Dropshipping Coffee Supplies And Tools: 55 Product Ideas To Try Today

If you’re looking for a promising niche for your online store, how about dropshipping coffee tools and equipment? There are plenty of products in this category that enjoy high demand.

Is dropshipping coffee a good idea?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. As Statista reports, the average coffee consumption is over 40 liters per person and year!

In 2019, the global coffee market was valued at $102.15 billionThe largest coffee market by revenue is the United States: one of the most attractive regional markets for dropshipping business owners. Plus, as many consumers have switched to purchasing groceries online, the compound annual growth rate of the ecommerce coffee market reached 38.6%.

Search dynamics of the "Coffee online" query on Google Trends

Therefore, dropshipping coffee seems to be a good idea, right? Unfortunately, it’s not all that simple. There are at least three reasons why selling coffee can be problematic.

1. International trade is difficult

Selling phone cases abroad is one thing. Selling food is another story. Most countries require all kinds of certificates confirming that your products are safe. That’s why selling food is always hard.

2. Shipping must be really fast

Let’s assume you’re allowed to import bean coffee to your target country. You’ll face another problem. When people buy coffee online, they expect to get the order within hours. But delivery from China-based warehouses takes a couple of weeks at best. From this perspective, you can hardly compete with big coffee brands and supermarkets.

3. You won’t find coffee on AliExpress

And most importantly, due to licensing issues, foods and beverages were banned on AliExpress several years ago.

So, does it mean that this niche is unavailable for dropshippers? Not at all! Instead of coffee, you can sell a wide range of coffee related products.

How to sell coffee-related goods?

Coffee isn’t just a beverage. Of course, today one can buy a can of coffee in a vending machine or drink a cup of cheap instant coffee.

But there are plenty of people who prefer expensive varieties.

Drinking coffee is a ritual for them. And this ritual requires various tools. That’s where you can make a profit. Here’s the search dynamics for “barista tools” over the past 10 years on Google Trends:

Google Trends page showing the rise of the interest for barista tools over a decade

When dropshipping coffee related products, you can target a wide range of audience. It includes common people who buy mugs and cups, coffee fans, and semi-professional baristas. Here are a few product categories to interest your potential buyers.

Coffee mugs and cups

Let’s start with something simple and obvious. Try dropshipping coffee mugs and cups. These are the goods that every person on the planet buys from time to time. Besides, on AliExpress you can find not only standard mugs, but plenty of unusual cups as well.

Cups and mugs on AliExpress

In addition, you can focus on certain mug types – for example, portable coffee mugs.

5 models of portable mugs on AliExpress

Coffee tamping tools

Tampers are used to pack ground coffee to make espresso. Although modern coffee machines do it automatically, some people prefer pressing the grounds manually. Sellers on AliExpress offer tampers, tamping mats, and even espresso sets.

Cappuccino tampers and tamping sets on AliExpress

Electric milk foamers

Cappuccino is one of the most famous coffee making methods. The secret is to froth the milk properly. Today, instead of doing it manually, one can use electric milk foamers. These devices are quite simple, so dropshipping them shouldn’t be a problem.

Milk foamers are a must for dropshipping coffee tools and supplies

Coffee pitchers

If you consider dropshipping coffee related products, this is another category for your online store. Pitchers are kettles in which baristas foam milk. The gooseneck lets you pour the milk into a cup to make latte art.

An AliExpress page with pitchers

Latte art tools

You can also offer potential clients a number of other latte art tools. They usually include latte art needles, stencils and chocolate dust shakers.

Chocolate dust shakers, latte art needles and stencils on AliExpress

Coffee scales

Another way to surprise your customers is to offer coffee scales. Professional baristas know how much coffee you need to make a cup of a certain volume. That’s why precision is important here. So, coffee-lovers will surely appreciate these products.

But make sure to find a reliable dropshipping supplier on AliExpress: shipping electronic goods is generally riskier compared to regular products.

Five models of coffee scales found on AliExpress

Reusable coffee pods

With environmental issues getting more serious each year, younger generations prefer using eco-friendly products. That’s why it’s a good idea to dropship reusable coffee pods instead of standard disposable ones. Millennials and Gen X will surely appreciate this.

Eco-friendly reusable coffee pods sold on AliExpress

Coffee related décor products

And lastly, you may want to offer your customers a number of décor products related to coffee. These wall stickers and posters can completely change the atmosphere in a kitchen. Besides, they’re really affordable.

Coffee-related decor products on AliExpress

As you can see, although dropshipping coffee itself from AliExpress is impossible, you can still make money in this niche. Simply offer a variety of coffee-related goods! Remember, drinking coffee isn’t just about consuming a product. It’s an important tradition – and even a specific ritual for many people!

Did you like the idea of dropshipping coffee related products? The best way to build an online store around this (or any other!) niche is to order a custom dropshipping store. With your individual preferences in mind, a dedicated team of developers, designers, and marketers will create just the right store to make your business dreams come true!

Learn more about dropshipping coffee supplies and tools.

The Most Profitable Niches For Your Dropshipping Store In 2021

As a dropshipping store owner, you surely want to pick the most profitable niche for your business. We are ready to help you with that!

Take a look at the analytical table below.

To create it, we’ve performed in-depth market research to discover winning niche options.

So, here, you can find 100+ ideas on the most profitable dropshipping niches to try!

Click on the ‘+’ buttons to expand the fields and view the research data.

If you’re curious to know why we consider these niches to be money-making, please, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

View the full list of most profitable niches for dropshipping.

Dropship Auto Parts And Accessories: Turn Your Passion Into Profit?

Do you want a profitable niche for your online store? Are you excited and curious about automobiles? How about turning your passion into a stable source of high income? Launching a store to dropship auto parts & accessories can be a winning idea for you!

Frankly speaking, automotive vehicles have taken a steady position in our daily life. Some of us have our own automobiles, others take taxis or public transport. Anyway, most of us use automobiles to move through our cities or towns every day. What’s more, we often spend several hours straight and more in a car, don’t we?

Day by day, lots of new technologies are implemented in automobiles. Consequently, they become more and more convenient for end users. In a nutshell, this is exactly what can bring you a fortune!

In fact, selling auto parts and accessories is one of the most thriving industries in the world. Billions of dollars are spent on repair and different enhancements annually.

So is it a great idea to dropship auto parts and accessories? And how to dropship car items in order to get the maximum benefit? Read on!

Want to sell the hottest and most demanded items only? Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market – and get every week’s bestsellers imported to your store AUTOMATICALLY!

Why is it a profitable idea to dropship auto parts and accessories?

What do we need to consider a niche as profitable? First of all, it’s a demand. Let’s look at how popular the ‘car parts’ search request is on the Internet.

a screenshot showing how popular the car parts search request is on the Internet

According to Google Trends, there is not only a stable interest in car parts over the past few years, but also a sharp increase in 2020. Looks impressive, doesn’t it?

What’s more, pay attention to the motorization level in the majority of countries. For instance, the motorization level in some EU countries is off the scale – there are more than 600 cars per 1,000 people.

Let’s move on. Also note that the number of cars per household is about 1,9 in the US now. Meantime, the most remarkable fact about this is that it has remained virtually unchanged since 2001.

So can you now believe what a potential target audience are we talking about?

Beyond this, according to IBIS World, total revenue in 2019 amounts to more than $3 billion. Meanwhile, annual growth in this sector is 5.8% that also sounds quite impressive.

So what does this mean for a person who is going to start dropshipping? Right, this means that dropshipping car parts and accessories is extremely promising!

By the way, please also note that we know firsthand that it’s really profitable to dropship auto parts. Have you heard about The Auto Merch? This dropshipping store makes $3,000,000+/year, and the MOST impressive part is, you can easily get its exact copy and repeat its success — or even surpass it!

What should you know if you want to dropship auto parts and accessories?

In fact, one does not simply start dropshipping auto parts.

a picture of well-known character Boromir

Like any other business, dropshipping car parts and accessories requires you to think deeply.

1. Basic

First, you need to be well versed in cars. Actually, the point is that if you are going to start selling auto parts, both small and large, some of them will be technically complex a priori.

Moreover, there are dozens of different car models that are popular worldwide. Beyond this, there are a lot more car parts producers. So you need to be ready to sort this. Fortunately, to date, you can find all the necessary information on the Internet.

2. Types of products to dropship

Then, you need to define what you’re going to dropship, since there are lots of products to choose from.

Engine parts:

  • Turbochargers (compressors, pulleys, cartridges, etc.)
  • Exhaust systems (exhaust manifolds, downpipes, resonators, silencers, etc.)
  • Valves (blow-off valves, wastegates, boost controllers, etc.)
  • Cylinder-piston group (pistons, piston rings, connecting rods, etc.)
  • Fuel system (fuel injectors, fuel pumps, etc.)


  • Solenoid
  • Gears
  • Shafts
  • Gaskets

Brake system:

  • Pads
  • Discs
  • Calipers
  • Lines

Diagnostics tools:

  • Electronic scanner
  • OBDII reader

Auto accessories:

  • Styling products
  • Wheels accessories
  • Interior accessories
  • Electronics (DVR, anti-radars, chargers, cameras, etc.)

So what can we recommend that you consider in terms of dropshipping?

In fact, we would like to highlight that it’s a great idea to dropship small products which don’t cost much. In that case, you can bet on impulse purchases, so people will be highly likely to make a purchase in your online store. Meanwhile you are not going to have any problems with shipping.

What’s more, nowadays most automobiles are extremely expensive. That’s why people often have to purchase entry-level cars.

However, over time, people realize that they want more. They need cruise control, LED headlight, and so on. So they start to modify their vehicles.

And here is the question: where can they buy high-quality car parts and accessories at low prices? Right, in an online store!

So why not to gain profit on this?

3. Top suppliers

However, in order to make your business journey as convenient as possible, you need to know which particular AliExpress suppliers you can safely deal with.

Well, here you have two options. Firstly, you can go to AliExpress, look at the products with most orders, etc.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this manually. There is an easier option for you – AliDropship Insights.

With this dropshipping tool, you have an opportunity to save your time and effort. So how can you use it?

AliDropship Insights is ready to provide you with a unique database of top suppliers, niches, and bestsellers.

Dropship auto parts and accessories: hot products to sell

So now let’s talk about particular car products that are extremely popular in terms of dropshipping.

  • 1. Steering wheel cover

a picture showing how to dropship auto parts and what to sell in 2021

  • 2. Seat cover

a picture showing car seat covers to sell in 2021

  • 3. Floor mat

a screenshot showing what to sell in 2021 for profit

  • 4. Head-up display

an image showing trending auto parts to sell in 2021

  • 5. Multimedia system/Radio

a picture showing hi-tech auto products to sell in 2021

  • 6. DVR

a picture showing how to dropship car parts for the maximum benefit

  • 7. Rearview camera

a picture showing the best car items to sell in 2021

  • 8. Phone holder

a picture showing trending car items to dropship in 2021

  • 9. Wireless charger

a picture showing car wireless charger in demand in 2021

  • 10. Car Bluetooth

a picture showing trending car items for 2021

  • 11. Rearview film

an image showing car products to sell in 2021

  • 12. Gear shift knob

a picture showing what car items to sell in 2021

  • 13. Key shell

an image that shows a key shell as a trending car item

  • 14. Key case

a picture showing how to dropship auto parts for the maximum benefit

  • 15. LED light

an image that shows trending car items in 2021

  • 16. Compressors

an image showing how much compressors cost on the market

  • 17.Ignition plugs

a picture showing how to dropship auto parts and succeed

  • 18. Exhaust tip

a picture showing exhaust tips to sell in 2021

  • 19. Booster

a picture showing what auto parts to dropship in 2021

  • 20. OBDII reader

an image that shows trending auto parts to dropship in 2021

  • 21. Paint thickness tester

a picture showing how to dropship auto parts for huge income

  • 22. Car paint care

a screenshot showing the best car paint care products to sell and benefit from in 2021

  • 23. Glass repair tool

a picture showing how much glass repair tools cost

  • 24. Car wash accessories

a picture showing car wash accessories to sell in 2021

  • 25. Breathalyzer

a picture showing a breathalyzer as a trending car product to sell

  • 26. Car cover

a picture showing what to sell for profit in 2021

  • 27. Car organizer

a screenshot showing the most trending car items on the market to gain from in 2021

  • 28. Foam generator

a picture showing what to sell in 2021 for profit

  • 29. Seat pillow

an image that shows what to sell in 2021 to succeed

  • 30. Trash can

a picture showing how to dropship auto parts for the maximum benefit

  • 31. Vacuum cleaner

a picture showing what to sell in 2021 for profit

So these car products are going to be the most promising in terms of dropshipping in 2021.

