100 Things Under 5 Dollars You Can Find On AliExpress

When choosing what to dropship, it’s important to find affordable goods. In this article, we will take a look at 100 things under 5 dollars on AliExpress.

What makes a good product for dropshipping? Of course one wants high-quality because happy clients leave positive reviews, which helps attract new customers. Delivery time is another important issue as nobody likes to wait for their order. And finally, it’s crucial to find reliable suppliers.

But today we’re going to talk about money!

Dropshipping low-cost stuff grants you two major benefits. First of all, when you can offer cheaper alternatives, it’s much easier to beat competitors. Second, cheaper goods allow you to enjoy a higher margin.

That’s why in this article, we have gathered 100 AliExpress products that cost not more than 5 dollars.

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Cellphones & accessories

The first product category in this list is cellphones and accessories. Today almost everyone has a smartphone, and the industry has developed many useful (and not so much) things for phone owners. Moreover, there are lots of affordable stuff, which makes them a great choice for dropshipping.

  • Magnetic USB Cable

Price – US $1.53-3.56; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 416,000

Things under 5 dollars: Magnetic USB Cable on AliExpress

  • Protective Glass For iPhones

Price – US $1.37-3.96; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 250,662

Protective Glass For iPhones on AliExpress

  • Fast Charger

Price – US $4.98; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 77,139

Fast Charger on AliExpress

  • Artistic Silicone Case For iPhones

Price – US $1.54-2.65; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 34,768

Artistic Silicone Case For iPhones on AliExpress

  • Magnetic Phone Holder For Cars

Price – US $4.27; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 31,983

Things under 5 dollars: Magnetic Phone Holder For Cars on AliExpress

  • Webcam Cover

Price – US $1.27-2.70; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 17,217

Webcam Cover on AliExpress

  • Hydrogel Film For Samsung

Price – US $2.92; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 7,992

Hydrogel Film For Samsung on AliExpress

  • Shockproof Case For Xiaomi And Redmi

Price – US $3.98-4.98; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 24,614

Shockproof Case For Xiaomi And Redmi on AliExpress

  • Waterproof Phone Case

Price – US $1.99-2.84; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 6,186

Waterproof Phone Case on AliExpress

  • Leather Flip Case For Samsung

Price – US $2.28-4.98; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 5,901

Leather Flip Case For Samsung on AliExpress

Computer accessories

This is another popular category of things under 5 dollars one can find on AliExpress. A lot of consumers own personal computers, laptops and tablets. Although few of them purchase complicated electronics on AliExpress, various accessories show really high demand.

  • FSU HDMI Cable

Price – from US $1.42; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 43,145

Things under 5 dollars: FSU HDMI Cable on AliExpress

  • 3.5 mm AUX Cable

Price – from US $2.64; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 23,949

3.5 mm AUX Cable on AliExpress

  • TECHKEY USB Flash Drive

Price – from US $3.41; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 12,485

TECHKEY USB Flash Drive on AliExpress

  • Gaming Mouse Pad

Price – from US $3.27; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 11,778

Things under 5 dollars: Gaming Mouse Pad on AliExpress

  • Wireless Optical Mouse

Price – US $4.23; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 10,990

Wireless Optical Mouse on AliExpress

  • Hard Disk Case

Price – US $4.98; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 6,722

Things under 5 dollars: Hard Disk Case on AliExpress

  • GOOJODOQ Stylus

Price – US $4.99; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 5,230

GOOJODOQ Stylus on AliExpress

  • Smartphone / Tablet Holder

Price – US $4.99; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 4,815

Smartphone / Tablet Holder on AliExpress

  • Silent LED Cooling Fan

Price – US $1.69-3.88; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 4,576

Silent LED Cooling Fan on AliExpress

  • USB Wi-Fi Adapter

Price – US $4.27; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 4,198

USB Wi-Fi Adapter on AliExpress

Consumer Electronics

As you can see, customers buy a lot of electronics including small and relatively simple devices. Therefore, one can find a number of interesting products designed for other needs. So, as a dropshipping store owner, you may want to offer simple gadgets, accessories, and tech under 5 dollars.

  • Xiaomi Mi Band

Price – US $1.14-1.23; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 56,040

Things under 5 dollars: Xiaomi Mi Band on AliExpress

  • USB Cable Winder

Price – from US $3.57; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 25,610

USB Cable Winder on AliExpress

  • Gamepad Thumb Stick Cover

Price – US $3.02; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 2,647

Gamepad Thumb Stick Cover on AliExpress



  • Silicone Protective Case For Sony Controller

Price – US $2.59-4.19; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 11,850

Silicone Protective Case For Sony Controller on AliExpress

  • Battery Charger

Price – US $4.60; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 10,631

Battery Charger on AliExpress

  • Cable Tape

Price – US $4.32; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 25,729

Things under 5 dollars: Cable Tape on AliExpress


  • Mini Tripod For Smartphones

Price – US $4.36; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 4,518

Mini Tripod For Smartphones on AliExpress

  • Universal EU Plug Adapter

Price – US $1.25-1.29; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 3,921

Universal EU Plug Adapter on AliExpress

  • Earphone Storage Case

Price – US $1.00; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 3,427

Earphone Storage Case on AliExpress

  • Foam Ear Pads

Price – US $3.45-5.00; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 3,254

Foam Ear Pads on AliExpress


Fashion jewelry & accessories

When you’re looking for things under 5 dollars to sell, fashion jewelry comes to mind naturally. After all, such products are small, which is why they’re easy to ship. Besides, they can make a great gift! In addition, the variety of choices makes them suitable for dropshipping.

  • Acrylic Earrings

Price – US $2.63-4.98; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 62,019

Things under 5 dollars: Acrylic Earrings on AliExpress

  • Men’s Bead Bracelet

Price – US $1.81-2.78; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 34,161

Men’s Bead Bracelet on AliExpress

  • Leather Bracelet

Price – US $4.13; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 19,894

Things under 5 dollars: Leather Bracelet on AliExpress

  • Custom Name Necklace

Price – US $3.74; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 19,145

Custom Name Necklace on AliExpress

  • Geometric Earrings

Price – US $1.27-2.70; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 17,838

Geometric Earrings on AliExpress

  • Silver Ring for Women

Price – US $3.98; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 14,283

Silver Ring for Women on AliExpress

  • Leaf Open Bracelet

Price – US $2.23-4.53; rating – 4.6; number of orders – 13,642

Leaf Open Bracelet on AliExpress

  • Custom Name Pendant

Price – US $3.99-4.99; rating – 4.6; number of orders – 11,789

Custom Name Pendant on AliExpress

  • Cute DIY Charms

Price – US $3.36; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 19,566

Things under 5 dollars: Cute DIY Charms on AliExpress


  • Ear Cuffs

Price – US $3.22-3.59; rating – 4.4; number of orders – 26,143

Ear Cuffs on AliExpress


Products for kids

When choosing products for dropshipping, it’s important to pick both useful goods and the ones with emotional value. So, try the ‘Mother & Kids’ category on AliExpress as you will find quite a number of popular things under 5 dollars there.

  • Nylon Hair Band

Price – from US $3.71; rating – 4.6; number of orders – 45,687

Things under 5 dollars: Nylon Hair Band on AliExpress

  • Child Safety Lock

Price – US $3.43-3.69; rating – 4.6; number of orders – 36,904

Child Safety Lock on AliExpress

  • Child Hairpins

Price – US $1.80-4.50; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 24,134

Child Hairpins on AliExpress

  • Children Pantyhose

Price – US $3.13-4.13; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 15,826

Children Pantyhose on AliExpress

  • Sneakers For Newborn

Price – US $3.48-4.56; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 15,097

Sneakers For Newborn on AliExpress

  • Children Hat

Price – US $1.03-1.99; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 11,848

Children Hat on AliExpress

  • Car Seat Head Support For Babies

Price – US $4.80; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 11,427

Car Seat Head Support For Babies on AliExpress


  • Cotton Blankets For Babies

Price – US $4.69-4.99; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 9,211

Cotton Blankets For Babies on AliExpress

  • Baby Stroller Hooks

Price – US $1.86; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 7,345

Things under 5 dollars: Baby Stroller Hooks on AliExpress

  • Power Socket Protection

Price – US $4.77; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 8,970

Power Socket Protection on AliExpress


Lights & lighting

Among lighting products on AliExpress, there are many useful and purely decorative devices for affordable prices. Moreover, most of these goods are relatively simple, which reduces the likelihood of damage during transportation. So, it’s a good choice for a dropshipping store.

  • LED Lights String

Price – US $1.82-4.77; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 40,942

Things under 5 dollars: LED Lights String on AliExpress

  • USB LED Photo Clips

Price – from US $3.27; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 34,261

USB LED Photo Clips on AliExpress

  • LED Bulb

Price – from US $2.30; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 26,964

Things under 5 dollars: LED Bulb on AliExpress

  • Smart WC Night Light

Price – US $2.84-4.27; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 21,480

Smart WC Night Light on AliExpress

  • Sensor Mini Nightlight Lamp

Price – US $1.70-1.84; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 21,279

Sensor Mini Nightlight Lamp on AliExpress

  • USB Light Strip

Price – from US $2.35; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 14,345

USB Light Strip on AliExpress

  • Outdoor LED Spotlight

Price – US $4.95; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 5,158

Outdoor LED Spotlight on AliExpress


  • Spotlight Bulb

Price – US $1.26-1.57; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 12,952

Things under 5 dollars: Spotlight Bulb on AliExpress

  • USB Glowing Strip

Price – from US $2.36; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 10,181

USB Glowing Strip on AliExpress

  • Flame LED Bulb

Price – from US $4.70; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 5,664

Flame LED Bulb on AliExpress

Home improvement

It’s also a good idea to offer customers things under 5 dollars to help them in different situations at home.

  • Double-Sided Magic Tape

Price – from US $2.80; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 33,664

Things under 5 dollars: Double-Sided Magic Tape on AliExpress

  • Neodymium Magnets

Price – US $1.55; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 26,904

Neodymium Magnets on AliExpress

  • Adhesive Cloth Tape

Price – US $0.99-2.99; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 17,510

Adhesive Cloth Tape on AliExpress

  • Wire Insulation

Price – US $2.73; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 10,584

Wire Insulation on AliExpress

  • Plug Socket With USB Ports

Price – US $4.99; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 6,206

Plug Socket With USB Ports on AliExpress

  • Caulk Remover Set

Price – US $1.69; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 64,407

Caulk Remover Set on AliExpress


  • Power Supply Adapter

Price – from US $2.82; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 5,616

Power Supply Adapter on AliExpress

  • Glass Knobs

Price – US $0.73-1.69; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 5,398

Glass Knobs on AliExpress

  • Silicone Cabinet Bumpers

Price – US $0.98-1.98; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 5,102

Things under 5 dollars: Silicone Cabinet Bumpers on AliExpress

  • Wire Connector

Price – US $0.43-1.40; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 4,728

Wire Connector on AliExpress

Stationery & scrapbooking

Stationery is another good category of products to dropship as these items are small, simple and can cost very little. The numbers on AliExpress show that they’re quite popular.

