How To Make $1,000+ A Month? Watch A Single Product Bringing $1,480+ In 3 WEEKS!

Are you wondering how to make $1,000+ a month with your new dropshipping store? There are many ways to do that – just keep studying marketing techniques from our blog. Or consider subscribing to our Premium Products service to get new high-performing dropshipping products each week. This is how our team prepares such goods.

Dropshipping can become a good side-hustle job for earning extra money. But finding good products is not an easy task.

Being dropshippers ourselves, we at AliDropship regularly test new products, new marketing strategies, new ad ideas and website layouts. Along with dropshipping solutions we create for our customers, we also want to share this experience with the buyers and readers who haven’t made up their minds yet.

That’s why AliDropship has created this blog where we, the company’s team, share product selections, niche ideas, marketing techniques, etc. We also decided to fuse this experience into our new solution – Premium Products.

By subscribing to AliDropship Premium Products, customers will get new products selected and tested by our team on a weekly basis along with advertising materials and recommendations from our marketers.

In this case study, I’m going to show you one of such goods and how it became one of the Premium Products we offer.

#1: Finding and checking a product idea to make $1,000+ a month

One can’t start making money with no product to sell.

That’s why at the first phase our team begins looking for new product ideas by browsing AdSpy. It’s a platform that finds commercial posts on Facebook and Instagram. When analyzing ads created by dropshipping businesses, we met this product again and again:

Dropshipping product ad on AdSpy

One particular ad had more than 30,000 likes, which is a lot. Besides, this kind of product is often easy to promote because it solves a particular problem people suffer from. So, the team got interested and decided to check the orthopedic cushion.

The team visited the online stores that advertised this product to check their prices and shipping options and found the same product on AliExpress for comparison purposes. It’s also a good idea to visit Google Trends, check customer reviews in stores and comments on corresponding social media and compare the product with similar goods on Amazon since it’s your main competitor.

Check our guide on finding the best ecommerce products to learn how to conduct this analysis in detail.

The original posts contained almost 19,000 reviews, mostly positive ones where people shared their experience with the product they ordered and what kind of problems they expected the cushion to solve.

The price of the cushion on AliExpress starts at $10.43 which isn’t bad considering there are sellers offering free shipping options. The delivery time to the US is a bit disappointing, but there’s nothing you can do now because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dropshipping product found on AliExpress

The statistics in the AliExpress Dropshipping Center shows more than a thousand orders made by buyers and dropshippers.

Product statistics on AliExpress Dropshipping Center

#2: Creating a product page for the new item

Making extra cash from your dropshipping business is good and all, but we want the product to make $1,000 a month or even more. Therefore, we need to take a serious approach. One can’t start promoting a product immediately after importing it to their website.

There’s still a lot to do, and the very first thing all online businesses need is a perfect product page.

It’s important because all your marketing attempts will be useless if the page looks awful. After successfully bringing a potential customer to the product page, one still needs to convince the client that the purchase is worth it.

This is what the product page look like:

A perfect dropshipping product page

Just like with other AliDropship themes, this one looks neat and clean. When a person visits the page (usually after clicking on an ad), it’s extremely important to remove anything that can distract him or her.

Description is an important part of any product page, and we always make sure it has plenty of high-quality images.

To make $1,000 a month, provide clear images for the product page description.

And of course, we imported a number of customer reviews with photos to demonstrate that buying here is safe and the quality of the product is high enough.

Customer reviews with real product photos on the product page

A professionally made product page like this is absolutely necessary if you want to make an extra $1,000 a month from your store.

#3: Testing the new product

Now that the product page is ready to welcome potential customers, it’s time to think about how to actually attract them. We mostly promote products in social media, namely Facebook and Instagram as these platforms are visited by millions of people of all ages.

However, right now it’s too soon to start promoting. Before that, we need to create and test advertising materials.

Testing marketing materials

For this product, the team created a number of video ads (videos prove to work best) and launched a PPE campaign on Facebook.

Some entrepreneurs who try making money online and promoting their businesses on social media consider it a waste of time. They say Page Post Engagement campaigns don’t bring you any profit, so there’s no point doing it.

However, PPE campaigns on Facebook let you test ads, target audiences and the product itself. And they’re relatively cheap, so we strongly recommend starting with a PPE campaign.

