers to see if the shipping fees and delivery times are appealing to customers
  • Read the buyers’ feedback to make sure the seller is trustworthy and the item matches the description
  • Edit the imported product page heavily by shortening the title, rewriting the description, polishing the picture gallery, and importing real-life buyer reviews


OR, you can skip all these tiring steps and go straight to selling! All you need to make it happen is to get the ready-to-promote car organizer from Sellvia.

How to power up your store with the weekly best seller from Sellvia

What’s Sellvia, you might be wondering?

Sellvia is your next-level ecommerce solution that covers plenty of online business areas – from product sourcing, storing, and packaging to branding and promotion. In fact, it even has the hottest, most demanded products from multiple niches in its physical stock, and keeps them in a US-based Fulfillment Center.

That’s right: ordering a Sellvia-provided item from your dropshipping store, your client won’t have to wait for the package for weeks and months. In just 1 business day after receiving your order, the Fulfillment Center staff will assemble the package and hand it over to UPS or USPS. And these highly reputable postal services will make sure the order gets delivered to any US residing customer in 1-3 business days.

Doesn’t fast US shipping sound like a dream come true for dropshipping business owners? But wait, there’s more!

With Sellvia, you can start selling this highly popular car organizer to your customers in a matter of seconds! Go here to add its beautifully designed, informative, purchase-stimulating product page to your store: it goes with the perfect description that you don’t have to review or edit!

When you import this (or any other!) product to your online store from Sellvia, you receive:

  • A beautifully designed product page: carefully taken professional photos and unique descriptions (BEST ones in the industry!) catch your visitors’ attention and don’t let them leave the store empty-handed!
  • Product bundle recommendations: pre-made sets of products that are most commonly bought together will give you an idea on how to increase your average order value and boost your profit per customer.
  • Ready marketing campaigns proven to drive sales: expertly made visual materials, texts, and audience settings for Instagram and Facebook paid ads will be yours to use and profit from.


The price for the Sellvia-provided multifunctional car organizer is $3.99. You can add any markup you want to its price. We recommend selling it for $28.99: it will give you a profit of $25 and still keep you competitive! This final price will be comparable to the ones on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc. – and really appealing to your customers.

Why wait?

Start selling this multifunctional car organizer with Sellvia

Start profiting from one of the best dropshipping products of this week right now!

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6 Effective Follow Up Strategies You Need To Start Using Today

In email marketing, follow up letters are the bridge connecting you with your subscribers and helping you stay in touch with potential buyers.

For us, email marketing is one of the main promotional instruments. Most likely, you’re reading this article because you’ve received its preview in your inbox. 😉 So, we decided to share some of our tips on the most effective follow up strategies we’ve tested ourselves!

What are follow up emails and how to deal with them?

Let’s start with the basics: what do we mean by follow up letters?

Follow ups are several emails that are sent to your subscribers automatically over some specific period of time. You write them once, and they work for you on auto-pilot in the long run.

So, follow ups are a series of logically linked emails that do A LOT for your business promotion:

  • Make your clients feel valuable and important to you

As a rule, the first email in the series of follow ups is sent to a person right after he or she took some action in your store: made a purchase, left an abandoned cart, subscribed to your newsletter, etc.

Therefore, this person feels appreciated – especially if you write this first follow up email correctly! Read below to learn more about it.

  • Share important information with your clients

Each follow up should be dedicated to a specific topic that is meaningful for your audience. You don’t just send the same email over and over again every 2-3 days. Every time, it should be something new and engaging.

  • Remind about your business with no extra effort from you

Follow up communication is set up through a specialized mailing service. Therefore, you don’t write and send each email manually! You write follow up templates, add them to the mailing service’s email sequence, and specify the sending frequency. The system will do the rest for you.

How to follow up with clients or the most effective follow up strategies: collect clients’ emails

a picture showing an example of email subscription installation

Now, the prospects of this marketing tool seem really appealing to you, right?

But how can you start using this strategy for your dropshipping store promotion and even make the most of it?

As you understand, you can’t send out follow ups if you don’t have any email addresses in your mailing database. That’s what you need to begin with!

We have dedicated a whole article to email list building – read it carefully to learn how to collect email addresses of your potential customers.

Don’t want to set up all these pop-ups, subscription forms, and other tech elements yourself? Use the service of email subscription form integration provided by dedicated specialists, and watch your email list growing on its own!

And, while the systems collect email addresses and put them into your database, you can proceed with the most interesting part of email marketing: writing the follow up texts!

Effective follow up strategies: best follow up tips on how to create emails that sell?

Don’t you know how to do a follow up? Well, we’re going to share the best follow up strategies we’ve figured out from our personal experience!

#1 Start with your follow up plan

What will your follow ups be about? How often will your subscribers receive them?

At this point, you need to come up with a general follow up plan – something like this:

Day 1 (right after getting the email address): the first welcoming follow up. It should include a gratitude for the interest in your store, a brief business introduction, and a tempting welcome discount coupon.

Day 2: an appealing product selection from your store. Add best sellers of the week / new arrivals / trends of the season / items similar to the viewed or purchased ones with product links to the follow up letter.

Day 3: some interesting facts about your products. It’s all about the buyers’ testimonials / industry secrets of the product manufacturing / unexpected ways to benefit from the products use with product links.

Day 5: special offer. It’s time to create a sense of urgency. Please note that the letter has to be different from the one you provided them with a discount coupon for the first time.

Day 7: a preview of your valuable article from the in-store blog with the links to the related articles or products.

As you can see, this sample follow up plan covers 7 days, includes 5 messages, and uses every opportunity to motivate the reader to check out the store once more.

Of course, it’s not a must-follow sample plan. You can come up with any other ideas for the letters’ topics, mailing frequency, and time period. It all depends on your store niche, business brand, and the potential customers’ preferences.

#2 Pay attention to the first follow up email

Basically, the first follow up letter introduces you to the readers. It lets them understand what they can expect from you, how they can benefit from your offers, and how many of their problems you can solve.

In order not to make them disappointed, you only need to give them the information they are looking for while browsing your store. That’s why it’s a good idea to create different follow up sequences for different types of actions taken in your store. Obviously, a “thank you” letter after a product purchase won’t be the same as the “these items are still waiting for you in your cart!” message, right?

In any case, it should bring value to the readers. Otherwise, they will quickly assume that your emails are not worthy of their attention.

#3 Combine marketing elements with transactional details

Your readers are smart enough to see the difference between a spammy promotional text and a piece of valuable information. That’s why some email marketers use payment confirmations, notifications about an order, etc. as the basis for the first email in their follow up sequence.