  • Cute Gel Pens

Price – US $1.28-1.57; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 18,400

Things under 5 dollars: Cute Gel Pens on AliExpress

  • Super Glue

Price – US $2.85; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 12,048

Super Glue on AliExpress

  • Waterproof Markers

Price – from US $1.22; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 10,834

Things under 5 dollars: Waterproof Markers on AliExpress

  • Adhesive Tape For Scrapbooking

Price – US $3.11-3.21; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 8,917

Adhesive Tape For Scrapbooking on AliExpress

  • Stickers For Scrapbooking

Price – US $1.16; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 8,789

Stickers For Scrapbooking on AliExpress

  • Highlighter Capsules

Price – US $3.00; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 8,066

Highlighter Capsules on AliExpress

  • Pencil Case For Kids

Price – US $2.40-4.50; rating – 4.5; number of orders – 2,957

Pencil Case For Kids on AliExpress


  • Mechanical Pencil Set

Price – US $3.35-3.68; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 5,430

Things under 5 dollars: Mechanical Pencil Set on AliExpress


  • 2.0 mm Pencil

Price – US $1.17-1.53; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 5,090

2.0 mm Pencil on AliExpress

  • Wall Calendar

Price – US $3.50; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 4,225

Wall Calendar on AliExpress

Underwear & sleepwear

Now, let’s get a little provocative! Sleepwear and underwear prove to enjoy high demand. Besides, there is a wide choice of things under 5 dollars.

  • Ultra Thin Panties

Price – US $1.60-1.99; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 20,626

Things under 5 dollars: Ultra Thin Panties on AliExpress

  • Women’s Wool Socks

Price – US $2.44; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 16,626

Things under 5 dollars: Women’s Wool Socks on AliExpress

  • Women’s Summer Socks

Price – US $3.99; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 12,145

Things under 5 dollars: Women’s Summer Socks on AliExpress

  • Crop Top

Price – from US $3.99; rating – 4.6; number of orders – 10,311

Crop Top on AliExpress

  • Men’s Boxers

Price – US $4.00-4.99; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 6,547

Things under 5 dollars: Men’s Boxers on AliExpress

  • Nightgown

Price – US $3.99-4.35; rating – 4.5; number of orders – 6,455

Nightgown on AliExpress

  • Thigh-highs

Price – US $3.60; rating – 4.6; number of orders – 5,523

Thigh-highs on AliExpress

  • Fishnet Stockings

Price – US $2.25; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 5,415

Fishnet Stockings on AliExpress

  • Bra Extenders

Price – US $1.86; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 4,928

Things under 5 dollars: Bra Extenders on AliExpress

  • Seamless Bras

Price – US $4.98; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 3,520

Seamless Bras on AliExpress

Household goods

A dropshipping store related to housekeeping can choose from numerous household products on AliExpress. Although many of such goods are cheap, lots of people will find them extremely useful or pretty.

  • Razor Holder

Price – US $4.80; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 17,120

Things under 5 dollars: Razor Holder on AliExpress


  • Seal Bags For Food

Price – from US $2.65; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 16,616

Seal Bags For Food on AliExpress

  • Silicone Baking Mat

Price – US $2.10-4.20; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 15,648

Things under 5 dollars: Silicone Baking Mat on AliExpress

  • Plastic Cake Plate

Price – US $1.59-4.66; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 14,230

Things under 5 dollars: Plastic Cake Plate on AliExpress

  • Silicone Pastry Bag

Price – US $2.24-3.49; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 33,532

Silicone Pastry Bag on AliExpress


  • Rotating Kitchen Hook

Price – US $3.15-4.48; rating – 4.9; number of orders – 17,276

Rotating Kitchen Hook on AliExpress


  • Hydroponic Vases

Price – US $1.68-4.55; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 9,398

Things under 5 dollars: Hydroponic Vases on AliExpress

  • Paper Roll Holder

Price – US $4.58; rating – 4.7; number of orders – 19,521

Things under 5 dollars: Paper Roll Holder on AliExpress


  • Silicone Flour Mixing Bag

Price – US $4.41; rating – 4.8; number of orders – 3,995

Silicone Flour Mixing Bag on AliExpress


  • Coffee Filters

Price – US $3.19; rating – 4.6; number of orders – 6,637

Things under 5 dollars: Coffee Filters on AliExpress

As you can see, AliExpress offers low-cost items in many categories. These are just the ones that show the highest demand. Therefore, you can find similar products for any niche.

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Read about things under 5 dollars on aliexpress.

20 Anti-Stress Products That Improve Your Customers’ Lives

Have you ever considered selling anti-stress products and other relaxing items in your niche store? Let’s look deeper into this idea!

As we have mentioned before, niche stores offering a limited range of items perform much better than general stores selling everything at once. So, how about a narrow niche idea for your future online store?

Much like our previous selection of healthy sleep items, our today’s set of promising dropshipping products is aimed at the buyers’ life improvement.

This is what I personally like about dropshipping business. Through this easy-to-launch venture, it is possible to actually make a difference – and to help thousands of people all over the globe solve their burning issues.

This Google Trends graph shows that, unfortunately, the matter of stress relief concerns more and more people worldwide.

According to Google Trends, more people are interested in ways to relieve stress.


Obviously, I’m not saying that stress relief toys and gadgets can replace traditional therapy and treatment. Still, these tools provide comforting distraction and a calming sensory experience, which is why they can rightfully be considered an easily available supplementary way to support one’s mental health.

Why sell anti-stress products in your niche store?

While operating in a stress management niche, you’re not just being a socially responsible entrepreneur. You’re also getting a range of noticeable business benefits, such as:

  • Large buyers’ audience

As you have already understood it, the community of people potentially interested in relaxing tools is rapidly growing. This can both be attributed to the change in political and socio-economic climate, and to the diversity of buyers’ needs satisfied with these products.

  • Multiple customer segments

Indeed, the range of stress relief products use is impressive. Office workers and students buy them to improve their focus and concentration. People with specific perception peculiarities (autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, panic or anxiety disorder, etc.) rely on these items to release tension and calm down. Parents offer these toys to children in order to improve their tactile sensitivity and nerves stimulation, etc. You can reach and target any of these segments or even all of them at once, and the demand level will be sufficient.

  • Appealing product range

Stress-relieving tools come in all sizes and shapes. As they solve various user issues, they can be divided into several distinctive types (slimes, fidget toys, squeeze toys, etc.) with their own unique features. So, it’s up to you to decide what mental health products to sell.

Let’s take a look at the options available, shall we?

Stress reducing massage products

When you come home after a long day at work and want to reduce stress and relax, the first thing to come to mind is probably a massage. A massage can relieve anxiety and improve blood circulation. But professional services will cost a lot of money. Besides, not all people have time to visit a therapist. That’s why massage tools are a great choice for your dropshipping business! Here are some product ideas you may like.

Head massage tools

Head massage tools on AliExpress

Neck massage pillows

Neck massage pillows on AliExpress

Feet massage tools

Looking for anti-stress products? How about feet massage tools?

Wooden massage tools

Wooden massage tools on AliExpress

Acupuncture finger rings

Acupuncture finger rings for stress relief

Face rollers

Face rollers can be good anti-stress products

Anti-stress fidget toys

Another way to relieve stress is to use anti-stress toys. The important feature of these goods is that most of them are portable. Therefore, one can use them in the office or in public transport. Additionally, reducing anxiety is not their only function. Some models develop fine motor skills, which is good for children.

Fidget pads

Fidget pads on AliExpress

Magic cubes

Magic cubes will help you get rid of stress

Desktop toys

Desktop toys are both fun and useful as they relieve stress

3D puzzles

Unlike other anti-stress products, 3d puzzles also stimulate your brain.

Mokuru desk toys

Mokuru desk toys on AliExpress

Worry beads

Using worry beads is one of the simplest ways to cope with stress

Kinetic desk toys

Kinetic desk toys on AliExpress

Anti-stress and relaxing substances

At first, one may think that playing with slime is dirty. However, it feels really good to douse your hands in a slimy substance. Besides, you can punch and squeeze it to work off steam. As for magnetic putty, it’s like playing with playdough, except it gravitates to magnets, which makes it even more fun.


To relieve stress, one can play with slimes.

DIY slime kits

DIY slime kits are a good choice if you’re looking for anti-stress products.

Magnetic putty

Magnetic putty is another type of anti-stress products

Anti-stress squishy toys

The same goes for squishy toys. By squeezing, punching, and stretching them, one can get rid of stress without worrying about the toys. They won’t break. These anti-stress products are portable and affordable, which makes ideal dropshipping goods.

Assorted squeeze toys

Assorted squeeze toys on AliExpress

Squishy toy balls

Anti-stress products: squishy toy balls

Squeeze grape balls

Fight stress with squeeze grape balls.

Squishy keychains

Squishy keychains are portable anti-stress toys.

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If you got the impression that anti-stress products and massage tools are a good choice for your own dropshipping business, launch this niche store as soon as possible! It will feel so good to be enjoying the financial rewards AND to be helping a large community all over the globe, right?

Learn about anti-stress niche store.

10 Useful Things To Buy (And Sell) In March 2021

And, we meet again. March. The third month of the year, but also a year since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. Consumer needs have shifted and retail practices have adjusted a lot to meet the demands and necessities of the new normal in our world. So today, let’s take a look at 10 useful things to buy right now — and what you can add to your dropshipping store to meet online demand.

#1 Personal protection equipment

As strains of the COVID-19 virus continue to mutate, there still is an importance in wearing masks and having protective gear. Thus, any PPE such as masks or face shields are still very much in-demand, and would be great additions or impulse buys for your site.

Useful things to buy right now: a PPE mask

Here is an example of a high-selling N95 respirator mask that has high reviews and over 7,000 orders. This type of item will surely sell well. Despite Google Trends showing a gradual decline in search queries with the term “face mask,” we can still be confident that PPE in general will still be in-demand, as long as the coronavirus is not 100% contained.

Google Trends graph showing the interest in face masks

Google Trends also shows the N95 mask as a breakout topic, meaning it is a rising search term lately.

An example of breakout topics on Google Trends

Protective masks will definitely continue to be one of the useful things to buy this year, so if they fit your niche or work well as impulse-buy items, add these to your store.

