Want To Be Trending On Instagram? Here Are 7 Steps To Follow!

As you might know, Instagram is one of the most effective advertising platforms nowadays. It has quickly increased its user base in the last 4 years to 1.2 billion users thanks to Instagram Stories. Therefore, if you are well-aware about the business tools and strategies working best for this social media channel, you may become a successful entrepreneur and get enormous profits. Checking what’s trending on Instagram is one of such strategies, and in this article, we will uncover the secrets of how to do it to grow your ecommerce store.

What does it mean to be trending on Instagram?

For posts (and hashtags), to trend on Instagram means to be shown among the top results of the Explore Page (or a specific Hashtag Page). Why is it important for you as the creator of these specific posts and hashtags? Obviously, it means that your account gets a high level of visibility and your posts are shown even to non-followers.

The Explore Page looks different for each user as the Instagram algorithms show a gallery of posts specifically based on your interests and past user behaviors. The more thematic content a user sees daily, the more posts on the same topic this user will also see on the Explore page. Sounds complicated? Here is an example: if you’re someone who enjoys sifting through pets-related content on the platform, your Explore Page will likely display posts related to cats, dogs, and pets products.

Hashtags Trending works a little differently. When someone’s post is trending under a certain hashtag, the Instagram algorithm will recognize it and acknowledge this post by adding it to the “Top” content tab of the hashtag page.

Hashtags Trending on Instagram

Ok, we’ve dealt with the Explore Page and what does Instagram Trending mean. But how can we make it work for your business?

How to make your content trending on Instagram

#1 Use the right hashtags

An example of an Instagram post using hashtags

What hashtags will be relevant for your posts? To find the right hashtags, you need to have a solid understanding of your business image on Instagram, and the knowledge of the types of hashtags used in your niche. Once you’ve learned your niche-specific hashtags, you can target your desired audience more effectively. Plus, niche-related hashtags are bound to have less competition than general, broad hashtags. But don’t overdo it! Instagram began to show ads with a large number of hashtags less often. That’s why 2-5 relevant hashtags will be enough.

You can find trending and relevant hashtags for your posts using the tools like Keywordtool, All-Hashtag and Hashtag Generator Tool.

#2 Create branded hashtags

An example of using branded hashtags on your social media posts

Since we started our list of tips with a hashtags-focused one, here is another piece of advice regarding them – create your own branded hashtags! The idea is to come up with a brand-specific hashtag and encourage your followers to use it. Your business gets recognition based on the number of people mentioning your branded hashtag.

Branded hashtags not only raise awareness of your business, but also help in building a strong community with lots of loyal followers. These 2 elements are essential if you want to be trending on Instagram.

#3 Create eye-catching content

An example of an appealing social media feed

Of course, neither niche-related nor branded hashtags won’t make your account trending on Instagram if your content is poor and non-appealing. What you need is to create unique, high-quality posts which will be attention-grabbing and entertaining for your followers.

Here are a couple of tips to help you create this kind of content:

  • Be on the lookout

Learning about the content that big brands make is a great way to learn about the latest events in the world of marketing and of course, Instagram trends. Feel free to borrow ideas, but adapt them to suit your needs. In the future, you will develop your own style and create attention-grabbing content.

  • Use high-quality pictures only

Remember that visually appealing photos stand out from a lot of content and attract potential customers! Thanks to quality images and videos, your account becomes more interesting for potential buyers. Work with your feed wisely!

  • Make short videos

As the experience of TikTok has shown, users like short videos. This trend is also being adopted by Instagram. So, tell your subscribers about the product, share store news, or show the backstage – the audience will appreciate it.

And don’t forget to post regularity! You need to generate interesting posts for your brand and be remembered by potential buyers. So make a content plan and follow it.

There’s no guarantee that your posts will immediately start trending on Instagram, however, quality content improves your chances. Even if you only have one post in your feed that makes it to Instagram trends, it will make a difference in your brand recognition and attracting new followers.

#4 Tag locations and other users

As for locations, it’s very easy: people who are looking for something interesting in some specific location are likely to come across your posts. Hence, the visibility of your account gets better.

Another smart way to drive attention to your account is to tag other users. However, you need to be careful with this: you might end up spamming other users with your tags. Ideally, you need to tag the users relevant to your business, or influential shoutout accounts that feature content from other users on a daily basis. The purpose here is to get noticed by these accounts, and as a result, to be featured in their accounts.

That’s ok if you don’t get featured by the accounts you’ve tagged: you still can show up in their “Tagged” tab. And from there, their followers can learn about your business.

#5 Learn the best times to post

An example of Instagram audience insights

To use this feature, you need to have a Business Instagram account. Business profiles give a lot of helpful information for you to consider. In this case, we’re talking about the “Audience insights”. It’s a special analytics tool which allows you to get more insights about followers: their locations, age ranges, genders, and what’s most important for us – hours and days when your audience is most active. Analyze it and create a schedule to catch your followers at the perfect time.

#6 Make use of the Instagram Explore Page

This will probably be the simplest tip: look through the content trending in your niche and take notes of what themes, designs, formats, and concepts are popular. Take notes, apply them to your content, and become even more popular!

#7 Use the Instagram Bio link for your promoted content

An example of a link included in an Instagram bio

As you can guess, people won’t be able to buy anything from you unless they see some way to do it. So use this handy feature that allows you to insert a link in the Bio area. You can lead visitors to a specific product, category, or any other page on your site. The link in the Bio can be changed at any time, so change it according to your marketing needs.

Trending on Instagram: summing up

Getting trending on Instagram could be a key to your business success. Using our tips wisely, you can build brand awareness and grow the audience base. As a result, you’ll be on your way to get high profits.

Instagram’s world may seem challenging and ever-changing, but don’t be afraid! It’s important to just get started. Start using different tactics, generate content, launch advertising campaigns (we can help!), and don’t be afraid to take risks! And you will definitely succeed!

Learn what is trending on Instagram?

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