Normally, such action-triggered notifications are sent directly from the website where the user’s activity took place. But you can also add a transactional element (download link, order confirmation, etc) manually to your very first follow up. In this case, you can fill it with FAQ links, store contact details, or other elements that bring value to the readers, re-engage them, and bring them back to your website for new or repeat purchases.

#4 Work on your subject lines

It must be clear from your subject lines that the emails contain something really important: not just useless boring information, but meaningful bonuses, tips, or other helpful and valuable elements. It makes it more likely that the readers will open the emails, and not simply ignore them. These insights will help you create powerful subject lines!

Want to see expert examples and tips? Check out these seven types of email subject lines that boost your conversions!

#5 Keep it short

An overly long email will be left unread – trust us. 😉

Your goal is to make all the text seen immediately, without scrolling down a page. That’s how you can be sure that the reader won’t miss any of the links, buttons, appealing coupon codes, and other crucial parts of your letter.

Need advice on the texts and catchphrases you’ll put into your follow ups? Check out these tips on selling emails we’ve covered in one of our previous articles.

#6 Consult experienced email marketers

Don’t worry if you don’t have any background in writing catchy texts or planning a long-term email sequence.

Our team is happy to help you craft an engaging, highly efficient, and valuable set of follow ups! Here is what we offer:

  • A sequence of 4, 8, or 16 unique follow ups that cover from 2 weeks to 3 months (depending on the package you choose), reflect your business, and prompt the readers to make a purchase
  • From 2 to 5 appealing email templates that you can freely use for your future email campaigns
  • A detailed step-by-step guide on setting up this follow up sequence in the Mailchimp mailing service

Thanks to this assistance, you’ll enjoy an improved volume of sales and a growth in the number of repeat buyers – all on autopilot!

Now, you have a much clearer idea of effective follow up strategies that can convert your subscribers into happy buyers! And remember – we’re always here to find the best ways to follow up with the customers!

Read about effective follow up strategies.

Niche Store VS General Store: What’s Best For Your Dropshipping Venture

So, you’re thinking about launching your first dropshipping business. But what is your online business going to sell? Should you start selling every product category or should you build a niche store instead?

Naturally, there are dozens of questions to answer. I guess at least some of them are covered here. But what bothers you the most is the dilemma: what to sell in your store?

We understand how important it is for dropshipping entrepreneurs to come up with the perfect idea for their future stores. That’s why we have an entire blog section dedicated to the methodology and tips for a smart product choice.

Still, there is one issue we haven’t discussed yet, and today, we will talk about it exclusively.

What kind of business to choose: a niche shop or a general store?

When our custom store development experts start working on a new project, one of the first questions they ask the client is “What do you want to sell in your store?”

Interestingly enough, one of the most typical answers is… “Everything”.

It means that the client wants to launch a so-called general store.

What is a general store?

As you have probably guessed, a general store is an online marketplace that is similar to an offline department store. The only difference is that an online dropshipping store typically doesn’t sell food and beverages.

A super wide range of consumer goods, from socks to light bulbs, can be found in a general shop. These store owners assume that a large number of products is a winning strategy because a passerby site visitor ‘is guaranteed’ to get interested in something and place an order.

Are these assumptions true?

General store benefits

There are several reasons for an entrepreneur to build a store that sells all kinds of products:

  • No research is strictly necessary

Actually, to start a successful business of any kind, you need to conduct at least basic research to understand the market trends, the product offers, and the customers’ preferences.

But, when you start a general store, you don’t always see the need to learn anything about the market. You just fill your store with any products that got your attention and wait for the purchases.

  • The product choice is huge

Another important task for dropshipping beginners is to pick products to sell. If you’re going to make a niche store, this choice is going to be limited.

However, with a general store, you can add absolutely anything to your product offering. Thanks to smart tech solutions, you can fill your general store with the preferred items really quickly. In a couple of clicks, you can import an unlimited number of AliExpress goods to your own store and let your site visitors enjoy a variety of assorted items.

  • The circle of potential buyers is really wide

If you sell lots of various products, you can expect absolutely different people to make purchases from you. You are not working with a tiny customer segment. Instead, you are basically dealing with the whole world because dropshipping business has no geographic boundaries.


Does it sound too good to be true?

There is a good reason to be suspicious because, frankly speaking, this business strategy is not as tempting as it looks.

General store drawbacks

The list of drawbacks of building and running a general dropshipping store.

You might get an impression that a general dropshipping store is a ‘lazy’, undemanding venture. Don’t make yourself fooled by this seeming simplicity. In fact, running such a store in an efficient way is a really challenging thing to do.

  • Product-related tasks are overwhelming

If we’re talking about a large-scale website with a diverse range of products, it certainly needs a LOT of items (hundreds of them, probably), otherwise, it will look really weird to the customers.

Yes, you can import the desired items from AliExpress in seconds and set prices for them automatically in a couple of clicks. But can you imagine how long it will take you to edit all these product pages? It’s not an option to leave them unedited. In this case, your website will be filled with non-unique content that is damaging for SEO. Besides, the store visitors will quickly understand that they can find identical products on AliExpress for much lower prices.

  • Competition is way too intense

Who is your competitor when you’re selling everything at once? There’s no particular niche market in this case. Most likely, you will have dozens of indirect competitors whose product offer is partly similar to yours, and a couple of direct competitors (let’s say Amazon and eBay) that are nearly impossible to compete with (at least at the beginning stage).

What’s about your unique competitive advantage? You won’t be able to set super low prices (otherwise, your whole business will have no point). And you will hardly be able to compete with the online retail giants by the number of products in your store. How will you stand out, then?

  • It’s nearly impossible to rank high for the chosen keywords

Again, this is a competition-related matter. If the product range of an online store doesn’t have narrowly defined specifics, it is extremely hard for the owner to turn it into an SEO-friendly website.

It will only be logical to optimize this store for really broad keywords like ‘online shopping’ or ‘buy online’. Just imagine how many well-established eCommerce sites are already using these keywords.

Simply put, with such a generic keyword, your store won’t rank high enough on the search engine results page. As a result, Internet users won’t stumble upon it often enough.

  • A proper marketing strategy is really hard to build

If you can’t compete by price or by product range, and if you can’t make it to the first page of Google with the power of SEO, the only thing you can do to generate sales is to promote your store all over the Internet.

Still, for general stores, even this task seems to be really challenging. The problem is you can’t rely on a niche marketing strategy.

Where will you post your advertisements if you don’t know what platforms and websites your target audience uses? What exactly will you promote if you have hundreds of products in your store? What types of messages will you use for each of the marketing channels if you don’t know what’s relevant and important to your buyers?

Basically, you will either be going with random guesses or taking no promotional actions at all. And you can’t expect these measures to really be moneymaking strategies.

