“Hot Offer! A Dropshipping Business For Sale!”: Why Owners Wave Goodbye To Their Stores

How to react to “Dropshipping business for sale!” ads? Where to look for a reliable pre-owned store, and how to choose the worthiest option? Why sell your hard-earned store to someone else? These and other questions are covered in today’s article!

For some Internet users, finding well-built dropshipping websites for sale and buying one from the previous owner seems like an easy way to start a thriving enterprise. Others, at the same time, consider it to be a risky decision.

So, let’s go through the most common queries and concerns typically related to the area of dropshipping business acquisition!

Why entrepreneurs put their own dropshipping business up for sale

It’s not uncommon to see a dropshipping business for sale on a site or forum. A person sees an ad for a ready-made dropshipping website for sale and immediately thinks that something is deeply wrong with the store.

“Why, indeed, would the owner say goodbye to a reliable source of income? The store brings no money, I guess, and the seller just wants to get rid of it by tricking some lazy and inexperienced buyer.”

This might be the case, of course, and this is exactly why you need to be really cautious while buying a ‘second-hand’ store (read the necessary rules below!)

But, even if a store runs perfectly and looks promising from the financial point of view, the owner still might want to sell it. There are numerous reasons for it:

  • Immediate profit

Some owners treat their dropshipping stores as long-term investments. Instead of getting continuous (yet moderate) profit from processing clients’ orders, they receive a huge one-time revenue from selling the whole store to a different person.

Indeed, if a store attracts lots of visitors, sees a stable flow of orders, and has high Google rankings, it has an incredible potential in terms of further growth. With wise management, the owner can turn a store like this into the main source of self-generated income. Understanding this, the current store owner can find a person who would love to get an established well-performing store and sell the site with a reasonable profit margin.

  • Growth opportunity

Through selling an already existing store, the previous owner gets the financial resources to support his/her further undertakings. Maybe, the store seller wants to try a different niche, or desires to launch a store with a different type of layout and design, etc.

It is a common scenario for recent newcomers. They order a ready-made store and don’t pay much attention to the niche choice. They get a good-looking store with stable performance but don’t feel any emotional attachment to the niche. As you can guess, they lose their interest in such a ‘random’ store quite quickly.

From this perspective, by putting a dropship website on sale, the owner gets an opportunity to grow professionally and to test alternative business opportunities.

  • Time savings

As we can learn from the experience of our client Alex, the time factor has a solid impact on the decisions made by a dropshipping business owner. In Alex’s case, it was challenging to keep up the outstanding performance across all the 5 stores he had. So, in order not to do a job of poor quality, he decided to sell one of his profitable online stores and to focus on the remaining sites.

  • ‘Spring cleaning’

Lack of time is not the only thing that can motivate the owner to resell the store. Sometimes, entrepreneurs get really excited about dropshipping business (which is perfectly understandable :)), buy or develop several stores at once… and find out that they now have more sites than necessary.

Our client Otto, for example, admits that he is ‘too lazy’ to work on all of his stores. That’s why he doesn’t pay attention to half of them. In this situation, indeed, the best decision is to sell these stores to someone else.

Some people, like our other respondent Daniel, solve the ‘overstocking’ issue by hiring virtual assistants. They are responsible for minor managerial tasks and customer support. But, as you can guess, it means additional expenses. So, if the owner wants to cut down the operational costs, the obvious decision is to put some of the ecommerce websites on sale.

In other words, if you see that a ready-made store is sold by the current owner, don’t immediately assume that it’s a fraud. Chances are the store owner is just rethinking his or her business strategy. So, maybe, you can heavily benefit from it and start a business with a ready-to-go store.

A dropshipping business for sale: pros & cons

Benefits of buying an online business

Many companies, including AliDropship, can build a dropshipping website according to your instructions. As a result, you will get a unique and fully functioning shop. So, why would anyone want to buy an online business from someone else instead of building a completely new website?

Well, a dropshipping business for sale has at least several benefits.

  • First of all, you don’t have to build your website on your own, which saves you a lot of time. Even if you know how to do it, it’ll take several days or even weeks if you’re full of ideas! You’ll have to create the store, set up payment gateways, all the necessary plugins and add-ons, import products, etc.
  • Second, you don’t have to find, import, and test products. An established ecommerce website for sale already has an inventory of goods. And if the seller doesn’t lie about the revenue the store makes, probably these products have proved popular. Of course, you will still have to find new products later (to refresh the offer). But it’ll take much less time and effort.
  • Compared to new businesses, an established one already has a clear target audience, a social media presence, and perhaps even a certain number of returning customers. You could say that online stores for sale are more or less known brands – unlike completely new businesses.
  • Naturally, you can launch such a website and start making money much faster compared to developing a business from scratch.

Drawbacks of buying an online business

Nevertheless, there’s also a number of cons. It doesn’t mean the whole idea’s not worth it. But one has to fully understand what he can and can’t get when seeing a dropshipping business for sale.

  • First, you can’t get the business of your dream. Since it was made by someone else, the site’s design, name, and selection of products will be different from what you may want. If it doesn’t bother you, then no problem!
  • The business you purchase may turn out to have reputation issues. Of course, the seller will most likely try to hide this information from you. And after the purchase, the business may require a lot of changes.
  • And finally, if you have little or no experience in promoting and running a dropshipping business, you may find it really challenging to keep this business afloat. A business never makes money on its own. It requires proper control. So, you may want to either start from scratch and learn everything step by step or find an affordable dropshipping business for sale. In this case, you won’t spend a fortune and will still get a ready-to-go business for your experiments.

How to choose between several options of dropshipping websites for sale

Ready-made dropshipping businesses offered by AliDropship: Customs Stores, Premium Stores, and Established Stores.

So, you’re looking for an already operating dropshipping store. What aspects should you consider before completing the purchase?

  • Pros and cons of the deal

Before you buy a ‘second-hand’ store, consider your reasons to do this. If you’re buying an already functioning store just because you don’t want to bother yourself with assembling a site from scratch, you can use a much more convenient option of ordering a ready-made web store from an expert team.

The purchase of a ‘second-hand’ store makes sense if you want to buy a store that already has a history of smooth functioning and already brings profit to the owner. Still, even if this is your core motivation, remember that you probably won’t be able to fully customize the site. Basically, you will have to accept the majority of development / design / product decisions made by the previous owner, and adapt to them.

  • Dropshipping business niche

Personally, you might see no difference between selling pet supplies and kawaii stationery. But even if you don’t really care what type of business to run, you need to at least make sure that this particular niche sees enough demand and won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

For this purpose, you can use our free niche evaluation tool. With its help, you will learn if you really can make money in this exact niche. It will give you a general idea about the profitability and overall potential of the dropshipping store you’re going to buy.

In addition, you need to evaluate the niche potential in terms of SEO. It will give you a general overview of the level of competition and help you understand if people are interested in these particular dropshipping products or not. For this purpose, you can use Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner or focus on different social media.

To learn more about how to evaluate a niche from the SEO perspective and find the most profitable products to sell online, feel free to read our article.

  • Dropshipping store design

The quality of the store design influences the visitor’s decision to make a purchase, and heavily influences the store’s conversion rate – and therefore, your profit level. Most likely, you, as a new owner, will be able to change logos, banners, and other types of on-site images. But the overall structure and layout of the site will remain as is.

You don’t necessarily need to be an expert in online store design to evaluate this component of the site. All you need to do is visit different pages of the store and take notes.

Is it convenient and understandable for you to navigate the web store? Can you easily guess where to find the desired product and how to place an order? Does it look like a modern site developed by a skilled expert, or does it look like a slow and outdated relic from the 2000s?

  • Website traffic and performance

Ideally, the seller should provide you with the screenshots of the admin panel that disclose the number of visitors, the sales volume, and other important performance indicators. Even our success stories’ authors do this!

Here are 5 crucial factors influencing an online business value – check them out!

Additionally, you can make your own independent research, and, for example, check this website on SEMrush. Even though you won’t see its financial performance, you will get access to important SEO indicators. They are organic and paid traffic, the number of backlinks, main organic competitors, etc. It will help you understand whether the ecommerce website is optimized, and this way, you will be able to roughly estimate how profitable it might be to run this particular site.

  • Cost of the deal

Does the current owner ask for a reasonable price for the store? Is this a fair price for the site’s design features and performance peculiarities? Won’t it be cheaper (and handier) to order a fully customized store from a trusted service provider?

Remember: you can only identify the true value of this store after thoughtful research of its core metrics, so don’t be too fast in your judgement!

  • The seller’s behavior

If the original owner answers your questions promptly and clearly, you have nothing to worry about. It proves that you’ve come across a decent person who just wants to change his or her business strategy.