#2 Massage gear

One word: stress. It’s rocketed since the start of the pandemic, leaving many parents, students, and essential workers frazzled out and unable to loosen up. With the on/off closures of personal services like massages or salons, many people have had to resort to buying their own equipment to help find at-home relief while in lockdown.

Useful things to buy right now: a massage gun

That’s why we suggest adding equipment such as this massage gun to your store if it fits your niche or offering. There are many variations of massage equipment such as fit-to-the-neck or made-for-the-back models, so find a variety that can add valuable selection to your online store.

Google Trends graph showing the interest in portable massagers

We can see a Google Trends search showing up-and-down trends for the term “portable massager,” with a high peak a month or so ago. It’s safe to assume this kind of item will continue to ride this trend and have customers seeking out these self-use machines for personal use. We all need to destress from time to time as is.

#3 Athleisure wear

Although trendy already for some time now, clothing that merges casual wear with athletic wear — “athleisure wear,” as it’s called — really exploded in popularity in 2020 as people started working out and working from home. And the trend isn’t stopping here in 2021.

Useful things to buy right now: athleisure leggings

We see here on Google Trends how demand for “leggings,” for example, has been pretty steady, even peaking near the end of 2020.

Google Trends graph showing the interest in leggings

Anything athleisure wear — even for men — can be a sure-hit to sell, as people have become accustomed to functional comfort with the changing trends in fashion.

#4 Cord organizers

Wires, wires, wires. In a time where many people are still learning and working remotely, there’s bound to be a party of cables and cords jumbled up around the kitchen table, coffee table, or one’s personal work desk.

Useful things to buy right now: cord organizers

That’s why we believe cord organizers such as this one can be a hot-seller for your store; the multi-piece sets are especially good because the varying sizes mean you can adjust for just one — or two — or three — cables, providing a fit for everyone. These organizers are adhesive on the back and also work great in the car for on-the-go device charging.

Google Trends graph showing the interest in cord organizers

Unsurprisingly, Google Trends shows growing interest in this kind of product. And we are confident consumers will continue to seek out device accessories for added convenience and help.

#5 Posture correctors

With a large percentage of the working class (and learning world) all tuned in digitally right now (even still as of March 2021), that’s a lot of hours in front of a laptop, work desk, or tablet. What happens over time though, is a stiff and sore neck, and eventually — slouching and poor posture.

Useful things to buy right now: a posture corrector

One super hot product now that’s been hot for some time now are posture correctors. Add a top-seller such as the one we show here for a selection of self-care and health-targeted items that shoppers will surely appreciate.

Google Trends graph showing the interest in posture correctors

And of course, Google Trends shows us that there has been growing interest for posture-related items, meaning this item is a great add for any online store.

#6 Orthopedic seat cushions

It only seems logical that with the work-from-home and heavy electronic use mentioned in the past two items that orthopedic seat cushions are one the useful things to buy in March 2021.

Useful things to buy right now: a seat cushion

Helping to balance and redistribute pressure on the spine and buttocks, these seat cushions are ergonomic and great for those who are working from home, spending hours on Zoom calls. Ones such as this are also ideal for students learning from home and attending classes online all day.

Google Trends graph showing the interest in seat cushions

Google Trends shows us an up-and-down trend to searches for “orthopedic seat cushion,” but the overall pattern tells us that there is constant demand for this item. A cushion that helps with workspace ergonomics will pair greatly with items such as charging cables or the cord organizer shown above.

#7 Camping tents

With lockdown restrictions worldwide for over a year now, many people have found the only socially-distanced solitude to be out in the wilderness with family or close friends. Thus, camping and hiking have been hot activities during the pandemic. One very-sought-after item has been the camping tent.

Useful things to buy right now: a camping tent

We can see an example of a highly-rated tent with over 900 orders here. Tents are in demand since many adventure-seekers will need them to camp out in the wilderness overnight or during the day.

Google Trends graph showing the interest in camping tents

And with overnight trips comes one other in-demand camping item.

#8 Camping lights

Because in the dark, a high-power light will trump the flashlight function on any phone for longer (and for better). Have safety in mind for all travelers with a bright solution.

Useful things to buy right now: camping lights

Portable lights such as this one sell very well thanks to the built-in hook design, selection of bright colors, and powerful LED performance, which include a red SOS light mode.

Google Trends graph showing the interest in camping lights

These lights are a great add-on item along with the tent shown above for many during this time as outdoor adventure is seen as a solace and quick getaway from the turbulent state of the world.

#9 Storage baskets

During the past year, many people stuck inside their homes resorted to one task most of us always avoid or put off — cleaning up the house. And part of that clean fueled the demand for storage solutions such as storage baskets.

Useful things to buy right now: textile storage baskets

If your dropshipping store caters to home goods, baby items, women essentials, or modern living supplies, you can’t miss out on storage bins as an offering in your store. With hundreds of designs, shapes, and materials to choose from AliExpress shows an immense selection for you to choose from to upload onto your website. We chose these ultra-cheap (but super quality) linen boxes that come in 21 patterns.

Google Trends graph showing the interest in storage baskets

On Google Trends, there is a notably consistent demand for the term “storage basket,” so you can be assured that this kind of item will fare well for e-commerce, and is definitely one of the useful things to buy (and carry, per your website) this time of year.

#10 Planting bags

No surprise here, but due to the lingering effects of last year, 2021 should continue to see an uptick in those who have taken up gardening as a quarantine hobby — and along with that, a demand for gardening products.

Useful things to buy right now: planting bags

So help online shoppers get their plants or homegrown produce situated with something like this massive set of biodegradable planting bags. These will help those quarantined at home continue to grow their own produce or flowers in their downtime.

Google Trends graph showing the interest in planting bags

While trends seem to have fallen off a lot since March of 2020, we continue to see little spikes time to time on Google Trends, leading us to believe that these gardening-related items will continue to be in demand as many who’ve developed a greenthumb over 2020 continue their go-green hobby in 2021.

And there you have it — 10 must-adds to your online store for useful things to buy in March 2021. Remember to always look for suppliers with items that are listed at near five stars and with a history of high orders. This will help ensure quality and popularity with what you are adding to your store.

SUMMARY: Many lifestyle trends from 2020 continue into 2021, even three months into the year. Useful things to buy at this time are those geared toward organization, safety/comfort, and the outdoors, so be sure to look around for the best suppliers to help add these items to your online store.

Explore useful things to buy and sell.

How Can You Find The Best Products To Dropship From AliExpress?

There is no doubt: you need to find the best products to dropship in 2021 from AliExpress if you want to succeed with your online store. Simply follow these instructions, and you will learn how to evaluate the items correctly and how to pick the most promising ones.

You are what you sell.

No, seriously. Correctly chosen products define about 50% of your dropshipping success.

AliExpress currently offers much more than 100 million various items, and even though you can use advanced technical solutions to easily import any of them to your own store, you can anyway get confused – what exactly should you import to dropship for profit?

So, let’s figure that out!

Choosing the best products to dropship in 2021: web analysis

a picture showing the process of looking for something

It is super important to start thinking about the products you’re going to sell as soon as possible.

Ideally, you should do it at the first stage of your dropshipping store creation while you are choosing a niche. The point is, when you’re evaluating the niche potential in terms of SEO, you get the chance to find highly demanded items.

How does it work?

  • Explore Google Trends

We typically use Google Trends to learn if people are getting more interested in this particular product over time. But this service gives us some additional information as well: look at the screenshot below.

a picture showing how to find best products to dropship in 2021

Here, we’ve tried a ‘cat hoodie’ query. The ‘related queries’ category gives us additional product ideas: from this field, we see that people are also looking for specific types of cat hoodies (hoodies with kangaroo pouches) and specific prints (‘never bring a bat to a cat fight’, ‘I am a cat’, etc.). This data will surely be useful at the stage of picking items!

  • Research Keyword Planner

As you know, we use Keyword Planner to find out the most promising keywords to use when running a dropshipping store. At the same time, these keywords can also give you an idea of the most demanded products. Here is an example:

an image showing how to find best products to dropship in 2021

Here, we try the same ‘cat hoodie’ keyword, and the ‘keyword ideas’ tab shows us a great selection of related keywords. This is what people search on Google, so obviously, products that match these descriptions will be a great choice.

  • Use Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer provides data about the intensity of competition in a particular niche. But again, as it shows a range of related keywords, it is a wonderful tool for picking demanded products. Take a look at the screenshot below.

a picture showing the process of looking for best products to dropship in 2021

We took the same ‘cat hoodie’ keyword again and got a number of keyword suggestions. If you click the ‘see all suggestions’ link, you’ll view the full list of related queries that can potentially give you a couple of ideas on the products’ choice.

  • Analyze bestsellers

To find out the most demanded products, you can either look at competitors (huge platforms like Amazon and eBay) or check out social networks. Check all the life-hacks on how to find niche products easily.

Choosing the best products to dropship in 2021: social media search

Social networks are great both to look for products to sell and to evaluate the potential niches. Creating insightful content is one of the main tasks of such social networks as Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. So, surfing social media can give you a wide range of valuable ideas.

Besides, you can find many examples of content marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat and other social media. And some of them are worth taking note of. Let’s take a look at some social media in detail.

  • Facebook

It’s logical to start from the most popular social media platform. Look for product ideas in various thematic groups. Study the communities of your potential competitors. The analysis of their content can bring a lot of valuable ideas for your niche research.

Try to search and count groups with 30K+ members devoted to your dropshipping niche. How many groups have you found? If there are more than 10 groups, it is a good sign, and your niche is popular enough.

  • Instagram

This social media is the home for influencers, trendsetters, and hottest tendencies. Whatever niche you decided to try, you will find here a plethora of thematic pictures.

The rule for niche rating is the same as for Facebook: if the search volume shows that there are at least 10 groups with 30K+ followers devoted to the chosen niche, it really looks promising and is worth trying.

  • Pinterest

Many companies and ecommerce entrepreneurs use Pinterest for promoting their products. Thematic boards and accounts of influencing bloggers contain numerous inspiring pictures.

Buyable pins are another great source of valuable content. It narrows your search – you’ll see only things that people can buy, so they are potential products for an online store.

  • YouTube

YouTube is not only our favorite time killer – it can be a plentiful source of inspiration as well if you use it as a search engine. Here you can catch ideas of products and trends that are popular right now. Besides, you can go further and investigate the trends in some definite promising niches.

After you’ve completed all these steps, you can take all the suggestions you got from the research, and create a whole super long list of potentially good products. What to do next?

How to find the best products to dropship in 2021: sorting out

a picture showing lots of different items

So, you have a list of products related to the chosen niche that are demanded by Internet users. Now, it’s time to cross out the suggestions that are not appropriate for a dropshipping store – you don’t want to waste your time searching for useless items, right?