  • You don’t know what to focus on

Many beginners are unsure what they should do at the beginning of their dropshipping journey. But with a general store, it’s possible to get even more confused.

With no previous experience in this business area, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the unstructured and segmentary data within your store.

If you don’t want to get disappointed with your business results, don’t go for a general store unless you have sufficient dropshipping knowledge.

Until then, experiment with niche stores – let’s talk about them in more detail.

What is a niche store?

As you can guess by its name, an online niche store is a shop that sells a narrow range of products.

All the items offered in this store should have some unifying feature. It’s up to you to decide what exactly you will use for this purpose.

Maybe, you will concentrate on the items’ price. For example, in this sample product selection, we are listing the products that are unified not only by their visual side (plant pattern) but by their price (lower than $3) as well.

Maybe, you will use a specific products’ purpose as the uniting feature. For example, for this sample product selection, we’ve chosen the items that are designed to reduce anxiety and help people cope with stress.

Or, maybe, you will use buyers’ hobbies and personal interests as the basis for your niche store. For example, this sample product selection would be appealing to customers fascinated by astronomy and space exploration.

You can find more niche ideas on our blog as well as tips on how to find your niche and evaluate it.

In other words, you have lots of ways to identify and create a product niche. And your ultimate choice heavily depends on your personal interests and preferences. It is always a good idea to choose the niche that you’re passionate about – or, at least, you should know a lot about the products, market trends, and customers’ preferences in this business area. This valuable knowledge is the key to benefitting from all the numerous advantages of a niche dropshipping store.

Niche store advantages

The list of advantages of creating and running a niche dropshipping store.

So, what makes a niche online store the perfect choice for a dropshipping entrepreneur?

  • Easier management

In comparison with a general store, a niche store is a much less resource-consuming venture. The thing is, you are not building a mega eCommerce empire in this case. You are creating a much smaller business that can be flexibly improved and conveniently run in a long-term perspective.

  • Well-defined product range

Knowing what is trending and popular in this particular niche, you get a brilliant opportunity to only fill your store with demanded items that will be bought often.

Plus, as a fan of your own niche, you know exactly what product features are valuable to your target audience. Therefore, you can create unique product descriptions that are both appealing to your potential buyers and winning in terms of SEO.

  • Moderate competition

If you are selling everything at once, you compete with hundreds, if not thousands of similar businesses. But, if your product offer is a highly specific selection of closely related items, your chances of coming across someone who sells exactly the same goods are much lower.

This way, you get a chance to establish yourself as a one-of-a-kind store offering something that is difficult to buy from other sellers.

Don’t forget that your profound knowledge of this business area helps you create a warm and supportive atmosphere within the store, and convince the visitors of your expertise and professional attitude. Naturally, this is excellent for your reputation, brand recognition, and customer loyalty.

  • Understandable customers’ profile

As a fan of your own niche, you have a more or less clear idea about like-minded people who are also passionate about these specific topics and products.

Understanding your niche audience, you can configure your ad settings in the most precise way and deliver your valuable content to Internet users who will be happy to join the community you’re building around your brand.

  • Targeted marketing strategy

Knowing the necessary details of your potential buyers’ interests and behavior, you can easily create highly attractive promotional messages. On top of that, you can choose the right channels for their distribution.

When you speak your buyers’ language and hang out exactly where they do, you are very likely to succeed in creating just the perfect brand image. Actually, it might even result in frequent repeat purchases!

  • Efficient SEO

With a narrowly defined product offer, you have an opportunity to find and pick awesome long-tail keywords. These keywords typically consist of 3 and more words, and they describe the contents of your site pages precisely.

Probably, the greatest thing about these keywords is their power to attract highly interested people to your store. Indeed, if a person googles a word combination that is similar to some of your target keywords and clicks on your site address because it gets shown on the search results page, this visitor, most likely, will make a purchase from you sooner or later.

  • Higher conversion rates

Will each and every store visitor buy something from you?

If it is easy to navigate your site and locate the desired products, if the items are chosen carefully, if the product pages look tempting and trustworthy, the chances to convert a passerby visitor into an excited buyer are quite high.

Obviously, it is much easier to achieve this scenario with a niche store. As we have already figured out, a product-rich general store can be challenging for an owner to run and troubling for a visitor to browse.

Niche store disadvantages

Does a niche store have any disadvantages?

Personally, I think that all the so-called ‘downsides’ of niche stores can be described with the ‘it’s not a bug, it’s a feature’ phrase. Still, let’s go through them anyway!

  • You need to conduct a research

Well, yes, this might seem to be the most significant disadvantage of a niche business. With a niche store, you really need to understand what you’re selling and whom you’re targeting.

But, it won’t be a problem if you know this niche fairly well. In this case, you either already know the most crucial aspects that characterize this business segment, or you have an idea where to hunt for the relevant information.

By the way, we, as the fans of the niche approach, want to make it easier for you to conduct niche research – this is why we kindly invite you to use our free niche evaluation tool that estimates the potential of any niche at your choice.

  • You test one niche at a time

It might seem that contrary to a general store, a niche store doesn’t have a ‘backup plan’ to try if the selected products don’t see much demand.

This is not entirely true. If you notice that this particular niche doesn’t bring you as much profit as you wanted, you can slightly change your business direction and fill your store with the products that are loosely related to your initial choice. Thanks to the nature of dropshipping, it won’t cost you anything to do this, and your online reputation will most certainly stay undamaged.

  • You limit your own activity

You might think that with a niche store, you put a limit on your own turnover and cut down your potential profit.

In reality, in many aspects, a niche store is more appealing to buyers than a large-scale online shopping platform. For a number of reasons, people are eager to purchase from smaller online stores and commonly prefer them to retail giants.

So, if you market your store in the right way, you can still count on a healthy amount of incoming orders and juicy profits.

Niche store vs General Store: which is better for beginners?

So, if you compare these two options, you will see that building general stores is easier. Finding products may take more time, but you’re not limited to a niche. Besides, a general store is more flexible in terms of testing new products.

However, although creating a general store is easier, making money with it is much more difficult compared to a niche store. With a niche store, only have to focus on advertising one niche and just a few product categories. Often you only have to target one audience, and it’s much easier in terms of social media presence. That’s why our team recommends that beginners start a niche store.

How to evaluate niche market ideas?

In most cases, entrepreneurs pick niches they feel passionate about. But it’s not a good idea to start a dropshipping business based on personal feelings alone without proper research. Here are the general tips on evaluating a niche idea. If the following is true, your idea probably has potential.

