How To Promote Your Business For Free?

Not everyone can afford to burn a big hole in their pocket when it comes to promoting their business. This is why you might be on the lookout for cheap or even free business marketing ideas. Let us help you out.

Get yourself on the map

It is important that people know where your business is located. Giving them an ambiguous address is not going to cut it for you. So, use the local listing services (FREE) to get yourself on the map. You need to register your business with Google places and soon enough you would have your spot on Google map. Similarly, repeat the process with Yahoo! Local and even Bing. All these three services would be free of cost.


This is the era of blogging and it offers you massive opportunities. You can have an active blog with good followers and you can leverage it to promote your business aptly. Make sure to talk about what sets your firm apart from the competitors and introduce any special offers which you may be running. An important tip we would like to add here is that you should constantly update your blog. This would keep your readers coming back and would fetch you good traffic too,

Search engine operation

Your website is important. You have to integrate the right SEO elements to it. There are tons of free guides and books available which can help you hone the skills about SEO. Learn about them and implement them to ensure that your website gets ranked at the top pages. This, in turn, could be great for your business.

Social media

Currently, it is the most powerful tool in the world of marketing. There are several social media sites including the likes of Facebook and Twitter. You need to work hard to develop a sound online presence there. The power of social media is immense and it could ring in a good amount of sales as well. So, work on your social media accounts and try and gain a good amount of cumulative reach. You can host competitions and giveaways to attract more people and spread the word around.

Press releases

Every time you come up with something newsworthy, be all set to have a press release and distribute it to some of the top portals. This will give you the much-needed publicity which in turn could be a great marketing asset for the firm.

So, these are some of the smart ways by which you can market your business without spending a dime. Rest assured that each of this method is mighty powerful and has the potential to generate a massive amount of sales.

All it takes is to be creative and smart while using it because it all boils down to the kind of effort which you are putting in. Your business is sure to reap profits if you market it in the right manner. So, start doing your research and work on the dynamics.

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