Check if the products in your list have these features:

  • Unique

When people make purchases from you, they have to wait for some time till the package arrives. This wait makes no sense at all if they purchase some generic products. Why would they do that, really, if they could find an identical item in a nearby offline store and start using it on the spot? Surely, the wait should be worth it.

  • Impressive

Dropshipping stores show the best results when they generate impulse purchases. Generally speaking, that’s the effect you should try to achieve: if your store visitors get excited with the offers, they are likely to place an order immediately. Obviously, you can fuel their interest even more if you use a solution for buying motivation, for example, Countdown Timer or Recent Sales Pop-Ups, but the products also matter. Look for something with a wow-factor!

  • Simple

Your store needs impressive yet simple products. People never see your items before the purchase, so, for example, they don’t have the chance to try on clothes, shoes or fashion accessories, or to check the performance of technically complex items. This factor might stop them from making a purchase, and can later lead to returns and refunds. Plus, highly sophisticated items typically cost quite a lot, so think carefully if you want to deal with high ticket dropshipping.

  • Perfect for delivery

These items will be bought by people across the world and shipped all over the globe, so they should be A) lightweight (no one likes extra shipping costs) and B) damage-proof (imagine a buyer’s disappointment after receiving a broken, scratched, or crushed item).

  • Able to grow

Yes, you are just a beginner now. But smart entrepreneurs selling products online do not live for the moment only – they plan to grow their businesses in the future. Besides, the dropshipping business model allows you to expand your niche and add new product categories easily. So, the products chosen should have the potential for growth.

  • Legal

Do you think that shipping, for example, knives or electronic cigarettes is a good idea? Consider the country or region you’re targeting, and try to find out local laws. If some particular products are banned from use or selling or importing within this area, it is better to take them out of your list. Plus, make sure you are not selling copyrighted items that are a subject of intellectual property law.

Okay, now you have a much clearer idea about the products you’re going to offer in your store. Now it comes to the most interesting part!

Choosing the best AliExpress products for dropshipping: scanning the platform

a picture showing how to choose the product you need from a wide selection of them

At this stage, you already know what exactly to search for. Let’s figure out how to do it correctly!

First, go on the AliExpress homepage and type the first query from your list. You will see a list of related queries as well:


a screenshot showing how to find best products dropship in 2021 from your store

Write them down and don’t forget to check them later, and as for now, start with the query you have already typed.

Select the regional settings: in the ‘Ship to’ field, choose the target region where you will mostly send your products. If your store already had some orders, look at the buyers’ geography to understand where do your customers commonly live.

Why is it important? Because the next step is to put a tick in the ‘Free Shipping’ field. The system will automatically leave out the products that can only be shipped to this destination for an additional fee.

Don’t forget to also put a tick in the ‘4* and up’ field – this way, you will only see the items that are approved by the previous buyers.

Finally, in the ‘Sort by’ field choose the ‘Orders’ option to view the most frequently purchased items. The more orders an item has, the better; at least 100 is recommended.

This is how the correct settings should look like:


a picture showing the process of looking to products to dropship from AliExpress in 2021

Great! Now it’s time to evaluate each product separately.

How to find best products to dropship in 2021: final evaluation

Click on every product you like and take a look at the details provided.


a picture showing an example of products you should dropship for profit in 2021

More specifically, you should carefully evaluate:

  • Product pictures

Your store needs items with trust-inspiring pictures that show the product clearly. Images basically are the only source of information for online shoppers, so they matter incredibly.

Ideally, you need pictures with no watermarks, but even if there are any, you can try removing them with the editing feature of AliDropship plugin.

Don’t forget to look at the item description: sometimes, sellers place additional product photos there, so the picture gallery might be not the only source of images for your store.

  • Customer reviews

The reviews from actual AliExpress buyers are a great source of information about the product quality and the seller’s behavior. AliDropship solutions let you import the product reviews along with the item because the number and the content of the ‘Feedback’ tab is super important.

Okay, that’s it!

Import the chosen products automatically, and don’t forget to make some edits to the product pages in your store. This article will tell you more about this.

Now you know how to choose the best products to dropship in 2021. Use the knowledge and create your own wonderful store!

What are the best AliExpress products to dropship?

Home Security Products To Dropship: The Best Items To Add To Your Store

It’s no secret that everyone wants to live in a safe and secure home environment. In the past, however, not everyone could afford various home security items to create comfortable circumstances in their home. Although, now, home security products are accessible and affordable to practically anyone. 

Nowadays it is incredibly easy to buy and install all the needed home security items. Every year, new trends pop up, the technology improves and as a result, home security products become more effective.

In recent years, the demand for home safety products has increased and it’s no coincidence. It is a result of a growing trend of implementing smart homes where the security systems are an integral part. At the same time, with how easy it is to control and manage home security products nowadays (you can do it even from a regular smartphone device), it makes it a very unique product offer that many consumers can easily afford.

How is it so affordable? By sourcing products from AliExpress, you can find great items at beneficial prices.

Furthermore, not all consumers implement expensive security systems in their households, some consider installing certain individual pieces such as alarms, cameras, or simple lockers to ensure their protection and security of their possessions. And you can create a dropshipping store offering these products!

So, let’s jump straight into it and find out why you should start a dropshipping business selling home safety products!

A general overview of the home security market

Smart home security is not something new: security and control systems have been among the most popular smart home devices over the last several years. And from what’s being projected, it is only going to continue to grow.

Home security products google trends

Analyzing Google Trends, home security is a rather popular search query and the demand has been steady over the last several years.

Where do most of the search queries come from? What market is the most prosperous?


The most amount of search requests comes from the United States. Moreover, according to data analysts, 38% of US households own a security system.

Let’s look at what home security products consumers in the US want to purchase.

Evidently, many people are considering the purchase of a home security system. Most of them don’t even require professional installation. And you can hit the jackpot by convincing these people to buy these products on your online store!

Moreover, almost all of the mentioned above products can be ordered from AliExpress!

Want to sell the hottest and most demanded items only? Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market – and get every week’s bestsellers imported to your store AUTOMATICALLY!

However, you must keep in mind that home security products are a pretty technically complex category of products. That means, this niche category will be great for those who understand and can clearly explain the various characteristics of certain products. And of course, as the owner of the store, you must be willing to learn the basics of installing and managing these items if your customers come asking for your help. Being an expert in your field of work can only bring you benefits and what’s most important – happy customers.

So, what kind of products can you include in your online dropshipping store?

What home security products can you dropship?

Surveillance cameras

You don’t have to focus strictly on whole systems, you can also offer cameras by piece.


Surveillance systems

On AliExpress, you can find all kinds of security systems in different price ranges.


Surveillance accessories

You can broaden your product range by offering different accessories for surveillance products, such as holders, adaptors, and even separate cameras.


Baby monitors

Watching over the little ones is especially convenient with baby monitors that can be placed anywhere. With the help of baby monitors, it is possible to watch over the babies even from a separate room!


Security alarms and sensors

AliExpress also has different types of alarms and sensors that are supported by various smart home devices. All you have to do is connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


Smart doorbells

Your customers can forget all about those old peepholes and seamlessly install wireless doorbells for more comfort.

Audio doorbell


Video doorbell


Useful home safety products

Some of the items can be used for personal protection and keeping your personal belongings safe as well.

Smart padlocks


Smart trackers and alarm sensors


Self-defense alarm


Safes and lockboxes


Should you dropship home security products: Final takeaways

Home security products are getting more and more popular in the households of ordinary people. And with the market growing annually, you have a chance to establish a profitable dropshipping business selling these products. Although we tend to suggest staying away from technically complex niches, here you don’t need to make things too complicated. You can offer a broad range of products that don’t require, you or your potential customers to be technical experts.

With that said, we hope that with the insightful information provided in this article, this niche will help you create a beneficial dropshipping business and make you an impressive amount of profit. If you want to learn more about what niches and products can bring you a hefty income, check out our blog!

If you want to start your dropshipping business, AliDropship provides you with an opportunity to do so. All you have to do is order your store, and our specialists will make one catering to your specific preferences and needs. And why wouldn’t you want to launch a dropshipping business? It’s the most risk-free and cost-effective way to start your own ecommerce venture!

Explore the full list of home security products.

Hot Products For Spring And Summer 2021 [70+ Ideas]

Winter is coming to an end. And what does it mean for ecommerce entrepreneurs? Right, this is a high time to review their product range! We have prepared a set of over 70 ideas regarding hot products for spring and summer in 2021. Enjoy!

Hot products for spring and summer 2021

Experienced ecommerce entrepreneurs know that the most important part when running your own ecommerce venture is to set everything up on time. So when it’s high time to prepare your online store for spring/summer? Right, at the end of winter!

We are speaking about such a notion as seasonality. Actually, all the popular ecommerce products you are highly likely to benefit from can be divided into several groups.

  • Evergreen products

When we speak about so-called evergreen products, we mean the ones that are ALWAYS in extremely strong demand. As a rule, this is all about consumables, items we buy in bulk, and the ones people have to buy all the time.

These goods are undoubtedly lucrative for ecommerce entrepreneurs. However, there is a limited list of such products, and not all of them suit online shopping perfectly.

  • Trending products to sell

Speaking about trending products to sell, these are the products that are extremely popular for a certain period of time. Most commonly, they are fashion clothing, new gadgets, etc.

These items are extremely lucrative for online stores. However, if dealing with them, it’s necessary to check industry trends and look for trending items on a permanent basis.

  • Seasonal products

As for seasonal products, these are the ones that are in demand each year, during a season.

These products are also extremely promising to sell in online stores. However, you should know which items to sell during each season and prepare your ecommerce website for it each time to make the most of them.

That’s why our team conducted a study and found over 70 hot products for spring and summer in 2021. Check them all and choose the ones to benefit from with your online store!

Inflatable mattresses

a picture showing the rise of interest in inflatable mattresses in summer

Inflatable mattresses are the very thing that people are interested in during spring and summer. This is proved by Google Trends. As you can see from the screenshot above, the demand for inflatable mattresses increases at the end of spring significantly and it’s high enough until the fall.

And since there are lots of different inflatable mattresses at low initial prices available for reselling, this is going to be a perfect hot product for spring and summer to benefit from!

a picture showing inflatable mattresses as a hot product to sell in spring and summer

Swimsuits and swimming trunks


This is a prime example of a seasonal product. The interest in it is extremely high at the beginning of summer. Meantime, it doesn’t draw much attention in fall and winter (and this is logical).

Traditionally, demand for swimwear peaks in spring and summer. Seems like this year won’t be an exception! Even though only local tourism is accessible in many countries worldwide due to the pandemic, in most cases, the local climate and amenities still allow relaxing outdoor activities that require fancy and practical swimsuits.