If the seller seems impatient, leaves your questions unanswered, and refuses to show the ‘inside’ of the web store, most likely, this is not a really trustworthy person. So, you’d better stay away from the ‘deal’.

Don’t give up, even if you cannot find a reliable seller or a suitable web store right away. Somewhere in the world, there is a person that sells exactly what you’re looking for.

Where to find an established ecommerce business for sale?

If you want to find a good dropshipping store for a fair price, you need to look for suitable deals on well-reputed platforms. We can recommend the following ones:

  • Flippa

Homepage of Flippa, a platform selling ecommerce businesses.

Flippa.com is an ecommerce business marketplace that is specifically designed to buy and sell online businesses around the globe. Since it’s a regulated platform, it has a set of rules for the deals’ participants. So you can expect a safe and fair environment.

If you have decided in favor of Flippa, we also recommend using their Escrow service. It will help you make the process of buying a website business more secure and will protect your interests. Moreover, they have great customer service! Therefore, if you have any issues, their support team will solve them as soon as possible.

  • AliDropship forum

AliDropship forum where you can find a dropshipping business for sale.

On AliDropship forum, there is a special thread created for current business owners who want to sell their stores – and the visitors who want to buy an already operating site. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the honesty and professional ethics of each and every particular seller. However, we really hope that our forum, as a community of like-minded entrepreneurs with similar business goals, solely consists of friendly and reliable people. 🙂

  • AliDropship established stores

AliDropship website page devoted to Established Dropshipping Stores.

That’s right: we’re offering established businesses, too!

As you know, our team consists of people who have first-hand experience in dropshipping. Digital marketing experts, SEO specialists, social media managers, designers, and other ecommerce professionals are involved in creating, developing, and promoting our self-owned stores. And from now on, we’re putting these established businesses on sale!

Already having a proven track record, reliable traffic sources, and stable profits, they make a great choice for any person wishing to invest in an online business.

  • AliDropship premium stores

AliDropship website page devoted to Premium Dropshipping Stores.

This is a really interesting low-cost opportunity to buy a dropshipping business. Each one of our premium stores is a profit-making, good-looking, mobile-friendly dropshipping website that has a stable history of sales and a verifiable track record. And the thing is, any user can buy an exact copy of such a store for an affordable price and start a highly successful business immediately, with no guesswork or experimenting!

So, if you’re looking for a dropshipping business for sale, which option will you pick? Will you order a turnkey store meeting your personal wishes and preferences? Or you’d rather prefer to look for a premium dropshipping store with proven profitability? It’s only up to you to decide!

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This Is Why AliExpress Shipping Time Won’t Hurt Your Dropshipping Business

AliExpress can be a great dropshipping supplier. However, AliExpress shipping time often scares away people who want to launch their own dropshipping business. Of course, long shipping isn’t good for an ecommerce store. But in this article, I’m going to prove that it’s not a critical problem.

Future store owners worry that people won’t buy anything from them because of the delivery time. Typically, online stores deliver your orders in about 7-14 days, while with AliExpress shipping time mostly takes 15-45 days.

But why do you think that it makes a difference?

Here are 5 reasons why shipping time shouldn’t EVER be your worry!

1. Hot items are worth the wait

Did you make enough effort while choosing the best products for your store? If they are highly demanded and have great value for your target audience, your store visitors won’t mind the delivery time. It is especially true for unusual products that are not so easy to find in other places!

If a person orders a truly unique item, he or she will most likely agree to wait even if takes up to 60 days!

2. These are not life-critical products

The whole idea of dropshipping stores is to generate impulse purchases driven by emotions. You’re not selling prime necessity items like food or medicines, and your customers don’t have an urgent need when they buy from you. They are not placing orders because of a burning reason. They just (ideally) fall in love with your items, and make a quick and easy purchase simply because they liked something. In other words, they CAN AFFORD to wait.

3. You can always put a disclaimer

To be honest, this is absolutely necessary. Write the shipping time information in a visible place for your customers’ convenience – and for your own safety! If the product description starts with a phrase like ‘Please note: the average shipping time is 30 days’, the page viewer will know what to expect from the purchase.

4. Customer support is your ultimate advantage

Upset clients start to storm you with letters when they think that their item is lost and the whole thing was a fraud. Keep calm and be patient! You can sort this issue out in 3 simple steps:

  1. When you send your client the confirmation email, include the shipping times in it ONCE AGAIN – not everyone is attentive enough to read even basic information in the product description. When you congratulate your customers on making their purchases, it’s appropriate to remind them about the expected delivery period. For your own convenience, you can safely use the AliDropship Plugin: it automatically notifies your buyers that the order was processed and the package was shipped.
  2. As soon as you get the tracking code from your AliExpress supplier, email this code to the buyer and explain how to use this information to learn about the current location of the package. Again, the AliDropship plugin will do this automatically, so if you have the plugin installed, you won’t waste your time and energy doing these tasks manually.
  3. Make your refund policy very clear: kindly explain that you will surely make a 100% refund IF the item is not delivered AFTER the end of the delivery period you’ve promised. If you wrote it on your product page that the item will be delivered in 30-45 days, the buyer will ONLY get a refund from you in case the package is not there by the 46th day!

5. Find AliExpress products with fast shipping

As you probably know, AliExpress free shipping is usually the longest one. Other shipping methods are not an option since they cost several times more than the product itself. However, AliExpress delivery time depends on the location of the warehouse.

Where does AliExpress ship from? Most goods come from different locations in China. But some sellers keep some of their products in warehouses located in European countries and the US. If you order products from one of them, shipping can take just 5-15 days.

So, if you want to dropship goods to America, try looking for products with cheap or free shipping from a US warehouse.

6. Use alternative suppliers

Some entrepreneurs who are not happy with AliExpress shipping time may want to try other dropshipping suppliers with faster delivery. If you own an AliDropship or WooCommerce store, consider trying Sellvia.

Sellvia is an ecommerce wholesaler with hundreds of products belonging to broad niches. Some of them come from AliExpress, some are made by American manufacturers. But most importantly, Sellvia’s warehouse is located in California. As a result, your customers can get their packages in 1-3 business days after the order was processed!

Sellvia is fully compatible with the AliDropship plugin and suitable for dropshipping.

As you can see, long AliExpress shipping times can’t actually hurt your business when you have all the processes smoothly organized. So, if it was the only thing holding you back from getting your own dropshipping store, put the worries aside and go on the adventure!

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How To Find AliExpress Trending Products For Dropshipping?

What are the basics of selecting AliExpress trending products for your store? Let’s learn how to filter and evaluate AliExpress items for this purpose!

Want to sell the hottest and most demanded items only? Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market – and get every week’s bestsellers imported to your store AUTOMATICALLY!

The financial success of your eCommerce business heavily depends on the product offer you choose for your store.

By modifying your product strategy, you can raise your venture to new heights and boost the store performance significantly.

In order to do that, you need to ensure that the items you select and import from AliExpress meet a wide range of relevant criteria, and appeal to a wide customer audience.

So, how can you choose AliExpress hot products to sell that will make your business thrive?

[content title=”Table Of Contents”]

Before going to AliExpress

Before you start searching for top-selling products on AliExpress, you must have a clear idea of what kind of goods are in demand. How do you come up with product ideas and check them? Well, there are at least four methods.

  • Check out social media

On social networks and similar platforms, people talk about different stuff including shopping. They discuss the problems they face and products that solve these problems. Therefore, if you manage to find groups and threads like this, you can get a clear idea of what kind of goods can sell well.

Visit social media, Quora and Reddit to find discussions related to the niche of your store.

  • Check out other online platforms

Another way to get an idea or two is to visit popular marketplaces – and first of all, Amazon. To find hot goods, simply sort offers in particular product categories. Also, check the customer reviews to see if these items really solve customers’ problems.

  • Use Google Trends

One can also check the demand for a particular product type with the help of Google Trends. It shows how the search volumes change over time, which can tell you if the interest is rising or dropping.

  • Do keyword research

And finally, one can use any keyword planner to check search volumes of different queries. A large number of queries clearly indicates high interest in a particular product type or category.

If you already know what product types you’re looking for, then it’s time to search for top-selling items on AliExpress.

How to use AliExpress to look for trending products to sell

Earlier, we’ve already provided you with an insight into AliExpress and its specific features. This blog entry will tell you more about the reasons why AliExpress is a great place to look for products.

How can you narrow down the choice of products available on AliExpress? First of all, you need to enter the focus keyword into the search bar.

Searching for best-selling dropshipping products on AliExpress.

The number of items you’ll get will be quite significant. It all depends on the niche, of course, but anyway, you will need to narrow your choice down further.

