How To Manage Your Business In 2021: COVID-19 Perspectives

What to expect from 2021 in terms of the COVID-19 outbreak? Should we wait for the third wave and get ready for it? And how to manage your business in order not only to keep it afloat during the next year, but also to give it a boost?

This is the end of 2020. Unfortunately, this year will surely long be remembered as the period when COVID-19 pandemic took off. Certainly, at the moment, these are global safety and health issues that are of paramount importance. This is why we are all waiting till physicians create a safe COVID-19 vaccine.

However, besides the global epidemiological situation, lots of entrepreneurs worldwide are extremely concerned about the impact the COVID-19 outbreak can have on their ventures in 2021. In fact, 2020 is controversial for business owners. Lots of them have to limit their company performance or even close their companies down. Others, in turn, use the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic as the foundation of their long-term growth.

So what should ecommerce business owners expect in 2021? What do analysts say about COVID-19 in 2021? And how to adapt your venture to the new business environment and the shift in the users’ behavior? That’s exactly what we are going to discuss!

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COVID-19 in 2021: what do we have by the end of 2020?

Since the moment the COVID-19 pandemic has begun, 50,000,000 cases have been recorded in 210 countries. However, 37,000,000 of them account for people who already recovered from the coronavirus.

a picture showing the number of covid-19 cases in the world

Global epidemiological situation is, certainly, tough. Even after a person recovers from COVID-19, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of becoming infected again. That’s why physicians count on an effective vaccine that ensures global safety and health. At the moment, there are about 500 vaccines that are being tested or even registered.

statistics showing the number of covid-19 vaccines in development

It’s also worth mentioning that more and more COVID-19 test methods are constantly introduced by scientists. Nowadays, it’s even possible to use mobile testing units that provide easier and quicker access to testing. This is great news, isn’t it?

Scenarios for the pandemic of COVID-19 in 2021: how will the situation evolve?

Well, let scientists do their job. It remains for us only to think in advance about how to manage the business right in order to rule out the COVID-19 negative effect on online enterprises.

So what are the factors ecommerce business owners should pay their attention to if they want to get an easy start in dropshipping and make the most of their online stores in 2021?

  • COVID-19 cases don’t cease to decrease
  • Worldwide lockdowns are not a novelty anymore
  • Wearing masks and social distancing are compulsory in public places
  • Companies’ offices, educational institutions, malls, cinemas are being closed
  • Students and staff are relocated to work-from-home

So what is this all about? Right, these aspects let us assume that we are not likely to get back to pre-covid living conditions in the near future. And we are not ready now to speak when we will fully recover from the COVID-19 outbreak and get the economy back on track.

However, sometimes the same circumstances that are able to get some people cornered, can provide you with unexpected opportunities for growth. And this is exactly about ecommerce entrepreneurs and COVID-19 in 2021.

How to save your business during the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2021?

While offline business is going through a really tough time, ecommerce entrepreneurs are definitely on a roll. This is due to the fact that it’s extremely difficult now for people to get access to several product groups including necessities. Some of them don’t have an opportunity to leave their homes because of recurring lockdowns. Others are willing to avoid visiting crowded malls and so on.

That’s why the spread of COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to ecommerce by several years to come. See for yourself, if you compare January 2019 and June 2020, you will probably be surprised by the fact that retail websites generated 5 billion more global visits this June. Moreover, this year can boast several months that collected more traffic than last year holiday season traffic peaks. If we speak more specifically, here’s what Forbes report highlights.

  • Ecommerce sales jumped over $50 billion
  • Holiday season sales got a 75% rise
  • Mobile shopping increased slightly

So what measures should ecommerce entrepreneurs and newcomers take in order to make the most of their ventures during the pandemic of COVID-19 in 2021?

  • Start an ecommerce business

a picture showing growing interest in ecommerce business

First of all, if you still don’t have your own venture, this is a high time to start a profitable ecommerce business. This has always been a promising option, but nowadays it’s a lot more tempting due to the circumstances of COVID-19. Leading analysts believe that COVID-19 provided ecommerce with a boost for several years.

  • Consider the product range

a picture showing rising demand for home clothing

Regardless of what niche you deal with, we would like to recommend you consider the product range of your store for 2021 and the period of the pandemic. Don’t forget that it’s difficult now for people to get the products they need because of lockdowns. And basic necessities are among the most affected items.

What is more, lots of companies all over the world have to let their staff work from home. This also triggered the growth of demand for home office supplies and multiple other types of products that make staying at home more comfortable. Children’s products, indoor sport supplies, kitchen utensils – this is far not the full list of products that are in a strong demand nowadays and highly likely to be popular during the next year.

By the way, we have already mentioned that there are growing and declining groups of products during the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond them, feel free to read the article that offers you 78 product ideas to sell online during the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Increase social media presence

an image proving the rise of social network usage

Note that social media accounts are crucial for any business since they can help you generate lots of leads. And now the importance of social media presence is over the roof!

Just think that hundreds of millions of people have to remain at self-isolation restricting contact with friends and relatives. And how do they spend their free time? Right, analysts claim that during the COVID-19 pandemic people have started to use social networks more to get in touch with their closest ones.

So use this for your benefit. Simply increase your social media presence and don’t leave Internet users a chance to get past your accounts on social media!

  • Optimize your ads

Well, it’s time to increase not only your social media presence, but advertising activity as well. Nowadays, millions of people worldwide have to spend more time surfing the Internet and looking for an opportunity to purchase different products at favorable terms.

Wondering how to make the most of your Facebook ads? In this case, you should learn more about The Auto Merch. This is an online store that makes over $2,000,000/year.

Monthly performance of The Auto Merch store with 167,010.31 in total sales

Inspired by the results our employees achieved, we have created a number of articles explaining how to design Facebook ads, how to create product pages that sell, etc. – you’re welcome to check them out!

  • Find regional suppliers

an image showing covid-19 in 2021 affecting the interest in regional suppliers

In fact, in early 2020, we already mentioned that it’s a good idea to look for regional suppliers. This really mattered because lots of producers had to limit their performance, shipping companies faced delivery delays, and so on, and so forth. Besides this, at the period COVID-19 was circulating inside China only, people from other countries were afraid of virus transmission through parcels.

As of now, the general understanding is that the virus can’t be transmitted through parcels. Meantime, the virus has long gone from China and spread worldwide. Furthermore, Chinese suppliers have already recovered from the COVID-19 outbreak. Now they go on sending parcels around the world.

However, if there are other suppliers that can provide your customers with the same products from your region, it’s a chance for you to make the supply chains shorter и reduce the delivery time.

  • Make sure your website is user-friendly and looks great

a picture that shows a brand new smart theme for online stores

In the context of increased interest in online shopping, we would recommend that you pay particular attention to such aspects of your website as appearance and usability. So make sure if the theme applied to your website is user-friendly and has the perfect layout in order to ensure the highest conversion rate.

Where to find the best themes for your online store? Well, it’s a good idea to get one of the themes AliDropship develops on a consistent basis. We offer both single-product themes and the ones for a wide range of products.

All themes from AliDropship include all the necessary elements to build a fully functional online store. Moreover, they are optimized for the highest conversion rate. Please also note that AliDropship offers both free-of-charge themes and premium solutions for advanced dropshippers.

Summing it up: COVID-19 in 2021

We all hope that the COVID-19 pandemic goes down as soon as possible. Fortunately, people worldwide rally and do their best in order to put an end to the coronavirus outbreak.

As for business, you need to understand that it takes time to fully recover from the COVID-19 consequences anyway. And even if the coronavirus backs down tomorrow, it doesn’t mean that the next day the things return to the way they were.

To date, scientists and analysts predict that the world is highly likely to bounce back from COVID-19 in 2022. So it remains for us only to make plans for the future since. Luckily, ecommerce has not got hurt much, but provided ecommerce entrepreneurs with extraordinary potential for business growth.

AliDropship, in its turn, wishes you good luck and goes on developing IT solutions for you to easily start a profitable dropshipping business and make the most of it against the impact of COVID-19 in 2021!

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Pros & Cons Of Using Dropshipping Sources Other Than AliExpress

AliExpress is a wonderful marketplace for dropshipping stores. Its prices, guarantees and shipping options let entrepreneurs resell goods to almost any country in the world with decent margins. But what about other dropshipping sources? In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits and pitfalls of dropshipping products from other platforms.

Let’s suppose you started a dropshipping business with AliExpress. It’s a good platform that meets all the needs of a dropshipping entrepreneur. You make money and everything looks fine.

But then you found a product, say, on Amazon which you cannot find on AliExpress. It’s really popular, and you wouldn’t mind adding it to your inventory.

So, is it a good idea to dropship products from sources other than AliExpress? And if yes, how do you do it?

I’ll try to answer these questions.