Outdoor toys

a screenshot proving the rise of interest in outdoor toys in spring

Outdoor toys are one more product that people wait for spring to order and let their children have some fun. If there are some doubts about it, look at the screenshot above: the demand for them is tremendous! So why not try to gain from them?

a picture showing what to sell in spring and summer for profit

Women’s tank tops

a picture showing the rise of interest in women tops in summer

The next item in the list of hot products for spring and summer in 2021 is women’s tank tops.

Right, these light tops are well-demanded throughout the year. But there’s a demand peak that occurs at the beginning of summer making it a perfect product to sell in your online store after winter has come to an end.

a picture showing what to sell in spring and summer for profit

Tote bags

an image proving that tote bags are an evergreen ecommerce product

In fact, tote bags are an evergreen product since it’s popular on the market throughout the year. However, they can be considered as an item that is commonly used in summer. This is why we recommend you pay attention to them since this is a kind of product you will definitely benefit from!

a picture showing tote bags as hot products in spring and summer to sell for profit

Water bottles

a picture proving that water bottles are an evergreen ecommerce product

Water bottles are one more ecommerce product that can be classified as an evergreen one. However, this is also most often used during a summer holiday season. And this is the reason for you to consider adding this item to your online store, so you won’t regret it!

a picture showing why it is profitable to resell water bottles

Ice cube trays/ice cream makers

an image showing when it is profitable to sell ice-cream makers

Summer is the time of the year when one everyone wants a cold drink or an ice cream, isn’t it?

And this is proved by the Google Trends’ graph provided above: the interest towards ice cream makers has a peak at the beginning of summer. Well, this actually means this is one more product for your online store to add to your product range and try to make a fortune with.

a picture showing what to sell in spring and summer

Hair accessories

a picture showing why it is profitable to sell headbands in summer

Take your hats and other winter clothes off, this is what people from lots of regions want at the end of the snow season. Probably this is the very reason why there is a strong demand for headbands and hairpins: it’s time to shine bright! So why not check them up and gain from them?

a picture showing hair accessories as hot products to sell in spring and summer for profit


a picture showing why it is profitable to sell sunglasses in spring and summer

Sunglasses are going to be a perfect accessory for both men and women. And since generally it’s challenging to wear them in winter, the demand for them increases significantly in summer! Moreover, there are lots of sunglasses at low initial prices to resell. So they can easily let any ecommerce entrepreneur make a fortune with them!

a picture showing what to sell in spring and summer for profit

This is a list of 70+ hot products for spring and summer to benefit from in 2021! It’s the end of February, and it’s high time to consider adding them to your online store and make the most of them or start your own profitable ecommerce business and build your financial empire!

What are the hot products for spring and summer?

How To Dropship Gifts? Tips & Product Ideas For Any Special Occasion

Do you like festivities? Are you good at choosing presents for friends and relatives? Then you can dropship gifts to turn this talent into a profitable business.

Why it’s a good idea to dropship gifts

  • We give presents all the time

All cultures have gift-giving traditions. They’re almost as ancient as our species, and we exchange presents all the time. Think about this – how many presents did you give last year?

For example, if you live in a family of four, over the course of year, you probably need to prepare at least 6 presents: one Christmas and one birthday gift for every family member. And that doesn’t include other relatives, friends, colleagues, as well as other holidays and special events you’re celebrating.

According to Research and Markets, the gift retailing market will grow by $6.45 billion each year during 2020-2024.

In other words, gifts are evergreen products demanded all the time. Whenever a holiday comes, people will go shopping and browse online stores in search of gifts and souvenirs.

  • Anything can be a gift

You can’t just enter a shop and ask the seller for a gift for your significant other. I mean, the seller will ask you what kind of present you are looking for, what your sibling likes, and so on.

A cute pendant can be a gift. A dinnerware set can be a gift, just like many other things from a video game to a pyjama set. The point is, customers won’t get surprised to see a somewhat wider range of products in your catalog including accessories, clothes, souvenirs, home decorations, toys, and other stuff.

On the one hand, this fact makes it really difficult to pick products for your dropshipping store. On the other hand, you’re not limited by strict boundaries and can quickly adapt your offer to the ever-changing market.

But it’ll require more work and creative thinking. You will have to keep an eye on trends, learn how to notice and test a potentially profitable product, analyze new target audiences and come up with attractive ads.

In other words, when dropshipping gifts, you can’t rest on your laurels after succeeding with just one product. You’ll have to keep going, which makes this niche not so simple.

  • The demand for gifts is predictable

It’s really easy to predict when the demand for a particular product type will rise and fall. For example, when Christmas comes, obviously we all buy Christmas presents. And that’s another reason to dropship gifts.

You could say that seasonality isn’t always good because you can’t expect a stable income. But in the case of dropshipping gifts, it’s not that bad.

First of all, we celebrate not one but several festivities throughout the year. Second, people buy presents not only during season-specific holidays. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions happen all the time and don’t always depend on the calendar. So, the demand will never fall completely.

But still, if you want to get the most out of this niche, you must prepare for seasonal upswings.

Gift dropshipping ideas for your ecommerce store

I’ve already mentioned that pretty much anything can become a gift. Does it mean you have to pick each item for your catalog individually? Not at all!

Although you can import almost anything and call it a gift, there are certain product types that any gift store can have. Let’s start with purely seasonal goods.

Christmas presents

AliExpress products that can you can offer as Christmas presents

Naturally, in this category, you will find hundreds of options: Xmas-themed mugs, clothes, accessories, toys, and so on.

Halloween gifts

Halloween-themed products on AliExpress that can make great gifts

Halloween-themed products mostly cover the same categories (toys, mugs, clothes, etc.). But you can also add to your inventory various costumes, masks, and make-up goods.

Mother’s day gifts

Do you want to dropship gifts? How about these charming accessories for Mother's Day?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you need to dropship gifts for any occasion including more modest festivities. For example, on AliExpress, you will find a number of goods that can serve as presents for Mother’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day presents on AliExpress you can use for dropshipping

Another example of a seasonal occasion that brings a lot of profit is Valentine’s Day. Of course, you can’t dropship chocolate. But you can sell other products such as fashion jewelry (especially those made for couples), cute plush toys, photo albums, chocolate boxes, and pretty much anything that couples could find romantic.

Custom products

Customizable gifts on AliExpress

If you like the idea of dropshipping gifts, you simply must consider selling customizable items such as pendants, rings, mugs, T-shirts, etc. A cute necklace can be a very good present. But it’s a completely different experience when you get something absolutely unique – even it’s just an inscription or a photo on a mug.


On AliExpress, you will find lots of souvenirs and interesting knickknacks.

You usually bring souvenirs from far away. But there are plenty of products on AliExpress that are hard to identify, which is why I called them souvenirs. They are mostly useless, yet charming knickknacks: statuettes, fridge magnets, commemorative coins… I even found one with Stalin’s profile on it.

Dropshipping stores often earn most of their profit with just one item. Such a flagship product is used to attract customers, make them click on your ad and visit the website. However, it’s also important to offer high-quality complementary goods as this is how you can increase the average order value of your store.

If you decide to dropship gifts, try out the following products as well.

Birthday cake toppers

Birthday cake toppers are a good choice for a gift-themed online store

Whenever a person buys a gift, it’s most likely a birthday present. So, it’s logical to offer complementary products for a birthday party, and I recommend cake toppers.

On AliExpress, there are plenty of these products; they are affordable and can be sold in numbers. For example, a parent could stock up on “number” toppers for a few years to come.

Gift wrapping supplies

Gift-wrapping supplies on AliExpress

Another complementary product type that could benefit your business is gift wrapping supplies. These goods include boxes, wrapping paper and tape, ropes, ribbons, envelopes, cards, and similar stuff.

Gift boxes on AliExpress


A gift-themed store cannot do without baloons

Can you imagine a celebration without balloons? These items work well as complementary goods as long as they are affordable and/or unusual. In addition, you can also dropship related products such as balloon stands.

Final thoughts on dropshipping gifts

This niche isn’t simple. It will require creative thinking and lots of research. Nevertheless, it has potential as it lets you sell almost anything that enjoys high demand. Here are a few tips for those who got interested.

  • Follow current trends. Look for hype products on the market.
  • For advertising, choose products with high emotional value as they can trigger impulse purchases.
  • Offer lots of bundles and volume discounts to increase customers’ order value.
  • Prepare for holidays in advance to make the most out of seasonal peaks.
  • Whenever possible, import products with fast shipping options and make sure your clients know how long shipping will take. Otherwise, you’ll face lots of refunds. That’s another reason to start advertising your goods long before the holidays.

Would you like to dropship gifts but have no experience in building websites? No worries! The AliDropship team can create a Custom Dropshipping Store according to your instructions and preferences.

Learn how to dropship gifts.

Worst And Best Products To Dropship: How To Pick Items For Dropshipping Store

From today’s research, you will learn more about choosing the best products to dropship from AliExpress, and filtering out the least appealing ones.

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What makes a product totally unsuitable for your dropshipping store?

And what, in turn, makes an item an absolutely great find for your business?

How to dropship products that will definitely bring you sufficient profits?

Here, we will show you how to find the best products to dropship and evaluate AliExpress products to check if they are worthy of your time and attention.

Let the fun begin!

Best products to dropship are something you’d buy yourself

So what are the best product to dropship? Obviously, the main idea of your ecommerce store is to sell items that people always buy. This means that the best dropshipping items are the ones that are desired and requested by your target audience.

In other words, any eCommerce entrepreneur needs to concentrate on the best products to dropship that are:

– Demanded

This is certainly the most important parameter for any dropshipper. Obviously, there’s no reason to fill your eCommerce store with the items that no one needs.

Ideally, when starting a business, you should go on Google Trends. There, you will check if people are commonly interested in this particular product.

Let’s compare the following 3 graphs:


Here, we were analyzing the demand for 3 product types: sweaters, sweatshirts, and hoodies. All of these are warm clothes protecting the wearer from cold weather and providing additional comfort. It means that they solve the same issue for a potential buyer. But, as you can see, the demand levels are totally different.

Still, there is a similarity. For these graphs, we took the period of 5 calendar years. Do you see that all the 3 graphs have the same pattern of peaks and falls?

These fluctuations happen during a specific time of year. Every year, there are the same periods of time when the demand goes super high, and there are periods when the demand is close to zero. It means that these products have a seasonal nature.

It is not a bad thing itself for product sourcing. Nevertheless, you should always remember that if your dropshipping store contains seasonal products only, the volume of your sales and profits will be unstable during the year.

And if you compare these 3 graphs again, you’ll notice that the peaks and falls of the hoodie graph aren’t as sharp as the ones on the sweater graph. It gives you a reason to assume that in this example, hoodies are a more reliable product type. Still, ideally, you should mix them with non-seasonal items in a store offer.