To do that, first of all tick the following boxes:

  • Free Shipping

You will only see the items that can be shipped to any destination worldwide with no additional charges. Many AliExpress sellers offer free shipping, and that’s the best option for a dropshipping business.

  • 4* and up

When you tick this box, you will see the items that have a high AliExpress customer rating.

Looking for AliExpress products with free shipping and a rating of 4+ stars.

Often, after this, you will still see too many items. So, one may find it too complicated to browse all the options. In this case, simply change the sorting parameters. Normally, the system shows you the best matching results first, but you can amend these settings, and look through alternatives you didn’t see before.

Filtering AliExpress search results.

  • If you click the ‘Orders’ button, you will first of all see the items that are most frequently bought by AliExpress visitors. Most typically, these items are quite cheap. Normally, they come with a wide variety of customer reviews, and we will further explain why this is important.
  • If you click the ‘Newest’ button, you will first of all see the items that appeared on the platform most recently. This feature is exceptionally important for those who have already added items to their store some time before. There is no doubt that you should renew your product offering from time to time. This is why it is convenient to monitor only the fresh offers.
  • If you click the ‘Seller rating’ button, you will first of all see the items that got the highest recognition from customers.
  • Finally, if you click the ‘Price’ button, you will be able to sort the results by price: either from low to high, or from high to low.

Please note that you can narrow down the choices even more! To do this, adjust some additional search settings: price range, the opportunity to purchase a single product only, etc. Apart from this, you can modify the search query itself in order to look for a very specific product type.

Sorting AliExpress search results by novelty.

The best products to sell: what features do they have?

Long story short, you have narrowed down the product options. Now you’re ready to browse through the available offers and choose the perfect dropshipping products to sell in your store. What are the most important product parameters to pay attention to?

  • Product description

Your store visitors will surely be interested in various consumer properties of the items you offer. Therefore, you need to ensure that each and every particular product you are going to add to your store has an exhaustive description that covers all the necessary aspects: size, color, weight, material, etc. Imagine your potential customers asking you the most typical questions about this product’s features. Will you be able to answer them?

  • Product photos

Bright and clear pictures are an integral part of a satisfactory product description. Ideally, it’s best to only pick the products that have enough high quality photos in their description. Take a look at this article to learn more about pictures and other elements of product descriptions that give additional value to your store.

  • Customer reviews

It is possible to import customer reviews on your product page along with the description and pictures. These reviews will have an exceptional value for your potential buyers, so pay attention to their quantity and content.

Also, note that you shouldn’t focus on 5-star reviews only. It’s Ok to have a couple of 4-star reviews either as it looks more realistic. Just make sure the complaints in these reviews are not critical.

  • Product rating

Along with seller rating, this parameter will let you know if previous customers highly valued this particular offer. In other words, you can estimate whether this product will enjoy high demand from your target audience.

  • The number of orders

The products you add to your store should have a commercial appeal to you. Therefore, you need to estimate in advance whether the profit you will get from this particular item will be satisfactory for you.

How to choose the right trending products on AliExpress quickly and easily?

No matter what search criteria you set, you need to always remember that you don’t necessarily have to browse all the available options manually. Imagine looking through thousands of closely similar items!

Modern and convenient technical solutions help you set some specific search criteria, use them to find trending products on AliExpress, and then automatically add these items to your store. Such an effortless import has an additional advantage. The auto-updating system integrates with AliExpress easily. It amends the product info in case the original seller decided to change something.

In other words, you won’t have to systematically visit all the AliExpress product pages and carefully check whether there is something new.

Now, you know how to choose AliExpress trending products and sell them in your store. Benefit from automated dropshipping solutions to make this task even easier, and enjoy your fruitful business!

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Step-By-Step Guide On Finding Your Facebook Target Audience [Case Study]

When advertising, it’s hugely important to whom you advertise. If somebody doesn’t care about your product, making them buy it is almost impossible. In this case study, I will show you how the AliDropship team finds Facebook target audience for advertising.

Facebook advertising is an essential part of promotion strategies used by small and large businesses alike. Besides, by advertising products and services on Facebook, you also target people on Instagram since both platforms belong to the same company. It can be very efficient – that is if you successfully define your target audience.

A lot of entrepreneurs fail to attract customers when advertising on Facebook, although the product seems popular and affordable. It’s just that people don’t click on your ad!

In most cases, it happens because you target the wrong audience. People belonging to different ages, genders, cultures and having different income levels and interests demonstrate different purchasing behaviors. And your job is to identify these patterns.

In this article, I am going to show you a simple method used by the AliDropship team to find the right Facebook target audience when they advertise products from our own dropshipping stores.

AliDropship’s most successful dropshipping websites become our Premium Stores. If you want a fast and relatively effortless start in dropshipping, you can purchase one of them to get an exact copy of a successful business.

Keep reading to learn how to target Facebook users with ads in 5 simple steps. But first, let’s talk about the types of Facebook audiences you can target.

Types of Facebook audiences

Audiences based on Facebook interests

You could say this is the standard, default option for any newly created ad campaign on Facebook. After creating such audiences, one can save them for further use. That’s why you can also call them saved audiences.

Here, instead of targeting every single user on FB, you set a number of demographic parameters such as location, age range, gender, and language. But the most important part is the detailed targeting. This menu lets you reach people with very specific demographics, interests and behavior. Click on ‘Browse’ to see all the options if you’re not sure what interests to target.

Detailed targeting settings for a Facebook audience

These options are great for both testing new, unfamiliar niches or products and for targeting pre-tested audiences. In this cases study, our team used this type of audience. But at later phases of promotion, they utilize other audiences as well.

Custom audiences

When you create a saved audience, you target unknown users that share common traits. Custom audiences consist of people who have already interacted with your business either on your Facebook page or your website. These are actual people who have visited your website, or a particular page, or watched one of your video posts, etc.

To create a custom audience based on the data from your website or another source, you will need to setup a pixel.

Here you can further customize these audiences to pick certain people from the overall pool of users. For example, instead of targeting every site visitor, you can pick only those who visited a specific product page or added a product to the cart. Or those who watched 95% of your video posts, like in the screenshot.

Custom Facebook audience consisting of video viewers

In the retention section, you can set the time period when the event happened. For example, if you set it to 30 days, Facebook will include in the audience those users who performed the action not earlier than 30 days ago. As a rule, ‘recent’ users convert much better than somebody who performed the same action 120 or 360 days ago.

Lookalike audiences

This is another type of Facebook audiences based on pixel data. Lookalikes are generated by Facebook based on a custom audience. The social media’s AI analyzes a custom audience and then finds Facebook users with similar traits, behaviors, demographics, etc.

For example, if you have a custom audience of 2,000 people who watched 95% of your video ad, you can create a lookalike and reach a very similar audience that consists of millions of potential buyers!

Creating a lookalike audience on Facebook

When setting up a lookalike, you can customize the location (where users reside) and the audience size.

Facebook lookalike audience settings

In the audience size section, you will see a percentage scale. This parameter reflects how similar to the original custom audience the lookalike will be. So, if you set it to 0-1%, Facebook will try to find users as similar to the original audience as possible. If you set it to 9-10%, Facebook can also include in the lookalike a certain number of users who are somehow different from the original audience.

And it’s not necessarily better or worse. Sometimes 0-1% indeed show more interest in your product and convert better. Sometimes you find the most successful audience size somewhere in the middle.

To experiment with sizes, one can set the number of lookalike audiences. In the screenshot, we have 5 audiences with the same number of users but different degrees of similarity. This configuration will let us test each of them and find the best-performing one.

Special Ad audiences

Such ads are used in employment, housing, credit, and similar spheres. Special Ad audiences work the same way as lookalikes. But to avoid discrimination of any sort, Facebook doesn’t allow you to target specific ages, or genders, or zip codes, etc.

So, businesses selling goods usually don’t use Special Ad audiences.

How to target the right audience on Facebook?

Now, let’s talk about how our team analyzes potential buyers and finds audiences on Facebook. In this case, our team advertised an avocado plush toy.

Avocado plush toy in a dropshipping store

You may remember this cutie from the article on how to create an attractive product page in which I mentioned it. Well, this time it’s going to become the central character of the story!

The team started from scratch and invested $1,727.19 in a range of Facebook campaigns. The revenue equaled $2,264 which is not bad for starters considering the team had little idea on who can be interested in this product.

Facebook advertising expenditures and revenue

Don’t get scared by the numbers. You don’t have to run experimental campaigns for as long as AliDropship does nor spend as much money as the team.

But let’s get back to our guide. After you have chosen a product to advertise and installed the Facebook pixel, this is what you do.