Pitfalls of using other dropshipping sources

Unfortunately, dropshipping from alternative sources carries a number of risks and disadvantages. Certainly, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea and you should forget about it. Still, there are objective facts one has to keep in mind.

1. Quality of goods

Some people have doubts about the quality of AliExpress products. But it’s a common misconception. In fact, many goods on AliExpress come from the same manufacturers who produce and keep stock for the globally known brands, and are the same items that are offered on popular online marketplaces and in brick-and-mortar stores. When you’re dealing with other platforms, however, you can’t always be sure about the quality of their offering.

2. No benefits from the AliDropship plugin

The AliDropship plugin works only with AliExpress. If you import products from other dropshipping sources, you won’t be able to use all the benefits of the plugin.

Yes, you can create a product page that will look identical to those made by the plugin. But when you start getting orders from customers, you’ll have to process them manually.

It’s not that difficult though. You simply need to export the list of your orders, delete all orders except for those addressed to your non-AliExpress supplier from the CSV file, and send it to the supplier.

Admin panel of a AliDropship store. By clicking on the button, you can export all orders into a CSV file.

The same is true for all the other management operations that AliDropship plugin can easily automate: changing product prices, updating stock availability together with the supplier’s product info, updating shipping status, etc. If a product is imported from a marketplace other than AliExpress, sadly, you’ll have to do all these tasks manually.

3. Compatibility issues

Although it is possible to dropship goods from other suppliers, you can face all kinds of compatibility issues. Since the plugin is not designed to work with data from other sources, anything can break. In some cases, you will have to use unfamiliar plugins or tools.

4. Many dropshipping sources are resellers

When looking for dropshipping companies, you will find that some of them sell goods that look very similar or identical to the ones you see on AliExpress. But the price is higher.

It’s because these “suppliers” actually resell the same products from the most famous Chinese platform.

5. It’s hard to find reliable dropshipping sources

The four pitfalls I have described above are just minor nuisances compared to this one. When you work with other suppliers, there’s nothing stopping them from deceiving you.

Let me explain. It can be time-consuming to find enough niche-specific reliable suppliers on AliExpress, too. However, if they fail you, you can at least return the money. That’s how AliExpress works: a seller doesn’t get the money until the customer confirms that the package was received and everything is fine.

But when you work with other suppliers (at least some of them), there’s no such guarantee. Whenever you ask the supplier to send an item to your customer and pay the money, the supplier can simply disappear. After all, in dropshipping you don’t even see the products you sell.

There are other ways to deceive you. Our team was looking for other dropshipping sources and found a supplier company which claimed their warehouse was located in the US. The team wanted to use this advantage to provide more favorable shipping options to the buyers, and agreed to cooperate. But later we found out that this company shipped the goods from China, which meant no time or money savings for the shoppers.

Of course, the supplier refused to return our money.

Benefits of using other dropshipping sources

Despite all these pitfalls, dropshipping businesses can definitely benefit from working with other suppliers. At least if they manage to find a reliable one.

1. Better prices

If your potential supplier isn’t lying about manufacturing original products, his or her wholesale prices can be very attractive. Besides, when working with a reliable company, one can haggle over the prices.

When advertising goods on Facebook or other social media, you have to cover the cost of conversion. That’s why it’s important to find affordable products.

2. Other dropshipping sources can have rare items

Finding promising products on AliExpress is not that difficult. But finding something unique may be challenging considering the competition on the dropshipping markets. Suppliers from other countries can offer rare products that’ll give your online store an advantage over other businesses.

3. Better shipping

Long shipping time is one of the most commonly discussed features of AliExpress. Some sellers have warehouses in the US and Europe, which shortens delivery. Besides, many of them use ePacket – a relatively affordable and fast delivery method. So, this issue isn’t that much of a problem.

Still, being able to deliver dropshipping products even faster is an advantage. And suppliers located near or inside the countries you sell goods to can provide that. Additionally, alternative sources can send several products in a single package.

How to find dropshipping suppliers?

Look for dropshipping sources on supplier directories

There are lots of supplier directories that provide access to wholesalers. By registering on one of such sites, you can contact them and ask for cooperation. Here are some of the most popular platforms: SaleHoo, Wholesale Central, Doba, Wholesale2b.

Note that most directories charge fees for allowing you to browse their databases. On the other hand, they also check the companies on the list. So, the risks here are minimal.

This method is useful when you’re not sure what niche to choose or have no idea how to get started. But after you find your supplier, there’s actually no need to keep paying the directory.

Call the manufacturer

If you have found a product you want to resell, it’s a good idea to contact the manufacturer and ask for their wholesaler’s contact information. Then you call the wholesaler and ask if you can dropship the product.

Search directly in Google

This is the most straightforward way to find a potential supplier. But at the same time, it’s the riskiest method.

As a rule, wholesalers and distributors aren’t that good at marketing, promotion and search engine optimization. You will hardly find one on the first or second pages of the search results. It’ll take a lot of work and time.

Here’s a tip! If you find a good-looking website, chances are this is just a reseller. If the site looks awful, it’s probably safe to work with the company. As I said, these guys are terrible at marketing.

Contact AliExpress sellers directly

If you don’t like the idea of working with companies outside of AliExpress, you can also contact some of your most trusted AliExpress suppliers. Of course, this way you can’t get new products other than what the seller already has. But you can haggle over better prices, or shipping or packing terms, etc.

Finding additional dropshipping sources can substantially enrich your offer. On the other hand, there are many items on AliExpress that sell extremely well. If you’re having trouble finding such goods, simply subscribe to AliDropship’s Premium Products and get new top-selling products each week.

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Ecommerce Returns: How Do They Work In Dropshipping?

Properly managing ecommerce returns and refunds is certainly not an easy task. And many ecommerce entrepreneurs, both new and experienced, have to face this issue. 

In this day and age, the ecommerce industry is flourishing and is becoming a regular part of everyday life, as more and more people are engaged in online shopping. Now, completing an online purchase is significantly more convenient than ever before. This is because many businesses are making an effort to make the purchasing experience more comfortable and advantageous for potential customers.

Different ecommerce companies are implementing various refund and return strategies to win over the customer’s trust. Naturally, this boosts the buying activity, which can only bring positive results for the ecommerce business.

Although this does have its drawbacks, let’s make one thing clear – refunds are not something an ecommerce entrepreneur needs to constantly stress about. Refunds and returns are a part of any retail business, regular or ecommerce. This applies to the dropshipping model as well.

So, in this article, we will discuss how to properly handle the issue of ecommerce returns.

The current state of ecommerce returns worldwide

All retail businesses encounter returns and refunds for a variety of reasons. As a matter of fact, about 30% of all ordered online products are returned.

Certain categories of products can have higher return rates and refunds than others. If you’re thinking of starting a dropshipping business, it’s useful to be aware of this. So, here are the categories with the highest refunds and returns rates:

  • Clothing and shoes (mostly, because the buyers choose the wrong size, and not because this niche is ‘faulty’ in general)
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Entertainment

There has to be some kind of cause for this, right? Based on recent ecommerce return rate statistics, here are the most common reasons why customers return their orders:

  • Received damaged goods
  • Decided the product didn’t match the description
  • Got poor quality items
  • Ordered more than 1 item
  • Had an issue with delivery
  • Changed their mind and wanted the product no longer

To avoid any inconveniences, dropshippers need to provide more information on the product, along with high-quality photos and images. Also, the store layout along with the product pages needs to be kept as simple as possible, so that consumers don’t make any mistakes while putting in an order request. So, make sure your customers have a seamless shopping experience.

This will result in customers being more informed about the product and making smarter purchasing decisions, which will lead to fewer returns and refunds.

Furthermore, keep in mind that consumers from different countries have different purchasing habits as well as return and refund habits. So, when you decide to target a particular country, closely analyse that country return rate and the reasoning behind it.

However, returns are bound to happen, regardless of how perfect you construct your online store and product offering is.

How to handle online shopping returns

Dealing with returns and refunds is certainly not a fun task, but it’s definitely not something you should constantly stress about. Returns are a recurring aspect in the retail industry, regardless of whether it’s an online or a brick-and-mortar store.

The refund and return process isn’t always a challenging thing to manage! Many entrepreneurs find creative and trouble-free ways to sort it out. If you’re wondering how other people are dealing with this business aspect, you are welcome to look at the experience of Kitty from New Zealand and see how she successfully handles returns and refunds in her store.

So, how can you prepare to this part of your business management?

Ecommerce returns in dropshipping

Considering you’re running a dropshipping business, your refunds or returns are going to look a little bit different from the traditional process.

In the traditional ecommerce business model, if customers aren’t satisfied with the received products, they simply return them to the seller.

However, in the dropshipping model, the returns management process is handled slightly differently. Generally, a dropshipping supplier is on the other side of the world. So, if for whatever reason the customer isn’t happy with the purchase, what do you do? Do you tell the customer to send the products back to China? Or to you?