Dropship auto parts and accessories: conclusion

Since the auto products industry is permanently growing, it seems to be a perfect decision for you when speaking about starting a car parts and accessories online store.

In fact, there are lots of categories for you to choose which products to sell online. It means that you can go info selling electrical equipment, diagnostics appliances, spare parts, accessories, and so on. Just think of what is more promising in your opinion.

So, it remains for us only to recommend that you avoid extremely complex products, deal only with reliable suppliers, and use AliDropship IT solutions to facilitate your business journey!

Well, are you eager to start a dropshipping business and dropship auto parts and accessories for your benefit? Think no more and just go for it!

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How To Find A Niche Market: Your Ultimate Guide

In dropshipping, your success will heavily depend on the niche you choose to focus on. So, finding a niche market is one of the most important aspects for an ecommerce entrepreneur.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss how to find the perfect niche for your dropshipping store, how to approach it, what advantages you will get from that, and what mistakes you should try to avoid.

Let’s get right into it!

What is a niche market?

Before we focus on finding a niche market, let’s start with the definition.

A niche is a narrow market segment with some specific products that are interesting and desirable to a certain category of potential buyers.

For example, let’s take a broad market: clothes. Within this huge market, there are lots of smaller product categories: outerwear, underwear, homewear, sportswear, and many more. And each of these categories, in turn, can be divided into numerous, even smaller niche segments, for example:

  • Classy jackets and coats for young men
  • Comfortable workout clothes for women
  • Affordable home clothes for toddlers

Now, you see it: there can be countless variations! Defining a niche, you:

  • Take a broad market as your starting point (for example, clothes)
  • Pick a narrower category within it (for example, office wear)
  • Make it even more narrow to understand who you will be targeting (for example, smart suits and accessories for middle-aged men)

When your niche is defined in such a specific way, it lets you run and grow your business much more efficiently as you understand:

  • Who exactly is your average target audience representative
  • Which product features and online shopping aspects are most appealing and desirable to this audience
  • What should your advertising messages be and where you should place them to reach your potential customers effortlessly

And now, when you see how important it is for your store to be built around a certain narrow niche, let’s discuss the importance of choosing a niche store over a general one and how to find a niche that gives you the best business opportunities!

Why a niche store is more beneficial than a general one

At first glance, dropshipping may seem like a very easy way to earn money. And in most cases – it is! All that you need to do is set up your online store and upload the most popular products.

It doesn’t take much to open a general store: all you have to do is import the most popular products to your website, regardless of their niche. You will have a wide range of products to offer and attract lots of customers and earn a fortune. It should do the trick, right?

As a matter of fact, a general store has some critical downsides you need to consider. Let’s look at the most significant ones.

  • Extremely high level of competition

Having a general store means competing with the biggest marketplaces out there – Amazon, eBay, etc. Are you sure you can handle that kind of competition? Let’s be honest, at the beginning stage of developing a new business, it will be extremely difficult, nearly impossible, to do so.

Have you considered regular brick-and-mortar stores that are near your buyers’ place of living?

In most cases, if consumers can get the same product you’re offering in a nearby store, even if you provide a better price, they won’t opt for online shopping. Why? It’s simple, customers who are looking for more general items won’t wait for the goods to arrive if they can purchase them right on the spot.

  • No way to come up with a breakthrough marketing or SEO strategy

For a dropshipping business, marketing is everything.

When you offer a wide range of products to buy, it becomes impossible to find your target audience to zero in on. Meanwhile, it is vital to draw up your marketing plan. If you don’t have a proper marketing strategy, your dropshipping business is not likely to succeed.

Furthermore, running a general store significantly hinders your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

In this case, it will be incredibly difficult to choose the necessary keywords, properly optimize plenty of your product pages, and fill up your site with unique content to come up on the top of Google search results.

However, if you do decide to focus on niche-specific products, you get totally different results! You can forget about the inconveniences that we’ve mentioned above, and even open up opportunities to scale your business.

Now, let’s discuss finding a niche market that is best suited for you?

How to find the perfect niche for you

Finding a niche market with some potential and one that you’ll enjoy creating your ecommerce business around will require you to do some research. Here are some things you need to think of to find the perfect niche for you.

  • Consider your own interests and passions

Customers need to be sure that they deal with someone who doesn’t simply want to line their pockets at consumers’ expense but has something in common with them. In this case, your clients perceive your service as a sort of aid.

It’s important to establish trust with your potential customers!

Besides, if you like what you do, it’s much easier to keep yourself focused on having your business succeed. The simplest way to specify your passions is writing down a list of the interests. Carefully think about the sites you frequently visit, magazines you read, communities and groups on social networks you’re subscribed to, etc.

  • Estimate the level of competition within the chosen niche

Before choosing a niche to focus on, thoroughly analyze it.

Can you be competitive in this niche? What potential profit can you expect?

Identify the sites of your potential competitors, and compare their prices. Think of the original products you could offer, non-typical pricing strategy you could use, and the unusual promotional strategies you could try to make yourself different from others.

  • Pay attention to the emotional response your products are triggering

Nowadays, people suffer from the crazy pace of living. To cope with the stress, they need some positive, uplifting emotions. If your product can make them happy, it will be great for your success.

  • Make sure the goods actually solve a problem

Think about your interests and what are the most common difficulties within them. Generally speaking, your product needs to help customers overcome or alleviate the obstacles they face while working or spending time on their hobbies.

  • Find something unique

Most people want to draw other people’s attention. It’s not a brand-new discovery. Nobody wants to wear the same dull clothes or jewelry. Customers will be eager to buy something unique and recognizable.

  • Check if the items hold some sort of value

Everyone wants to keep their image up to date. Some products make you look respectable and fashionable.

You can try out our free niche evaluation tool to check your niche potential easily!

Finding a niche market using AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the worlds’ biggest online marketplaces where you can find hundreds of thousands of different products from all kinds of categories.

When choosing what products you are going to source from AliExpress, you have to carefully evaluate several key factors, such as relevant statistics that help us understand if this niche and these specific products are popular with potential customers.

While scouring through AliExpress in searching for a niche market, here are the elements to pay attention to and estimate the popularity of the niche.

  • Estimate the product quantity on AliExpress

Look at the number of items that can be found on this platform upon the use of a particular keyword. Furthermore, to get the best results possible check the free shipping option and the 4*+ rating to get the best products and sort the products by the number of Orders.

Google trends niche market results

As you can see by search results, this niche is very popular with over 20,000 products to choose from.

  • Find a trusted supplier

To get a better understanding of how trusted the supplier is, here are the parameters you should evaluate the reliability of the seller by:

  • How long the store has been in operation
  • What’s its feedback score
  • What is the percentage of its positive feedback
  • How much the items match the description
  • What buyers say about the quality of seller communication
  • How satisfactory is the shipping speed

You should heavily consider each parameter, however, in our opinion, the most crucial of them is the percentage of positive feedback.

  • Evaluate the seasonal fluctuations in demand

There are types of goods (for example, Halloween decorations, Christmas gifts, etc.) that are in demand only within a limited period of time. There’s nothing wrong about having these products in your store if they are combined with some other kinds of offers (birthday cards, wedding decorations, etc.) that are not season-dependent, but it’s not recommended to rely on them solely.

If you are not sure whether the niche you’ve chosen is seasonal, check it with the help of ‘Google Trends’ tool.

In order not to miss the hottest trending topics, monitor general public interest towards various areas of life. Google Trends shows the graph illustrating how public interest towards some particular topic is changing.

Finding a niche market with the help of Google Trends

Google Trends is an instrument that gives you the necessary insight into general public interest towards this or that product. This service is designed to analyze search trends, so it can be perfect for your business because it shows:

  • How the search volume changes over time
  • What are the most popular search terms
  • Where do the people searching for this term live
  • Whether the interest towards this search query is seasonal and changes through the year

In order to use it, you need to:

  1. Pick a product category. The easiest way to do this is to rely on AliExpress in order to gather all the possible categories (e.g. electronics, home and décor, jewellery, etc.).
  2. Go to Google Trends and type in this category in the ‘Explore Topics’ field. Let’s take ‘knitting’, for example.
  3. Look at the result and try to analyze it with the use of additional settings.

For example, this graph shows how the search volume changes over time, and, as you can see, it decreases gradually. To learn more about these dynamics, you can change some settings:

  • Your region of interest
  • Time frame
  • Categories
  • Type of content

Google trends niche market results

What’s interesting, this example shows the seasonal interest in this search query. Like we previously mentioned, if you mouse over this particular graph, you will see that peak seasons for this search query are winter months.

Surely, you will also find it essential to see the regions where this search query is the most popular.

Niche market interest by region

Additionally, you will get the chance to take a look at the most popular related search terms and estimate the speed of their popularity growth. This will be a very important piece of knowledge at the moment of planning your marketing and SEO strategies necessary to promote your dropshipping store.

Niche market related topics

Finding a niche market using Instagram

Let’s estimate whether we can use Instagram for this or that particular category. All you need to do is type the chosen category in the ‘Search’ field.

Niche market on Instagram

As you can see, there are numerous results in the dropdown menu. These search results contain your focus keyword, which is why they are shown to you. Your task here is to open every one of these and see what users are posting. Also, this can help estimate how popular a certain topic is on Instagram.

Furthermore, try to collaborate with accounts that specialize in this niche and have at least 10,000 followers as this provides us with quite a significant audience. The most common way of such collaboration is promotion via shoutouts – we ask the account owner to publish our advertisement posts from time to time on a paid basis.

Finding a niche market with the help of Facebook

To check whether the niche you’ve chosen has the necessary potential, type its name in the ‘Search’ field on Facebook and choose the ‘Groups’ section. You will see a list of the existing groups that have this keyword in their name and the number of their members.

We usually consider a niche to be promising and prospective if it has more than 15 groups with more than 30,000 members per each.

Additionally, it can be useful to also check out the ‘Pages’ section – it gives you even more insight into this niche popularity and its opportunities for your business.

finding a niche market with the help of Facebook: see how many related Facebook groups there are

To learn more about strategies that are most typically used to promote an online store on Facebook, visit our blog – this case study shows a detailed example of a successful promotion.

What mistakes you don’t want to make while choosing a niche

Making mistakes is all part of the experience. The more you make – the wiser and experienced you will be. However, isn’t it better to learn from other people’s mistakes rather than your own?

Based on our experience, we are ready to share with you some thoughts on what common mistakes you should avoid.

  • Ignoring your personal interests

Like we mentioned before, creating a dropshipping store based on something you like, you will have extra motivation to succeed. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to market and promote it on a professional level that inspires trust and motivates your visitors to proceed with their purchases.

This has already been told a thousand times by each and every business guru, yet still, it is worth mentioning: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

  • Only focusing on the profit

A very common question among our clients is: “What niche will give me the highest profit in the shortest time?”

And don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with the desire to make money after all this is the main reason why people launch their own dropshipping stores.