Step #1: Look for similar ads/products

Of course, you can try to guess who your potential customers are and what they like. Nobody says it’s impossible. But Facebook audience targeting should be based on solid facts rather than on speculations.

Therefore, finding your Facebook target audience starts with looking at what other entrepreneurs create.

The team uses AdSpy to find products similar to what we are going to promote that are being advertised by others on Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, the database can show you ads created by dropshipping businesses.

You can learn more about AdSpy from our article on how to find the best ecommerce products for dropshipping.

Here are some ads the team found.

Ads promoting an avocado plush toy found on AdSpy

As you can see, the posts advertise the same or very similar plush toys. Just what we need! It’s also a good idea to look for the same product on Amazon.

Step #2: Read user comments and reviews

The whole purpose of this is to find and read customer reviews and comments. As you know, people just love expressing their opinions and feelings on social networks, but they actually do that on Amazon too. If you’re looking for detailed customer feedback, just go to Amazon.

Important note! People from different countries may like different things about the same product. Therefore, always analyze buyers from those countries you are going to dropship to. If you want to sell globally, simply target buyers from developed countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, etc.

Your goal here is to play a detective and try to figure out what all the buyers have in common. For efficient Facebook audience targeting, one needs to know what exactly buyers like about the product.

Here are some reviews we found there.

Customer reviews on an avocado plush toy

We also found a number of detailed reviews on Facebook ads mentioned above, but Amazon is usually much more informative.

These are just several examples, but the point is all these buyers like how cute the toy is. Before the team started this analysis, they actually wanted to target people who like plush toys. But after reading these reviews, they began to have second thoughts.

It means one needs more information on actual buyers of this product to pick the right Facebook target audience. Which leads us back to Facebook.

Step #3: Analyze Facebook users’ accounts

This time, we’re looking for what people, who commented on the ad posts we found earlier, like. Nowadays a Facebook page can give you more information than the CIA! So pick random users from the countries you want to dropship to and check what they post and what they like.

Checking 20-30 people is usually enough.

How to enter the "likes" section on a Facebook user's page

The most important part is to take a look at what groups they follow as it shows what kind of content they want to consume. Here’s what the team found on one of the accounts:

Social groups followed by a Facebook user

And here’s another user with even more groups related to the product we want to advertise:

Groups followed by a Facebook user

As you can see, none of them show interest in plush toys. So targeting an audience with the corresponding interest would probably be a mistake. What they really like are cartoons and anime, which brings us back to “cute” stuff that the team set as audience’s interests.

Targeting an audience with Facebook interests

They actually tested a number of other interests just to make sure. However, as you will see later, anime was one of the audience’s most explicit interests after all.

Step #4: Test the waters

Our Facebook audience targeting isn’t finished yet. First of all, we need to test the interests of our potential customers, but that’s not all.

When setting up a Facebook ad, targeting specific demographics is very important. The problem is you can’t target everyone! Actually, you can, but it’s going to be a waste of time and money.

For example, I can advertise dresses to all ages… and genders. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a couple of men who would buy a dress for whatever reason. But I’ll have to spend a lot of money for the sake of just one or two buyers.

Therefore, I need to know my Facebook target audience very well. On the other hand, as I said earlier, simple guessing will not work, which means we’ll have to test things!

From our previous analysis, we know that the potential buyers of the avocado toy like cute things, cartoons and anime. We also target people with a relatively high income level (living in developed countries). But what about their age and gender?

Unfortunately, the information we’ve gathered so far is not enough to come to a conclusion. Besides, if your product has very different variations, there’s no way you can predict which will get more views if placed in an ad.

Therefore, at this phase, the team had to target a wide audience. They ran the ad for a couple of days to gather more data and see how different segments of the audience reacted to the ad.

For example, the leading interests became “anime” and “avocado” while others showed unsatisfying results.

Performance of Facebook ads testing different audiences

The team also tested genders and ages. After a few days, they noticed that people older than 34 showed little interest in the product. As for genders, they found no considerable difference.

Step #5: Redefine Facebook target audience

After getting the first results and seeing what demographics react to the ad better, you can redefine such parameters as gender, age, location, interests, etc. It’ll let you focus on a more responsive audience. This is the result we got after redefining the target audience:

Best performing Facebook audience

There’s actually much more to say about how to target Facebook users with ads. This audience is pretty “cold” which means they have most likely never heard about the avocado toy. Some of them will get interested and even buy it, but some will just visit the product page and leave.

Ideally, you should retarget these people with more Facebook ads or follow-ups and create lookalike audiences on Facebook. That’s when you should start making real money. But this case study is an example of a simple way to define your initial target audience.

As a result, the team managed to earn about $537. It may seem not much, but don’t forget it was just research, so to speak. Now that we know what kind of people can buy this product, we can start advertising in full force.

The AliDropship team always experiments with advertising strategies to improve our own dropshipping websites. If you wish to make use of their experience, you can purchase one of AliDropship’s Premium Stores or become an owner of a unique Established Store along with all these marketing materials including Facebook target audiences.

Read about facebook target audience.

Wish List Add-On: What Is A Wish List And How To Benefit From This Element?

Don’t let your site visitors leave once and for all! Let customers create wish lists with AliDropship’s Wish List add-on and encourage them to come back for more. What is a wish list? Why is it important for your business? Let’s find out!


What is a wish list?

We all go shopping and buy things online from time to time, right? Sometimes you see a nice-looking dress, a new video game on the platform, or a cool office chair. You want them but don’t buy them.

The reasons can be different. What’s important is that you leave the brick-and-mortar shop or the ecommerce store without making a purchase.

But what if you could add items to a list of things you want to buy in the future? Some online platforms offer this opportunity to customers. And with AliDropship’s Wish List add-on, you can offer this option to your clients too!

But first, what is a wish list?

A wish list is a personalized collection of products a customer is interested in but has no intention to buy immediately. Or, simply put, it’s a list of products a customer wants to buy later.

You may think that a wish list is kind of the same as a shopping cart. Just another collection of goods a visitors want to buy. But they’re not the same!

Shopping carts contain products that buyers are going to purchase right now. Yes, something can go wrong, the client can change his/her mind, but the intent to purchase is obvious.

A wish list is too a list of things clients want to buy – except not yet! They want them, but they’re having doubts, or want them later, or don’t have the money yet, or something else.

The important thing here is that the visitor will leave the site without buying these items and most likely will forget about them. In this case, a wish list is something that brings customers closer to completing the purchase rather than forgetting about the desired item.

Let’s talk in detail about the benefits of using wish lists.

Why your business needs wish lists

  • Higher conversion rate

Since a wish list makes it harder to forget about the items you wanted to purchase, there are more chances a customer will come back, check his/her list, and complete the purchase.

  • Better bounce rate, better SEO

If you promote your dropshipping businesses with search engine optimization, bounce rate is one of the things you have to keep an eye on. This metric reflects how many visitors leave your site after viewing just one page.

Having the Wish List add-on installed on your site lets your visitors keep browsing the product pages and adding whatever they liked to the list. As a result, people will stay longer on your site, which improves its overall SEO performance.

  • Lower cart abandonment

Customers who can’t make a wish list, tend to use the shopping cart for this purpose. They simply add a product to the cart and leave to come back later. As a result, your cart abandonment rate grows.

  • You get leads

To create a wish list, a visitor has to register a user account. With the Wish List add-on, this is optional but possible.

As a result, the store owner gets the visitor’s email address, which can be used in remarketing campaigns later. The Wish List add-on lets you send emails related to the products a particular customer added to his/her wish list.

  • You get important data

When starting a dropshipping business, you can’t be sure what products will sell well. With the Wish List add-on, you get clear statistics showing which goods enjoy high demand. So, based on this information, you may want to significantly change your current marketing strategy.

  • Social trust

And finally, the Wish List add-on can reflect how many times other users added a particular item to their wish lists. This information works as proof that a product is popular among other shoppers, thus stimulating uncertain visitors to complete the purchase or at least add the item to their own wish list too.

Now that you know what a wish list is and how your business can benefit from wish lists, let’s learn how to use the add-on.

How to use the Wish List add-on?

After installing and registering the Wish List add-on, you will see it in the admin panel of your website. Here you will find four tabs (including the License tab).

The Wish List add-on in the admin panel of an AliDropship store.

It’ll add a new button to all your product pages that lets visitors create wish lists or add products to existing ones.

A pop-up window that lets site visitors add products to a wish list.

Now, let’s start with the settings of your new add-on.


Button configuration

First of all, you can customize the wish list button configuration.

The position tab lets you choose between three options. The option “As a floating button” creates a widget on the right or left side of the screen. Users can go to their wish lists by clicking on it. Here you can change the widget’s color, size, and position.

Customization of the Wish List floating button.