Well, since you’re dealing with products that don’t belong to you, it might seem a little confusing on what course of actions you should take in case of a demand for a return. The key point to remember is that, since you’re a dropshipper, you don’t necessarily need to have your customers return their products.

Instead, offer to provide them refunds without returns. This solution works great for you, and your customer. Simply ask your customer if they’d want a full refund and tell them they can keep the received item.

However, before saying that, here is what your first need to consider.

Establish a clear returns policy

As we stated earlier, having a clear return and refund policy is a must for an online store. In fact, according to online research, 80% of online shoppers are scared away from a brand with an indistinctive return policy.

So, when a customer complaint arises, you can refer to your return policy to process the order. However, carefully choose the words you state. To ensure you provide a hassle-free return, be sure to ask your customers to tell you what went wrong and to send you a picture of the product.

Look into why the customer wants a refund or return

If you receive a customer complaint, you need to delicately ask why they want a possible return. Furthermore, remember to keep your tone apologetic and have a positive attitude. You want the customer to cooperate with you, and provide an explanation and, better yet, photo proof.

Resolve the customer complaint

Depending on the reason for the complaint, you should always consider a full refund. As you are a dropshipper, you definitely don’t want to spend extra money on the return of a product back to the supplier from a major online marketplace (most likely, AliExpress).

So, let’s look at the most frequently encountered reasons for a return or refund and what you should do in that situation.

  • The customer does not like the product

In this situation, you are unlikely to receive a refund from your dropshipping supplier. Simply not liking the ordered product is not a reason valid enough to get a refund. In this case, you have to decide for yourself whether to issue the refund or to deny the customer complaint.

Though, we would recommend to give your customer a full refund and move on. This may not happen often, but in case of good customer service, they might return for future purchases.

  • The product does not match the description/ is broken/ has never arrived

If your customer states anything of the above, simply ask politely for a photo of a faulty item and send the visual proof to your supplier together with a refund request. In case the customer claims the product has never arrived, check its tracking code to see if there are any package movements. Does it seem like your buyer complaint truly has a solid ground? Provide them with a full refund and don’t forget to apologize!

AliExpress has a strong buyer protection program with a full money-back guarantee. If for whatever reason your customer isn’t satisfied with the product, we recommend you get in touch with your supplier and try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

If you weren’t able to talk with your seller, then you can open a dispute on AliExpress. Oftentimes, suppliers tend to refund inexpensive items quickly, without asking you to return the said items. They try to avoid disputes as it affects the store credit.

In the end, you can claim a full or partial refund for a product. For more details on how to handle the dispute, kindly go to this Knowledge Base article.

Final thoughts on how to handle ecommerce returns in dropshipping

Dealing with returns and refunds is certainly no easy task. However, when encountering this, you shouldn’t panic, as returns are a natural thing in the retail business. So, it is best to be prepared when you are faced with it.

Though, for a dropshipping entrepreneur, the task really isn’t as challenging. Bottom line is, one needs to have a clear returns policy so that if any inconveniences occur, the issue can be quickly resolved. Furthermore, make sure to always keep a level head and try to sort out any occurring issues politely.

Want to start dropshipping? One of the easiest ways is to get an exact copy of one of our successful stores! There are multiple stores to choose from, and all are time-tested and showing phenomenal results. By choosing this ready solution, you can skip establishing your online store and get straight to managing and promoting your dropshipping business! 

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How To Start Dropshipping in Malaysia

Are you living in Malaysia? Do you want to start a dropshipping business? Well, you came to the right place! Let’s see how and why you should start dropshipping in Malaysia.

There is no question that the dropshipping business model is a highly accessible and beneficial type of business. People of all ages, all over the world, with different backgrounds and experiences, are already establishing dropshipping businesses. And by looking at the benefits of dropshipping, you can understand why it is so popular.

For some time now, the ecommerce market in Malaysia has been on the rise. And we felt like it was important to research this market more closely.

That’s why in this article, we will cover the basics of a dropshipping business and what you need to know about dropshipping in Malaysia.

Dropshipping in Malaysia: The Malaysian ecommerce market

We have mentioned that the ecommerce market in Malaysia is developing rapidly. However, let’s go in a little more detail to get an understanding of the industry and the consumer’s activity.

The ecommerce market in Malaysia is worth $4.4 billion and by 2024 the revenue of this market is expected to increase to $8.6 billion. This means that establishing a dropshipping venture in Malaysia is a promising business opportunity for new and experienced ecommerce entrepreneurs.

What about the consumers? The Malaysian market is a tech-savvy market. According to a recent report on Malaysian online shopping behaviour, 82 percent of respondents shop using their smartphones. With that in mind, you have to create a mobile-friendly online store to reach more potential customers.

Finding and reaching your potential customer audience in Malaysia is as easy as ever. Malaysians are incredibly fond of social media, with almost 26 million active social media users. And with a population of 32 million, you can see that the social media penetration level is very high. To top it off, Malaysians spend almost 8 hours (7h 57m) daily browsing the Internet.

Taking all of this into consideration, you have a certain recipe for success dropshipping in Malaysia.

Dropshipping in Malaysia: Where to start?

Starting a dropshipping business in Malaysia is no different than starting it anywhere else. Let’s go step by step.

Business registration

In Malaysia, any business activity, including ecommerce, needs to be registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) or the Companies Commission of Malaysia. When you register your venture, you get certain benefits which assist businesses. This includes various tax incentives, a credible image, and perpetual succession.

When you register, you need to choose a business type. Depending on your business needs, you should choose one that fits your business best:

  • Sole proprietor

You will run your business by yourself, your business liability is also your personal liability.

The costs of this registration also varies. If you want to register your business under your full name it will cost you RM30/year (about $7.23). If you want to give your business a proper business name, it will cost you RM60/year (about $14.46).

  • Partnership

You will run the business with one or several of your partners, where all the partners are bound by the liability of the business.

Registering under the Partnership will cost RM60/year (about $14.46).

  • Limited Liability Partnership a.k.a LLP

The business is a separate entity and you hold limited liability.

This registration costs RM200/year.

  • Sendirian Berhad company a.k.a Sdn. Bhd.

This type of business is the most complicated one. You will have a completely separate entity from your business with limited liability.

It is very costly to set up, from RM4,000 – RM5,000/year.

Carefully evaluate each type of business registration and make sure to choose one that will be most beneficial to you. Keep in mind that the business registration is only required for your bank account needs and to manage customer orders. It is not required for your online store setup.

Speaking of which…

Setting up a dropshipping store

Dropshipping has multiple key perks that make it accessible. Among them, we want to highlight how easy and cost-effective it is to start such a business. Basically, anyone who is willing to dedicate their time and put some effort into it can create a successful business.

However, what should you focus on when launching a dropshipping business?

Find a lucrative niche

Finding a profitable niche is the key to a successful dropshipping business. So, you must carefully research various markets and audiences to find a promising one.

However, most importantly, in this type of business, it is crucial to be an expert in what you offer. So, make sure to choose a niche that matches your interests and allows you to sell the products you want to sell online.

Search for trusted suppliers with high-quality products

Another key aspect to a successful dropshipping store is finding and cooperating with reliable suppliers with high-quality products.

The Internet is full of different databases with such suppliers. You can turn to them or look for the needed products on various online marketplaces, like AliExpress.

There you can easily evaluate the products yourself and choose the best ones. For that, filter out the results the following way:

  • Sort the products by the number of orders
  • Tick the 4*&Up box
  • Check the box with Free Shipping

These search filters will show you the best-offered goods and allow you to save on additional costs.

Check out this section of our blog to find more tips and information about the most promising products to sell in a dropshipping store.

Create a distinctive online store

When you have chosen your niche along with the supplier who will be responsible for packaging and shipping the products, you need a place to sell these products. So, you need to create an online store.

Nowadays, there are multiple ways to get a fully functional dropshipping store without having to possess any specific knowledge or be a technical expert. Here are some store options you can get from AliDropship:

By the way, you have a chance to purchase a Premium store that makes over $2,000,000/year! You can get an exact copy of that store at an affordable price right now and start making a profit instantly!

Promote your online store

Now, when your dropshipping store is set up, you need to find a way to reach your target audience.

To find and reach your target audience, many ecommerce entrepreneurs advise establishing a social media presence. Creating a social media account, you have the chance to promote your products and services conveniently on a wide-reaching platform. Additionally, it can also work as a feedback channel for your clients, providing them with more user-friendly customer service.

Nevertheless, there are multiple extra ways to promote your products and services. The most popular methods are Facebook ad campaigns and Google AdWords advertising. Though, don’t forget about other useful online digital marketing methods such as email marketing, SEO, Instagram promotions, content marketing, etc.

Be creative and see what works best for your dropshipping business!