The sad truth is, most likely, this approach will result in a poorly performing business. A profit-first attitude is a common mistake in ecommerce. Sometimes, people simply don’t care what they are selling, all they want to know is what’s most profitable.

Having figured it out, they launch a store and simply sit back waiting on the profits to come in. The niche is hot, why bother promoting it, right?

There are others out there that don’t mind supporting the store activity, however, experience other challenges along the way: knowing nothing about this niche apart from its good financial potential, they struggle with picking the right products, identifying their target segments, and communicating with the audience.

  • Making no research

Let’s suppose you’ve chosen a niche on a whim, and picked the one based on your sweet nostalgic memories, or the one hailed as the hype and trendy one for this season, or whatever.

You spend some time and effort on building a suitable store, invest money in paid ads – and then find out that there are not enough high-quality AliExpress items to add to your offer.

Or, you’ve discovered that this store idea is already taken by high-profile market players attracting all the existing customers.

Or, you’ve successfully processed a number of sales but noticed that the final revenue is not worthy of your effort.

To prevent any of these scenarios from happening, finding a niche market requires you to conduct your own, independent research. There you will determine the strengths and weaknesses of the niche that seems a good pick to you.

Want to sell the hottest and most demanded items only? Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market – and get every week’s bestsellers imported to your store AUTOMATICALLY!
  • Offering no specific value

This is a common problem for “general stores” that sell a random mix of unrelated items. However, niche-focused online stores can face similar problems throughout their dropshipping journeys.

Like many other businesses out there, dropshipping is a customer-oriented business. So, it is crucial to understand how a particular niche allows you to create a distinctive shopping destination that can successfully compete with other stores because of its unique selling proposition.

Meeting your preferred audience’s requests and focusing on their needs is the key to attracting customers. So, if you don’t see the way to use your chosen niche to create a memorable, landmark store that is tailored to suit the buyers’ needs, it’s wise to move on to a more client-centered product range.

  • Allowing no room for growth

One possible strategy of choosing a niche for your dropshipping store is focusing on hype items trending right now. As long as this particular product is popular, you can theoretically make good money from it. Still, as soon as it gets forgotten, you will need to rapidly switch to another super-hot category.

Traditionally, a less risky approach is more popular. Entrepreneurs choose a niche with a more or less stable demand that is expected to remain in a long-term period. Over the course of time, they slightly update their product range along with the promotional methods.

Summing up how to find your perfect dropshipping niche

You don’t have to go far to look for the best dropshipping niches, as we have already picked the best niche products for you. Nevertheless, finding and choosing the right niche market takes some time. You need to carefully consider and research various aspects and determine what is the best opportunity for you.

In dropshipping, selecting the right niche is one of the most important focal points, so approach this with due diligence and preparation.

Now, you have a much clearer idea of how to find a niche for your dropshipping store! And if you want a fully functional online store made specifically for you, we have the solution! So, find your niche, launch your store and count the profits! The best of luck in your business endeavors! 

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Most Profitable Niches With Low Competition [2021 Edition]

Are you working in ecommerce? Do you wish to start a dropshipping business or already run it? Are you eager to know what are the most profitable niches with low competition?

If it’s all about you, you’re definitely at the right place! In this article, we are going to review the most profitable niches with low competition in 2021.

Want to sell the hottest and most demanded items only? Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market – and get every week’s bestsellers imported to your store AUTOMATICALLY!

It will be useful for both newcomers and experienced owners of dropshipping businesses. However, even if you are a far cry from dropshipping and pursue other ecommerce activities, it can also be handy for you to learn what to sell in 2021 in order to get maximum profit.

So, sit back nicely, and let’s get started!

We choose profitable niches with low competition!

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A niche selection is always a great challenge before you start performing on the market. In fact, a lot depends on it. Even if you know much about ecommerce, you’re not immune from making a mistake when choosing a niche.

It may seem that there is nothing difficult about that because you can choose a very popular niche with lots of potential customers, and the trick is done. Though, take it easy. While such a niche is quite tempting for those who are already working in it, it can become quite loss-making for you. Why?

As a rule, there is an extremely high competition in such niches. There can be several large companies which got used to hitting the jackpot, while the others only settle for a middle level of income.

How to avoid these situations? How to find a niche which is going to have lots and lots of potential customers and minimum number of rivals? Do the profitable niches with low competition really exist? Actually, they do.

Meet our list of the most profitable niches with low competition in 2021

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The experts from AliDropship conducted a study to find the most prospective and evergreen niches in terms of potential clients and competitors. We have revised tons of reports, forecasts, and other useful information, and determined the list of 13 most profitable niches with low competition in 2021. Here they come!

Our analysis is based on two data sources:

  • Google Trends is a website which lets its users analyze the popularity of search requests in Google search engine. Due to Google Trends you’re able to see if a keyword is difficult or not in terms of SEO-friendliness.
  • Ahrefs is a well-know toolset for SEO analysis. It allows Internet users to check the difficulties of particular keywords to rank in top and the number of search requests. Keyword difficulty is an extremely important tool to achieve SEO-friendliness because you can check the level of competition by means of it.

1. Solar energy products

dropshipping solar products

First of all, let’s talk about different modern products. Since lots and lots of people start to realize that energy commodities we use nowadays are not inexhaustible, we got an extreme popularity of products working due to renewable energy sources. And one of these sources is, definitely, solar energy.

In fact, the list of products powered by sunlight is not very long. However, these items let people not only care for nature, but also save their money. Now let’s look at what Google trends can tell us about the popularity of solar products nowadays.

a picture showing that solar power products are in a strong demand on the market

We can see that solar products are in extreme demand over a number of years. So, this is great, but if there is a strong interest in this kind of products, the level of supply should also be high enough. Can we check it? Yes, for sure.

If we go to Ahrefs, we can see keyword difficulty, search volume, global volume, etc. Due to this keyword research, we are able to evaluate the target audience. What is more, it will be easy for you to check if it’s difficult to create a SEO-friendly website in the particular niche. Let’s have a look.

a picture showing one of profitable niches with low competition in 2021

So, according to Ahrefs overview of solar power banks, it becomes clear that the solar product niche is not as competitive as it may seem at first glance. At the same time, the global search volume is high enough and amounts to over 30K.

That’s why if you’re running a dropshipping business or just want to start it, there is a great opportunity for you to sell solar products and make a fortune with them!

2. Eco friendly products

dropshipping eco friendly products

After solar energy we are going to talk about eco friendly products. To date, many people try to follow the idea of saving nature. They not only use renewable energy sources, but also make every effort to give up all the non biodegradables.

Fortunately, this is going to be one more business idea for your dropshipping store. But first, let’s make sure whether this product category is in demand, actually.

a screenshot showing the rise of demand for eco-friendly products in 2021

When looking at what Google Trends say about eco friendly products, it gets clear that their popularity is really gaining momentum. Now you may ask which particular products should draw your attention in terms of dropshipping? In fact, these are different biodegradable trash bags, toilet paper, etc.

a picture showing that one of profitable niches with low competition is biodegradable products

So, if we look at Ahrefs and its overview of biodegradable trash bags, for example, we will see that the global search volume is high enough and amounts to almost 7K. And to top it off, look at the keyword difficulty – it’s consistently low! Much the same is true for biodegradable toilet paper.

a screenshot showing that one of profitable niches with low competition is biodegradable products in 2021

That’s why if you’re a dropshipping store owner, try to pay attention to eco friendly products. Be edgy and make money on that!

3. Home office equipment

a picture showing home office supplies to sell in 2021 for the maximum benefit

It’s no secret that 2020 is marred by the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak. Accordingly, billions of people are forced now to witness how lots of fundamental aspects of human life are being changed. And since it’s impossible to reverse this process, there’s a sensible idea to make these consequences work for you.

In 2020 a trend of working from home is increasing steadily. This is due to some limitations governments have to impose, and epidemiological situation as a whole because many people are afraid of leaving their homes now.

Whatever the reason is, analysts highlight a sharp increase in demand for home office equipment.

a picture showing the rise of demand for home office supplies

In fact, if you are thinking about starting to sell home office supplies and making a fortune with this kind of products, you will get surprised by the variety of products you can add to the product range of your store. In terms of dropshipping, we would recommend that you pay your particular attention to laptop tables, computer accessories (webcams, mice, etc.), home office clothing, and so on.

a picture showing why it is profitable to dropship laptop stands in 2021

To be sure of the fact that home office supplies can be added to the list of profitable niches with low competition, look at the overview of Ahrefs. According to this source, at first glance, it’s not as simple to join this business. However, if you look at the rate of global volume searches, it will become clear that this niche is definitely worth paying attention to it.

4. Health and beauty


a picture showing health and beauty products to dropship

It’s not a secret for anybody that health & beauty products are always well-liked. So, is this a good chance for you as a dropshipping store owner? Yes, it is!

Let’s look at what the statistics say about this niche.

a picture showing the popularity of health and beauty products on the Internet

It gets clear that within several years health and beauty products are in strong demand. It remains to us only to evaluate the level of competition in this niche. Let’s go to Ahrefs and figure it out!

a picture showing that one of profitable niches with low competition is health and beauty products

As it may seem from the screenshot, the keyword difficulty is very low. Despite this, let’s look at the global search volume which amounts to more than 10K. What does it mean for you as a dropshipping store owner? In fact, if you make a niche marketing effort, you’re highly likely to succeed in this niche.

So, if you’re very interested in beauty products, feel free to read this article. In fact, it’s in your hands! Nothing can stop you from making money within this niche.

5. Pet products

dropshipping pet products

Pets have become quite an important, even indispensable aspect of our daily life. That’s why there is an idea that pet products are going to be extremely popular nowadays. Let’s check it with Google Trends.

an image showing the global interest in pet products

Here we can see that the interest towards this niche is not growing steadily, meanwhile, it is already high enough and keeps this position for many years. That’s why it’s going to be a great niche idea to start reselling pet products, isn’t it? Let’s try to make sure of that!

a picture showing that one of profitable niches with low competition is pet products in 2021

If we take a pet feeder, for example, we will see that the particular keyword difficulty is low enough. At the same moment, the number of potential customers is going up and amounts to almost 4K. Sounds like a very promising niche to start dealing with, doesn’t it?

So, whether you’re a pet lover or not, start dropshipping pet products since this product category lets you create a strong brand and use it as a stable source of high income!

6. Sports equipment

dropshipping sport bags

Since we live in the 21st century, a healthy lifestyle is gaining traction! More and more people go in for sports, lead an active life, and so on. That’s why we decided to check if reselling sports products is a good idea for an online store and if we should include this niche in our list of the most profitable niches with low competition. Let’s see what we found out.

a screenshot proving a stable interest in sports supplies

According to Google Trends, products for sports are in a strong demand. So, we have no choice but to check if the level of competition is relatively low in this niche. Let’s choose some products related to sports and study them in detail.

a picture proving that sports goods is a profitable niche with low competition in 2021

According to Ahrefs, the global search volume of sports bags is high enough and amounts to almost 4K. At the same time, the keyword difficulty is relatively low. In other words, reselling sports bags can be a great business idea for your dropshipping store due to a low level of competition and a huge number of potential customers in this niche.

So, we have found out that reselling products for sports can be a very profitable business idea. Especially, if you’re fond of sports!

7. Indoor sports

a picture showing what to sell for sports in 2021

Outdoor sports are great. But due to the circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak, we decided to speak about home sports supplies as a separate product category. The point is that lots of people from all over the world have to limit their sports activities since they can’t go to the gym.

In some countries, gyms are unavailable now. Moreover, many people are afraid of going to the gym because of the risk of catching coronavirus. So why not use this situation for your benefit?

a picture showing the rise of interest in doing sports at home

As you can see, in 2020 a slight increase in demand for home sports equipment is identified. But is it really promising for you to start dropshipping home sports goods right now? What’s about the competition?

a screenshot proving that one of profitable niches with low competition in 2021 is home sports supplies

According to the Ahrefs overview of home sports goods, it’s really promising to deal with home sports goods since they are in strong demand, meanwhile, the level of competition is still not so high. So give it a try!