– Unique

Choosing generic, plain, boring items for selling online is a serious dropshipping mistake that has a huge negative influence on sales.

Let’s continue talking about hoodies and consider the next example. Take a look at the pictures below:

a picture showing how much a regular hoodie cost

This is an AliExpress hoodie that costs $11.99 and has a rating of 5.0*, 141 reviews and 282 orders.

As you can see, the item has a moderate price, a large clear high-quality picture, and a good description with the relevant size chart and lots of illustrative pictures. Plus, both the store rating and the item rating are quite fine. Still, judging by the low number of reviews and orders, none of these can be convincing for potential buyers.

And here is another example:

a picture showing an example of a hoodie with an unique print

This is an AliExpress hoodie that costs $10.10 and has a rating of 4,7*, 3568 reviews and 1348 orders.

This is an impressive difference, right?

This hoodie is 12 times more popular! Meanwhile, it’s even cheaper than the one behind. BTW, you have a huge selection of prints, for all tastes! So it’s obvious that the reason for such a huge demand is the unusual hoodie design: an interesting print heavily attracts buyers.

Indeed, it’s easy to find a basic monochrome hoodie with an ordinary cut nearly in any offline store – you can buy it on the spot and waste no time waiting for its delivery. The printed hoodie, in turn, is quite a rare find for the majority of other stores, and it certainly attracts more interest from store visitors.

And this is how we go over to the next product feature that is an absolute must-have for each and every of your dropshipping items.

– Triggering impulse purchases

Basically, impulse purchases are a major driver of growth for any dropshipping store.

For such stores, neither fast shipping nor low price is a competitive advantage.

In this case, your only option is to create an appropriate atmosphere for buying impulsively. There are many ways to do it (by making a catchy store design, creating a sense of urgency, showing intense buying activity, providing other buyers’ experience, etc.).

But please note that if your products are not appealing enough, none of these tools will help you. So do your best to create all the necessary conditions for your website visitors to induce them to make impulse purchases.

Let’s look at other examples of hoodies. To make a more fair comparison, we will take 2 different product offers from the same seller.

The first item is a regular fleece hoodie that costs $16.63 and has 2 orders, 4.5* rating and 2 reviews.

a picture showing how to look for dropshipping products

The second item is a rabbit-ears hoodie that costs $13.84 and has 5385 orders, 4.9* rating and 3247 reviews.

an image showing an example of the best product to dropship

The numbers speak for themselves: people are more likely to buy emotionally charged products.

This is the reason why cute, adorable, kawaii products are quite often chosen by dropshipping store owners. But, you don’t have to limit yourself with ‘sweet’ stuff! Anything that immediately creates a strong emotional response is a good choice. Try to find products that manage to do this.

Take a look at an example below:

a picture showing a black heart patch to dropship

This sad patch is not exactly cute, but, thanks to its semi-sarcastic emotional drive, it got 1594 orders, 1103 reviews, and an impressive 4,9* rating. Not bad, right?

Or, let’s look at this indecent enamel pin:

a picture showing an enamel pin that is a good product to dropship

It can cause various feelings, of course, but you can benefit from these emotions anyway. Judging by the 1512 orders, 462 reviews, and 4.8* rating, the pin is really popular. Emotions matter, as you can see!

– Affordable

There is a simple rule: the lower the original seller’s price is, the higher your potential profit will be.

It’s quite obvious, indeed: a low initial price gives you the opportunity to set up a considerable markup without disappointing your customers. Ideally, both you and your buyer should be happy with the item price 🙂

For example, you decided to import this jacket from AliExpress and add it to your dropshipping store:

a picture demonstrating the example of an expensive product

The item itself is good: it comes from a reputable seller and has a 4,8* rating, 50 reviews, 81 orders, and free shipping. The only downside is the price: if the seller asks $39.25 for this jacket, imagine how much this item will cost after you apply the markup formula!

This is why it’s so important to click the ‘Check if this is cheaper on other sellers’ button (it’s an exclusive feature of AliDropship Google Chrome Extension, by the way). The system will offer you several matching options, and you will be able to choose a more suitable alternative – for example, this one:

a picture demonstrating that you can find the same product a lot cheaper with alidropship chrome extension

This jacket is also a great find: it has a 4.4* rating, 862 orders, 470 reviews, and free shipping. The difference between these two products is not big, but why not save $5?

So, it’s not that hard to guess which of the two items is more beneficial for your store, right?

– Quick and cheap to deliver

If you want to lure your store visitors into making an impulse purchase, don’t charge any extra fees for shipping.

Quite often, people leave online stores without completing their orders simply because they get unhappy with the total order cost. Surely, a high shipping fee is a common reason for it.

So, while selecting items on AliExpress, you can only pick and import products that are shipped for free. To do this, you simply need to put a tick in the ‘Free Shipping’ field. Don’t forget to specify the country where you want this product to be shipped! The results’ page will look the following way:

a picture showing how to look for the best products to dropship

Alternatively, you can only select the items that have the ePacket shipping option. AliDropship Google Chrome Extension easily shows you which products have this feature and which ones don’t.

a picture showing how to check if a product has an ePacket shipping option by means of alidropship chrome extension

We traditionally recommend to stick to the items with ePacket delivery option for a very simple reason. This shipping method allows your buyers to receive their packages really quickly. With ePacket, the long period of AliExpress shipping is not a problem anymore. In this case, the seller will promptly deliver the products directly to your customers just in a couple of weeks.

What’s also great, the shipping fee in this case is usually quite low, so you can simply include it in the item’s final price. The product will still remain affordable, and your customer will be happy to see the ‘Free Shipping’ phrase.

Best dropshipping items are competitive

When we talk about the product’s competitiveness, we don’t necessarily mean its attractiveness in terms of SEO (ideally, you should have evaluated the SEO aspect at the point of the store niche selection). Here, we are discussing the features of the dropshipping items themselves, such as:

– Distinctiveness

A good dropshipping product is an item that helps you differentiate. We have already discussed this subject above when we were talking about the benefits of unique products.

It is really important for you to build a memorable store identity: a specific pleasant atmosphere in your online store makes it more appealing for buyers and helps you compete with AliExpress and other online selling platforms.

This is why the best products to dropship from your store should have the same mood and sentiment. Consistency and integrity of the product offer are the key to creating a wholesome store image that attracts buyers. Look at the picture below:

an image demonstrating an example of the best products to dropship

At the first glance, it might seem that these two items can be easily included in the same store offer. Both of them are unisex sweatshirts with soldier-related prints, so they seem to be suitable for a store dedicated to military stuff.

Still, they are not exactly similar: they certainly generate differing emotional responses, and each sweatshirt has its own ‘tone’. While both of them are a good find in terms of popularity and feedback, your final choice should depend on the desired atmosphere you’re trying to create in your store.

– No logo or brand name

According to AliExpress official policy, it is not legal to sell branded products through the platform.

Still, this restriction only applies to globally known brands because it’s aimed on fraud prevention. At the same time, lots of items on AliExpress are in some way ‘marked’ by local manufacturers. Many products have some kind of a logo or brand name on them.

Here’s an example of a branded wallet below:

a picture showing an example of the worst dropshipping products

As we see in this example, an Asian-based manufacturer put its name on the item in a very distinctive and obvious way. So can we consider them as the best product to dropship?

Normally, they are not. When you’re trying to build your own store identity, the best strategy is to avoid items that show the manufacturer’s name (especially if it’s done in such an eye-catching manner).

Obviously, it is not always possible. Some types of products, for example clothes and gadgets, are not even manufactured without the producer’s mark. If you are working with such product categories, examine the pictures in the item description carefully. This way, you will be able to only select the items that don’t have their brand names shown openly:

a picture showing an example of the best products to dropship

This example shows a hoodie label with the product size (M) and the manufacturer’s name (Rumeiai). The brand name is rather discreet and you don’t see it on any other part of the hoodie. So, it is perfectly acceptable to add this item to your store.

How to find the best items to dropship?

There are several methods to find product ideas and estimate their potential. You can search for the best products to dropship and analyze them with various web tools, by looking through social media content and, of course, by browsing AliExpress.

– Web analysis

First of all, you can find the best products to dropship in Google Trends. This free service shows how people’s interest in a given search query changes over time. Besides, Google Trends also shows you related queries, which can be helpful when you look for new ideas.

a screenshot demonstrating how to use Google Trends to find product ideas for dropshipping

The second tool for you to use is Keyword Planner. Although its primary function is to tell which keywords you should use for optimizing your website, it finds related keywords as well. The keywords with high search volume can definitely indicate the best products to dropship.

a picture showing how to use Keyword Planner to find dropshipping product ideas

Alternatively, one can use Moz Keyword Explorer, a tool for checking the competition level in particular niches. But since it shows also related keywords, the same trick will work here as well. As you can see, we used the same keyword and got a number of suggestions.

a picture showing how to use Moz Keyword Explorer to find product ideas for dropshipping

It’s also a good idea to browse competitors on other platforms like Amazon or eBay to see what other businesses offer at the moment.

– Searching on social media

Today social media serves as advertising platforms, which is why one can find lots of ideas there as well.

Since Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, we suggest that you start with this platform. Try looking for thematic groups related to your niche with 30K+ members. If you can find more than 10 such groups, it’s a good sign. Also, analyze the communities of your potential competitors and study their content.

The same approach works with Instagram. If you find at least 10 groups with more than 10 thousand followers, browse their content for ideas.

Just like Instagram, Pinterest is a platform where lots of influencers, trendsetters and bloggers operate. Visit thematic boards and popular accounts to find what to dropship.

YouTube can also be a valuable source of ideas if you use it as a search engine. Besides, you can go further and investigate the trends in some promising niches.

– Searching on AliExpress

First of all, one can use AliExpress search bar and its autosuggestion function to find related queries. But you will need to check them by other means as well to make sure there’s high enough demand.

a picture showing how to use AliExpress search bar to find product ideas to sell

But if you do have some ideas you have already checked, here’s how you can find out if such products are sold on AliExpress.

In the “Ship to” section, choose your target region, then tick the “Free shipping” box. The system will only show offers from sellers that can ship these products to your desired destination for free.

And make sure you also put a tick in the “4* and up” field to narrow down the search to items approved by previous buyers. Then sort the results by the number of orders to see the most popular goods first. We recommend paying attention to items that have at least 100 orders.

This is what the settings should look like:

a picture showing how to search for product ideas on aliexpress

Whenever you find an interesting product, open it in a new tab to evaluate its potential. When doing it, pay attention to the following aspects.