  • You know this niche well and feel passionate about it.
  • Google Trends shows a stable or growing number of queries related to this niche.
  • You can find lots of product types and categories to dropship on AliExpress.
  • The products in this niche actually solve a problem or have strong emotional value.
  • The products you want to dropship aren’t easy to find offline.
  • There are enough reliable suppliers on AliExpress (with high ratings and scores).
  • You can find several social media groups related to this niche (about 15 groups with 30,000 followers for Facebook and 10,000 followers for Instagram is pretty good).
  • You have analyzed other online stores working in this niche and you’re sure you can compete with them by price.

And of course, don’t forget that you are not obliged to stay in this niche forever. You can expand your business scope and enrich your niche store with additional product categories – the inspirational story of Amazon is a shining example of such a bold move!

Read about niche store.

Wondering How To Give Your Store A Boost? Dropshipping Experts Come To Your Rescue

Creating a promotional strategy for your online store can be difficult and certain aspects might require professional dropshipping help. And you can rely on our experts to help you with whatever you need.

Let’s look at what kind of dropshipping help our seasoned marketing experts can assist you with!

As we commonly say, dropshipping is a great business model for eCommerce newcomers. It doesn’t require massive startup investments or background technical knowledge. From the feedback of our clients, you can see that many of them have originally started their ventures with zero experience in this field, but still managed to figure things out.

And this is pretty much understandable. As their stores are equipped with user-friendly solutions that complete lots of processes on autopilot, it’s not really a big deal to launch a store (or even order a ready-made one) and learn its ins and outs in less than a week.

A more challenging task here is to raise awareness about this new store. Intense promotional efforts result in higher profits, but digital marketing is quite complex. So, you might feel confused when you try to launch various promotional campaigns if you haven’t created any previously.

Luckily, you’re not alone on this business road.

Our qualified dropshipping consultants are here to guide you!

We have a whole team of dedicated experts, from developers to designers, social media management specialists, and online marketing enthusiasts. Here to help you make your very first steps in advertising.

These consultants have vast experience in various different areas of digital marketing. So, you can be sure that they will provide you with promotional advice to launch your store to the top.

Let’s go over the services!

Expert dropshipping help: making sure your store is ready for promotion

It would be a waste of everyone’s time to drive traffic to a store that’s just plain and uninteresting.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, our experts will help you pick the best direction for your dropshipping store. Let’s dive in!

In-depth niche research

Basically, your venture starts with the choice of your store niche.

This niche will define all your further marketing actions: product offer creation, customer segment choice, promotional channels and methods choice, etc. Of course, that’s a highly important decision to make!

We’ve evaluated the prospects of over 50 niches for your convenience – but what if none of them inspires you to launch your business?

That’s where the individual niche research service comes into play.

dropshipping help niche research

There are 3 packages within this service, and with any one of them, you will get:

  • 3 profitable niches to choose from
  • A recommended selection of 5 best AliExpress suppliers in the niche
  • Advice on top 10 countries to target with your offers
  • A list of the most suitable product types you can find on AliExpress
  • The estimated number of AliExpress products you can import to your store
  • General understanding of the niche popularity on AliExpress and other platforms

Isn’t it the easiest way to find yourself a money-making and engaging niche that is interesting to you personally?

Click here to learn more about the niche research service and place your order.

What our dropshipping consultants can help you with: promoting your store

Your dropshipping store is fully ready for operation, and you can’t wait to welcome your first buyers there! How can you make it known to a wide audience?

The best way to drive traffic to a new online store is to use a mix of paid advertising methods – but what if you have no experience in this?

We’re covering this dropshipping aspect, too!

Facebook & Instagram ads

If you want to raise awareness about your business and gain a loyal customer audience, Instagram and Facebook are probably the first platforms you’ll consider. And, if you can’t come up with a catchy ad idea for your store or if you’re confused by the numerous ad settings, here’s what we can do for you!

dropshipping help ads

This ads preparation service comes in 3 packages, all of which let you get:

  • A specific number of ideas for your store ad
  • Ready texts and images to include in the suggested ad(s)
  • Detailed recommendations on the necessary audience settings

This is how you can test ad formats you’ve never tried before and grab your potential buyers’ attention with new promotional messages. How about giving it a try?

Click here to learn more about Facebook & Instagram ads creation service and place your order.

Email marketing setup

Thanks to newsletter emails and follow-ups, you can easily stay in touch with your customers. Emails let you conveniently notify the subscribers about your newest product arrivals and special offers, and remind them about your business.

If you feel you can’t create captivating emails that will turn one-time customers into loyal buyers, or if you’re unsure you can send these letters on a regular basis, you’ll be interested in this service!

You can choose any of these packages – each of them includes:

  • An individually written series of emails covering a specific period of time
  • Setup and launch of these follow up sequences
  • A detailed guide on setting up further follow up emails in MailChimp service
  • Several email templates that you can freely use for your future email campaigns

If you’ve never tried communicating with your current and prospective customers via emails, it’s the right moment to set things into motion!

Click here to learn more about the email marketing setup service and place your order.

Marketing services bundle

Do you want to solve multiple promotional tasks at once and spend your marketing budget wisely?

Take a look at this set of marketing services that lets you get expert dropshipping guidance with an impressive discount!

The bundle comes in 3 packages that let you enjoy:

  • A set of unique ads with detailed setup guides
  • An automated email follow-up series with setup instructions
  • A serious upgrade of your store performance

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to improve your online reputation, increase your media coverage, and boost sales, this is an unbeatable service!

Click here to learn more about the digital marketing bundle and order the service.

What would you like our dropshipping experts to help you with? There’s a whole range of digital marketing instruments that will make your dropshipping store thrive – just pick the ones you fancy!

Irresistible Lead Magnet

Need dropshipping help reaching even more potential customers? Implement our wondrous Irresistible Lead Magnet and drive even more traffic to your online store!

How exactly does it work? Our team of experts will create a beautiful pop-up ad that will collect the emails of your customers. But that’s not all. It is a well-known fact that not all customers freely like to share their emails, that’s why our team will also create an e-book about your products and offer it as a return for a subscription.

Throughout this e-book, people will come across your products and have access to their webpages.

Take a peek at packages you can get:

There are two packages for you to choose from. If in the past you’ve purchased lead generation pop-ups from AliDropship, you will get a package at a discounted price!

Each of these packages comes with:

  • 1 e-book presenting your products in an engaging way
  • Ad material (1 pic, 1 text, target audience) for attracting traffic to your site
  • Step-by-step guide on how to launch ads

This service is perfect for increasing traffic to your online store as well as gathering more emails for your future promotional campaigns.

Winning Product & Ad Strategy

Make your products look even more appealing with Alidropship’s Winning Product and Ad strategy service. By purchasing this feature for your online store, you get a product page dedicated specifically to one of your best-selling products.