8. LED

dropshipping led

The light sources are changing rapidly. Nowadays the most efficient one is LED. LED lamps allow people to save energy and get a bright beam of light without any gases and health hazards. So, since LEDs are so good, is it already popular enough on the market?

a picture showing how popular led lights are on the Internet

According to Google Trends, LED lamps are in a strong demand. Now let’s find out how the number of potential customers is correlated with the level of competition in the niche.

a picture showing one of profitable niches with low competition is led

As you can see from the screenshot, the keyword difficulty of the small LED lights is quite low. What’s more, let us draw your attention to the global search volume which amounts to more than 7K.

So, based on this data, you can choose a particular content marketing strategy to create great content. It’s clear that if you manage to do a little more hard work, you’ll get an enormous number of potential buyers and a chance to get your online store to a whole new level!

By the way, if you want to learn more about LED lamps and other most trending products of 2021, go and read this article.

9. Bluetooth gadgets

dropshipping bluetooth earphones

Well, no wonder, but Bluetooth gadgets are still in fashion. Since this technology allows manufacturers to make our lives a bit more convenient, these products won’t leave the lists of top profitable niches. Now let’s go closer to the figures.

a picture showing how bluetooth items are popular on the market

As you can see, instead of going down, the popularity of Bluetooth products is growing rapidly. However, it may seem that the competition in this niche is going to be very fierce. Let’s find this out.

a picture showing bluetooth products as a low competition profitable niche in 2021

According to Ahrefs, the level of competition is relatively low for such a huge and good niche. Draw your attention to the fact that more than 7K of potential customers are at stake. That’s why there is no doubt that this niche is worth your effort!

10. Bathroom accessories

dropshipping bathroom accessories

Now let’s talk about the products that are manufactured to let you make your home a bit more modern and practical. This is all about bathroom accessories!

This niche is included in our list of the most profitable niches with low competition because in recent years, this group of products really has been gaining traction. Don’t you believe it? Let’s look at what Google Trends says.

a screenshot showing the rise of interest in bathroom accessories in 2021

As you may see, the interest in products for bathrooms is increasing quickly enough. And it means that it remains for us to check if this niche can be profitable in terms of dropshipping. For example, let’s consider soap dispensers.

a picture showing that bathroom accessories are a profitable niche with low competition in 2021

We may see that this keyword has a global search volume that amounts to more than 50K. At the same time, the keyword difficulty is extremely low. It means that you are highly likely to succeed in reselling this group of products. If you’re eager to open new horizons for your business, this product category is exactly what you need!

11. Kitchen accessories

a picture showing which kitchen items are trending in 2021

Along with bathroom tools, it’s a great idea to consider selling kitchen accessories as well. The point is that in 2020 people have started to spend more and more time at home due to a number of well-known reasons. Lots of them have to avoid going to the restaurants and so on.

That is exactly why the demand for kitchen accessories has been rising considerably!

a picture showing the rise of demand for kitchen accessories

Fortunately, few entrepreneurs have figured that out.

a picture showing one of profitable niches with low competition in 2021

As you can see from the Ahrefs overview of kitchen tools, the number of global searches looks impressive. Beyond this, the level of competition is still not high. Don’t you think it’s a chance for you to give it a try and succeed?

12. Smart home devices

a picture showing cheap smart home devices to dropship in 2021

New technologies enter our lives on a permanent basis. So if you are fond of technical novelties and want to build a cool online store, you should definitely pay attention to cheap smart home devices that are now available on the market and ready to blow our minds.

an image showing the number of the smart home search requests

See for yourself. Recently, the popularity of smart home tools has been growing significantly. This is due to the fact that some years ago it was extremely expensive for electronics manufacturers to implement such technologies in their products. Luckily, the situation has changed much, and nowadays there are lots of smart home devices that don’t cost a lot!

a picture showing one of profitable niches with low competition in 2021

So what should ecommerce entrepreneurs learn about smart home goods? While the interest in this product group is over the roof, you still have a chance to make a fortune with this niche since it’s not still highly competitive!

13. Car parts/accessories

a screenshot showing which car parts to dropship in 2021

What should we tell you about car parts and accessories? Well, car accessories are always extremely popular on the market. However, there was a slight decrease in demand for car products. Probably, this was one of the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak.

a picture showing the rise of demand for car accessories

But all you should know about car products nowadays is that recently, there was a considerable increase in the number of global searches of car interiors accessories!

a picture showing that car products are a profitable niche with low competition in 2021

And despite the fact that there are lots of large companies that have been dealing with car parts and accessories for a long period of time, the level of competition still allows you to start dropshipping car products and make a fortune with it!

Summing it up: choosing profitable niches with low competition

So, no matter whether you’re an experienced dropshipping store owner or only want to start your profitable dropshipping business, the niche selection is a challenging but quite an important task for you. Since AliDropship makes every effort to make its clients’ business journey easier, we have prepared a list of these 13 most profitable niches with low competition.

We hope this info will be extremely useful for you and let you start your own dropshipping business, expand your ecommerce venture, and whatever else to build your financial empire and make a fortune!

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Trendy And Timeless Dropshipping Niche Ideas For Your Online Store

As a dropshipping store owner, do you want to reap the rewards of cutting-edge innovations and latest fashion trends? Or, would you rather focus on evergreen dropshipping niche ideas that will bring you profit in a long-term period? This article will help you in any case!

Last updated: December 10, 2020

We love sharing interesting product and dropshipping niche ideas every once in a while! So, if you want to create a winning offer in your store, you’ll enjoy the product selections we publish regularly.

Our today’s niche selection consists of 2 parts. In the first chapter, we will cover the product categories that will see an exceptionally high demand in the upcoming season. The second part will be all about timeless niches that will see a strong demand in a long-term period.

Let’s go!

Hot dropshipping niche ideas to try in 2021

Looking for the most hype and trendy ideas to benefit from NOW? Check this out! Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market – and get every week’s bestsellers imported to your store AUTOMATICALLY!

The Covid-19 pandemic didn’t stop in 2020 as many nation leaders and analytics hoped. As a result, people in many countries still have to work at home and stay indoors as much as possible.

Those who are stuck at home seek for new ways to entertain themselves or products that can make their lives more comfortable. So, here are few dropshipping niche ideas for you!

Board games

Table-top game, card game and dices

Because of the quarantine, families can no longer go out to have fun. Instead, they have to come up with something they can play together at home. And this is where moms and dads remembered the good old table-top games. The global cards and board games market’s value is expected to reach $21.56 billion by 2025.

Interest for board games on Google Trends

There’s another reason people started buying board games. It’s a great way to keep the kids busy when the parents have to work.

At-home bar

At-home bar equipment and accessories

Some dropshipping niche ideas can surprise you. Adults who don’t have children also look for alternatives that could somehow replace the lifestyle they were used to. And some of them thought, “If you can’t go to a bar, bring the bar home!”

People who have enough income and space at home are now building at-home bars or buy more affordable bar equipment to copy the atmosphere.

Need new dropshipping niche ideas? The interest for bar equipment on Google Trends is on the rise.

Of course, trying to dropship large and costly equipment like stools, tables or lamps is quite risky. But there are plenty of bar accessories dropshippers can choose from.


Kitchenware has always been one of the evergreen dropshipping niche ideas. In 2021, it's going to be even more popular.

On the bright side, people now have more free time. They don’t have to commute to work anymore, or drive the kids to school and back home. They also have more money to spend – the money they would otherwise spend on driving or going out.

That’s why cooking became more popular than before.

Screenshot of Google Trends showing the interest level for kitchenware

This was one of the most popular dropshipping niches even before the pandemic. Bow it’s even more profitable.

Home organization

Home organizers and storage containers

Home organization has become one of the most efficient ways to cope with the stress from staying home all the time. Boxes, bins and shelf organizers are in demand now. They come in many shapes and sizes, can be used to store clothing, food, tools – anything you want.

Search volume dynamics for storage boxes on Google Trends

Another advantage of these products is that they are compatible with a number of other dropshipping niche ideas. Thus, one can enrich their inventory and stimulate cross-selling.

Home décor

Three images of home décor products

The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways including our home design preferences. People are now trying to make their homes as comfortable and cozy as ever, create private space and build home-offices.

The number of orders on AliExpress speaks for itself!

According to Google Trends, the interest for home décor products is on the rise

There are many affordable and easy-to-ship décor products on AliExpress. Besides, the demand for such goods grows even more on holidays.

Now, let’s take a look at other niche ideas in our list.

Tech niche ideas

Technology never stops improving. All over the world, there are enthusiasts who work day and night to make our future brighter, cleaner, and better. If you love hi-tech stuff and keep an eye on the latest releases and announcements, try out these dropshipping ideas!

Wi-Fi 6 products

Three Wi-Fi 6 gadgets sold on AliExpress

Wi-Fi-6 is the technology that secures faster processing and higher wireless connection speed. Analysts explain that it allows a 3 times faster download speed than Wi-Fi 5 that we are using now. Of course, it’s great news for Web surfers all across the world!

According to Google Trends, Wi-Fi 6 devices are going to be one of hottest dropshipping niche ideas for 2021

More than 300 million Wi-Fi-6 devices are expected to enter the market in 2021 – mostly, high-class routers, laptops and smartphones, and tech-savvy users are eager to get them ASAP. What would you say to this market opportunity?

Wireless tech

Three models of wireless earphones

Look at these crazy numbers of orders from AliExpress! It’s safe to say that various pieces of wireless technology are certainly a good pick for your store.

WhaTech reports that the wireless router industry is estimated to reach $3200.92 million by 2022. Business Insider, in turn, expects that the market of hearables, also known as smart headphones, will grow by 45% annually during the next 5 years. Wireless Audio Market Global Forecast predicts that the wireless audio market will reach the mark of $31.80 billion by 2023.

Sounds really impressive, right?

Interest for wireless earphones on Google Trends is rising, which indicates a new dropshipping niche idea for 2021.

The demand for these items looks very promising, too!

Wearables and accessories

Fitness trackers as an example of popular wearables and accessories

Fitness and health trackers become much more accessible to the general public. The technology is improving, and even the people in lower income countries can easily afford these health & sports devices. It allows the sellers reach the customer segments that they couldn’t achieve earlier!

Screenshot of Google Trends showing the interest level for fitness trackers

The niche potential is truly incredible. As per the Wearable Devices Market Forecast, the market of wearable devices will grow by 21,63% every year in the next 5 years, and reach the mark of $80.438 billion by 2025.

Surely, trackers, as well as other kinds of wearables, are a lovely choice for your dropshipping store!

360-degree cameras & accessories

Three models of 360 degree cameras

360-degree cameras are increasingly demanded for lots of different purposes. Video surveillance, mapping, VR videography and gaming, panoramic photography, robotics… All these and many other spheres require the use of 360-degree cameras and their accessories, which is why the market is thriving.

According to Google Trends, the interest for 360 degree cameras is on the rise

The value of the global 360-degree camera market will reach $2,993 million by 2026, making it a great industry for you to consider.

VR devices

Virtual reality devices sold on AliExpress

Since we’ve just mentioned VR, let’s talk about this tech niche, too!

VR and AR systems are not something ‘hype’, ‘high-tech’ or ‘inaccessible’ any more. Thanks to the technology advancements, they are available to all sorts of audiences. Even schools use them to create an engaging and entertaining educational process!

Search volume dynamics for VR boxes on Google Trends

There is no wonder, then, that the global VR market volume is expected to reach $20,9 billion by 2025. That opens up some exciting opportunities to the market players – who knows, maybe you’ll become one of them, too?…

Lifestyle niche ideas

Do you want to bring value to your customers? Think about the niches and products that are helpful in our daily life, and build your store around them!