Implement safe payment gateways

In order to receive the incoming payments from your buyers, you will need to integrate a secure payment gateway. Luckily, the world’s most popular and secure payment gateways are available in Malaysia, such as:

With these payment methods, you can safely manage and receive your hard-earned profits.

Tax regulations

Like any other country, Malaysia has a complex tax system.

And if you’re a resident of Malaysia, this is especially important to know this. Since you will make a certain amount of income, you are going to have to pay personal income tax. Your tax rate will vary, depending on your level of income.

If you decide to cover up your income, you risk dealing with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia. And this can lead to hefty fines, imprisonment, and being barred from leaving your country. So, it is in your best interest to be upfront about your taxes.

However, if you’re living elsewhere and plan to sell products to the people in this country, Malaysian taxes shouldn’t concern you.

Nevertheless, goods imported into Malaysia are taxed more heavily and must comply with more stringent regulations (e.g. the duty-free limit is set at $160). If the goods exceed the limit, the entrepreneur will have to pay certain taxes (sales, value-added tax, etc.).

Please keep in mind that if you want to know more about the taxes in Malaysia, consult your local law adviser for expert advice.

Dropshipping in Malaysia: The local market

The Malaysian ecommerce market is pretty diverse. And to build a successful dropshipping store, you would want to sell products that are emotional, inspiring, and unusual. Basically, focus on items that can get the customers’ attention and trigger visitors to complete impulse purchases.

Nevertheless here is a list of product categories that are in high demand in Malaysia:

Bear in mind that with the dropshipping business model, you don’t have to limit yourself to only one specific regional market. You can target any market in the world. Dropshipping allows you to manage your dropshipping business anywhere, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. So, broaden your reach and look for more opportunities in different markets.

Final takeaways on dropshipping in Malaysia

Needless to say, if you are looking to start an online business, dropshipping in Malaysia is a very promising opportunity.

The dropshipping business model can be great for both new and established ecommerce entrepreneurs. It is incredibly easy to set up and doesn’t require a large start-up cost.

Moreover, looking at the ecommerce market in Malaysia, you’ll notice the population is heavily tech-oriented with most of the population actively using the Internet and its various intangibles. All of this makes for a very promising market to sell to.

Diving into this market, don’t forget about the local nuances that are specific for Malaysia. It’s essential to know what and when Malaysians like to purchase, as well as the local traditions, holidays and special events. All of these aspects can heavily influence the shopping behaviour of the local customers.

Want to start dropshipping in Malaysia but skip the planning phase and get straight to earning? Well, we have a solution! You can purchase an exact copy of a store that is already making profits. After you receive it, you can start promoting and selling products right away – and even use the ready promo strategies we’ve already tested!

Learn more about dropshipping in Malaysia.

Top Online Marketplaces In Asia: AliExpress vs Lazada vs Shopee

In this article, we will compare some of the top online marketplaces in Asia, AliExpress, Lazada and Shopee, in order to understand the differences between them and benefits they can provide for a dropshipping business.

In 2019, online retail sales exceeded 3.5 trillion dollars globally. And the number of people who buy products and services online keeps growing.

As ecommerce keeps developing, young entrepreneurs seek for alternatives to traditional business models. Dropshipping has become one of such alternatives.

It requires less starting budget and less investments to run the business. Even people who don’t have a lot of savings can succeed in dropshipping and start making thousands of dollars each month.

Dropshipping is based on reselling goods from suppliers (manufacturers or wholesalers) to customers. In order to earn a margin, dropshipping businesses look for products with low prices. No wonder many of them choose ecommerce marketplaces in Asia as the source of their goods. Historically, this is where manufacturing facilities and warehouses of the world’s largest corporations are located, so that’s where everyone goes when looking for a smart business deal.

In this article, we are going to compare top online marketplaces in Asia – AliExpress, Lazada and Shopee – to see which one is the best for a dropshipping business and why.

Top online marketplaces in Asia: AliExpress vs Lazada

Lazada Group is an ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia founded in 2012. In 2016 it was purchased by Alibaba Group which turned the platform into Alibaba’s regional “flagship”.

Lazada’s shops sell a wide range of consumer goods just like online sellers on AliExpress. The list includes electronic devices and accessories, health & beauty products, clothes for men and women, etc. You could say it’s a Southeast-Asian version of AliExpress.

Hence the question: why not dropship from Lazada? Let’s see what this platform has to offer.

1. Shipping coverage

One of the benefits of dropshipping is that your business doesn’t need to buy inventory in advance. Dropshipping suppliers send products to customers directly. Therefore, your business can work with any destination as long as the platform’s shipping serves this particular destination.

AliExpress serves dozens of countries worldwide, which is a huge benefit for a beginner dropshipper. However, Lazada operates only in six countries: Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and The Philippines.

Being one of the top online marketplaces in Asia, Lazada, nevertheless, serves only 6 destinations

Moreover, each of these countries has its own site version. For example, if you want to order a product in Singapore, you’ll have to buy it from This makes dropshipping from Lazada limited to only one destination.

It’s still possible to create a dropshipping website that can pick products from different site versions depending on the shipping destination customers choose. But even in this case, the shipping will be limited to six destinations.

2. Shipping cost and time

Many goods on Lazada come from local brands. That’s why delivery time usually takes 3-7 days. It’s much faster than what AliExpress can offer. In most cases, shipping costs about $0.74-2. Some sellers offer free shipping. Free delivery is also available in exchange for Collection Points.

But when it comes to products from abroad, the price can get a bit higher. Free shipping is still available, but in this case delivery can take up to several weeks.

3. Product prices

AliExpress and Lazada have very similar product categories. One can find the same goods on both these ecommerce marketplaces. Take a look at these two products:

Screenshot of identical plush crocodile toys and their prices on Lazada and AliExpress

As you can see, these are two totally identical plush toys. But let’s look at the price. The toy on Lazada costs about US$37.7 while its price on AliExpress is US$33.55. The original price on the screenshot is in Singapore dollars. If we forget about the claimed discounts, the prices will be US$50.2 and US$38.12 respectively.

On the other hand, there are many brands on Lazada that you can’t find on AliExpress. Moreover, since Lazada operates only locally, it sells groceries and pet food among other things – something AliExpress had to give up a few years ago.

Screenshot of groceries and pet products on Lazada

Summing up Lazada’s potential as an online marketplace for dropshipping

Being one of the top online marketplaces in Asia, Lazada has a lot of products to offer (including goods you won’t find on AliExpress). But the prices there can be a bit higher than on the Chinese marketplace.

As a rule, shipping cost is lower and delivery takes less time on Lazada. On the other hand, the platform only serves six countries in Southeast Asia.

Top online marketplaces in Asia: AliExpress vs Shopee

Shopee is another popular internet retail platform in Asia. It was initially launched in Singapore but is now serving a number of other countries. It sells consumer goods just like the other two platforms.

1. Shipping coverage

As of now, Shopee can sell products to Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Brazil (the only country outside of the region).

Screenshot of Shopee's homepage showing which coutries are served by the marketplace

Just like on Lazada, customers need to buy goods from their national version of the ecommerce site to get parcels.

2. Shipping cost and time

When it comes to local products, shipping doesn’t take very long. Delivery usually takes about 3-7 days even for the Brazilian version of the site. However, shipping goods from abroad can take up to several weeks. For Brazil, delivery time can take more than two months.

Shipping cost isn’t high. For most products, customers have to pay not more than US$1. Many sellers offer free delivery in exchange for larger orders.

Screenshot of a product page on Shopee demonstrating the marketplace's shipping cost

3. Product prices

The prices on Shopee are generally similar to those on AliExpress. Moreover, sometimes one can find even technically complex products that are cheaper on Shopee compared to AliExpress.

Screenshot of identical drones listed on Shopee and AliExpress, and their pricesr

As you can see, these are identical drones (probably made by the same manufacturer). Still, its price on Shopee is lower than on AliExpress. In addition, you can find lots of local brands on Shopee that don’t sell their goods on AliExpress.

Shopee stores also sell groceries which you can’t find on the Chinese platform.

Summing up Shopee’s potential as an online marketplace for dropshipping

Shopee offers a wide range of goods, as well as relatively affordable and fast shipping compared to AliExpress. On the other hand, the platform serves only 7 destinations in Southeast Asia and one country in South America.

Should you choose Lazada or Shopee as an online marketplace for your dropshipping activity?

Being among the top online marketplaces in Asia, these two platforms seem like a good choice for someone who wants to resell goods from AliExpress. The fact that you can find identical products on AliExpress, Lazada and Shopee confirms that some people do it.

However, if you consider building a WordPress dropshipping store using AliDropship solutions, neither Lazada nor Shopee a good idea, and that’s why.