Here is the package you can get:

dropshipping help winning product ads

After your purchase, here is what our experts do for you:

  • Research various product ads on social media
  • Pick out the 3 best products for your online store and you select one of them
  • Put together a stunning page of the selected product for your website
  • Optimize it to make it more convertible
  • Additional marketing materials that will help you promote your product

Make your online business bring even more profit with this tremendous marketing service. And you can be sure that our experts will be there to help you along the way.

Facebook & Instagram Video Ads

Do you know what can showcase a product and all of its qualities quickly and efficiently? As you might have guessed, we are talking about Facebook and Instagram video ads. Many ecommerce experts state that product videos increase product purchases by 140%!

Video ads are a certain guarantee for you to sell more products as well as attract more customers.

Here are the packages you can purchase:

dropshipping help video ads

Each bundle has more promotional materials than the previous one. Our experts will help you attract customers and here is what you receive after the purchase:

  • Facebook and Instagram feed video ads of your products
  • Advertising texts that will encourage customers to purchase your products
  • A step-by-step guide on how to prepare your store for promotion and launch ads

Grow your business effortlessly with AliDropship’s Facebook and Instagram video ads!

Engaging Social Media Posts

Social media platforms are perhaps the most popular means of promotion nowadays. However, they don’t hold any value if they don’t contain any engaging content. With the help of our experts, you can enjoy the benefits of professionally made and engaging content that will help promote your store and find new customers through social media.

Here are the packages you can purchase:

In both packages you will receive:

  • An array of beautifully designed images
  • A variety of engaging texts
  • The most popular hashtags hand-picked and suitable for your store

Our seasoned professionals know exactly what kind of content online users prefer to consume, as well as how to create visually stunning content. So, you can be sure that by ordering this service the amount of beautiful and entertaining posts will increase causing more people to buy from you.

Traffic Generating Ad & Blog Post

Want dropshipping help with increasing the amount of traffic coming to your blog? Turn your blog into a traffic magnet and a lead generator easily!

Make yourself familiar with the bundle package:

What’s included in the package:

  • An advertisement blog post

A blog post designed by our marketing specialists that showcases your product in a way that generates the consumers’ impulse to buy more items.

  • Promotional materials

An image, a text, and the required targeting settings needed to promote to your target audience and show them your blog.

  • Subscription form

A form that allows you to collect emails of your readers which you can later use for future promotional campaigns.

Content marketing has proven to be one of the most effective methods for attracting traffic to your stores and boost sales. With the help from our experts, the amount of traffic to your store will increase and also increase the amount of sales.

Facebook Followers Booster

Feel like your Facebook page doesn’t have enough credibility or followers? Our Facebook Followers Booster can help you easily. Turn to the help of our experts and they will provide you with engaging posts as well as page likes ads, and of course a detailed guide to set everything up.

Here is a closer look at the package:

In this package, you will get top-quality content, along with entertaining posts and page likes Facebook ads ready to captivate the attention of online users and make them follow your social media page.

Facebook & Instagram Retargeting Ads

Do you know that lots of potential customers tend to see your product offers and then just leave your store? Yep, that’s a common thing in the ecommerce world. However, with Facebook and Instagram retargeting ads, you can bring them right back to your online store.

Here is the package you can purchase:

In this bundle you will get everything you need to bring the customers back to your online store:

  • Captivating image advertisements with your bestsellers
  • Coupon creation
  • Charming advertisement texts that will have your previous visitors running back to buy something

With this effective marketing strategy, you can generate more sales, increase your brand recognition and save lots of your time which you can devote to other aspects of your store promotion. Moreover, following our guidelines you’ll be able to create retargeting campaigns in the future all by yourself.

Lead Generation Pop-up Setup

Want dropshipping help with collecting your visitors’ email quickly and efficiently? With the Lead Generation Pop-up Setup, you can take advantage of the visitors who visit your site and don’t buy something.

Here is a quick look at the bundle:

By ordering this service, you receive:

  • Setup of a glaring pop-up which will collect emails powered  by Mailchimp
  • Signup form setup
  • Coupon creation
  • A welcome message with a coupon
  • Pack of pop-up designs for pop-up customization

Our experts have tested the Lead Generations pop-up setup on our very own dropshipping stores and the results have been tremendous. With this service and our experts’ help, you can create your own booming online store as well!

What would you like our dropshipping experts to help you with? There’s a whole range of digital marketing instruments that will make your dropshipping store thrive – just pick the ones you fancy!

Read about dropshipping help.

10 Best Ways To Share An Affiliate Link For Highest Conversion

Are you involved in affiliate marketing? Would you like to upgrade your marketing skills? Check these 10 best ways to share an affiliate link for the maximum conversion!

At the moment, affiliate marketing looks like one of the most tempting business options online. Performing affiliate activities doesn’t take you tons of time. Meanwhile, your affiliate commission is sometimes able to impress.

But please note: if you want to make lots of money with affiliate marketing, you need to know how to use marketing tools correctly. This is why today the team of AliDropship has decided to tell you more on how to share an affiliate link in order to draw as much attention as possible and achieve the maximum conversion.

So how to skyrocket your affiliate revenue? Let’s find it out!

What are the best places to add affiliate links?

Don’t you know what’s interesting about affiliate marketing? As soon as you discover the right affiliate marketing tools and upgrade your marketing skills, you will be able to get profit even while you’re sleeping.

This is why we’ve analyzed a broad range of affiliate marketing techniques and identified 10 best places to add affiliate links for the highest conversion. Here they come!

#1 Blog posts

a picture showing it's necessary to run a blog as an affiliate

If you deal with affiliate marketing, but you haven’t started your own blog yet, this is high time to do this. Blog posts are actually one of the most powerful places you can add your affiliate link for the maximum benefit.

Why start a blog right now?

  • No extra skills are required
  • Minimum investments
  • Enhances the authority
  • SEO-value

In fact, there are lots of different benefits running a blog can bring you. However, please note if you’re eager to succeed with your blog and promote your affiliate link right, it’s extremely important to blog about the content you’re an expert in.

BTW, It will have extra value in case you will write about the topic few bloggers do if you want to backdoor into an incredibly popular blog.

#2 Emails

a picture with an envelope

Some people claim that email marketing is less great than it was earlier. However, that’s not true. If you look at the statistics, you will find out that email marketing has been flourishing for a number of years.

BTW, click-to-open rates of marketing emails worldwide differ depending on the industry you deal with. And here is good news: it’s publishing that can boast the highest click-to-open rate as of June 2020.

Well, it’s a worthwhile idea to put your affiliate link to the emails. But be careful with that. Here are some tips we recommend you pay attention to.