Smart home devices

Smart home devices: soap dispensers and water saver

(Oh no, not tech stuff again! :D)

One of the most prominent kitchen trends of 2021 is an extensive use of smart devices for various cooking, cleaning, and organising processes.

But of course, not only kitchens can benefit from the exciting innovations brought to us from researchers all over the globe. Your customers can improve countless aspects of their daily household routines thanks to household devices – and they are really interested in it!

Screenshot of Google Trends showing the interest level for smart home devices

Even though the demand for these items seems to depend on the season, you can clearly see this niche has a highly promising potential.


Hiking equipment is becoming one of the trendy dropshipping niches of 2021

Local travel is becoming one of the upcoming tourism trends. And hiking remains the only activity type that wasn’t hurt by the pandemic. In fact, some trails are now more crowded in the US than before.

According to Google Trends, the interest for hiking equipment is on the rise

Hiking is a good way to combine self-isolation and entertainment!

Indoor gardening tools

Indoor gardening products - one of the best dropshipping niche ideas for 2021

People around the world are turning to gardening: plants will be all over the place! Finding their way indoors, they will require their owners’ attention and care – and of course, special treatment accessories.

Screenshot of Google Trends showing the interest level for indoor gardening

Actually, you can launch a thriving business based on this idea!

Posture correctors

Images of people wearing posture correctors

Posture correctors market is expected to reach $1.741,7 million by 2026. With people walking less and sitting in chairs more nowadays, it’s no wonder many of them now suffer from back pain.

The interest for posture correctors is rising, indicating a new dropshipping niche idea for 2021.

With more and more people getting involved in office work, this problem is becoming global. So, it’s time to offer a remedy!

Water bottles

Looking for successful dropshipping niche ideas? Consider lifestyle products, like reusable water bottles.

High-end water bottles are thought to be a status symbol of the 21st century. They solve multiple users’ issues at once: let them stay hydrated throughout the day, save the money they would have spent on other beverages, show their responsible attitude to sustainability, and many more.

Search volume dynamics for water bottles on Google Trends

There is no wonder these items are on the rise!

Fashion niche ideas

If you’re looking for a niche that easily triggers impulse purchases, fashion items are probably your best bet! They cause an emotional reaction and motivate the viewers to hit the ‘Buy Now’ button without a second thought.

Let’s see which exact fashion items and accessories will see the highest demand in the upcoming season!

Crop tops

Young women wearing crop tops

Expect those who follow fashion to search and buy crop tops as this is one of the upcoming trends presented at the Fashion Week in Paris and Milan. As soon as spring comes, fashionistas will switch to open shoulders and bellies.

Google Trends shows a rising interest level for crop tops. Good news for those looking for dropshipping niche ideas.

Such products are relatively affordable, which makes them ideal for apparel dropshippers.

Hair clips and barrettes

Hair clips and barrettes are one of the best dropshipping niche ideas to consider in 2021

Half-up hairdos are going to be one of the hits of 2021! And if your buyers want to repeat this ‘romantic hair’ look, they will need to secure their hair with a catchy clip, a cute pin, or a lovely barrette. Thankfully, you have enough well-demanded AliExpress offers to meet their needs!

According to Google Trends, the interest for hair clips and barrettes is on the rise

What’s especially great about this product type is that it’s certainly going to stay demanded regardless of cutting-edge fashion trends! Hype comes and goes, but the number of AliExpress orders clearly shows that these hair styling products have always been sought after.

Metallic clothing

Shiny metallic-texture skirts and leggings

Metallic textures are still a hit on the red carpet and runways. What would you say to the opportunity to spice up your product offer with these items?

Search volume dynamics for metallic clothes on Google Trends

Given the current interest in shiny and sparkly materials, your business prospects look quite bright, too!

Women shorts

Looking for top dropshipping niche ideas? Consider selling women shorts.

You might think that there is nothing really special about shorts. After all, it’s nothing but a regular type of clothing that is worn on numerous occasions. However, in 2021 shorts are going to be an indispensable trend.

Screenshot of Google Trends showing the interest level for women shorts. Good news for those looking for dropshipping niche ideas.

So, if you’re looking for ways to drive new audiences to your apparel store, consider adding this product type to your offer!

Head scarfs

Colorful head scarfs popular among AliExpress buyers - a new dropshipping niche idea for 2021

Fashion tends to go in circles. New trends get old-fashioned but often come back as a blast from the past.

According to The Trend Spotter, head scarfs come back from the 50s and 60s and are going to become trendy in spring/summer of 2021.

Search volume dynamics for head scarfs on Google Trends

From simple bold colors to floral patterns, these accessories can go in many designs and suit various styles.

Evergreen niche ideas for dropshipping

Researching the hottest 2020/2021 technology, lifestyle, and fashion trends, we were still keeping in mind these niches’ lifespan. Trends come and go, but your store will be operating for a long time!

That’s why even when we’re talking about hot and hype products and niches, we still try collecting some stats on these niches’ expected performance over the course of years.

But what about the dropshipping niches that will stay popular forever? Are there any items or topics that will be popular no matter what?

The answer is yes!

Here is just a tiny selection of ‘evergreen’ niches you can benefit from.

Kids’ clothes, toys, and accessories

Child bandanas and caps

Just take a look at the number of orders these AliExpress items have! Whatever happens, these products see a steady demand, and nothing can change it.

All over the world, people keep creating families and providing the best possible care to their little ones. We have already covered this niche in one of our previous research articles, so you’re welcome to check it out!

Pets’ accessories

Looking for dropshipping niche ideas that are always fresh? Consider pet products!

Pets’ well-being and entertainment is the issue of paramount importance to their owners. For these people, online shopping is a more affordable alternative to buying these items in brick-and-mortar stores. However, the trick here is to promote and position your dropshipping store in a proper way. If you want to learn more about it, just go to this article.

Women apparel

Looking for evergreen dropshipping niche ideas? Then women apparel is just what you need!

For thousands of women all over the globe, it’s challenging to find time and money for a relaxing and satisfying offline shopping. Therefore, if you’re working in this niche, you have a huge customer segment to target. Plus, you can enjoy an unbeatable opportunity to keep your buyers interested thanks to hype and trendy product updates! For more info, please read this guide on dropshipping apparel.


Sportswear is one of the top evergreen dropshipping niches

Low-cost fitness is a massive industry you can greatly benefit from. Think about offering cheap yet highly rated sportswear that everyone can easily afford. This way, you’ll be targeting two segments at once. It’s both the regular gym-goers who don’t want to spend extra on their fitness clothes, and the people who work out in the comfort of their own homes.

Eco-friendly lifestyle items

Eco-friendly lifestyle items are one of the trends of 2021

As we already mentioned it before, the use of eco-friendly, sustainable products is a full-scale fashion statement these days! But beyond that, it’s a great habit that is gradually becoming widespread on the global scale. Noticing that recycling, waste reducing and items recycling actually makes a difference for the environment, people get much more interested in adopting this lifestyle.

Bonus! Most profitable dropshipping niches to try

Do you want more?

Profitable_NichesFeel free to check our list of the most profitable niches for your store. There, you will see which audiences are best to target, and learn more about these niches’ potential. Also, don’t forget to test your niche with our FREE research tool and see if you’re making a good business choice!

That’s it! By now, you probably already have a couple of ideas for a perfect dropshipping store offer in 2020! Without any doubt, this year is just the perfect time to start your dropshipping venture.

We hope you’ll get inspired with our list of best dropshipping niche ideas, and we will be really happy if this selection motivates you to start your own business!

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Dozens Of Trending Products To Sell In 2021 For Huge Income

Welcome to our brand new seasonal selection of trending products to sell in 2021 in your online store!

Some time before, we have guided you through a range of 50 niche products that can boost your store sales and surprise you with exciting profits.

Today, we’re showing you an exciting variety of high demand products to sell in 2021, again! As usual, we did our best to conduct an in-depth market research. As a result, we are able to show you the product categories that are going to become increasingly popular next year. If you’re not sure about the financial potential of this or that category, you can always check it with our free niche research tool.

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Let the fun begin!

Trending products to sell in 2021: hi-tech products and accessories

Since we live in the high-tech era, it is quite logical to assume that hi-tech products are going to be one of the most popular items sold online.

Still, it’s necessary to check the credible information sources to find trending products which can be a good choice for a dropshipper. Check this manual to find out what are the product types we do and don’t recommend to include in your store offer!

1. Screen protectors and films

Analysts report that screens are continuing to become an integral part of various home appliances and personal use devices, to say nothing of mobile phones and tablets.

Naturally, it leads to the rise of demand for different screen protectors and films. The more screen-equipped gadgets and appliances we own, the more we want to keep them in the due working order.

The Google Trends shows the global changes of demand for this type of phone accessories in the last 5 years:


a picture showing how screen protector is popular in online stores

The modest yet steady demand growth is obvious, which is why we invite you to take a look at the relevant AliExpress offers:

a picture showing screen protectors to sell online

Judging by the number of orders, this is quite a promising product type that can be duly noted by the owners of dropshipping stores.

2. Wireless charging stations

Wireless charging stations are also going to be a biggest selling product since they provide freedom and flexibility to its users. Basically, thanks to them, you don’t depend on power sockets location. Therefore, you can charge your mobile phone or tablet, or any other device in a more convenient and user-friendly way.

Obviously, the whole idea of wireless charging is not that new. The technology has been known for several years already, but recently, it got an increased attention from both the general public and mass media. Mostly, it’s due to the fact that nowadays many people can afford to buy such devices. On the graph below, you can see the change of interest towards wireless changing stations in the last 5 years.


a picture showing one of trending products to sell in 2021 for profit

Demand for wireless charging stations has been substantially growing this year, and nothing is going to change about it in the near future. Manufacturers, in turn, increasingly adopt the highly demanded technology as it shows an impressive potential: according to industry estimates, the global wireless charging market will be valued at over $22 billion by 2022.

Naturally, sellers who place their offers on AliExpress are willing to follow the growing trend. That’s why a wireless charging station deserves to be called one of trending items to sell in your online store!

an image that shows best wireless chargers to dropship for profit

3. Phone cases

Since cell phones are constantly exposed to accidental drops and so on, phone cases have become extremely hot products on the web. Don’t you believe? So see for yourself!

a screenshot proving that phone case is one of trending products to sell


According to Google Trends, phone cases started to gain popularity some five years ago. And there is something more important for you as an online store owner. It’s the fact that they are still in demand.

What’s more, in accordance with Statista, during the last 5 years, around 1.5 billion smartphones were sold annually. Just imagine, how wide is your target audience?

If you consider mobile phone cases as a promising ecommerce niche, but you still have any doubts about selling them in your online store, take a look at the number of purchase orders on AliExpress. After that, it will become clear to you that dropshipping mobile phone cases is a great product idea for your ecommerce business!

a picture showing trending phone cases to sell online

4. Wearable devices

The popularity of different wearable devices is growing very rapidly. Nowadays most of them don’t cost a lot, and people can afford to buy them without any problems.

If you looking for trending products to sell, we would recommend you pay attention to fitness trackers. The point is that a fitness tracker is a relatively low-priced gadget which is able to provide its user with a number of functions: watch, alarm clock, heart rate monitor, pedometer, etc.

What is more, the years roll on, and the newest devices are already equipped with NFC technology (Near Field Communication, essential for making contactless payments), and not only.

That’s why the hi-tech market is filled with these fitness trackers.

a screenshot that shows rising demand for fitness trackers


Since we go on speaking about different wearable devices, let’s discuss the more advanced version of fitness trackers – smart watches. Despite the fact that the most convenient and cutting-edge models of smart watches cost really a lot, their popularity is also gaining momentum.


a picture shows the demand for one of trending products to sell in 2021

As you can see, the number of people who are interested in purchasing a smart watch is increasing steadily from year to year.