1. Limited market

First of all, I have already mentioned that the two ecommerce marketplaces ship products to 6 and 8 countries respectively. I’m not saying that Southeast Asia is an unattractive region for dropshipping. But the largest online retail market in the United States. Excluding this destination from your target list is a huge mistake.

2. No benefits from automated ecommerce tools

There is a range of helpful tech solutions for entrepreneurs, like AliDropship plugin, designed to let you build standalone dropshipping websites and ship goods to any country with the help of your suppliers. However, the plugin cannot dropship products from AliExpress to Lazada or Shopee.

In order to sell right on Shopee or Lazada,you will have to register as a regular seller there, pay listing fees and comply with the local policies – or find alternative dropshipping tools.

3. Smaller scope of action

Often people who want to dropship goods choose to sell products on ecommerce marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, eBay, Amazon, etc. They think that these sites work as advertising platforms.

Yes, these platforms do attract a certain audience and you have a chance to sell a product or two. But they cannot compare to social media marketing, especially Facebook. It is advertising on Facebook that brings you the highest portion of profit. Simply having your goods listed on Amazon or another platform can hardly beat Facebook promotion.

Which of the top online marketplaces are suitable for dropshipping?

Both Lazada and Shopee sell similar types of products. Therefore, it would be logical to consider dropshipping from these ecommerce marketplaces.

First of all, you could notice that in most cases delivery Lazada and Shopee takes less time compared to AliExpress. Even goods imported from abroad get delivered within a week or two since most such products come from neighboring China.

In addition, product prices aren’t that different from what you see on AliExpress. Sometimes goods on Shopee are even cheaper.

However, there are several reasons why AliExpress is a better alternative.

1. Free shipping

On AliExpress, there are thousands of products that can be delivered for free. Yes, you can find free delivery options on the other two platforms as well. But in most cases this benefit is offered in exchange for larger orders.

As a rule, free shipping from AliExpress takes much longer than delivery from Lazada and Shopee. But it’s mostly because the goods have to travel to other countries and continents. Dropshippers working with AliExpress usually solve this problem with the relatively fast and affordable ePacket.

2. International shipping

Picking Lazada or Shopee for dropshipping can be a good idea if you want to resell products in Southeast Asia. However, these platforms cannot deliver goods to the world’s largest markets located in North America and Europe. For example, when developing our own Established and Premium Stores, The AliDropship team always targets the US market as the largest one.

Dropshipping from AliExpress gives you more choice in terms of shipping options.

3. Digital solutions for the top online marketplaces

Another important benefit of dropshipping from AliExpress is that there are plenty of digital solutions for creating and running such dropshipping sites.

Some entrepreneurs successfully dropship goods on Lazada and Shopee. But if you wanted to resell goods from these platforms in Asia with your own site, you’d have to do everything manually.

On the other hand, with the AliDropship plugin, you can not only build a dropshipping site and import goods from AliExpress, but also automate most parts of the sale process.

Moreover, AliDropship can offer a wide range of add-ons for the AliDropship plugin. They can help you customize your online store, create lucrative offers and a sense of urgency to raise sales, run social media pages and many more. In other words, there’s a whole range of tools designed to make AliExpress dropshipping faster, easier and more profitable.

There’s no doubt AliExpress is one of the top online marketplaces in Asia, so it’s not surprising many entrepreneurs choose this platform for dropshipping. Today you even don’t have to build your site from scratch. The AliDropship team can create a Custom Dropshipping Store for you. Or you can simply buy one of our ready-made businesses – Established and Premium Dropshipping Stores.

Read about top online marketplaces in Asia.

How To Start A Successful Online Store – Tips From The AliDropship Team

Are you wondering how to start a successful online store? The AliDropship team shares their experience in finding top-selling niches and building profitable dropshipping websites. 

Online shopping is getting more popular: in 2019, online sales accounted for 14.1% of all retail sales worldwide, and by 2023 this figure is expected to reach 22%. Therefore, businesses go online. With easy-to-use dropshipping solutions, even people with small budgets can start an online store.

But what does it take to create a successful ecommerce business? Is it the niche? Or perhaps is it the advertising materials? Or does web design play the most important role?

The AliDropship company offers ready-made dropshipping businesses for sale including unique Established Stores and Premium Stores (copies of our most successful self-owned shops). In this article, we are going to talk about how our team creates such websites.

How to start a successful online store: niche ideas

When you consider starting an online business, it is natural to ask yourself what kind of products could sell well. Therefore, a beginner entrepreneur usually tries to analyze different markets, study potential customers, compare prices, etc.

Of course, most entrepreneurs prefer something they like because doing what you like motivates much better than necessity.

The problem is that niches are sometimes too broad. You can’t be sure precisely what products could become your best offer. That’s why we’ve been using a different approach.

Launching new Established and Premium Stores starts with finding a product!

  • First, the team uses AdSpy to find out what other dropshipping stores advertise on Facebook and Instagram. Here we look for ads with thousands of likes, comments and shares. Sometimes the team looks for ideas on Amazon, AliExpress Dropshipping Center and Google Trends.

Examples of dropshipping ads of earphones and a sweater found on AdSpy

  • When we find something interesting, we visit the original store to check the item’s price and shipping options. We also check comments under the ad post.
  • After that, we find this or similar product on AliExpress to check the supplier’s score and prices, customer reviews, available shipping options, pictures, videos and GIFs.
  • Lastly, the team visits Amazon to check if local sellers offer similar products and for what price.

This is a simplified action plan to find and analyze any product idea for your future dropshipping store. Here you can read a standalone article on how to find ecommerce products using this method.

The AliDropship team uses this method to find goods which are then tested on our stores. If these goods prove profitable, they become our Premium Products – a subscription service that sends you new dropshipping products each week.

When the team manages to find something outstanding, a product that converts really well and earns a lot of money, this product can become a foundation stone for a new Established or Premium Store.

How to define if a product is worth your attention?

When you look for product ideas on AdSpy or similar platforms, the number of likes and comments clearly indicates that this particular product is popular. It’s also important to pay attention to when an ad was created and whether it’s still running. An old ad may have a lot of likes, but it doesn’t mean the product is popular right now. Also, browse customer comments under the post and reviews on this particular shop and on Amazon if you can find this item there.

This is what you should pay attention to when looking for product ideas on AdSpy

When you browse AliExpress looking for good products, check sellers’ ratings, how long the store’s been in business and how many followers it has. Then check the number of stars a product has (stick to those having more than four), and the number of goods sold. Make sure the price is affordable and the seller offers free or affordable shipping to your destination.

This is what you should pay attention to when looking for product ideas on AliExpress

Also, check customer reviews and customer-made photos to estimate the quality of the product.

Positive customer reviews with photos on an AliExpress product page

To build a successful online store, you need goods that will let you mark-up the price considerably. It’s especially important for products you’re going to advertise since each conversion costs money. For example, when you advertise on Facebook, expect the average cost of conversion to be about $30. So you have to make sure the final price doesn’t scare away your customers.

That’s why our team prefers products that clients will buy in quantities. For example, people often buy two car organizers to put the second one near the passenger seat. And if a family has two cars, they may buy four of them. In this case, the cost of conversion will remain the same.

This way you can sell several products after paying for a conversion only once.

How can a single product turn into a niche?

As a matter of fact, in most cases, it takes at least two or three products to define the future store’s niche. Still, even one item can serve as a center of attraction for related goods.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t actually “create a new niche” this way. Having one product or a group of items with good potential lets you pick one of the existing niches for your store.

For example, if you have discovered a T-shirt with a funny print that sells great, your obvious choice is clothes. You will probably pick similar apparel, but if necessary, you can also broaden the niche or narrow it down later. After all, instead of focusing on clothes only, you can build your store around funny or cute items from other categories.

It doesn’t mean you don’t need the rest of the inventory! The flagship product is good for advertising, drawing the attention of potential customers and leading them to your site. Yes, sometimes a dropshipping store has only one popular product while other goods don’t sell at all. And such stores can still be successful. But this is not what you should go for.

If you manage to find useful goods or items with emotional value that perfectly complement your flagship product, the rest of the inventory will make it possible to raise your average order value. To put it simply, people will buy other products along with the one you advertise, thus raising your profit.

For example, you can advertise the grooming tool to attract customers and then offer them the other goods as a part of a bundle. You can also use these offers for remarketing campaigns.

So, the idea is to find a hugely popular product, complement it with similar goods and promote them as bundles, or sets, or simply offer discounts for larger orders.

How to start a successful online store: website creation and design

During the next stage, the team builds a new website. The AliDropship plugin can be used to create either a WordPress site or a WooCommerce site, but we build our self-owned online stores on WordPress.