  • Don’t overload your followers with emails. You risk causing mass unfollowing.
  • Make sure your email marketing campaign isn’t taking its own course. You need to segment your email lists to eliminate spamming.

#3 YouTube

a picture showing it's necessary to go in for video marketing

One can say that YouTube is a king of affiliate marketing tools. And there is a reason for that: you will ensure tons of active followers that will click all the links you give if you grow a really popular YouTube channel.

Here is a question: where to add your affiliate link if running a channel on YouTube? Actually, there are several options. In case of running your own YouTube channel, it’s reasonable to put an affiliate link to a video description or pinned comments. By the way, it’s a good idea to mention the product you’re promoting while replying to followers’ comments.

So it’s time to start your own YouTube channel and set it up for life as an affiliate.

#4 Facebook

a picture showing where to promote an affiliate link for highest conversion

There’s no secret that Facebook is a tempting ad solution for hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. It’s almost 3 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Fortunately, Facebook provides entrepreneurs with several options for promoting their affiliate links: it’s the Facebook Business Page, Facebook Profile, and Facebook groups. Choose the one you like more and make the most of Facebook for your business!

#5 Instagram

a picture showing instagram

You may be surprised but Instagram has a huge selling potential even in comparison with Facebook and Twitter. Just take a look at the statistics.

  • 1 billion active Instagram users worldwide
  • $9 billion of Instagram advertising revenue

It means that all you need to do is only to boost your Instagram account, collect as many followers as you can, and that’s it! As soon as you achieve this, you can start promoting the product or service you need.

By the way, on Instagram, there are several options you can promote an affiliate link. You can either start putting it to all of your stories or even add it to your Instagram bio (link).

#6 Twitter

a picture showing why use twitter for business

Despite the fact that Twitter is less frequently used for advertising, it still can offer you a lot in case you’d like to promote your affiliate links.

In the 1st quarter of 2020, Twitter’s CTR (click-through rate) stood at 0.86 percent. So how to use this social media tool to promote your affiliate business? Just boost your account on Twitter and add an affiliate link to bio and posts.

#7 Comments on social media

a picture showing why it's necessary to promote an affiliate link on social media

Besides social media posts, stories, etc., it’s a good idea to add your affiliate link to comments on social media. The beauty of this strategy is that you can comment on not only your own posts, answer your followers, and so on.

The point is that you may feel free to put your affiliate link to comments even in your competitors’ posts. But please be careful with that: in case you will be too actively involved in commenting on everyone’s posts, you risk getting banned because of spamming.

#8 Landing page

a picture showing a surprised woman

Landing pages are a perfect way to collect leads and promote your business, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an affiliate or any other business owner.

Actually, it can be challenging to place the most valuable information without a landing page. A well-thought-out landing page, in its turn, can easily help you with this since it lets you concentrate on potential customers’ opinions on your CTA.

#9 Question-and-answer websites

a picture related to question-and-answer websites

Apart from the social media websites we are used to, these are question-and-answer websites that accumulate enormous amounts of useful information and attract traffic.

This is the very reason why you should use websites like Quora, Reddit, recommendation sites, and so on, to promote your affiliate link.

So if you are an expert in a niche, feel free to help others by answering on Quora. However, please note that it’s strictly prohibited to add affiliate links to the answers. Fortunately, you’re able to share the links to your blog or landing page in the answers which contain your affiliate link to bypass this rule.

#10 Slideshare

a picture showing how to share an affiliate link through slideshow

In case you’re eager to promote your affiliate link by means of a slideshow, it’s Slideshare that you should pay attention to.

You don’t want people to forget all the information from your slideshow right after the first viewing? This is why Slideshare is so great: all you need to do is to upload your slideshow presentation to Slideshare, and it will become available for almost an unlimited number of people.

Don’t you believe it? Well, check the most popular slideshows on Slideshare: they can boast millions of views. So let your potential partners watch your presentation and use your affiliate link to learn more about your offer.

Final thoughts on how to promote an affiliate link

Now you learn these 10 most useful ways to promote an affiliate link. In fact, there are a lot more tools you can use to share an affiliate link and benefit from it. We’ve concentrated on the ones we believe have the highest potential.

Please note that the choice of the affiliate marketing strategy you will follow depends heavily on the niche you deal with. So check which of these strategies works better on your audience.

Haven’t you started benefiting from an affiliate business? If so, it’s time to start your own profitable affiliate journey with the affiliate program of AliDropship: it’s easy to join and get up to 50% commission from every sale!

Read about affiliate link.

46 Best Pet Products To Dropship From AliExpress

Who doesn’t like pets? With so many people around the world taking care of cats, dogs, birds and other fluffy friends, this niche has great potential. Presenting the best pet products to dropship in your store!

According to Statista, there are almost 194 million cats and dogs in Europe alone (as of 2019). Which means there is about the same number of owners and potential buyers.

Moreover, products for pets aren’t just useful or necessary goods that people just have to purchase for everyday life. Such products can and should evoke emotions. Whether owners buy bowls and toys for their pets, most of them are ready to wait longer or pay more as long as you’ve got something special to offer.

On the other hand, in order to beat offline retailers, you need to offer unusual goods and preferably additional value. For example, a blog containing useful information about how to take care of pets will do just great. That’s why AliDropship team highly recommends keeping a blog.

Follow this link to learn more about dropshipping pet products.

And now let’s take a look at the best pet products you can find on AliExpress.

Want to sell the hottest and most demanded items only? Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market – and get every week’s bestsellers imported to your store AUTOMATICALLY!

Best pet products to sell: Collars

This is probably the first thing you think of. After all, collars are dog must-haves! Collars can be both a useful device and a fashionable accessory. Moreover, today one can find lots of models for small and large dogs including electronic collars. Such models are designed to make pets more visible at night time.

Many people also buy collars for their cats, which is especially useful if you let the pet outside. This way, one can make it clear that the cat is not a stray animal. On top of that, certain collar types work as flea and tick repellents.

So, here are some of the most popular collar types:

  • LED Dog Collar

Price – US $3.27-5.65; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 26,067

Best pet products to dropship: LED dog collar

  • Anti-Flea Collar

Price – US $2.00-2.63; rating – 4.4; number of orders – 6,703

Anti-flea collar on AliExpress

  • Customizable ID Tag

Price – US $0.88-2.84; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 1,846

Customizable ID tag for pets on AliExpress

  • Cat Collar

Price – US $0.98-1.73; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 3,031

Best pet products to dropship: cat collar

Harnesses and leashes to dropship

Many pet owners prefer harnesses as an alternative to collars. They are safer, which is especially important for small dogs. At the same time, they provide better control even if you have a large pet.