These were the results of the campaign:

Creating a PPE Facebook campaign to test advertising materials

The most important parameters here are the number of impressions, click-through rate and unique link clicks. As you can see, two of the video ads we were testing showed pretty decent results. Another one wasn’t so bad, while other ads (you can see only one of them here) didn’t really work. So, we had to turn them off.

Testing Facebook interests

If you want to make $1,000 a month, you must properly analyze your target audience. After all, a mistake here can result in wasting several hundred dollars! That’s why our next step is to find and test Facebook interests.

At this point, we launch a conversion campaign hoping that at least some of the ad sets will bring actual income. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to spend money on a daily basis to keep the ads running. So, make sure to shut down the sets if you see they’re not making sales.

Creating a conversion campaign to test Facebook interests

This is what we got. As you can see, most of the interests resulted in few clicks and low CTR, so we had to stop them before they “ate” all our budget. Nevertheless, we were able to find two interests that worked pretty well.

Demographic data

It’s also important to define a number of other parameters for your target audience, with gender and ages being your first priority.

As for age, the testing showed no surprises: the demand for orthopedic cushions is low among people younger than 35.

Target audience demographics analysis

Testing banner for remarketing campaigns

Since our conversion campaign has already brought a number of Facebook and Instagram users to our dropshipping store, we can now start a remarketing campaign.

If you’re not familiar with this concept, let me explain. Most site visitors leave without buying anything. Some even put a product or two to the shopping cart but never move to the checkout page. A remarketing campaign follows such people to make even more extra income.

First, our team of designers create a number of ad banners. Then the Ecommerce Department launches a remarketing campaign to test how the banners perform. Take a look:

Using remarketing campaigns to make $1,000 a month

Here’s an example of a few unsuccessful and two successful banners. After thorough testing, the team picks 10 most efficient ones and hands them to Premium Products subscribers.

#4: Final results

By this time, it becomes obvious whether a new product is worth all this work and has potential or not. Let’s take a look at the financial results:

How to make $1,000+ with a single dropshipping product

The campaigns were running for three weeks and the total revenue we got from this product equaled $1,484.67.

Some of you could say that the team has spent more than a thousand dollars as well and the net profit is actually less than $500. True, but don’t forget that a considerable sum was spent on testing. It’s an unpleasant but necessary part of the dropshipping business. If the team started promoting the cushion after all the testing (focusing purely on the most successful materials and audiences), the results would be better.

But at this point, the team sends the item and the data to the list of our Premium Products and moves on to the next product.

Besides, a good dropshipping store always has at least several top products which sell well enough to make $1,000 a month or even more each.

What do Premium Product subscribers get?

By now the orthopedic cushion has become one of our Premium Products. By subscribing to this service, the owners of dropshipping stores get everything I have mentioned in this article:

  • The product idea
  • The product page along with all the pictures and reviews
  • Marketing materials which include 3 video ads and 10 banners for remarketing (all pre-tested by our team)
  • Target audience recommendations

As a result, one can import and start promoting this top product without having to spend hundreds of dollars on the testing phase as we’ve done it for you!

Wondering how to make $1,000 a month? Premium Products can provide a relatively easy and affordable solution to this problem. Moreover, by subscribing to this service, you get access to ALL the previously added Premium Products!

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Having A Hard Time Finding Products To Dropship? Here’s A Simple Solution!

Finding products to dropship with no experience is not a simple task. Moreover, after you’ve spotted an item which you expect to sell well, it requires a lot of testing. But with AliDropship’s Premium Products, you can have a pre-tested product and marketing materials every week. Keep reading to learn why it’s a great solution for your online store.

There are lots of ecommerce stores that sell all types of products. In order to compete with them (and offline retailers as well), a dropshipping store requires goods that enjoy high demand, have an affordable price and are hard to find offline.

Finding products to dropship requires thorough research and testing. Moreover, in order to attract customers one also needs eye-catching advertising materials. The Premium Products service was designed for dropshipping store owners who have little experience, or have little time to do all this, or simply want to get fresh product ideas regularly.

Here is how you benefit from subscribing to Premium Products!