The process includes the following steps:

  • Buying a domain name for the future shop. The trick is to find a short and simple name that can explain potential clients what you sell and is easy to remember.
  • After that, the team installs WordPress on our hosting and installs the AliDropship plugin.
  • Next we pick a dropshipping theme that will suit a given niche and customize the site. The goal here is to build a proper site structure by creating a number of categories and subcategories, setting up the pricing formula and payment gateways to let customers pay with credit cards and PayPal, etc.
  • After that, the team takes care of the site’s design and creates banners.
  • Finally, the team imports all the products they picked on AliExpress and creates proper product pages.

This step is extremely important because when people visit ecommerce websites, you can lose them any moment. There are plenty of things that can scare customers away: the price, shipping cost, low-quality photos, vague descriptions, negative reviews, etc. Even visitors that did add products to their shopping carts may change their minds and leave.

That’s why the team tries hard to write a great product description and find positive customer reviews with real photos for each product. Here you can read more about how to create a perfect product page.

As for products that we are going to advertise, we also test their pages to see which variants convert visitors better.

How to start a successful online store: installing AliDropship add-ons

Advertising each and every product from your inventory will cost you too much. And the efficiency of this approach is questionable. That’s why the team prioritizes only a few items in the list. But in order to create a profitable online store, one has to increase its average order value, i.e. how much customers spend on average.

You can either convince site visitors to buy more of the same product or buy more goods from the same or other categories. The choice depends on what kind of products you’re going to sell. Some goods sell better in quantities while others go well when complemented with other items.

For this purpose, the team uses a number of AliDropship add-ons such as Gift Box, Bulk Discounts, Product Bundle, Recent Sales Pop-Up, etc. Note that you will have to purchase these add-ons separately if you want to try similar marketing strategies.

However, all Established Dropshipping Stores have the following add-ons installed:

After an Established Store is launched, the team also creates a Facebook page and a Pinterest account. All these additional plugins and services are included into the price.

The team builds social media communities for Premium Stores as well. But when you purchase a copy of these shops, you have to create your own social media pages.

How to start a successful online store: launching and developing a new shop

After that, the team launches the store and promotes it through the channels picked earlier. If the website starts making enough profit, we turn it either into one of our Established or Premium Stores.

Established Stores feature somewhat more unique niches, which is why we hand all the materials to new store owners completely. Premium Stores feature relatively broad niches, which is why you can buy their copies without having to worry about competition very much.

After you become an owner of such websites, all you need to do is to start promoting them in a similar way we do or develop your own strategy. For those wondering how to run a successful online store, we recommend reading our blog where we publish marketing tips, industry secrets and success stories from our customers.

This is how we start a successful online store. It’s a time-proved method the AliDropship team has been using for a long time to offer you profitable Established Stores and Premium Stores so that you could launch your own small business.

Learn how to start a successful online store.

A User-Friendly Ecommerce Hosting Solution For Your Website

Looking for the best ecommerce hosting? Well, look no further! To create a successful ecommerce website, one needs to choose a hosting provider that will ensure smooth operation and trouble-free performance of the online store. And you can find this with our ecommerce hosting solution

Among many beginner ecommerce entrepreneurs, there is a slight confusion about hosting services. Some might even say that you have to have a technical background or some kind of experience to get an understanding of what is ecommerce web hosting, why you need it and which is better to choose. However, it is not as hard as you may think.

In this article, we will uncover what is ecommerce hosting and why it is required. We will also discuss the features you should pay special attention to, and the reasons why AliDropship hosting is the best choice for dropshipping entrepreneurs.

What is ecommerce hosting and why it is essential

Web hosting services allow individuals and organizations to launch and maintain websites on the Internet. For you to get a better understanding how it works – there are specific computer servers that host various websites on the Internet.

So, for Internet users to access your online store, they will need to enter your website address or domain name into the search box of the browser. Then, they will connect to the server of your website and be able to navigate through your online store. So, basically, without hosting, Internet users won’t find your online store and won’t be able to access it.

But that’s not all! While you have to purchase hosting, you also need to purchase a domain name. Since AliDropship does not provide domain names, so you have to go to another source to find one. We recommend heading over to domain registrars such as:

To learn more about domain names, you can look at our other article dedicated specifically to domains and domain registrars.

Keep in mind that when you purchase a ready online store from AliDropship, you get a premium domain name for FREE!

The most common ecommerce hosting questions

Ecommerce hosting has many features that ecommerce entrepreneurs have to be aware of. In fact, we have gathered a list of the most frequently asked questions from our customers and we are ready to answer them.

#1 What type of hosting does AliDropship offer?

Let’s first look at what types of hosting are out there. We are going to focus on the 2 most questioned types of hosting, the Dedicated hosting and the Shared hosting.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the most basic type of hosting. It does not require much technical knowledge to get started. As opposed to the other type of hosting, websites using shared hosting will share a server and its resources. As a result, based on the hosting plan, each site will have a specific amount of resources available. Therefore, the cost is lower because of the split resources.

This begs the question, who is this type of hosting best suited for? Considering that it offers the most favourable prices and is not technically complex, it is the best choice for beginner entrepreneurs and small business websites that don’t anticipate more than 20,000 monthly visitors.

Dedicated hosting 

These are the best available hosting services. And judging by the name, you might have guessed that these servers are dedicated to one individual. You won’t be sharing resources of the server with any other website, which will enable your website to perform to the fullest. Furthermore, if you get a dedicated server hosting, you can expect high uptime rates and quick loading speeds.

However, all these benefits come at a rather large price, as it is the most expensive type of hosting. These servers can cost up to $2,000 /month.

Now you might be guessing, who is this type of hosting for? These types of hosting plans are usually made for websites that have high traffic rates and are considered enterprise-level. Organizations that can consider this kind of hosting should have at least 100,000 monthly visitors.

So, what type of hosting does AliDropship offer? The answer is Shared hosting services, as it is the best solution for entrepreneurs looking to begin a dropshipping business. Furthermore, depending on your geographical location, you can select a server that is closest to your position. This will raise the chances of your website running more smoothly and efficiently.

#2 How much disk space should the ecommerce hosting have?

It is important to mention that disk space is the total data available to store on the web server. And the necessary amount of space heavily depends on the size of the website.

To get an estimation of how much disk space one requires, there needs to be an understanding that each store owner has different necessities and thus requires different amounts of disk space. So for each individual, it should be counted separately.

However, for an ecommerce entrepreneur, a starter, or in this case a “Silver”, hosting plan should be enough to start an online store. You can easily upgrade to a plan on better terms at any time in the control panel of the hosting.

Nevertheless, if you are still unsure how much space you need, but are eager to start your own online business, try our brand new store builder! There, you will get an automatically recommended hosting plan that will be evaluated, depending on how many products you expect to sell.

#3 How secure is AliDropship’s hosting service?

Information is extremely valuable and making sure that it stays disclosed is very important. With AliDropship’s hosting services, you can be certain that all your information remains secure and your website does not get hacked.

The hosting service provides an advanced security system that has many helpful tools, like a Free anti-DDoS guard accompanied by free SSL certificates on all the hosting plans. Even when you purchase a basic option, you can be sure that these things will be featured and your website will have a top of the line security system. So, you don’t have to install any additional software such as antiviruses.

However, there are still certain precautions you need to follow, to keep your data safe.

  • Keep up with updates of your CMS platform and its plugins (relevant information can be found on its official website) and always make sure you have the latest versions installed.
  • Use only official themes and plugins offered by your CMS. Nulled versions of paid scripts are extremely likely to be infected.
  • Use strong passwords, which contain at least 8 characters: numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. Weak passes are very easy to crack.

You can find more recommendations in this article.

And don’t forget to follow basic suggestions, like do not enter your credentials from unsafe Wi-Fi connections, don’t store your logins and passwords on easily accessible platforms, etc.

#4 What’s so special about AliDropship’s ecommerce hosting?

If you plan to run your website on the WordPress CMS platform, you need to choose hosting software that is compatible with that initial platform. Luckily, ecommerce platforms that are powered by WordPress are among the most popular in the world with over 37% of websites which means there are plenty of hosting services to choose from.

However, it is preferable to choose one that is easy to manage and install. Luckily, AliDropship’s hosting is just that! It offers one-click WordPress platform installation, with reasonably priced plans starting at only $48 a year and responsive customer support if you need any assistance.

Even the cheapest version of the hosting plan has enough features for a beginner ecommerce entrepreneur. With 3 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, up to 20 email addresses, FREE SSL, and many more features that can be seamlessly managed on an easy-to-handle control panel.

It is possible to make successful stores powered by AliDropship’s hosting. You may have seen our Established stores that make crazy amounts of money weekly! It may come as a surprise to you but AliDropship stores them on its hosting services. So, you can be sure that by getting our hosting, you get a chance to create a lucrative dropshipping store.

Final takeaways on AliDropship’s ecommerce hosting services

All things considered, if you are looking to start an ecommerce business, you need a reliable hosting provider. It will allow your store to function fluently, be secure, and easy to manage. You can get all of this by purchasing AliDropship’s ecommerce hosting services.