Another type of popular pet products is leashes. So, if you want to dropship must-have dog items, here are a few ideas:

  • Nylon Dog Harness

Price – US $8.54-11.39; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 9,256

Nylon dog harness on AliExpress

  • Breathable Mesh Dog Harness

Price – US $3.14-7.58; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 3,581

Breathable mesh dog harness on AliExpress

  • Cat / Small Dog Harness

Price – US $2.47-3.39; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 1,362

Best pet products to dropship: harness for small dogs or cats

  • Retractable Dog Leash

Price – US $17.95-31.06; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 1,697

Retractable dog leash on AliExpress

Pet beds and covers

If you’re looking for the best pet products for dropshipping, you simply cannot do without pet beds. You can also think about dropshipping covers and blankets for pets. Birds also need cages. As for cats, there’s stable interest in cat beds despite the fact that cats mostly prefer cardboard boxes.

  • Soft Dog Bed

Price – US $13.07-51.33; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 28,434

Fluffy dog bed on AliExpress

  • Cat House

Price – US $11.86-17.17; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 2,806

Best pet products to dropship: cat house

  • Waterproof Pet Bed

Price – US $11.99-48.49; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 2,494

Waterproof pet bed on AliExpress

  • Car Seat Cover For Dogs

Price – US $38.56; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 14,411

Car seat cover for dogs on AliExpress

  • Pet Blanket

Price – US $0.69-3.50; rating – 4.6; number of orders – 1,300

Best pet products to dropship: Pet blanket

  • Parrot House

Price – US $4.10-4.24; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 478

Parrot house on AliExpress

  • Hamster Hanging Nest

Price – US $7.09-9.48; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 814

Hanging nest for a hamster cage on AliExpress

Best pet products for grooming

Almost all dog and some cat breeds need someone to take care of their fur. Even if the pet feels just fine, neglecting this duty will result in hair floating all over the place. That’s why grooming tools are pet must-haves. Same goes for claws.

  • Cat and Dog Grooming Glove

Price – US $3.06; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 16,607

Best pet products to dropship: Pet grooming glove

  • Electric Flea Terminator

Price – US $4.42; rating – 4.6; number of orders – 1,489

Electric flea eliminator on AliExpress

  • Claw Cutter

Price – US $1.31-2.93; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 1,030

Claw cutter on AliExpress

  • Pet Hair Remover

Price – US $3.75-5.32; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 32,254

Best pet products to dropship: Pet hair remover

Best pet feeding products

Pet food is another important issue for owners. While dropshipping food from AliExpress may be risky, there are many items for pet feeding, with automatic food dispensers becoming top picks (although some of them are pretty expensive). Dog owners may also be interested in portable water feeders and pouches for dog treats.

  • Cat Water Feeder

Price – US $11.07-19.42; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 2,469

Cat water dispenser on AliExpress

  • Pet Food Scale Spoon

Price – US $17.46; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 2,304

Pet food scale spoon on AliExpress

  • Bowl for Slower Eating

Price – US $2.13-5.54; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 1,841

Best pet products to dropship: Pet bowl for slower eating

  • Portable Water Feeder

Price – US $11.41-14.27; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 1,821

Portable water feeder on AliExpress

  • Pet Treat Pouch

Price – US $6.11; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 1,861

Dog treat pouch on AliExpress

  • Pet Automatic Feeder

Price – US $20.13-31.23; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 210

Best pet products to dropship: Pet automatic feeder

  • Hamster Food Bowl

Price – US $1.12; rating – 4.6; number of orders – 645

Hamster food bowl on AliExpress

Best pet toys

Toys have proved to be among the best pet products as they are relatively cheap and cute. A lot of owners buy such items for their dogs and cats.

Moreover, toys are good for an animal’s health because they make pets move around, run and jump. After all, some pets suffer from obesity too. Some toys even provide mental stimulation. Thus, dropshipping pet toys is an excellent choice.

  • Plush Cat Toy

Price – US $0.89-1.29; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 3,842

Plush cat toy on AliExpress

  • Cat Stick Toy

Price – US $1.27-2.77; rating – 4.6; number of orders – 2,738

Best pet products to dropship: Cat stick toy

  • Ball for Cats and Dogs

Price – US $0.54-1.21; rating – 4.5; number of orders – 1,697

Ball for cats and dogs on AliExpress

  • Suction Cup Toy for Dogs

Price – US $6.71-12.27; rating – 4.6; number of orders – 1,717

Suction cup toy for pets on AliExpress

  • Bird Toy

Price – US $0.39-2.59; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 1,440

Best pet products to dropship: bird toy

Pet supplies for cleaning

Taking care of a pet means not only playing with it or petting it. Responsible owners put a lot of effort into their pets’ hygiene. Besides, one also has to clean the house and the streets too (if you own a dog).

So, here’s a list of interesting deals you can offer in a dropshipping store.

  • Silicone Bathing Brush for Pets

Price – US $9.44-10.49; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 1,150

Pet bathing brush on AliExpress

  • Dog Paw Cleaner

Price – US $3.90-8.90; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 2,020

Dog paw cleaner on AliExpress

  • Finger Toothbrush for Dogs

Price – US $2.26-4.26; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 5,714

Bes pet products for dropshipping: Finger toothbrush for dogs

  • Dog Poop Scooper

Price – US $16.09-23.58; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 449

Dog poop scooper on AliExpress

  • Portable Poop Bag Dispenser

Price – US $3.75-3.77; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 2,279

Poop bag dispenser on AliExpress

Dog training products

Looking for cool dog products? Then how about offering your customers devices and items for dog training? When one raises a dog, it’s very important to teach it discipline. Otherwise, the pet will become uncontrollable. So, add some of these goods to your inventory.

Mind that some dog lovers may not like products featuring electric punishment.

  • Electric Training Collar & Remote Control

Price – US $31.24; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 8,983

Best pet products to dropship: Electric Training Collar & Remote Control

  • Pet Training Dinner Bell

Price – US $3.99; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 1,985

Pet training dinner bell on AliExpress

  • Anti-Barking Device

Price – US $6.01; rating – 4.6; number of orders – 5,974

Anti-barking device on AliExpress

  • Dog Training Whistle & Clicker

Price – US $0.56-2.32; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 1,549

Dog Training Whistle & Clicker on AliExpress

Best pet products in other categories

Your potential clients may also get interested in other goods for pets. First of all, pay attention to dog clothes as such items are quite useful if the owner lives in a cold climate. On the other hand, some owners pick clothes for esthetic purposes.

On AliExpress, you will also find a number of useful products such as scratching mats, carrying bags and so on.