1. You get a new product every week

This blog contains lots of product listings and articles on how to find the best dropshipping goods. However, the process of finding a promising product requires time.

In short, you need to browse AdSpy in search of Facebook and Instagram ads that got a lot of likes, then make sure you can buy a similar product on AliExpress, then check the prices (including that on Amazon), compare shipping costs, check available dropshipping suppliers, etc. And only after this product research, you can be more or less certain whether you should try to dropship a given product or not.

AdSpy is often used to find product ideas for dropshipping.

By subscribing to Premium Products, customers get access to importable goods selected by this method. In other words, in just a couple of clicks, you save several hours of your time.

2. You get advertising materials and target audience settings

Finding products to dropship isn’t enough. Importing promising goods does not guarantee rising sales unless you advertise it properly. Facebook and Instagram have proved to be among the most efficient marketing channels for the dropshipping business.

Still, users’ feeds are full of ads from different brands. In order to draw attention to your product, you need something clear and eye-catching. But if you have little experience in creating ad materials and running promotion campaigns, chances are you will spend hundreds of dollars with little results.

Premium Products subscribers get a number of marketing materials which include 3 video ads, 10 banners and advertising texts for Facebook and Instagram.

Finding products to dropship also requires new advertising materials.

Our team also provides recommendations on target audience settings. Thus, these materials can give your dropshipping store a great boost, especially if you’re still learning how to create ads.

3. You save money and time on testing

Our experience has shown that high search volume in Google Trends can be deceitful. Even if the numbers look good, you’ll never know how a given product will perform until you try advertising it. The same goes for advertising materials and target audiences. Out of several ad sets, only a few bring sales while others happen to be useless.

Simply speaking, finding products to dropship also requires thorough testing.

Naturally, the only way to test all this is to create and run advertising campaigns to see how users react. But doing it requires time and investments, and that’s what our team does when experimenting with new ideas and advertising materials.

After finding products to dropship, one also needs to test the goods, target audiences and ads.

When subscribing to Premium Products, customers get items that were already tested by AliDropship. Same goes for the advertising materials and target audience settings: we offer only those creatives and audiences that performed well enough.

4. You take less risks

Ecommerce business often requires less budget to start compared to traditional models, but it still carries risks.

Sometimes dropshipping goods that seem to have high potential perform quite poorly in reality. In other cases, the demand for a product can suddenly drop revealing that the interest was seasonal, which becomes a complete surprise for the business owner.

Target audiences are another headache for any dropshipping store. Whenever you launch an advertising campaign (even for testing), you can’t be absolutely sure these people will be interested enough to buy the product.

Choosing new dropshipping products and targeting new audiences always carries risks.

As a result, entrepreneurs take risks at every step of this process. Certainly, with the dropshipping business model, one can forget about buying products in bulk and risking huge investments. Nevertheless, such mistakes (which are impossible to avoid completely) will “devour” hundreds of dollars.

But when it comes to Premium Products, you don’t have to worry about it. All the risks were taken by the team.

5. You get new product ideas

When you look for products that sell well, it’s really hard to come up with a good idea. Whatever comes to mind seems either not unique or too unique to be able to generate a large number of sales.

But you’ll be surprised to learn what our team discovers from time to time. Items that seem weird or useless at the first glance can actually become best-sellers!

By subscribing to Premium Products, you also receive a source of such ideas that can help you find more products to dropship. Moreover, subscribers also get access to all previously posted Premium Products no matter when you join the service.

6. A great solution for beginners

Premium Products is a result of our Ecommerce Department’s work. How the team finds and promotes goods on our self-owned stores was described in many articles of this blog. All these materials are available for all our customers and readers, so you’re free to study.

However, when you’re a beginner, it’s really hard to keep all the aspects of your business together. Finding products to dropship, testing them, creating ads, analyzing and setting your target audience, running PPE and conversion campaigns, creating custom audiences, etc. That’s a lot of work!

With Premium Products, one can be sure that at least some of these worries are taken care of by our team. Moreover, one can learn more about how to run a dropshipping business by analyzing these goods and marketing materials and reading the team’s recommendations.

As you can see, the Premium Products service offers a whole range of benefits that can be useful for both beginner entrepreneurs and experienced business owners who are having a hard time finding products to dropship.

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