This is what the button will look like in your store.

Wish List add-on's floating button in an online store.

If you choose the option “As a menu item”, the button will appear in the product categories menu.

Wish List add-on's button in the menu of an online store.

The option “Add to your header menu” will place the button next to the shopping cart on the top of the screen.

Wish List add-on's button in the header of an online store.

Let’s take a look at the options in the next section.

The “Display as” tab (not available for the “As a menu item” configuration) has two options. It displays the wish list module either as a pop-up window or as a separate page.

Wish lists displayed as a pop-up window and as a separate page on an online store.

The “Require login” option, when turned on, asks site visitors to register. When doing so, they also agree to receive emails related to products from their wish lists. But you can switch it off. In this case, the wish lists created by unregistered visitors will be deleted after 24 hours.

The “Quick view” will display a small preview window with the products in a customer’s wish list (not available for the “As a menu item” configuration).

“Use multi-lists” allows visitors to create and manage more than one list.

“Notice” will display a pop-up confirming that an item was successfully added to a list.

“Social count” displays how many clients added the same product to their own lists, which serves as another social proof for your dropshipping store.

The Wish List add-on's settings in the admin panel.


This section lets you customize the button that adds products to wish lists. There are three options available. You can also change its position, size, and color or add one of the three available icons.

The section for customizing the "Add to wish list" button.

This is what the final result looks like on the website:

A button that add products to wish lists in an online store.

Wish list page settings

And finally, you can customize the page that contains all the wish lists created by site visitors. Here you can change the page’s name (Title) and pick one of the five layouts:

Customizing the layout of the webpage containing customers' wish lists.

The “Price changes” option shows the price dynamics after the product was added to the list. One more motivation to buy it!

“Delete item” automatically removes a product from the list after the visitor purchases it.

The two last options let you place control buttons and social share buttons on each product icon in visitors’ lists. You can see all available options in the screenshot.

Wish list page customization options

Don’t forget to save the changes!


The Dashboard section shows the add-on’s performance: how many people used it, how many products were added to wish lists in total, and how many visitors subscribed to direct emails.

You can collect data over a period of up to 30 days. The add-on also shows the 10 most popular products based on how many times were added to wish lists.

The Wish List add-on's statistic in the admin panel


The Marketing section lets you customize mailing rules. These are the conditions under which email notifications will be automatically sent to the people who added the corresponding products to their wish lists.

Here you can turn on or off all the available mailing rules as well as see the performance statistics. The button at the bottom will let you create new rules.

The Wish List add-on's marketing section in the admin panel

“The product price is down”: site visitors will get an email if the item’s price falls by a certain percentage. Here you can set the percentage, create an email subject and a letter template.

Mailing template for informing buyers that prices are down

“The product is in stock again”: remind visitors of the goods they wanted to purchase but couldn’t because you ran out of stock. Here you can only customize the subject and the letter template.

Mailing template for informing buyers that a product is back in stock

“The product is going out of stock”: site visitors will get these emails if the item’s quantity on AliExpress will go below a certain limit. Here you can set this limit and customize the subject and letter template.

Mailing template for informing buyers that a product is running out of stock

What is a wish list? It’s a powerful tool for raising sales and profits! If you’re looking for additional solutions that can improve your buyers’ experience and the performance of your dropshipping business, buy the Wish List add-on and enjoy a boost in sales! As of now, the add-on is compatible with the original AliDropship plugin, but our team is already working on adapting it for the WooCommerce version, so stay tuned!

Learn what is a wish list.

How To Start A Sports Business With Sellvia And Sell For Profit

Are you a huge fan of sports? Would you like to turn your passion into profit? Don’t you know how to do this with minimum investments & maximum potential? If this is all about you, learn more on how to start a sports business with Sellvia!

Is it really profitable to start a sports business?

It’s widely accepted that you should enjoy your job. It must serve as a source of inspiration for you. This is why our team is sure that if you are in love with sports and feel strongly that you’re ready to turn your passion into profit, there’s the only way out for you – it’s to start a sports business!

Do you still doubt that it’s worth starting a sports business? Are you afraid of going under? Actually, there are no reasons to worry about this.

a picture showing why it's profitable to start a sports business

According to Statista, the sports market is increasingly large with its revenue that has been amounting to over $60 billion over the years. What’s more, the analysts from Statista predict that the sports market will grow to $80+ billion by 2023. Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

Besides, there are lots of other strengths of selling sports items.

  • As a rule, sports products cost a lot in brick-and-mortar stores. What’s more, the ones made by world-famous brands are so expensive that lots of people worldwide can’t afford them. So if you find a supplier with high-quality non-branded products at affordable prices, you’re likely to win the competition.
  • Most sports products are consumables. This means that your customers will have to buy them again and again. So repeat purchases are highly likely in case your customers are satisfied with your products, shipping, etc.
  • Among sports stuff you will find lots of products that really play an important role in the training process and are a key to their success and physical safety. This is the exact reason why sports products are always in strong demand.

Actually, there’s a lot more to come. Now it seems to be a lot more profitable to start a sports business, right?

How to start a sports business right with no effort?

Let’s say you know nothing about ecommerce, dropshipping, etc. But you’re eager to start your own profitable venture. So first of all, you need to build up an online store.

In fact, you’re able to create an online store yourself. If you have some IT skills, this won’t be a tough task for you. So you need a domain name for your website, hosting, and business automation software – it’s AliDropship plugin.

a picture showing the dropshipping automation software - it's AliDropship Plugin

However, there is an option that will let you save tons of time, money, and effort. So if you are an ecommerce newcomer, you don’t have any IT skills required to build a website, or you just want to get a smooth start with your business, it’s a great idea to order a custom online store from Sellvia.

a picture showing how to easily start a sports business with Sellvia

Sellvia offers you the ultimate solution to start an ecommerce business. The team of highly qualified IT developers, designers, and Internet marketers will do their best to build a perfect customer store that is supposed to work on autopilot and become your stable source of income over the years.

Start a sports business right: choosing the products to sell

After you’re finished with building a store and making it visible for all the Internet users, this is a high time to consider the product range of your store. Remember that your spotlight is the following.

  • High-quality sports stuff
  • Products with low initial prices
  • Items that solve the most thorny issues

Fortunately, on Sellvia, you’ll find only the most trending products that proved to be high-converting. Of course, high quality and low initial prices are ensured.

Fitness equipment

a picture showing where to find high-quality sports products at low prices with fast shipping

Price: US $8.99

Recommended retail price: US $23.99

Your potential profit: US $15.00

Fitness equipment has always been in strong demand among those who run a sports business and those who are trying to keep fit themselves. Nowadays, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the demand for fitness equipment has increased considerably because lots of people worldwide have to do sports at home.

Are you interested in reselling fitness equipment? If so, it’s going to be a win-win for you: you’ll provide people with the desired staff and let them take care of their health. Meanwhile, this is a chance for you to succeed with your ecommerce business.

Yoga accessories

a picture showing where to source high-quality sports products for your reselling business

Price: US $29.99

Recommended retail price: US $69.99

Your potential profit: US $40.00

Along with fitness equipment, yoga accessories are also extremely popular on the market. If you address the statistics, you will see that both people practicing yoga and revenue of the yoga industry in the US have been steadily rising over the past years.

And if there is a demand, why not try to meet it and make a fortune with yoga accessories?

Cycling accessories

a picture showing hype sports products to sell in your online store for profit

Price: US $3.49

Recommended retail price: US $26.99

Your potential profit: US $23.50

What should you know about the cycling industry? In fact, it’s necessary to point out that there’s a huge target audience for you if you’re going to sell cycling accessories.

This refers to the broad popularity of cycling throughout the world. For example, in the USA, more than 40 million people cycle on a regular basis. It remains for you only to fill your store with tempting cycling tools and accessories and that’s it!

Sports safety and other necessities

a picture showing where to find products to start a sports business: it's Sellvia

Price: US $8.99

Recommended retail price: US $37.99

Your potential profit: US $29.00

Beyond sports equipment and other accessories, there are tools that can be considered as sports necessities. This is all about sports safety products, water bottles, waterproof bags, compression tools, etc.

Have you any idea why these products are a must-have for your sports online store? The point is that items that are designed to solve the most acute problems are sold well and require a lot less time and effort to promote.

How to start a sports business with Sellvia: pros and cons

As you can see, it’s increasingly promising to start a sports business nowadays. Due to a large target audience and strong interest in sports stuff, you have an opportunity to make a fortune with your online business.

However, if you want to get a smooth start in ecommerce, save your time, money, and effort, you’d better find a solution that will provide you with a ready-to-go business in the short term. This is exactly what Sellvia offers!