Reasonably priced plans along with all the user-friendly features make it a suitable option for any dropshipping entrepreneur. Moreover, the AliDropship plugin is perfectly optimized with the hosting service. As a result, you have a clear opportunity to create a successful dropshipping store with minimal costs.

The hosting plans allow you to easily set up an ecommerce business, and once your online store gains traction, you can always upgrade to a more suitable plan. The best part? You can jump into dropshipping straight away with an exact copy of one of these successful stores and enjoy the smooth – and profitable – business operation! 

Read how to choose a proper ecommerce hosting.


Why You Should Dropship Art: A Niche Of Unrealized Potential

Do you want to dropship art? If you are passionate about art, you have an opportunity to turn your hobby into a constant source of income. With the dropshipping business model, you can easily dropship art prints, posters, and whatever you fancy. 

The truth of the matter is that many people love art and everything like that. Given their desire to decorate their homes and offices with posters, art prints, or other art objects, it’s fair to say this particular niche is certainly full of potential.

Art supplies is another regularly in-demand product category that can be a noteworthy addition to your dropshipping store. From various pencils and paintbrushes to easels and canvases, art lovers purchase these goods for their work and leisure activities.

And if you wish to dropship art in your own online store, you can join this rapidly expanding industry.

Why you should dropship art: the global art market

The global art market is increasing and expanding annually. In fact, according to Statista, in 2019, global online art sales amounted to approximately 4.82 billion dollars, up by 4% from the previous year. Furthermore, by 2024 online art sales will increase to 9.32 billion dollars. The whole market is valued at 64.12 billion dollars, with countries like China, United States, and the United Kingdom being the worldwide market leaders.

If we look at Google Trends, we can clearly see that art is a widely popular search query worldwide. And throughout the past five years, the interest has been consistent with no significant seasonal changes.

Google trends Dropship art print

What’s more, while researching the market, ecommerce entrepreneurs can find even more sub-niches because there is a wide variety of products to sell. Therefore, a sea of opportunities lies in front of the business owners for their online stores. A broad range of products will cater to the interests of different audiences such as professional artists, hobbyists, office workers, homeowners, etc.

Want to sell the hottest and most demanded items only? Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market – and get every week’s bestsellers imported to your store AUTOMATICALLY!

People love art, all that is left for the ecommerce entrepreneur to do is to find the right target audience.

Now, let’s check what products you can import in your online store from AliExpress.

What type of products to focus on when you dropship art

It is no secret that AliExpress features an extensive range of items in lots of different product categories. Let’s look at what you can find for your art-focused dropshipping store.

To make sure the products are not only in demand, but of great quality, and come from a reliable supplier, we have carefully selected them relying on a specific list of criteria.

First, we chose a product category, in this case – art. The search results will show you related subcategories to the one you picked. There you can select a subcategory to your liking. After that, you need to sort out the products with the following criteria:

  • Sort by the number of orders
  • 4* & up
  • Free shipping

These settings will show the most popular products that have the most orders, with the best suppliers and shipping options.

Furthermore, upon choosing a product for your dropshipping store, it is useful to look at the feedback left by other customers. Since you can’t touch or feel the items, reviews can be helpful to understand the supplier’s services and the quality of the products.

Art paintings 


Vintage posters



dropship canvases



Wall stickers


Art markers 


Paint brushes 



Watercolor paint

Figurines & Miniatures

Final thoughts on dropshipping art

It’s safe to say that if you want to dropship art supplies or objects like posters and paintings, it is a big market with lots of customers to cater to. High product demand from potential customers also helps, which is another reason for an ecommerce entrepreneur to try their hand in focusing on this niche.

All in all, if your goal is to find promising products to sell in your dropshipping store, and discover lots of potential audiences – you should consider dropshipping art. In practice, this can provide lots of benefits and ensure the growth of your ecommerce business. And what else do you need as a successful entrepreneur?

If you’re thinking of starting your own ecommerce business but don’t know where to start, we suggest looking at what AliDropship has to offer to you. Take a look at your options for launching a store and choose which one fits you best. 

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COVID-19 Second Wave: How To Save Your Business?

While the analysts predict the COVID-19 second wave, business owners should prepare their businesses and be able to respond quickly and adapt their ventures to the novelties the potential new wave can bring us.

A while back, people began to speak about a possible new wave of COVID-19. However, nowadays no one can be sure whether this will happen per se.

But what should business owners do in advance of this potential new wave of coronavirus? Actually, business owners are not the fortune tellers. It remains for us only to trust reliable analysts and get prepared for this potential outbreak. This is a lot better to get ready ‘just in case’ than find yourself totally unprepared to the new normal. Right?

Lots of people speak about how to prepare for the second wave of COVID-19 and adapt your business to the pandemics. We have already discussed how to manage your business during the COVID-19 outbreak. So, has anything changed since then?

COVID-19 second wave: is it fake or not?

Even though nobody can be 100% sure whether the wave hits us again or not, the probability, indeed, exists. There is a chance that the COVID-19 new wave will happen.

In fact, many countries reacted properly in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak. But even in case the coronavirus seems to back off in your country, this doesn’t mean the situation in neighboring countries will have no impact on the world economy.

Well, this is interesting, but what should business owners do now? Which steps should they take in advance of the new wave of COVID-19? And is it worth taking some actions, or it’s a better idea to wait until this outbreak starts?

Well, first of all, it should be mentioned that the apprehensions about the new wave of COVID-19 are not groundless. Right, there are lots of countries in which the pandemic is on the wane. And this is great. But let’s pay attention to the COVID-19 outbreak on a global scale.

a picture showing statistics on covid-19 new cases worldwide

Here we can see that, if compared with the spring when the new coronavirus just started to spread all over the world, now the number of new cases of COVID-19 is a lot greater. And this is why some countries tend to close public spaces, and lots of huge companies announce the period of remote working again.

The number of new COVID-19 cases is not increasing considerably, and this is good news. However, this is a high time for business owners to start preparing for the new wave.

What have we learned from the first COVID-19 outbreak?

a picture showing impact of coronavirus on business

What distinguishes a wise entrepreneur? Well, one of the most important features of the most successful business owners in 2020 is flexibility. The first wave of COVID-19 had a major influence on the world economy. It forced lots of entrepreneurs to change their business strategy or even close their facilities. But meantime, it provided other business owners with an opportunity for unprecedented business growth.

Now you should understand that the first COVID-19 outbreak has taught us several post post-COVID lessons we have to take. To date, we don’t know for sure if we need to change our business mindset. Perhaps we are now witnessing not just temporary changes. It’s likely that this is the beginning of the new epoch.

And the idea is that you should be ready for this anyway. And those who wait until everything gets back as it used to be are likely to lose. Better get prepared for new changes in case this won’t happen, than this will happen, but you’re not ready for this. Just stay one step ahead of everyone else. Be flexible.

So, what post-COVID lesson is the most important for the ecommerce business owners? Well, do you remember we told you that some people suffered from the first wave of COVID-19, but others benefited? In fact, while the retail sector suffered from the coronavirus pandemic, the ecommerce one was not only far from crash, but also expanded significantly.

And this is what we have expected. Due to the closed restaurants, supermarkets, clothing stores, the majority of people all over the world had to shop online. So COVID-19 accelerated the shift to online retail.

And this is also not groundless. If you look at the ecommerce traffic, you will see that there is an unprecedented growth of ecommerce traffic with the outbreak of COVID-19. Beyond this, it culminated in the fact that nowadays most people shop online. And there is also a growth of ecommerce sales analysts have pointed out.

This shows that this is a highly favorable period of time for business owners. All you need is to use it right. But how to do this?

COVID-19 new wave tips: how to save your business and find new growth opportunities

an image showing how to run business during COVID-19 new wave

Well, since AliDropship always does its best to provide you with an opportunity to easily start and run your dropshipping venture and benefit from it, in the face of the new COVID-19 wave, we have prepared for you a set of the most important tips for saving and expanding your business. Here they are!

1. Review your business performance during the first outbreak of COVID-19 carefully

The first step to prepare for the new wave of COVID-19 is to analyze your business performance during its first outbreak. This information will let you assume how your business was going in the face of pandemics.

2. Pay attention to the aspects of your business COVID-19 had the most influence on

After you have collected all the data on your business performance during the first wave of COVID-19, you need to pay particular attention to the aspects of your business the pandemics had the most influence on. So it remains for you to find out the weaknesses of your business model and cope with them.

3. Make sure you can easily work from home for a long period of time

In fact, since we speak about ecommerce, it’s not supposed to be challenging for you. The dropshipping business model lets you start and run your dropshipping business from anywhere in the world. All you need is your laptop and the Internet access. So, in the face of the epidemics, you need to make sure that your Internet provider is reliable enough, and you will be able to work from home for a long period of time in case of a total lockdown.