  • Warm Dog Jacket

Price – US $4.99; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 8,373

Warm dog jacket on AliExpress

  • Dog Raincoat

Price – US $6.31-18.32; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 1,900

Best pet products to dropship: yellow dog raincoat

  • Pet Shoulder Bag

Price – US $9.49-20.99; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 3,662

Pet shoulder bag on AliExpress

  • Car Seatbelt for Dogs

Price – US $4.55; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 2,025

Car seatbelt for dogs on AliExpress

  • Cat Scratching Pad

Price – US $9.97-17.83; rating – 4.5; number of orders – 788

Best pet products to dropship: Cat scratching pad

  • Pet Selfie Stick

Price – US $4.69; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 225

Pet selfie stick on AliExpress

As you can see, AliExpress offers a great number of pet products with free shipment options. These items have good potential as long as you make sure to work only with trusted suppliers who have high scores. So, if you chose to build your dropshipping store around this niche, you’ve got a lot of choices.

Don’t feel like creating a dropshipping store on your own? Order a custom store from AliDropship designers team and get a website fully ready for launch.

Read about best pet products.

Product Slideshow: Your New Value Driver

Product listing pages often act like a gateway to your single product pages. And when built wisely, they can do wonders for your conversion rate. Surprisingly, product listing pages still remain largely untapped assets. As a passionate and forward-thinking ecommerce marketer who continually optimizes your online store, you wouldn’t want to lag behind and miss the chance to power up these pages. Read on to learn how to streamline the shopping experience and enhance your customer relationships thanks to the power of product featured images!

Finding your new competitive edge with product featured images

Imagine finding yourself on a website full of great products to explore. At first, it seems right (and truly exciting!) to check each and every item, scrutinize descriptions and then go back to the category page to do the same with other products. But what if there are hundreds of goods? Traveling back and forth might get exhausting and result in high bounce rates. As a store owner, you know perfectly well that every obstacle might cost you a conversion.

A gloomy picture, right?

To simplify the buyer’s journey and help your prospects make a purchase decision faster, we’ve built something really great for you. Welcome the Product Slideshow add-on — an incredible tool that turns product featured images on your listing pages into interactive image galleries. With these sideshows, you can bridge the customer expectation gap and answer even more product questions straight away.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Here’s the fact we all have to accept: most industries are visually-driven. And most products, by nature, require more non-verbal details. That’s why highlighting your visuals is not the thing you can skip.

Once a visitor is gone, they’re very difficult to get back. This is why you’d want to put an extra effort to encourage them to stick around on your website longer. To state the obvious, the more a prospective client knows about you, the more they are likely to move down the sales funnel. So, try showing instead of telling: visual information is generally easier to consume. Image galleries not only allow for more visual experiences: they also work towards building sleeker shopping experiences. With this kind of awareness, clicking on a product to get further details might feel like a natural step to take.

Interactive shopping experience

Museums are great. They really are. But don’t you feel a bit uncomfortable being in a place full of restrictions? Can’t go there, can’t do this, can’t touch that… You get the metaphor. In a way, some online stores can be compared with museums.

Your website doesn’t have to be like this.

In the cut-throat retail industry, user experience just must be outstanding. With image galleries available on listing pages, your products will be much easier to discover and interact with. Nobody would mind a slight gamification touch, right?

Interactive shopping experience with Product Slideshow addon

Plus, when a visitor has a sense of control over their shopping journey, they feel more confident about the brand they’re about to purchase from. Browsing is an exploratory process. So keep it that way.

Right place, right time

The customer journey is no longer linear. And obviously, your Homepage isn’t the only access point to your products.This is why image slideshows seamlessly integrate into all kinds of product listings:

  • Homepage
  • Category page
  • Search results page
  • Zero search results page (check if this page is available in your theme)
  • Additional products on Single product page (‘You may also like’ and ‘Recently viewed’)

With Product Slideshow, wherever the buying journey starts, it will be accompanied by supporting image navigation.

When utility meets style

Product Slideshow comes with several navigation types and styles, so you’ll definitely find a look that fits your store best.

For starters, think about whether to use a full-fledged carousel that features multiple images or show your customer only a second image when they hover over a product.

With the gallery slider option enabled, your visitors will have a chance to view all the images you’ve uploaded to the product gallery without having to leave the listing page. Or maybe not all. It’s up to you! You can choose the number of pictures to be shown in this slider and easily adjust this any time later.

In your settings, you’ll find a few carousel navigation styles to jazz up your product listings. Dots or arrows? Hmm.. maybe both? Circle or square? Light or dark? Top left or bottom right? It’s your turn to decide 😉

Product Slideshow addon settings

Navigation elements placed on product images are unobtrusive and do not interfere with the browsing process. On the contrary, arrows and dots act as visual clues and have a steep learning curve. These help visitors get a quick understanding that they are absolutely free to check additional images while staying on the category page or drill down in search of further details.

Not in the mood for sliders? Limit the slideshow to two images and show only one more picture on hover. The Product Slideshow add-on will display the first image added to the product gallery when customers hover over a product.

Setting up pictures shown when hovering on a product

Regardless of what slideshow type you choose, it will transform the default catalog look into an engaging listing page that lets customers easily flick through product images.

And it goes without saying that whether you view your product listings on a computer or handheld device, slideshow navigation will adapt and display beautifully.

Adaptive design offered by Product Slideshow addon

Never sacrifice page speed

Even in 2021, not everyone has access to high-speed internet. For some users, it might feel distressing to have to load another page. What if they won’t find what they’re looking for? This means they just waste their time (and money paid for the plan) waiting for the page to load only to see there’s nothing interesting for them. A few frustrating visits might just end up as a farewell. Today, another second might cost you a conversion.

Luckily, Product Slideshow is a truly lightweight solution that won’t slow down your website. The thing is, the carousel slider used to showcase your product images has been developed by our own dev department. Instead of relying on imperfect third-party solutions that load their own scripts (which inevitably affects loading speed), we decided to create our own slider technology. Since this is our custom development project, we had the freedom to introduce ultimate optimizations that cater for the AliDropship themes. Just a quick story behind the image slideshow tool you can now use on your product listing pages 🙂

What does this all mean to you as a business owner, you may ask? With the Product Slideshow add-on, you won’t have to compromise between showing off your product images to inspire purchases and providing high loading speed. You can now hit the sweet spot between both. An exceptional customer experience free from frictions and loading issues is guaranteed!

Key takeaways on making the most of your product featured images

The bottom line? With such a delicate but still powerful lever as the Product Slideshow add-on, you’ll have a chance to make the customer journey a smooth experience and win more deals by catering product visuals on your listing pages.

Stop overcomplicating your shopping process and grab your Product Slideshow now!

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