What’s special about Sellvia? Actually, this is a complete all-in-one solution that ensures the access to hype ecommerce products (that proved to be high-converting) at low initial prices, fast US shipping option (1-3 business days), marketing materials, etc.

Don’t you know how to launch your own profitable venture without large investments and specific skills required? Then learn more on how to start a sports business with Sellvia!

Learn how to start a sports business.

How To Start A Gadgets Business? Check What Sellvia Offers!

Are you a techy person? Do you think of starting a profitable business? Would you like to avoid large investments and lots of skills that are required? In this case, it’s time to check how to start a gadgets business with Sellvia!

Why is it promising to start a gadgets business?

There’s no secret that it’s always better to build a business in a niche you have strong interest in. It means if you are fond of gadgets, electronics, and stuff like that, it’s a great idea to be involved in a gadgets business.

Are there any doubts that the gadgets business has great potential? Actually, due to an extremely wide product range and the myriad of customers’ problems your products can solve, different gadgets are one of the most demanded items on the market.

Don’t you believe it? Well, just take at the Google Trends report on ‘electronics’.

a picture showing electronics has a stable and high rate of demand on the market

It becomes clear that electronics have been in strong demand over years.

Financially, this business niche also has increasingly high potential. According to Statista, the revenue from the ecommerce consumer electronics market in the United States amounts to about 70 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Plus, the Statista Digital Market Outlook believes this figure will achieve a 88.4 billion dollars point in the nearest future.

As you can see, starting a gadgets business is an extremely lucrative option of launching your own company. However, if you are eager to make a fortune with a gadgets business, you need to take care of several aspects such as the product range to offer, suppliers to deal with, marketing strategy to use, and so on. But first of all, you need to build up a store.

How to start a gadgets business and resell for profit: building up a store

a picture showing that electronics are an integral part of a human life

Creating a store is one of the first measures you need to take to launch a gadgets business. And while building up a brick-and-mortar store is surely too risky and time/money consuming, here’s a much more promising option to get a smooth start with your business: it’s getting an online store!

Since online shopping continues to flourish and сompetes directly with the conventional model, starting an online business is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get a stable source of income.

Right, this is a lot easier to get your online business started and begin to gain profit. You’re able to build an online store from scratch. However, there’s one more feature you can benefit from if you decide to launch an online venture: there are ready-to-go solutions with no efforts required from you!

If you want to get a ready-made business, we recommend you to pay particular attention to one remarkable turnkey solution: a custom dropshipping store from Sellvia.

Sellvia will assume primary responsibility for building you a perfect custom store that will work on autopilot and bring you profit for the years to come. Plus, this store will be filled up with high-quality products that are physically located in the fulfillment center in California. This is why you will be able to supply your US customers with these items within 1-3 business days.

How to start a gadgets business wisely: choose products to sell

After you’ve finished with your website, you need to consider the product range of your store properly. So what should you sell in your gadgets store for the maximum profit?

Computer accessories

a picture showing an example of products to start a gadgets business with and supply from Sellvia

The point is, computers are always around us. The majority of people in the world have a PC at home and in the office. This is the reason why computer parts and accessories are always in strict demand on the market.

If you’re willing to build a really profitable gadgets online store, computer accessories are a must-have for your product range. They will provide your website with a stable source of traffic, impulse purchases, etc.

Accessories for smartphones and wearable devices

a picture showing how wisely to start a gadgets business with Sellvia

Each and every business owner wishes to find a niche with an extremely wide target audience to deal with. So have you ever thought about the target audience you can get if you sell smartphone and wearable device accessories?

At the end of 2020, there were almost 5 billion phone users in the world. Do you still think your gadgets business will be missed?

Domestic electronics

a picture showing home accessories to sell in your gadgets online store for profit

Are you looking for ecommerce products that can ensure a high profit margin? If so, you should definitely pay your particular attention to home accessories. And here’s why:

  • Low initial prices
  • Wide variety of products
  • Product usefulness
  • Impulse purchases

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Therefore, home goods and accessories are a must-have for the product range of your gadgets online store!

Headphones and audio accessories

a picture showing where to find audio equipment at low initial prices to resell for profit

Actually, there are some product groups that are as popular on the market as accessories for smartphones and wearable devices. And this is all about audio equipment.

It’s definitely a great idea to consider selling headphones and other audio accessories due to the fact that you can find worthwhile products at low initial prices. Consequently, it will let you increase the profit margin considerably.

Hair accessories

a screenshot of Sellvia that is happy to supply you with trending hair accessories at low prices and with fast shipping

Hair care is an integral part of people’s everyday life. This is exactly why the demand for hair accessories is always through the roof! What’s more, new accessories become available on the market day by day.

So this is an additional opportunity for you to enrich your product range with new items!

Emergency tools

an image showing what useful stuff you can sell in your store for profit and supply from Sellvia

Are you eager to sell really useful stuff? If so, take a look at emergency tools! What’s the benefit of having such products in your store? The point is that customers are more willing to buy products that solve their thorny issues.

For you as an entrepreneur, it means it’s extremely easy to promote such items. Moreover, impulse purchases are very likely! Now you see the ecommerce potential of emergency tools?

To sum up: why it’s a great idea to start a gadgets business with Sellvia

As you can see, starting a gadgets business is going to be a very lucrative option. It doesn’t require huge investments, specific skills, and a lot of effort. However, if you want to get a smooth start with your ecommerce business and succeed with it, you have to approach this issue right.

Are you interested in starting a gadgets business? Well, we recommend you consider the Sellvia offering. Sellvia is a whole ecommerce network that offers only trending products at low prices, with lightning-fast US shipping and product descriptions that prove to be high-converting.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? In fact, there’s more. So feel free to check the gadgets Sellvia is happy to supply you/your customers with within 1-3 business days over the US.

Launch a gadgets business with Sellvia to get a smooth start with no efforts and minimum investments, and make the most of it!

Read how to start a gadgets business.

Are You Eager To Start Alibaba Dropshipping? Then, Give Sezam A Try!

Do you want to start a dropshipping business and see what are the most promising options to choose from? If so, you can consider Alibaba dropshipping with Sezam!

Recently, Alibaba has expressed its desire to team up with dropshippers. Consequently, they have added the list of products that are intended for dropshipping exclusively. So if you know the benefits Alibaba ensures, and you have been interested in Alibaba dropshipping, here is good news: now you’re able to use Alibaba as a source of products for your dropshipping business.

But wait a minute. Alibaba deals with B2B sales. So how will they work with dropshippers? Why is it so great to start dropshipping with Alibaba and what you need for this? Well, let’s find it out together!

How does Alibaba work with dropshipping?

Actually, Alibaba deals mainly with B2B sales. However, recently they’ve decided to create a product range for dropshippers.

The first logical question is the following: will your customers have to buy in bulk only? No, they won’t. Alibaba is interested in teaming up with dropshippers. So if you decide to use the platform as a supplier for your dropshipping store, you will act the same as when you dropship from AliExpress.

How does Alibaba dropshipping differ from AliExpress dropshipping?

Since we all got used to dropshipping from AliExpress, it’s necessary to highlight how dropshipping with Alibaba differs from the one with AliExpress.

Alibaba dropshipping

  • Direct contact to real manufacturers
  • Low initial prices
  • ePacket is not available
  • Product customization
  • Quality control
  • International warehouses

AliExpress dropshipping

  • Most vendors are mediators
  • Wide product range
  • ePacket is available
  • Seller’s brand identification
  • Rating system for sellers/products
  • International warehouses

But first things first.

Alibaba dropshipping VS AliExpress dropshipping

1. On Alibaba, you deal directly with manufacturers. On the other hand, most of the sellers working on AliExpress are mediators between producers and end buyers.

2. The initial prices on Alibaba and AliExpress are considerably low. Above all, both platforms can boast a wide product range for you to choose from.

3. Next come shipping terms. The point is that the delivery times are similar for both platforms. However, there’s cheap or even free shipping on AliExpress.

4. Both AliExpress and Alibaba claim that they have warehouses all over the world that are supposed to reduce the delivery time.

5. Alibaba is willing to team up with dropshippers. That is to say, the platform is ready to provide dropshippers with the benefits that will sharpen the edges of the dropshipping business model.

This is why Alibaba suggests product customization. So the manufacturers that act on Alibaba are ready to put your brand labels on packages. This is to let you develop your brand name, increase loyalty, etc.

6. According to Alibaba, if you partner with the platform, you can be sure you source products from suppliers that are certified by top independent inspection companies.

As you can see, both AliExpress and Alibaba dropshipping have their own pros and cons. On Alibaba, the majority of sellers you will find are the real manufacturers. Meanwhile, on AliExpress, there are lots of mediators. Most importantly, the product and shipping prices on Alibaba and AliExpress are similar.