We would also like to draw your attention to the number of orders the AliExpress suppliers point out. First of all, please have a look at smart watches.

a picture showing smart watches to sell in 2021

If you are already surprised with the figures, here come fitness trackers.

an image showing fitness trackers to sell online

5. Phone tripods

Nowadays, blogging is extremely popular due to lots of reasons. Some people are really keen on blogging and it’s their hobby. Others start a blog in order to gain profit from it. And, actually, it’s hard to argue that blogging is a gold mine at the moment.

But not all the newly minted bloggers can afford a new advanced video camera. That’s exactly why a phone tripod appeared on the market. And the demand for this simple device is over the roof right now!

a picture showing the demand for phone tripods

And since this is really a must-have for the majority of blogging newcomers, we would recommend you pay particular attention to this item. Moreover, they cost a penny!

a picture showing why it is promising to sell live tripods

6. Microphones

Microphones is one more device that is a must-have for bloggers. That’s why there is also a strong demand for microphones. See for yourself!

a screenshot that shows the popularity of buy a microphone search request

Unfortunately, professional microphones cost really a fortune. Due to this reason, the majority of bloggers who have just started their blogs prefer to look for a more favorable solution.

a picture showing how much one of trending products to sell cost

So, we have discussed only two most popular wearable items, and it’s already clear that due to the demand they are to be high margin products to sell online for several years to come.

Trending products to sell online in 2021: consumer electronics

Due to the development of some technologies, nowadays not all the consumer electronics always cost a lot. And since to date, many people would like to be trending, such devices are in strong demand. So let’s look at consumer electronics popular products to sell in your ecommerce store.

7. TWS earphones

If some years ago, the majority of people used wired earphones, today TWS earphones are what’s hot right now!

TWS (True Wireless System) is a technology that lets you connect two audio devices by means of Bluetooth. It means that you can transmit two channels separately. This is how the many wireless earphones work.

Don’t you believe that TWS earphones can be the most solid item in the world? So look at the picture below and make sure that these devices are top searched products on Google!


a picture showing the rise of demand for tws earphones

What’s more, due to the TWS technology, they are not expensive to produce. That’s why, on the web, you can find lots of TWS earphones that don’t cost a lot. And they are going to be one of trending ecommerce products because lots of people can afford them!

a picture showing TWS earphones to sell online

8. Bluetooth headphones

Foldable headphones are also one of the products that sell themselves. See it for yourself!


a picture that proves that bluetooth headphones are a trending product to sell in 2021

As a rule, they cost a little extra. Anyway, if you have an online electronics store and you’re looking for trending electronics products to sell, foldable Bluetooth headphones are exactly what you need and what people buy online!

a picture showing Bluetooth headphones to sell

9. Drones

Nowadays drones are definitely one of trending products to sell in 2021.


a picture showing how drones are popular on the Internet

What’s more, as a rule, you can find some models of drones that don’t cost a lot. That’s why, if you deal with reselling electronics, consider dropshipping drones as one of the most passion-driven niches for your ecommerce business.

a picture showing best drones to dropship

Trending products to sell online in 2021: car products

To date, the number of people who want to purchase several accessories for their cars is growing steadily. It refers to the fact that in most cases it’s very expensive to buy a car which possesses all the options you need for daily use. That’s why people have to modify their automobiles and equip them with the most essential functions and accessories.

10. Rear cameras

Since one of the most important aspects of driving is the opportunity to see what’s going on behind you, such an item as a rear camera has turned out to be extremely trending stuff. To prove a point, let’s see what Google Trends can tell us about it.


a picture showing why rear camera is one of trending products to sell online in 2021

It becomes clear that the popularity of the ‘rear camera’ search request is growing rapidly. And if you doubt that dropshipping auto cameras is a trending niche idea, let’s monitor the number of rear camera orders in AliExpress stores.

a picture showing the best car rear camera to sell in 2021

The figures tell us that if you choose the right supplier who can provide you with the products of high-quality and with lots of positive feedback, dropshipping rear cameras is going to become very profitable for you.

11. Car LED light

The sources of light are changing every day. Some 15 years ago most car producers used halogen lamps in their automobiles. Then, the xenon technology of producing light displaced the halogen due to greater performance.

Nowadays people make extensive use of car LED lights. This light source provides low energy consumption while better characteristics of luminous flux.

As soon as people from all over the world realized that they have an opportunity to buy LED lamps for a relatively low price, they actually became widespread.


a picture showing why it is profitable to sell car LED light

According to Google Trends, car LED lamps are in demand, and since nothing new has happened in the sphere of light sources, these lamps are going to maintain high ranking in the near future. By the way, this product category can also impress due to the number of orders.

a picture showing how to dropship car light

We suppose it’s definitely clear that car LED lamps are worth your attention when dropshipping!

12. Car seat cover

Car owners always look for ways to preserve their cars’ exterior and interior. And since the details that suffer most of all are the ones that you have regular contact with, the demand for car seat covers is strong enough nowadays to add this item to the list of trending products to sell in 2021.

a picture showing is a car seat cover trending product to sell in 2021

There are lots of different kinds of car seat covers at different costs. Fortunately, all the car owners are able to find the ones to their liking.

an image showing car seat covers as trending products to sell in 2021

13. Car holder

One of the most interesting facts about car producers is that in most cases they don’t adapt their automobiles to let us put our smartphones somewhere. It’s actually hard to believe but that’s how it is!

Due to this reason some car accessories manufacturers began to produce so-called car holders. They are quite different. But they have one thing in common – they can be definitely considered as one of trending products to sell in your dropshipping store! Just look at how popular they are on the web.


an image making sure that car phone holder is a trending product to sell online

In accordance with Google Trends, its popularity is gaining momentum right now. This fact is also confirmed by the number of orders in online stores. Let’s have a look at the picture below.

an image that tells about car holders to sell

Looks impressive, doesn’t it? By the way, since most car holders are low-priced, they are going to be more attractive in terms of dropshipping!

Trending products to sell online in 2021: cheap smart home devices

To date, technologies evolve extremely rapidly. The most important thing for both entrepreneurs and customers is that these new technologies are permanently integrated in different devices. And these devices, in their turn, become affordable to a large audience.

One of these product groups is cheap smart home devices. You have definitely seen some movies or TV series in which there are houses with automated light, gates, curtains, etc. And if several years ago it looked fantastic, nowadays this is real!

So let’s look at the most trending items to sell in your online store.

14. Smart plug

Have you ever dreamed of a plug that is managed through your cell phone? Now dreams come true!

Smart plugs appeared on the market several years ago. And nowadays they are in a strong demand and one of the popular things people buy online.


a picture showing the rise of demand for smart plug in 2021

What’s the most interesting about this top trending product is that smart plugs don’t cost a lot. That’s why, if you run an online store that is somehow connected with electronics or home appliances, this is a must-have for you!

a picture showing smart plugs as trending products to sell in 2021

15. Smart LED bulbs

Nowadays LED is one of the most efficient light sources.

an image showing the rising quantity of the smart bulb search request


What’s more, with the transition to LED light, it has become possible to get a blue, red, yellow bulb.

That’s why pay attention to smart LED bulbs! They let you choose the color using your smartphone. Meanwhile, the top trending product is considered as a low-cost. So, is this a promising item for your online store?

an image showing smart bulbs as trending products to sell online

16. Smart temperature sensors

Considering cheap smart home devices, try to look at smart temperature sensors. They let you have a climate-controlled room. In fact, such types of sensors check temperature, humidity, and so on inside the room, and transmit data to smart hubs that manage all the other smart devices: smart curtains, smart heaters, etc.

Due to such a rich functionality, smart temperature sensors have become one of really popular ecommerce products all over the world!


an image that shows one of trending products to sell in 2021

What’s more, due to a low cost, they can be considered as one of the top selling online products for your online store if you sell home appliances.

Since this kind of products is rapidly gaining popularity, we recommend you consider these 25 cheap smart home devices lots of people have already made money on!

an image showing smart temperature sensors as trending products to sell

17. Smart wall switch

Not so long ago first smart wall switches were introduced on the market. And the most interesting thing about them is that they have become extremely popular almost straight away.

an image that shows the rise of demand for smart wall switch

What is more, they don’t cost a lot so this is going to be a perfect trending product to sell in 2021!

a picture showing smart wall switch as a trending product to sell online in 2021

Trending products to sell from home: bathroom accessories

Who would say “no” to making your bathroom interior a bit more pleasant and convenient?

So, let’s talk about the products which are designed in order to let you make your home more modern and practical because next year will give us more opportunities to live out our fantasies!

18. Shower head

Great variety of shower heads let people choose the one they like more. Just pay attention to what Google Trends tells us about the shower head search volume.


an image that proves that shower head is a hot product to sell online in 2021

It’s obvious that they are top selling consumer products right now, and the situation is not going to change in the near future. We can confirm this fact by the number of shower head orders in online stores.
a picture showing shower heads to sell

It looks really impressive! So, there is no doubt that this item is worth your attention while thinking of high demand products to sell in your dropshipping store!

19. Toothbrush holder

Have you ever looked for a way to make your bathroom look a bit more attractive?

Here comes a toothbrush holder! Due to the fact that there are lots of different toothbrush holders for all tastes, they’ve become a very marketable product.

a picture showing is it profitable to consider selling toothbrush holders

As you can see, their popularity has already been growing for several years to come. Let’s have a look at the number of orders.

a picture showing toothbrush holders to sell in online store

These figures alongside with the original prices tells us that this kind of products fits dropshipping perfectly and that this is exactly what’s hot right now.

20. Hair catcher

As some foreign objects like loose threads, pet hair, etc. can bring a lot of harm to your washing machine or sewage system, people have to seek ways of catching these things. Fortunately, some producers have designed a very useful tool that is called a hair catcher. It seems to be a filter whose task is to exclude all the unnecessary matters from your washing machine or kitchen sink.

Despite the fact that this product doesn’t seem to be a dropshipping best selling item at the first glance, we would like to draw your attention to the picture below.


a screenshot proving that hair catchers can be considered as a trending product to sell

Here you can see that the number of ‘hair catcher’ search requests is increasing steadily. In fact, there is more. Look at the number of hair catcher orders.

a picture showing hair catchers to sell

Since the figures are impressive, we believe that hair catchers have a great potential to become one of the top sale items in your online store!

High demand and trending product to sell in 2021: fashion items

Fashion items are really perfect in terms of dropshipping if you want to create a winning product offer. When it comes to buying fashion clothing and accessories, customers choose them emotionally, and not rationally. This is why these products are great for impulse purchases generation!

21. Puffy sleeve clothes

This year, the so-called puffy sleeves clothing is witnessing a surge of demand in the autumn and winter seasons.

a screenshot showing the popularity of the puffy sleeve clothing search request

In fact, there is nothing surprising about this. According to Cosmopolitan, the sleeves can’t be too big and that is the exact reason why puffy sleeves clothing has been popular over the years, and is going to be still trending in 2021!

a picture showing puffy sleeve clothing as trending products to sell

Even though the number of orders is not particularly high as of now, with the due promotion, these items can easily serve as one of trending products and attract fashion-conscious buyers to your store.