4. Prove that you do your best to provide security for your customers

Certainly, you need to take care of yourself. In this case, you will be able to spend more time on running your online store, and, consequently, count on higher profits. However, if you want to win your customers’ hearts and minds, it’s a great idea to show that you’re ready to take care of your customers as well. So you need to prove to them that you do your best to provide security for them. For example, try to note that all the parcels are treated with antiseptic. This is exactly what Chinese shipping companies started to do during the first wave of COVID-19.

5. Adapt your business to what people need during the pandemics

The first wave of COVID-19 has shown that you need to adapt your business to what people need during the epidemics. During a lockdown, people tend to buy all the necessities online. We have already informed you about the great product ideas during the COVID-19 outbreak.

6. Contact your suppliers

You need to stay in touch with your suppliers on a permanent basis in order to make your online store operate sustainably. So in the face of the new wave of coronavirus, you need to make sure that your suppliers go on working, process the orders, ship the parcels, etc. What’s more, this is a great idea to expand the list of suppliers you deal with. If you don’t know how to do this, this is an article on how to find reliable and time-tested suppliers for your business.

7. Make sure shipping companies go on working

Moreover, this is crucial to make sure that shipping and postal companies also go on working and ship the packages.

8. Keep in touch with your customers

In case the second wave of COVID-19 will take place, it will be necessary for you also to keep in touch with your customers. You need to inform them that you continue and you’re still ready to provide them with the necessary products. You can do this by means of both email marketing channels and social media accounts.

9. Check if you dropshipping store has all the necessary tools to ensure maximum conversion

Since during a pandemic you are highly likely to face a greater number of potential customers on your website, we would recommend that you use all the necessary software that can provide you with the maximum conversion rate. So consider using add-ons from AliDropship. They will not only help you increase the conversion rate, but also let you put your business on autopilot!

New wave of COVID-19: final ideas

Well, to date, nobody knows if the COVID-19 new wave will happen, what impact will it have on the community and business. However, the first wave of the epidemic has already proven that those win who are able to adapt their business to new social realities.

And since you deal with ecommerce, this is quite a favorable period of time for you. Moreover, it can even mark a new epoch of exceptional opportunities for the growth of your business. That’s why it’s crucial for you not to miss these opportunities. So it’s a good idea for you to get prepared for the possible COVID-19 second wave in advance.

Take the post-COVID lessons we have mentioned about into consideration, get prepared for the COVID-19 new wave, and make your business flourish! In case you don’t have your dropshipping business yet, now it’s definitely high time to start dropshipping!

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Best Dropshipping Examples: Stores That Make $40,000+/Month

The dropshipping business model is becoming widely popular and highly accessible, so it is important to understand what makes a dropshipping store successful. Is it the name? Maybe the provided service? Or even the design? Let’s try to figure it out based on the dropshipping examples AliDropship has prepared for you! 

Often ecommerce entrepreneurs ignore the importance of an online store itself and don’t devote enough time to its technical development. They tend to focus on the promotional side of things, prioritizing offline advertising, and marketing through various social media platforms. Needless to say, by doing so they lose a large chunk of potential customers and therefore, profit. Furthermore, if your goal is to build a fully functional dropshipping store, or any online store for that matter, having a dedicated website specifically optimized for this purpose is essential.

So, what goes into a successful dropshipping store? It is unlikely you will get any real customers if you don’t have an attractive and professionally made online store. Having a unique and distinctive website marks your online presence and makes it easier for consumers to remember your brand. One thing you should keep in mind is that about 93% of online consumers consider visual appearance to be the most important factor upon making a purchase.

Therefore, in this article, we will examine the most successful dropshipping examples AliDropship has to offer. Let’s get started! 

Dropshipping examples: the most important features of successful stores

What are the most important aspects of a website? It’s hard to argue that the most important aspect of a website is the template, or rather, the layout.

A smooth layout creates a coherent experience navigating through the website. The perfect layout possesses all the necessary navigational elements that allow your visitors to easily move around your online store.

However, your visitors won’t hesitate to leave your store if the website looks clumsy. You need to avoid the most common mistakes, like: information at the wrong place, the design is too dull or too bright, or the page is taking too long to load.

In fact, a great layout is closely linked to the user’s behavior on a website. A modern design can attract more attention and even improve your conversion rates. So, it is best to spend some time looking for or creating the best possible layout rather than losing potential customers because of an awful visual appearance. An informative and visually attractive layout is capable of engaging visitors into examining the site more thoroughly.

Now, let’s look at some of the successful dropshipping examples of AliDropship, which you can replicate and get a similar copy in a matter of a few clicks.

A dropshipping example of a general store: Buy It Carl

For our first successful dropshipping example, let’s take a look at our very own Buy It Carl. This is a general dropshipping store, meaning that it has a large product offering, not tied to a particular niche.

Just look at the homepage: we can clearly see everything the store has to offer. Every category is easily accessible which makes the site navigation look exceptionally great.

What’s more, the search box is located right at the top of the page. So, if your visitors are having a tough time finding some kind of product, they can search for it effortlessly.

Also, you can see the cart over on the right side of the screen, so you can be sure that your store visitors can always check what they have added to it.

Furthermore, the homepage screen shows all the offers right off the bat, to raise the interest of their visitors.


If you look at the footer, it is perfectly organized, too. If a visitor needs some specific piece of information, they can find it here. From the contact information to company information and purchase info, there’s everything a potential customer might need.

Beyond this, every feature that a brand offers can also be seen, such as “Free returns”, “Free Delivery” and “Money Back Guarantee”.

Our successful dropshipping example of a niche store: Mr. Instrument

For our second example, let’s analyze our Mr. Instrument, a store that focuses on selling home improvement tools.

Like the store before, it has a cutting edge design that guarantees high conversion rates and many more beneficial features.

However, let’s look at what makes this store so great and at the main things that consumers come for when visiting a certain store – the products.

In this particular case, let’s look at how well the product page looks.


As we can see, everything is in plain sight. There are lots of product images showcasing the product. Additionally, the product page has several purchasing options that are easy to read and comprehend. This makes the purchasing process much easier – a potential buyer can choose any color they like and however many items they need.

On top of that, there is a helpful indication showing the discount offer and how much the consumer will save.

All this adds up to a coherent purchasing experience.

Let’s not forget about one of the major features that sell products and depicts it in more detail – the product description.

If we look at the product description, it is carefully thought out and described with lots of examples that showcase all of the products’ qualities.


Another inspirational dropshipping example of a niche store: Gardeniniet

And for our last, but certainly not least, dropshipping example, let’s take a look at our dropshipping store dedicated to home and gardening – Gardenient.

Now, what does everyone carefully examine before making a purchasing decision? Of course, the reviews.


Reviews play a big part in a purchasing decision, as they show previous experiences of other customers. Seeing reviews with pictures greatly improves the chances of someone buying the product.

How to get a successful dropshipping store?

If you wish to have a store that will look like one of the stores on this list – you can easily have it! To fulfill your business idea, in just a few clicks, you can get an exact copy of these (and many other) pre-developed stores!

You will receive the exact same state of the art design. Well-thought-out product pages and descriptions will be yours to enjoy, too. And to top it all of, you will get a fully imported review section with lots of pictures and comments.

Let that sink in: you have a unique opportunity to get a hold on a store with profit potential of up to $40,000 per month!

Down below, you can see for yourself the profit made by our selected Premium stores. And yes, you can have an exact copy of any of them!

General dropshipping store: Buy It Carl

Niche dropshipping stores: Mr. Instrument and Gardeniniet


Final thoughts on our successful dropshipping examples

Rounding it up, it is safe to say that to create a profitable online store, you need a web design that is easy to navigate about.

Design elements should include high-quality images, like the examples we showed above, a color palette that’s pleasing to the eye, a clean-cut, and a smart font style, with plenty of white space and call to action banners.

All things considered, the overall website design should be simple, so that your store visitors can easily find their way around and find the products they are looking for.

Some other features that a modern website should have is to be mobile responsive, simply because not having a mobile-friendly website can lead to the loss of a huge amount of potential customers. By purchasing one of our ready solutions – you get a mobile-optimized online store!

Having said that, you have a unique opportunity to establish your own ecommerce business right away. With the purchase of a copy of one of our dropshipping examples, you can start dropshipping products in no time.

If you want more information on how to create a lucrative dropshipping business, you can join our FREE webinar, where we will tell you all the secrets behind our successful dropshipping examples, and specifically:

  • Converting visitors into customers
  • Promoting your products through Facebook
  • Getting a precise copy of a store that makes a huge profit

So, what are you waiting for? With the help of our Premium stores, you can start dropshipping today!

Are you eager to set up your own ecommerce business that makes you a significant profit? Well, feel free to check out our selection of proven dropshipping stores

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