And since the options of dropshipping with AliExpress and Alibaba are quite similar, it means Alibaba dropshipping deserves your attention.

How to automate your dropshipping business?

There’s no secret that you need special software to let you run your dropshipping business with no effort. If we speak about dropshipping with AliExpress, this is clear. All you need is AliDropship Plugin or AliDropship Woo Plugin.

a picture showing a turnkey solution to start an ecommerce business

Please note that AliDropship has its solution available for Shopify.

AliDropship Plugin lets you easily import products to your website, set markup, place orders in an automatic way, and so on. So with this kind of software, you’ll be able to put your dropshipping business on autopilot.

But is there a similar software offering for Alibaba dropshipping? Yes, there is!

Meet Sezam: the first Woo plugin for Alibaba dropshipping

a picture showing the solution to successfully dropship from Alibaba

If you’re going to start dropshipping with Alibaba, you need the same kind of software as AliDropship Woo Plugin. But it needs to be designed for Alibaba dropshipping only. Therefore, meet Sezam! This is the first official Woo plugin for dropshipping with Alibaba!

  • One-click import

Sezam lets you easily import items from Alibaba to your website in one click. Consequently, all you need is to open the Alibaba dropshipping pavilion with the help of Sezam, choose an item you like, and click ‘import’ to add to your store. After that, the desired product will appear on your site instantly, including all images, descriptions, and variants.

  • Built-in markup formula

The plugin has a built-in markup formula. So you don’t need to consider the pricing strategy of your online store. All the products on your website will be marked up according to this formula. It has been used by hundreds of online stores over years.

  • Auto updating

Due to the constant connection between Sezam and Alibaba, the auto updating system keeps your product info relevant and corresponding to the latest data from Alibaba.

  • Automatic order placement

Sezam has an automatic order placement. That is to say, there’s no need for you to order each item manually. Just click the ‘Order’ button, confirm the order on Alibaba, and get tracking once your order is processed.

How to run a business with Sezam?

a picture showing how easy is Alibaba dropshipping with Sezam plugin

Ok, now it’s clear that Sezam is able to simplify dropshipping business management. But how does it actually work? How to run your dropshipping business with Sezam?

✅  Step one: you need to install Sezam on your website.

✅  Step two: you can start importing products from Alibaba to your online store.

After this stage, your direct involvement is no longer required.

✅  Step three: Internet users are surfing your website, choosing the products they like, and placing orders.

✅  Step four: Sezam transmits the information about the orders to your Alibaba suppliers. Consequently, they start preparing packages to ship to your customers.

✅  Step five: it remains for you online to keep the profit from the retail price. That’s it!

Well, now it seems to be a lot more tempting to go in for Alibaba dropshipping with Sezam, doesn’t it? Therefore, it remains for you only to install Sezam on your website and launch your online store based on Alibaba dropshipping. But are there any specific requirements to use Sezam on your website?

Sezam: what are the system requirements?

There are several conditions you need to meet in order to use Sezam for Alibaba dropshipping.

  • Domain name

Firstly, if you want to start Alibaba dropshipping, you need to create a website. Before you go into building a site, you need to choose a domain name. You need just apply to the platforms that specialize in domains, for example, GoDaddy.

  • Hosting

After you’ve chosen a domain name, the next stage is to get hosting. But what is hosting? In a nutshell, you need hosting in order to make your website ‘visible’ for all Internet users.

What hosting to choose? In fact, the Sezam plugin is supported by the majority of hosting providers. However, you may choose hosting from AliDropship: our solution is perfectly optimized for WP-based online stores.

  • WordPress CMS

The Sezam plugin is built for the WordPress Content Management System exclusively. Therefore, if you want to use Sezam for Alibaba dropshipping, you need to download WP CMS for your website.

  • WooCommerce Plugin

Please note that Sezam is a WooCommerce-based solution. So you need to download WooCommerce to let Sezam work.

Actually, that’s it. If you want to learn more about the system requirements, feel free to move to our knowledge base or contact the support team of Sezam.

Final thoughts on Sezam and Alibaba dropshipping

a picture showing the solution to start a profitable ecommerce business with 100% ownership

To sum up, Alibaba dropshipping is a worthwhile option to start a profitable business. If we compare it to dropshipping with AliExpress, it becomes clear that both have their own pros and cons, and, surely, both deserve your attention.

Meanwhile, our team has designed an ultimate solution for you to effortlessly run your dropshipping business with Alibaba – it’s Sezam. This plugin will let you easily manage your store, save tons of time on boring and time-consuming tasks, and enjoy high profit from your online store.

So move to its website to learn more about Sezam, and check how to manage your dropshipping store with Sezam.

Would you like to launch a profitable ecommerce venture? Are you looking at Alibaba dropshipping? In this case, get Sezam and take your big ticket to get a smooth start in dropshipping!

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Can I Dropship From My Country?

Lots of our clients have the same question: they ask us if they can dropship from their home country. We have the same answer for all of them.

Yes, you can do it!

We’d like to make it clear once and for all: you can dropship from ANY destination on the globe.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Belgrade or in Kuala Lumpur or in Manila or anywhere else.

Does it make any difference if you are located in Singapore or the United States in case you’re doing all your business activities through a website? Basically, all you need to run a dropshipping store is a stable Internet connection.

Can you go online effortlessly?

If yes, then there’s nothing that can actually stop you from becoming a dropshipper.

Let’s go over the whole process again so you could see it more clearly!

Dropshipping business explained

So, let’s suppose you’ve picked your perfect dropshipping niche.

Next, to start your business, you need to get a website. You can either create it yourself or get a ready-made one – it’s up to you!

In any case, your own location makes absolutely no difference. Internet is global, so all the online works can be done from any place worldwide.

As soon as the website is ready, you need to fill it with items. These are not your own products; they don’t belong to you, you don’t manufacture them, and you don’t store them in a warehouse. You don’t even see these items – you just post pictures and descriptions of them on your website.

Easy, right? You don’t deal with storage facilities or manage manufacturing processes. You just find a reputable online seller with quality items, and add these product pages to your own website. Obviously, you need to make the product pages look perfect, but as it is all done online, your physical location doesn’t matter.

So, your website is fully operational, and one day you see that someone has just placed an order.

Your further actions are really simple: you contact the owner of the store where you’ve taken this particular product description, pay them the item price, and ask them to deliver the item to the address of your own customer.

You see?

Your physical actions are not required. You simply write an electronic message to the actual seller to place your own order, and you don’t have to do anything else. All the product issues and delivery tasks are the seller’s responsibility. You only need to write a couple of messages, and this can be done from any point on the globe that has Internet connection.

Still unsure you can dropship from your own country?

Are there any shipping limitations meaning that you can’t dropship from specific countries?

You’re not asking the original seller to ship the item to YOUR country.

You’re asking the original seller to ship the item to the country of your buyer.

See the difference?

Your place of residence doesn’t matter at all. Yes, you need to check the delivery terms of the seller you’re working with, but you only do this for the convenience of your clients. Your place of living has nothing to do with it.

Are there any legal limitations when you dropship from your country?

As a dropshipper, you are free to partner with any sellers at your choice.

Most likely, you’ll be teaming up with AliExpress or Sellvia. It’s all because you won’t need to make any formal agreements with these platforms, and you definitely won’t have to sign any contracts with the sellers. You won’t have any paperwork, and you’ll see the sellers are really friendly and open to communication with dropshippers.

For example, this is quite a typical notification you can see on AliExpress:

An example of an AliExpress seller description confirming the opportunity of dropshipping

And the Sellvia offering, in turn, is specifically created for dropshipping business owners! It’s optimized for their convenience and covers plenty of dropshipping tasks from enabling 1-3-day US shipping to providing profitable marketing campaign materials. Naturally, its team does its best to adapt to specific dropshipping needs of the community.

Of course, the sellers don’t really care where exactly do you live. As long as you order items from them and make your payments as agreed, they are more than happy to communicate with you.

And speaking about money, let’s also answer a highly popular question in the next paragraph!

Are there any payment limitations?

Whether you’re dropshipping with AliExpress or Sellvia, you can select the payment method that is the most convenient for you.

The platforms offer a number of secure ways to check out, so whatever country you live in, you are most likely to find at least one way to make a safe payment.

And of course, it’s important to make sure that you can accept payments from your customers (otherwise, the whole business has no point, right?)

This is why we typically recommend to integrate multiple payment options into your website: you need to be able to accept both credit card payments and PayPal payments.

The reason is, you’re targeting customers from very different parts of the world, and they may have various preferences and limitations in terms of online payment methods. For example, PayPal doesn’t accept payments originating from several countries. So, if you provide your potential customers with an additional way of making a payment (for example, with a credit card), you have it all sorted out.