Best products to dropship have informative pages on AliExpress

Let’s assume you’ve noticed a super cool item on AliExpress. Imagine that this product immediately got your attention because of its unique nature, affordable price, and strong competitiveness.

Does it mean you should immediately import it into your dropshipping store?


Before you do this, you need to go to this product page and examine it super carefully. The reason for this is simple: further, you will have to edit single product pages in your own store. It is a necessary action if you want to improve your conversion rates!

If the original AliExpress product page doesn’t include some of the following details, it might be challenging for you to create a good-looking item profile in your own store. So, before pressing the ‘Import’ button, make sure that this particular product has:

– High quality pictures

Well, if this item has already caught your attention, most likely, its main image is good (otherwise, you’d never had noticed it). But a single photo is not enough!

For example, take a look at this product:

a picture showing an example of bad dropshipping products with low quality pictures

The price is great, the shipping cost is tiny, the feedback is positive, the preview image looks fine – it’s a perfect product, right? But, once you open the product page, you notice that the picture quality is not that high. Plus, it is the only image in the gallery, and the description only provides 2 additional product-related pictures that don’t give much information as well. This is not the type of item you should be looking for.

For your store visitor, product images are basically the only source of knowledge about this or that unknown item. Check both the product gallery and the item description to find out if there are enough informative pictures. Ideally, the pictures should demonstrate an item in actual use. Plus, there should be close-up photos showing the product details.

Here is an example of a product that is more suitable for dropshipping:

a screenshot demonstrating bad dropshipping products with high quality pictures

The product has multiple variations, and each of them is clearly visible. The seller provides a large high-quality picture to prevent confusion and misunderstandings. The photos are professional and appealing, and you can view the product from various angles. You can even see the back side of the earrings and the fastenings type! If you scroll down to the description box, you will also see the pictures that give indications of the earrings’ size. There is a measurement picture, and there are photos of the earrings placed on a mannequin for scale. Even though the measurement picture contains some unnecessary info like the company name, you can easily fix it with the help of Image Editor.

– Informative description

An online store visitor can’t physically see or feel the item, which is why many questions may arise considering the item’s features. You need to be able to answer any of them correctly and professionally in order to provide a high-quality customer service. Also, you will need to fill in the item’s description to make your store look credible and trustworthy.

This is why items with descriptions that contain no information on the pendant size and the chain length don’t suit you. It can be even different to guess what is the actual product’s material:

an image showing the best dropshipping products with informative descriptions

For a necklace or any other simple type of product, such lack of information might be just disappointing, and not really disastrous. But what if something similar happens to an item of a more complex nature? How can your customers make sure that it’s a quality product satisfying their needs? Having no data to rely on, a potential customer will simply leave the store without making a purchase.

– Relevant reviews

AliExpress reviews serve two really important purposes.

First, they prove that another person has successfully purchased this exact item from this particular seller. Thanks to AliDropship plugin’s feature of reviews import, you can make import AliExpress product reviews.

Such reviews get even more helpful after you install Customer Gallery add-on: this way, you let your store visitors view the real-life product pictures made by previous buyers and provide the direct links to the items featured on these photos.

But the quality and content of reviews matter: please look at this example.

a picture showing why customers feedback is crucial for your online store

The reviews are positive and seem to be authentic, but, due to the automatic translation to English, the first one looks really messy. You can vaguely understand that the buyer is happy with the purchase, but this review doesn’t add much to your store credibility. You should either leave such reviews untranslated if they are written in your target audience’s language, or simply delete them.

The second important purpose of product reviews is to help you decide whether you’d like to import this product directly to your store. For example, you found an affordable item with high quality pictures and a detailed description in “New Arrivals”. It seems like a good find, but it doesn’t have many orders yet. Should you add it to your store?

To answer this question, go straight to the ‘Feedback’ tab. Here’s what you see:

a picture proving that relevant reviews for products to dropship are important

One default review simply proves the fact of completing the purchase, while two others give a bit more details. There, you can see real-life photos and some clarification on the pendant design. So, the buyers actually received their orders, and they seem to be quite satisfied with the quality. The item is worth trying, most likely!

– Good seller reputation

Most dropshippers pay attention only to wholesale prices, but the seller’s reputation is also a crucial factor to consider. It is especially relevant if you’re importing items with minimum orders and zero feedback. This strategy is quite common: business owners focus on new market arrivals with a strong potential.

In this case, you can’t rely on previous buyers’ experience because there simply is none. Instead, it’s wise to consider the seller’s rating and performance. AliDropship plugin has an integrated feature that evaluates the seller based on many criteria (time in operation, customers’ feedback, etc.). Take a look at this example:

a picture demonstrating the benefits you can get using alidropship chrome extension

The t-shirt looks awesome, has an affordable price, which is great. But, it’s new on the market: there is only 1 order in its history, and there are no reviews yet. Still, the seller is reputable: it has a good store rating. So, we can assume this supplier works professionally and doesn’t sell items of poor quality.

Worst things to dropship through your dropshipping store

So now you know how to find the best products to dropship. Finally, it’s time to talk about serious things: what are the worst AliExpress dropshipping products?

The possible issues connected to a wrong product choice might be:

  • A super angry customer who wants to return the product, make a refund, and ruin your reputation on social media
  • Legal consequences

Commonly, these 2 issues are connected to each other; they arise because of the same reasons, and it’s wise to never let any of them happen.

In order not to get into trouble, please avoid the products that are:

– Copyrighted

Take a look at this item.

a picture showing the worst things to dropship: copyrighted items

Do you remember that we’ve mentioned something about the AliExpress own ban on branded items…? Technically, the platform forbids selling such items, but here it is, shining bright.

We don’t recommend adding something of this kind to your store. If it’s a replica of unsatisfactory quality, the buyers will highly likely get disappointed because of unmet expectations, and their negative feedback won’t do you any good.

Plus, most likely, you will have difficulties while promoting these items on social media (Facebook ads, Instagram shoutouts, etc.). If they get wide coverage, they will certainly get the attention of original brand owners, authorities, or just concerned individuals. Your social media account might get blocked, and your whole business will get compromised. That’s not what you want, right? And you cannot avoid using this kind of promotion, as other sources – email marketing or something else – cannot provide such great coverage of your target audience.

– Potentially dangerous

The item below is a good illustration of a product with a provocative nature. A customs officer would be likely to ban it from entering the country.

a picture showing one of the worst things to dropship: dangerous items like knives

Every country has its own understanding of the legal items for import. These regulations even apply to online orders of private individuals. There might be some restrictions on importing defense articles, hunting tools, military-related items, smoking devices, etc. If you are not sure that it is safe and legal to ship this or that product to your buyers’ country of residence, please check it twice, and if you’re still doubting, just leave it out.

– Fragile

The item on the picture below is super cute, but somewhat tricky.

a picture showing one of the worst things to dropship: fragile items

Product delivery takes a lot of time. During the shipment process, the package will certainly see some external impact.

No one likes receiving deformed or broken items! This is why the products of glass, ceramics, or other similar materials are sometimes a questionable choice.

If you still want to have them in your store, talk to the relevant AliExpress seller first. Ask about the used type of the packaging materials, and read the previous buyers’ reviews. This is how you will find out whether the seller can actually provide the items with a secure and damage-proof package.

– Heavy

According to the seller’s description, the weight of the package containing this animal-head piece of home decor is 4 kg.

a picture showing one of the worst things to dropship: heavy items

Even for domestic shipping, such items could be considered as the best products to dropship if they were not a bit tricky.

International delivery, most likely, will demand some extra shipping fees, which is not good news for your buyers. Plus, the heavier items are inconvenient to manage. Any unpleasant incident that happens during the loading activities may result in the product damage.

– Technically complex

The picture below shows an example of a drone offered on AliExpress.

a picture showing one of the worst things to dropship: technically complex items

Even though dropshipping drones can really let you make a fortune nowadays, and the gadget industry shows a rapid favorable growth, it might be a better strategy to focus on the relevant accessories and spare parts instead.

The reason for this precaution is simple: neither you nor your buyer can physically examine this complicated piece of technology. So, none of you can be 100% sure in its perfect working order.

If something goes wrong, you will have to deal with the standard return and refund routine. Generally, it is a simple and quick procedure, but if you’re dealing with costly items (and gadgets are quite expensive, as you can guess), the whole process might get a bit longer and trickier.

– Tight-fitting clothes and shoes

Typically, we don’t even recommend you deal with dropshipping shoes (except for home slippers) and ‘demanding’ clothes. Here’s what we’re talking about:

a screenshot demonstrating one of the worst things to dropship: tight-fitting clothing

This dress is exquisite and looks fancy, but, as you guess, it requires a specific body type, plus it needs to be tried on before purchase.

You have certainly seen some funny ‘AliExpress: Expectations vs Reality’ posts on social media. And this is exactly what might happen to your buyer. When a store visitor has no way to try on a piece of clothing before purchase, there are two possible scenarios for this customer. The client will either leave the store without completing the order, or buy an unsuitable and disappointing piece of clothing, and return it later. None of the options is really great, right?

The same is true for shoes; here’s an illustrative picture from a seller’s page.

a picture showing bad dropshipping products: tight-fitting shoes

Even the modelling person clearly has some inconveniences with wearing these high heels; can you expect that a random customer’s feet will definitely fit into this pair of shoes?

This is why we recommend picking oversize clothes and items with a loose cut. Since they don’t have to fit you tightly, buyers with any body type can pick and wear them with no stress and discomfort.

That’s all we would like to recommend you pay attention to when searching for the best products to dropship.

But wait…

We have collected over 50,000 best products to dropship in a single database!

That’s right!

Our new, extraordinary product database contains a list of more than 50,000 best products to dropship from AliExpress (their number is growing daily).

The best part here is that we didn’t simply conduct a research, perform a market analysis, and pick the best product to dropship from AliExpress. That would be too easy. 🙂

Apart from this, we have also pre-edited these items! We’ve improved everything: product titles, informational descriptions, gallery images,…

It means that from now on, you can pick any of these best products to dropship, and import them directly to your store. In seconds, you will get popular, money-making items with catchy and appealing single product pages. Imagine how many long hours it will save you!

And oh, do you know the best part?

A free package is available! You can import up to 50 best products to dropship at zero cost!

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, kindly read this article.

Follow our instructions and fill your dropshipping store only with the best products to dropship: they are guaranteed to bring you great returns!

What are the best things to dropship.

More Than Just Sleepwear Business: What To Sell In Your Healthy Sleep Store

Do you want to benefit from the sleepwear business? You will be excited to learn there are lots of related product categories that can contribute to a wonderful store offer!

Is it promising to start a sleepwear business?