22. Classic blue clothing

This nostalgic classic blue clothing is already regaining its popularity, as you can see from the screenshot below.

an image showing the demand for classic blue clothing in 2021

And it’s going to become an even hotter fashion trend due to the fact that classic blue is the color of the year according to the Pantone. Actually, this is a great reason for entrepreneurs to add classic blue clothing to the product lists of their stores!

a picture showing how to choose trending products to sell from classic blue clothing

23. Strapless bra

To date, people have learned to appreciate comfort. That goes for clothing as well. Probably, this is the main reason why strapless bras are now in a strong demand.

a screenshot telling us that strapless bra can be a hot product in 2021

And since not all the stores can offer high quality lingerie at affordable prices, this is exactly why people have started to order strapless bras on the Internet. Look at the prices yourself!

a picture showing strapless bra as trending products to sell in 2021

Trending products to sell in 2021: sports and travelling

Don’t remember that 2020 has left its mark on lots of aspects of humans’ everyday life. And since people from the majority of countries in the world don’t have an opportunity to go to gyms or they are just afraid of crowds, lots of them have decided to keep fit at home. That’s the exact reason why products for indoor sports are now increasingly popular worldwide.

24. Sport bottle

Sport bottles are always in a strong demand since they can be used not only for doing sports. Don’t forget that some people take them to work, walk, etc.


a screenshot showing the popularity of the sports bootle search request

And since the popularity of sport bottles is going up, this is the reason for entrepreneurs to think of adding this item to the product range of their stores.

a picture showing sport bottles to sell

By the way, low initial prices make this product even more attractive in terms of dropshipping!

25. Yoga mats

The popularity of yoga mats has always been rising due to the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak.

a picture showing how yoga mats are popular on the Internet right now

Fortunately, this kind of products, mainly, don’t cost a lot of money. So why not make a fortune with them?

a picture showing yoga mats as trending products to sell online

26. Resistance bands

It’s all the same about resistance bands. Since lots of people don’t have an opportunity now to use them in the gym, they are actively buying them for doing sports at home.

a picture showing how popular exercise bands are on the market

And when you look at how much such exercise bands cost, you will definitely decide that this is really a hot product in 2021!

a picture showing resistance bands as hot products for your online store

Trending products to sell in 2021: beauty accessories

Are you keeping an eye on hair and makeup trends? Would you like to turn this hobby into money-making business ideas? Here are 3 exceptional product categories you can consider!

27. Makeup jewels

Face jewels are everywhere, from HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ to the Paris Fashion Week.

an image that shows the rise of popularity of face jewels before 2021

It’s not even surprising: these elaborate makeup elements have been enjoying a strong public demand for a long time already. What is more, there’s no reason to expect their popularity to go away in the near future.

an image showing makeup jewels to sell

Judging by the number of orders we see on AliExpress, it’s definitely a hot product for your dropshipping store!

28. Nail décor

Much like elaborate face decorations, noticeable elements for creating outstanding nail art are going to be a must-have of the upcoming season. By the way, they have already managed to grab the audience’s attention!

a picture showing how nail crystals are popular on the Internet

Such embellishments are thought to be one of the most important spring 2021 nail trends, and most definitely, you can’t be overlooking them!

a picture showing nail decor to sell

Thankfully, AliExpress suppliers have plenty of product variations to meet the needs of the pickiest visitors of your dropshipping store.

29. Hair clips and pins

It’s a good thing to see that hair clips have a steady demand all year round, with no seasonal ups and downs. It means it’s an evergreen product type that is not going to lose its popularity any time soon!

a screenshot showing how popular hair clip on the Internet

According to Cosmopolitan, hair pulled back and secured with hair combs and clips is a huge spring 2021 hair trend originating from the countless fashion runways.

It’s enough to take a single look at the demand for this product on AliExpress to see it’s a must-have addition to your dropshipping store!

an image showing hair clips and pins

Why not benefit from these cute, lightweight, easy-to-ship items that are going to stay demanded, like, forever?

How to find trending products for dropshipping?

In fact, you have a chance to make your own compilations. But you need to know how to find trending niche products.

Actually, there are some IT solutions which can help you define the most popular products in a particular niche. However, this software often costs a lot. That’s why we will tell you how to find trending products totally for free. Let’s start!

First of all, here are two options:

  • You know approximately what to look for
  • You have no idea what is included in the list of trending products to sell

How to find trending products to sell: option #1

For example, you think that wireless chargers are highly likely to be in a strong demand nowadays. So, you move to Google Trends and check whether this is right or not.

Google Trends let us see how popular a particular search request is. What is more, due to the settings you may choose location (US, worldwide, etc.), time range (past 30 days, since 2004, and so on) and some other parameters.

a picture showing how popular wireless chargers were in 2018

So, due to this tool we can make a preliminary conclusion whether an item is really trending or not.

Then, we move to one of the most popular online stores (AliExpress, eBay, etc.) and look for ‘wireless chargers’. When searching, don’t forget to put a check in ‘**** & Up’ and sort the products by orders.

a screenshot of AliExpress page with wireless chargers

Now let’s look at what we got.

a picture showing trending wireless chargers to sell

You can see the products with the biggest number of orders. For example, the first item AliExpress shows us has more than 35K orders. Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

In that way we have found out that wireless chargers can be included in the list of trending products to sell.

How to find trending products to sell: Option #2

Let’s imagine that you have no idea which items can be trending.

In that case, you go to AliExpress and choose a category and subcategory that are interesting for you. For example, you’re fond of automobiles, and you want to sell products for cars. Then you choose ‘Automobiles’ and ‘Car lights’. Then put a check in ‘**** & Up’ and sort the products by orders.

a picture showing a number of car lights to sell

So we can see that if you want to sell car light, you should pay attention to LED lamps since they are the most popular on the market.

And if you have any doubts about them, let’s check them out on Google Trends.

a picture showing how popular led light was in 2018

According to Google Trends, the ‘led light’ search request has been gaining momentum during the past 5 years.

In fact, there is nothing challenging about it. So use this method wisely and make the most of your business!

That’s it for our list of trending products to sell in 2021! If any of the mentioned categories seems interesting to you, it’s a wonderful reason to explore it further and start your own dropshipping business in the field. By the way, don’t forget to promote your products through social media because it’s extremely important in terms of increasing profit margin.

View the source.

How To Dropship Kitchen Products And Benefit From Essential Items

Do you want to start a dropshipping store but don’t know what products to sell? Well, we’ve got an idea for you! Try to dropship kitchen products! It can be suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs and those who already have some kind of experience in ecommerce. 

This is an incredibly popular niche and the products within it will always be in demand simply because food is a basic necessity. There are lots of people all around the world who enjoy cooking and preparing a tasty meal or two.

Given the popularity of this niche, you will have some competition out there. But don’t get discouraged! By catering to the right audience and offering them high-quality products at an affordable price, you can be sure that your business will be a booming one. Also, if you are passionate about cooking yourself, this definitely the right idea for you!

At AliDropship, we always try to pick niche and product ideas that will be, first and foremost, beneficial to our clients. So, we scoured AliExpress to find the best kitchen equipment you can sell in your online store.

Nevertheless, in this article, we will discuss why dropshipping kitchen products can be a profitable business idea, how to do it, and what products you can dropship from AliExpress.

Let’s get right into it!

Why dropship kitchen products?

Kitchenware is one of those product types that every household is not complete without. Let’s look at some notable statistics about the kitchen equipment market.

Dropship kitchen products google trends results

Looking at the Google Trends results, we can clearly establish that there is a constant level of interest for kitchen products.

Furthermore, according to recent studies, the kitchenware market is worth $56,8 billion. It is expected to expand by 4.5%, and by 2025 it will amount to $77,4 billion.

The countries experiencing constant growth of demand for cookware are the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, India, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia.

What’s more, according to Statista, more than 30% of consumers are extremely likely to make a kitchen tools purchase in the next 12 months! And that’s just in the United States alone. It’s not hard to imagine that many other countries will have the same results. The main point of it all is that this market is growing and you can be a part of it!

Another reason why focusing on dropshipping kitchen products can be a success is people’s interest in different cuisines. You can cater to them, as each has their own unique cooking tools and accessories.

Nevertheless, due to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, many people still feel its impact on their everyday lives.

Governments all over the world are implementing strict health and safety regulations. This means that many public places and storefronts (like restaurants) are either closed or their working conditions are severely limited. And even if these places will start working normally again, some people will choose not to visit crowded places and come in contact with other people.

For this reason, people are more likely to cook at home even more.

Benefits of dropshipping kitchen products

We’ve shown you the statistics, however, what are the actual benefits if you choose to dropship kitchen products?

Low cost

Most of the products that you can add to your dropshipping store have a very low price.

First of all, this allows you to markup the price as you see fit. And this will ensure your high income! In some cases, you can double the price and still, it will be far less than that of the product that is selling in a brick-and-mortar store.

Second, a low price will be extremely appealing to your potential customers, making attracting customers much easier. Moreover, a great pricing strategy can distinguish you from the competitors and let customers choose your product offer over others’.

A great variety of products

Kitchenware is great not only because of the low initial price, but also because there are a lot of goods to choose from. As a result, this will allow you to target more potential customers.

And keep in mind, you don’t need to offer all the products at once. You can start it slow, focus on one product category and as your business continues to grow, you can add more and more products.

Impulse purchases

Since most of the products you are going to offer are low priced, you can count on people making impulse purchases. Impulse purchase is a thing when a customer buys something they didn’t plan in advance.

How to dropship kitchen products effectively

To make sure you start your dropshipping journey in the right way, we have prepared some essential tips you need to keep in mind before you start to dropship kitchen products.

  • Choose your dropshipping suppliers carefully

A major part of your dropshipping business lies in the hands of your suppliers. They are solely responsible for the products to be packaged and delivered. In terms of suppliers, AliExpress has tons of them.

To select a trusted supplier, we advise you to pay attention to the seller’s AliExpress store rating, as well as the feedback left by real customers. Generally, if the store’s been running for several years, has a sufficient amount of followers, and has a high store rating, you can consider cooperating with that seller.

However, if you don’t feel like searching for a supplier, try our very own AliDropship Insights. It is a free database filled with the best products and time-tested suppliers.

  • Cautiously select the kitchen products

Some kitchenware items can be quite fragile. So, to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences, we recommend you to choose the products that won’t easily break during the shipping period. Hence, you need to carefully select the items you are going to import to your dropshipping store.

If you wish to find the items on your own, we recommend you choose those that have a high rating of at least 4 stars, includes the free shipping option, and what’s even more important, have at least a 1,000 orders or close to it.

Want to get the latest updates on the best products to sell NOW? Subscribe to the Premium Products service, and the most demanded item of this week will be imported right into your store automatically!

  • Research the market to find the right target audience

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any ecommerce business is finding your target audience.

We’ve pointed out the countries with the highest demand for this market, however, there are still certain aspects that you have to take into account. Such are the growing tendencies of the kitchen market. While there are different types of cuisines in the world, people have different lifestyles, as well. Some prefer to maintain a vegetarian diet, while others love to eat meat and so on.

Remember there are also different demographic groups: think about the age, gender, location and interests of your potential customer.

All of this will amount to your ideal customer.

Top kitchen product to dropship from AliExpress

Now, let’s look at what kitchen equipment you can dropship from AliExpress. Keep in mind, we selected only the most popular products in each category. You are free to visit AliExpress and choose the products you like.