As you can see, you’re unstoppable.

Quite a nice reason to start your own dropshipping journey, right?

Read about how to dropship from your country.

10 Marvellous Instagram Giveaway Ideas To Make Your Business A Success

Are you looking for new Instagram giveaway ideas and tips which you could use to promote your ecommerce store? You’re on the right track!

Actually, I know how hard it is to surprise people with something new when every day you do the same thing – you create unique content, look for new ways of business promotion and try to develop your own marketing strategies.

Even if your imagination is incredible, at some point, you will eventually run out of ideas. Therefore, you will need to find an additional source of inspiration.

In this article, we’ve collected 10 marvelous Instagram giveaway ideas that will help you impress your followers and get the most out of your Instagram marketing campaign!

What is an Instagram giveaway?

An Instagram giveaway is a time-limited contest that helps brands build relationships with their customers and share the information about their products with a larger audience than they originally could.

An Instagram giveaway post example

Let’s say you have an ecommerce store and want to increase your brand awareness using Instagram. Among all the ways of doing it, the easiest one is announcing a contest – you just need to select a prize (something of the products you offer), define the terms and start it on your Instagram page.

Normally, the terms and conditions of Instagram giveaways are so simple that basically everyone in the world can take part in them. In most cases, participants just need to like a giveaway post, follow the Instagram page that announced it, and tag some friends.

Typically, giveaways last from one to two weeks. This time is usually enough to reach a reasonable number of potential clients and be sure that the followers remember about the contest.

When the contest is over, you need to choose a winner by the rules you’ve specified at the beginning (at random, by the number of likes, etc.), congratulate this person and send him or her the prize.

That’s it!

Instagram giveaway statistic to think about

So, why should you be running giveaways, in the first place?

Industry analysis shows that on average, 32,5% of brands launch a giveaway every month. Definitely, there’s a good reason for this!

According to the market reviews, a huge benefit of Instagram giveaway posts is their engagement: it’s 4 times higher than those of regular posts! Some reports estimate that Instagram contest posts receive about SIXTY TIMES MORE comments and 3.5 times more likes in comparison to all other post types!

And these numbers surely explain how Instagram contests help brands grow their following 70% faster: it’s all about the publicity you gain. Sounds like a social media marketing strategy you’d totally try, right?

How to create a great Instagram giveaway: ideas and tips

Before discussing the best Instagram giveaway ideas, let’s see how to create a contest that is easy and convenient for you to manage.

My first giveaway: a checklist

To begin with, let’s go over the steps you’ll need to take!

  • Choose a goal for your Instagram giveaway

The first step is defining a goal for your Instagram giveaway.

It can be:

Or any other goal that you want to achieve with the help of Instagram giveaways.

The chosen goal will determine all your further actions, so you should select it carefully and keep it in mind when planning and managing a contest.

  • Select a prize

A prize is something that impacts the overall success of your Instagram giveaway. Actually, it has to be something special that people would be eager to compete for. It’s better to offer high-demand products which can’t easily be bought in brick-and-mortar stores.

Besides, you have to choose affordable products because you will buy them with your own money. Of course, people will be happy to win an expensive high-tech drone, for example, but this can easily cause you financial troubles.

That’s why we advise you to determine the part of your budget you’re ready to spend on Instagram marketing and don’t go above your limit!

  • Define the contest rules

Once the prize is chosen, you have to make the rules of the game.

When you’re creating your first giveaway, there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel: just use the positive experience of other Instagrammers and brands.

As a rule, contest makers ask Instagram users to do one or two of the following things:

  • Like a photo
  • Share a post
  • Follow an Instagram page
  • Tag friends
  • Leave a comment

The more actions people have to do, the more your Instagram page is being promoted. For example, if users like a post, share it and tag 3 friends, they’ll increase your reach multiple times.

However, we advise you to limit the entry requirements to three or four steps. Otherwise, there is a chance that people will avoid taking part in your contest because of its complexity.

  • Create a great Instagram giveaway post

A perfect Instagram giveaway post will vary widely from one brand to another. The same methods can work for your business and be absolutely useless for others.

However, there are several elements that every Instagram giveaway post should include:

  • A bright, color picture of your product
  • A short text perfectly announcing your giveaway

An example of an informative giveaway description

When creating a post, don’t write too much text and use bullets or numbers in the caption. All participants must clearly understand what steps they should take to win the prize.

Want to craft just the perfect Instagram giveaway template? Check out our Instagram template tips!

Think up an appropriate hashtag for your campaign

Your campaign hashtag is as important as everything else when it comes to promoting your giveaway. That’s why you have to choose a fun and memorable hashtag that’s related to your business and products.

Thanks to hashtags, it will be easier for you to measure your contest success and to see how many Instagrammers have entered your giveaway. Besides, if you add several popular hashtags to your post, you’ll significantly increase your reach on Instagram.

Create reminder posts

In fact, Instagram giveaways aren’t those things you can set and forget about.

You should regularly remind your followers how much time is left to enter your giveaway and get a prize.

These posts will help you draw more attention to your contest and therefore, get more participants.

Promote your Instagram giveaway

As more and more businesses are trying to promote their giveaways, the competition is also increasing. So it’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some ideas on how you can promote your Instagram giveaways:

In fact, the more ways of promotion you try, the more participants you get. So it’s a good idea to experiment with them and use as many options as possible.

10 brilliant Instagram giveaway ideas: what to ask the participants to do?

Now that you know how to create Instagram giveaways, it’s time to take a look at the most effective Instagram giveaway ideas. Here is the list of actions you can offer your participants to take.

#1 Like the post and share it to win

Ask your followers to like your giveaway and share it with their friends. This way, you can easily expand the reach of your brand – even if 10 people repost your giveaway, it will help you increase your brand visibility.

#2 Make up a funny caption to the Instagram giveaway post

Another Instagram giveaway idea is asking your followers to write a funny caption to your photos. This contest gives your followers a chance to prove themselves and allows you to grow your audience.

#3 Tag a friend and follow the Instagram page to win

Ask your followers to tag one or several of their friends in the comments section so that they could start following your Instagram page, too. This type of giveaway will help you get lots of new followers and significantly increase your brand visibility in a very short time.

When the contest is over, the majority of new followers will stay with you because most people are too lazy to unfollow someone. 🙂 Thus, you will get a large and warm audience which you can target next time.

#4 Upload a creative photo of the store products

If you have enough sales in your store, you can ask your followers to upload creative photos of your products to their Instagram accounts and add a unique hashtag. If it works, you’ll get tons of user-generated content and increase your brand visibility a thousand times.

#5 “Write why YOU should win the prize”

Ask your followers to leave a short comment where they explain why they are bound to win. Choose the story you like the most and award the winner.

#6 Come up with a new slogan for the brand

This Instagram contest is a perfect way to get a snappy slogan for your brand if you still don’t have one. Just ask your followers to think up a catchphrase and write it in the comments section to win a prize.

#7 Find the answers to the questions about the store

Lots of customers don’t know a word about the brands they regularly buy. So you can write some questions about your store and hide the answers on your website pages. This contest will help you attract more traffic to your ecommerce store and improve the SEO ranking of your website.

#8 Write a detailed review of the product(s)

As a rule, people write reviews when they are unhappy about something. That’s why even great companies that really care about their clients may have lots of negative reviews.

To improve the situation, you can launch a contest and ask your followers to write some nice words about your products or your store. You can use the screenshots of these reviews later to promote your website and increase the trust in your brand.

#9 Create a short video review or a story

This Instagram giveaway idea is similar to the previous one. But this time, the participants have to record a video review of one of your products.

Of course, the number of participants will be limited and you won’t enlarge your audience heavily. But this contest will give you a better understanding of your target audience. It will help you analyze the Instagram pages of your real buyers and get an idea of what tricks you can use to promote your products to them.

#10 Like and share the posts during a certain period of time

This Instagram giveaway idea is for those ecommerce entrepreneurs who are ready to work hard and wait long.

To make your followers eligible to win the prize, you can ask them to like and share all your posts during a week or a month, for example.

Of course, it’ll be difficult for you to monitor all the changes and create a great amount of Instagram posts which will maintain your followers’ interest. But this will have a very positive impact on your business.

The participants will regularly visit your page to check if there is something new. So, a constant flow of traffic will be brought to your Instagram page and, most likely, to your website. Besides that, thanks to shares, you’ll reach a huge number of potential customers.

Here were our Instagram giveaway ideas which will help you make the most out of your Instagram marketing campaigns. Try them right now and you’ll significantly improve the performance of your ecommerce store!

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