Do you have any idea why sleepwear, sleep devices, and so on are rapidly becoming a trendy type of products? See for yourself!

a picture showing why a sleepwear business is a profitable startup

Actually, the reason is simple: scientists and researchers worldwide provide more and more evidence of the importance of maintaining proper sleep hygiene.

Each and every one of us knows how crucial it is to have a good night’s sleep. However, due to various reasons, it can sometimes be challenging to fall asleep quickly and have a proper overnight rest. We are now speaking about the impact of poor ecology, rising levels of stress, overwhelming daily routines, increasing information consumption, and so on, and so forth.

This is why so many of us are eagerly following the medical recommendations related to maintaining healthy sleep.

So, if want to make a special store for sleepyheads, don’t limit yourself with sleepwear business only! Research the medical advice on having a good sleep, and think about what you can offer people looking for full relaxation and high-quality rest.

Oh, and by the way: you can now automatically test the financial potential of any dropshipping niche you’re considering!

Want to sell the hottest and most demanded items only? Receive WEEKLY updates on the most popular items on the market – and get every week’s bestsellers imported to your store AUTOMATICALLY!

Starting a sleepwear business: trending products to sell

Every day there are new trends introduced in the sleepwear business. If you want to make the most of your sleepwear online store, you should always know what sleepwear suppliers offer today.

Women’s pyjamas

a picture showing how much women's pyjamas cost

It is commonly recommended to sleep in well-conditioned and even chilly bedrooms. Even though it’s totally healthy, it might seem slightly unusual and even unpleasant to temperature-sensitive people. There’s no doubt they will duly appreciate PJs!


a screenshot showing how much nightgowns cost

It’s crucial to look great not only outside, but even while asleep. That’s exactly why nightgowns are in strong demand on the market as well as pyjamas!

Women’s tops

a picture showing a sleepwear price as a reason to start dropshipping sleepwear

Women’s tops are also extremely popular on the sleepwear market. This can be related to a number of reasons. Some people are not glad to put on a whole PJ set, others prefer to create a unique one, etc. Meantime, the fact is women’s tops are a lucrative ecommerce product for your sleepwear business!

Men’s pyjamas

a picture showing how much men's pyjamas cost

Despite the fact that men’s pyjamas can’t boast as many orders as women’s ones do, they are still popular on the market and have all chances to become your perfect ecommerce product.

Men’s robes

a picture showing why it's promising to resell men's robes

In fact, men’s robes are not designed as sleepwear. However, it’s perfect clothing to wear at home. Probably this is the reason why men’s robes are still a promising ecommerce product for your store.


an image proving that socks are a perfect product for sleepwear business

Cold feet don’t simply make you feel uncomfortable – they also heavily extend the time of falling asleep. To keep your buyers’ feet warm, offer them a range of fancy socks for every mood and season.


a picture showing why it's profitable to dropship slippers

If some time ago home slippers were ordinary black slippers, nowadays there is plenty of them! So you can choose soft or tough, warm or sun shoes, fluffy, etc., for all tastes and budget. By the way, speaking about budget, slippers don’t primarily cost a lot. That’s why people buy them not only for themselves, but as a gift as well.

Sleeping mask

a picture showing an example of products for your sleepwear business

It is claimed that sleep masks can help a person achieve a longer deeper sleep and even lead to oversleeping. Since they block out the undesired light, they make it easier for the wearer to get into the state of full relaxation, and get a high-quality sleep that brings the feeling of complete renewal.

Blackout curtains

a picture showing a product for your sleepwear business

If a single sleeping mask is not enough to cope with the excessive amount of light, a set of blackout curtains can help your customer create a more favorable sleep atmosphere in their room.

Night light

a picture showing what to sell in terms of a sleepwear business

Night lamps are known to be a good calming solution for people who tend to wake up in the middle of the night. Such moderate light helps tricking your body and mind into falling asleep again.


a picture showing a product that you can dropship for your sleepwear business

Humidifiers solve multiple problems related to a low quality of sleep, so, if you’d love to dropship gadgets, this product type is a perfect choice for you.

As you can see, even tiny things of daily use can make a huge difference. If you can positively change a person’s life with the power of your sleepwear business, why not start your own profitable dropshipping venture?

Learn more about sleepware business.

195 Best Things To Sell In Your Online Store Right Now And Always

Are you an owner of an ecommerce business? Do you surf the Internet in the search for the best things to sell in your online store? Are you eager to know which products can always be in strong demand and bring you profit on a permanent basis?

Today we are going to talk about so-called ‘evergreen’ products. These are the ones that are in strong demand right now and will be popular for the years to come and always. That’s why it’s time to fasten your seatbelts. Our travel across the best things to sell in your online store is about to start!

Best things to sell in your online store: evergreen and trending products

We often refer to trending products as a perfect choice for the product range of your ecommerce business. And if dealing with trending products only, you should understand that this kind of product is extremely popular at the moment. In practice, they can easily let you make a fortune.

However, as a rule, trending products are popular within a specific period of time: a season, a year, and so on. That’s why the team of AliDropship always keeps its clients informed of all the new trends you can benefit from when running your online store!

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But what if I tell you that there are some groups of products that are considered to be in strong demand almost forever?

Well, it’s all about ‘evergreen’ products. In fact, there are definitely several groups of items that can always be popular among people from all over the world. And today we are going to show you BEST THINGS TO SELL in your online store! These are the products that can maximize your profits and keep your revenues as high as possible on A LONG-TERM BASIS!

List of 195 best things to sell in your store

If we talk about the best things to sell in your store whenever, we need to focus on such activities as each person deals with everyday.

So, in this context, it’s therefore challenging to think about dropshipping drones or cheap smart home devices. Now these groups of products are certainly booming on the market. However only time will tell us if we can consider them as evergreen products for a general audience.

Well, why beat around the bush? AliDropship has performed a market research and selected 7 niches with best things for you to sell in your online store. Here they are!

Sports and hobbies

Let’s start our list of the best things to sell from home with products for sports and hobbies.

Actually, we all have a hobby. Some people go in for sports, others prefer fishing, travelling, etc. And due to this reason, products for sports and hobbies are always going to be trending, that’s for sure!


a picture showing the interest towards sports products

If talking about dropshipping, the best things to sell in your online store are sportswear, fitness accessories, and sports safety equipment.


a picture showing why dropshipping sportswear is a good business idea

Sports safety accessories

a picture showing that it's a good idea to start dropshipping sports accessories

Fitness accessories

a picture showing why it's promising to start selling sports goods

Household items

Different home products and accessories are definitely a must-have for your online store! Don’t you believe this? Then, feel free to look at Google Trends!


a picture showing how popular home product are online

For example, not all the entrepreneurs like the idea of dropshipping furniture. It might not be suitable for your business model perfectly since it’s all about high-ticket dropshipping. In this case, it’s high time to remember the fact that most people are always ready to buy up different small stuff for the kitchen, bathroom, etc.

So what home products is it a good idea to start selling in your online store?

Kitchen tools

a picture showing the examples of the best things to sell in an online store

Cooking accessories

a picture showing the examples of the best things to sell in an online store

Bathroom accessories

a picture showing the examples of the best things to sell in an online store


We think that it’s not necessary to talk about beauty products and their popularity. Just look at what Google Trends tells us about this.


a screenshot proving that dropshipping beauty product is a good idea

However, among beauty products there are items that gain and lose popularity. But we are here to find the best things to sell in your online store, right?

Well, evergreen beauty products are makeup brushes, eye patches, and eyelashes. By the way, all of them don’t cost a lot. That’s why, as a dropshipping store owner, you may count even on impulse purchases as well.

Makeup brushes

a picture showing what items can be considered as the best things to sell in an online store

Eye patches

a picture showing what items can be considered as the best things to sell in an online store


a picture showing evergreen ecommerce products


You may ask a reasonable question: is selling clothes going to be a great idea? In fact, clothing can also be considered as the best things to sell in your store. See for yourself!


a picture showing that the interest towards clothing is stable online

There’s always an interest in some specific types of clothes: puffy sleeve clothes, classic blue clothes, and so on. You’re welcome to check them out in the list of trending products to sell in 2021.

And in this article, we are speaking about the best things to sell in your online store at any moment. So we have identified the groups of items that are always demanded: women’s hoodies, dresses, blouses, shirts, and socks.


a picture showing the list of the most profitable ecommerce products to sell

Blouses and shirts

a screenshot showing how much popular clothes cost online


an image providing the list of the best things to sell in an online store


a picture showing what to sell in an online store for profit


To date, electronics are everywhere. That’s why this is one of the most promising niches that contains lots of evergreen products to sell in your online store. Just take a look at how much people want to buy electronics online.


a picture showing a stable demand for electronics online

In fact, recently we have published an article that is all about dropshipping electronics. And if some products can be considered as trending, there are lots of items that will always be in strong demand. They are wired/wireless earphones, cell phones, and different accessories.


an image providing the list of the best things to sell in an online store

Cell phones

a picture showing the best electronics to resell in an online store


a picture providing the best things to sell in an online store

Men’s accessories

Men’s accessories represent one more group of products that are in strong demand all the time. Pay attention to the fact that such things as wrist watches, passport covers, wallets, etc. are the very products that can boast really strong sales numbers over decades.

Meantime, these products don’t depend on such a thing as seasonality. For example, look at the level of demand for quartz watches and make sure it’s stable and high.

a picture showing the interest towards quartz watches

What’s more, nowadays there are lots of watch manufacturers. So you can find watches for every customer’s taste and budget: quartz watches, digital products, sports watches, etc.

Quartz watches

a picture showing the examples of the best things to sell in an online store

Sports & digital watches

a picture showing how much digital watches cost

Kids & baby

Products for kids and babies is one more product category you should consider when searching for evergreen items. The keystone to the popularity of products for kids and babies is that children grow up fast enough.

This is why parents have to upgrade their kids’ daily essentials, wardrobes, and lifestyle accessories on a permanent basis. And this is the very reason why these products are always in demand!

a screenshot that proves that baby products can be considered as evergreen products


a picture showing that baby clothing is one of the best things to sell in an online store

Baby hats

a picture showing why it's popular to buy children's clothing online

Safety equipment

a picture showing that safety equipment for children is a perfect item to sell online

Final takeaway: best things to sell in your online store

Today we have found out that there are some groups of products that can be considered as the best things to sell in your online store. That’s because there are some spheres that will always be popular.

So you have two options. Firstly, you can focus on trending products to sell and make extra money with them. Fortunately, the team of AliDropship closely monitors the situation on the market. Secondly, you can add evergreen products to your product range, as well.

We hope you, as a business owner, will be able to greatly expand the product assortment of your online store and significantly benefit from this compilation.

Don’t you have your own ecommerce money-making business? Then, start your dropshipping venture with ease and benefit from the best things to sell in your store as soon as possible!

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