Cooking tools

Baking and pastry spatulas

Dropship kitchen products cake spatula Dropship kitchen products silicone spatula

Dropship kitchen products silicone spatula untensil

Non-stick mats

Dropship kitchen products stick mat

Pastry and cooking molds

Dropship kitchen products mold

Dropship kitchen products pancake maker

Dropship kitchen products egg mold Dropship kitchen products dumpling mold

Dropship kitchen products waffle molds Dropship kitchen products ice cream mold


Dropship kitchen products cutter Dropship kitchen products cake cutter

Can openers

Dropship kitchen products can opener

Cheese graters

Dropship kitchen products cheese grater

Cookware lids

Dropship kitchen products cookware lids

Dessert decorators

Dropship kitchen products desert decor

Egg items


Dropship kitchen products egg beater


Dropship kitchen products egg seperator


Dropship kitchen products egg slicer

Fast defrosting trays

Dropship kitchen products defrost tray

Fermentation baskets

Dropship kitchen products fermentation basket

Frying pans

Dropship kitchen products frying pan


Dropship kitchen products funnel

Hamburger presses

Dropship kitchen products hamburger press

Ice cream scoopers

Dropship kitchen products ice cream scoop

Kitchen tongs

Dropship kitchen products kitchen tongs

Oil sprayers

Dropship kitchen products oil sprayer

Pastry blenders

Dropship kitchen products pastry blender

Wooden crepe maker

Dropship kitchen products crepe maker

Rolling pins

Dropship kitchen products rolling pin


Dropship kitchen products turntable



Dropship kitchen products bowl Dropship kitchen products noodle bowl


Dropship kitchen products chopsticks

Dinnerware sets

Dropship kitchen products dinnerware sets


Dropship kitchen products spoons

Lunch boxes

Wooden plates


Soda dispenser


Transparent glass

Knives accessories

Finger protectors

Knife sharpeners

Knife strips

Table decoration

Leather coasters


Table mats

Kitchen accessories

Adjustable and automatic mills

Bottle openers

Cocktail shakers

Drinking straws

Ice holders

Kitchen scales

Kitchen timer alarms

Measuring spoons

Oven mitts

Spice jars

Spoon rest utensils

Washing baskets

Fruit and vegetable products

Apple pitters

Cherry pitters

French fry cutters

Garlic presses


Kiwi slicers

Nut crackers


Vegetable slicers

Coffee products

Reusable capsules

Capsule holders



Manual coffee grinders

Milk jugs

Tea products

Disposable tea bags

Tea brushes





Teaware sets

Wine products





Dropshipping kitchen products: final thoughts

It’s safe to say that if you choose to dropship kitchen products, you won’t go wrong. The market is on the rise and there are lots of people that like to cook and want to purchase kitchenware goods in the near future. Furthermore, there are lots of products of high quality with a strong demand that you can offer, as you can see from this article.

Hopefully, these products will help you create a booming dropshipping store, with lots of satisfied customers!

If you wish to save your time and start a dropshipping business as soon as possible, try one of our ready solutions! By purchasing it, you receive a copy of a successful fully functional store, with which you can start your dropshipping business instantly!

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How To Dropship Outdoor, Camping, And Survival Gear

Having difficulty finding the right niche for your ecommerce business? Try to dropship outdoor gear! Outdoor products can be a great niche to tap into for upcoming and experienced dropshipping entrepreneurs. Although some might say this is a season-specific niche, you can easily complement the initial product offer with a wide range of related products. This will allow a business owner to establish an online store that will cater to the needs of a much larger customer audience. 

There is a general misconception that outdoor products are only popular during the summer period. We beg to differ. There are plenty of outdoor goods that can be sold throughout the whole year. The product range is extensive and whether you wish to dropship outdoor gear, camping gear, or survival gear – it’s only up to you to choose what to import to your online store.

Furthermore, you can stretch the product range by adding various trending items to cash out on the hype. Though this doesn’t mean that you need to neglect items that you thought about selling initially. Just be sure to keep the product offering balanced.

Want to sell the hottest and most demanded items only? Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market – and get every week’s bestsellers imported to your store AUTOMATICALLY!

In this article, we will show you the product range that dropshipping entrepreneurs can easily incorporate into their online stores. And regardless of the time of year, you will get plenty of customers who will be eager to purchase from you.

So, let’s see, how you can dropship outdoor gear, what you should know of the niche and what products are best to dropship.

Why is it beneficial to dropship outdoor gear?

Winter, spring, summer, autumn – you can find people interested in outdoor activities during any time of year. It’s safe to say there are sports enthusiasts who spend lots of time outside, regardless of the weather or the season.

Outdoor gear, camping, and survival equipment can be interesting for campers, hikers, cyclists, or even those who simply enjoy long relaxing walks in the local park or by a nearby river. Therefore, you can create a product offering that will be in demand all year round.

The products that would suit this niche range from quite basic ones (bags, raincoats, water bottles, etc.) to more complicated items that sometimes require both the seller and the buyer to have specific market knowledge. This is why in case of choosing this niche, you should:

  • Be well-aware of the products’ features (materials, durability, reaction to exposure, correct way of usage, etc.);
  • Check carefully the AliExpress supplier’s reputation, the store rating, and the product reviews – you don’t want to offer low-quality items to your store visitors because in some cases, their health and even life may depend on these exact products
  • Avoid the products that can potentially be unapproved for delivery (knives, sharp objects, lighters with fluid, etc.)

If you have aspirations to open an outdoor specific online store – there is plenty of room for you, as the outdoor industry is worth billions of dollars. And in 2020, the market size is expected to increase even more!

Now, let’s look at the Google Trends results and see if this is really a popular search topic.

Google Trends outdoor equipment graphic

The results show that people have a constant interest in these products throughout the whole year.

With that being said, let’s research what product categories AliExpress can offer us!

How to dropship outdoor gear: what to offer your buyers

Outdoor stoves

Camping stoves

Outdoor tableware

Camping tableware

Walking sticks

Walking sticks

Sun shelters

Sun shelters


Camping tents

Tent accessories

Camping tent accessories


Hiking bags

Skiing gear


Skiing eyewear


Skiing gloves

Bicycle gear

Bicycle computers

Bicycle computers


Bicycle lights


dropship outdoor gear racks


dropship outdoor gear bicycle covers

How to dropship camping gear: what to import from AliExpress


dropship outdoor gear camping tables


dropship outdoor gear chairs

dropship outdoor gear camping chairs


dropship outdoor gear hammocks


dropship outdoor gear camping mats

Sleeping bags

dropship outdoor gear sleeping bags

How to dropship survival gear: most purchased AliExpress items


dropship outdoor gear headlamps


dropship outdoor gear torches


dropship outdoor gear compass

Hiking gear


dropship outdoor gear hiking eyewear


dropship outdoor gear raincoats


dropship outdoor gear hiking gloves

dropship outdoor gear gloves


dropship outdoor gear vests


dropship outdoor gear camping jackets dropship outdoor gear jackets


dropship outdoor gear shirts


dropship outdoor gear pants


dropship outdoor gear suits


dropship outdoor gear shoes

Hunting gear


dropship outdoor gear cameras


dropship outdoor gear optics

Laser optics

dropship outdoor gear laser optics


dropship outdoor gear scopes

Survival tools and accessories

dropship outdoor gear tools dropship outdoor gear accessories dropship outdoor gear tools and accessories dropship outdoor gear camping gear survival gear and accessories


dropship outdoor gear shovels

Final thoughts on how to dropship outdoor gear, camping gear, and survival gear

WIth dropshipping anyone can easily get into ecommerce. You don’t even have to have any significant experience or background knowledge to accomplish this.

If you want to dropship outdoor gear, camping or survival gear there is plenty of room for you to do so. The industry is growing and it has lots of potential customers you can target. This is especially true if you decide to focus your efforts on a sub-niche.

Any subcategory of this outdoor gear niche can be researched further, and lots of related items can be discovered  – this way, in your dropshipping store, you can create a product offer that perfectly matches your own personal interests, meets the public demand, and enjoys a healthy amount of orders all year round!

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What To Expect When You Dropship Shoes?

Today people buy a lot of products online, and clothing is a big part of ecommerce. But what about the niche closely related to apparel – footwear? In this article, we will try to understand whether it’s a good idea to dropship shoes.

In 2019 the share of online sales among United States apparel retailers accounted for 38.6%. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this number is expected to grow even more in 2020. According to NPD, as of 2018, 36% of online shoppers have bought shoes online.

That’s why people, who are trying to choose what to sell online, often pick apparel along with shoes. However, shoes are different from clothes in many ways. As a result, dropshipping shoes can be risky.

What difficulties you can face if you choose to dropship shoes

1. The original price is high

The first problem you will have to deal with is the price. Certain types of shoes cost quite a lot on AliExpress. For example, take a look at the model on the screenshot.

Screenshot of an expensive pair of shoes one can find on AliExpress

Maybe you think that $55.35 is not much, but when you dropship a product, you have to cover various expenses. You should at least consider the cost of conversion (AKA advertising on social media) and profit margin. As a result, this particular model can cost as much as $90 in your online store.

Of course, the price for footwear from famous brands can easily exceed $200. But on the other hand, the same companies also offer shoes for less than $100 (for example, Nike).

In any case, almost a hundred dollars for a pair of shoes is a serious decision. Most potential customers will think carefully before deciding to purchase something like this. And that’s another problem.

2. No impulse purchases

In dropshipping, being able to trigger impulse purchases is one of the secrets to building a stable business.

An impulse purchase is a buying decision made spontaneously. It is often triggered by pictures of videos of a product that elicit emotions. Another important condition is the product’s price.

When people suddenly see an ad of a knickknack that costs a dollar and they really like it, there’s nothing stopping them from this decision. A dollar is not much, after all. But when a product costs a hundred dollars, most consumers will think carefully.

If you decide to dropship shoes, you should know that at least certain models (with high prices) will not be able to offer this advantage.

3. Quality issues

All customers want high-quality products. But this quality differs a lot depending on what product you buy.

When we purchase something cheap with a short service life, the quality kind of goes into the background. We don’t expect cheap goods to have high quality. But the higher the price, the better quality we expect.

As I mentioned before, many shoe types are quite expensive. Besides, footwear must be durable because you don’t want to purchase a new pair every month.

As a result, one needs to thoroughly choose products when they decide to dropship shoes. Every mistake here will lead to frequent refunds and reputational losses.

4. Size issues

Some people refuse to buy clothes online because they can’t try them on. And that is despite the fact that a slightly larger T-shirt, for example, is not a big deal.

In the case of shoes, comfort is even more important. Too small shoes will cause pain, while too large ones won’t fit tightly. In other words, ordering shoes online is even riskier.

On the one hand, online stores always have size tables, and so do sellers on AliExpress. So, in theory, one could simply copy those tables. But in reality, Chinese size tables are often different from European ones, and customers seldom pay attention to this.

This factor also can cause a lot of refunds.

5. Competition with well-known brands

If you decide to dropship shoes, keep in mind that there are many well-known shoe companies (or apparel firms which also manufacture shoes) you’ll have to compete with. Sometimes it’s about the quality of the goods, but sometimes people simply refuse to buy unbranded items.

This problem is especially obvious when you compete in the same sub-niche. For example, it’ll be hard to beat Reebok or Nike by selling sport shoes. Although some AliExpress suppliers offer cheaper replicas of these brands, selling fakes is not a good choice.

So, can you dropship shoes after all?

All the above makes it hard to sell shoes on a dropshipping website. Expect fierce competition, a lot of customer complaints and refunds.

Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t dropship shoes. Here are a few tips and recommendations that can help you.

1. Find reliable suppliers

Any dropshipping business requires reliable suppliers who provide your store with high-quality products. In this particular niche, this becomes even more important. So your first task is to find such sellers on AliExpress.

2. Choose unique products

Since you can’t compete with most sport and fashion brands, you should focus on something they can’t offer. For example, funny models like this will make a good choice.

Screenshot of an unusual pair of shoes suitable for dropshipping from AliExpress

This pair is funny and relatively affordable, so it can trigger impulse purchases.

Or you can pick shoe types that don’t need to fit tightly such as slippers or crocs.

3. Choose affordable products

I suppose this one is self-explanatory. Since you can’t provide top quality, switch to cheaper goods.

4. Make your own size table

When importing goods from AliExpress and editing product pages, check the original size table. If required, replace it with a new one, adapted for your target audience to help them choose the correct sizes.

All in all, dropshipping shoes is associated with a number of difficulties I mentioned above. But at the same time, with due approach, one can make money in this niche just like in any other.

So, if you want to dropship shoes, perhaps it’s time to start your dropshipping business by ordering an AliDropship Custom Store?

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